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September 16 -- 30, 2004


Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
 Sedona, Arizona

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September 30
The disintegration of Iraq has been so sugarcoated by the administration and under-reported by the corporate-owned major U.S. media, that the reality remains largely obscured.  In the June 30, 2004 Forecast, The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Iraq & Forecast Conclusions, I predicted, Iraq's provisional government is a Kala Sarpa disaster just waiting to happen in the next few months.  This will cause President Bush's final downfallBelow are two realistic media reports on Iraq confirming the first part of that prediction.


     First, Subscriber D.W. from London forwarded this compelling personal account from a Wall Street Journal reporter about Iraq's fragmentation and the failure of the U.S. occupation.  The rapidity of the insurgency's gains truly alarms in this statement, Only two weeks ago we felt safe around Baghdad...

     Second, today the Washington Post has finally released a significant article about how extensive and increasing Iraq violence truly is.  The title alone, Multiple Attacks Kill Dozens in Iraq -- Car Bomb Kills at Least 34 Children at Ceremony, is revealing.

In yesterday's Celestial Wheel, I stated that Britain will pull a third of its troops out of Iraq by the end of October.  The (British) Guardian Unlimited's article, Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq, gives the specifics, and states, The forthcoming 'draw down of British troops in Basra has not been made public and is likely to provide consternation in Washington and Baghdad. /Story/0,2763,1307980,00.html

     Thanks to your support as Subscribers, I've been able to continue to upgrade my computer resources.  Today's Celestial Wheel is the first using a new website editing program to replace the outdated and difficult to use Front Page.  There's a few days learning curve on this software, and I hope today's Celestial Wheel will be readable.




September 29

     Keep in mind that the September 24 through October 11stellium (combination of four or more planets) of Sun/Mars/Mercury/Jupiter in Virgo is both stressful and brings reflexive responses, not thoughtfully response ones.  That is why the public opinion polls keep bouncing around.  This almost dyslexic energy actually began August 16, when those four planets first conjoined in Leo, and continued through September 16.  There was then a nine day hiatus until they reunited September 24.  So, there's been a kind of roller coaster quality here.  


     These energies manifest personally in one way or the other, testing our detachment by activating unpleasant or aggressive attachments.  This time is thereby an opportunity for personal growth, although it may take some soul-searching to understand the lessons learned.  Here's a personal example.  Yesterday, as Mercury approached Mars, my Mayan Healer friend came to my rescue when a migraine made a surprise attack.  She didn't relieve the migraine, but during the healing, she said they had taken away my fears.  I've recently been assaulted by a bandit leasing company on a returned credit card machine, and within just a few hours, I had indeed let go of my fears about their threats.  With the migraine gone by evening, today I'm able to, not just resume my work, but also to regain the mental focus this fearfulness had fragmented.


     On a mundane (worldly) level, I used the term, righteous indignation and egocentric aggression for ferocious attacks.  The Iraq insurgency, terrorism, oil prices, economic doldrums and the presidential race have all followed this planetary roller coaster.  While no one can see these disruptions (personally and worldly) as welcome, they certainly shake out any lethargy and promote the spiritual citizenship I wrote about in the July 2, 2003 Forecast, #21 Commentary -- Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology.  If we surrender to Bush's theatrical fear mongering, instead of embracing Kerry's honest counter-punching to confront that dishonesty, we will lose, both personally and as a people.  So, vote, and tell everyone you know, to cast their ballot in this epic struggle between the forces and light and darkness.  None of us are bystanders.


     As the presidential campaign advances through the September 30 through October 13 debate process, also keep in mind that the Iraq war must be the pivot point as Bush's great misadventure.  While it is up to Kerry to punch holes in Bush's demonstrable lies about Iraq  -- that all is going well when it has become a Vietnam-like quagmire  -- actual events there, and criticism from all sides, are a virtual hurricane discrediting Bush.  


     Tony Blair, facing reelection, has decided to quietly pull one third Great Britain's troops out of Iraq in October and recently did a mea culpa on his weapons of mass destruction claim.  Today's New York Times article, Iraq Study Sees Rebels' Attacks as Widespread, gives lie to Bush's assertions of progress, 29attacks.html?hp   Also today, the Washington Post, in Growing Pessimism on Iraq, cites criticism of Bush's untrue optimism by the CIA, Colin Powell and the top Mideast general, John Abizaid. -dyn/articles/ A58183-2004Sep28.html   In fact, on Sunday's Meet The Press, I heard Abizaid admit the Iraq insurgency has been brought primarily by Saddam Hussein loyalists, not by terrorists Bush claims to be fighting there to safeguard the U.S.  As I've repeatedly predicted since last spring that Bush loses supporters, this continuing breaking of ranks undercuts his house of cards.




September 27

     The Race To November 2 was a taxing effort for complexities in the race and the planetary dispositions.  I appreciate the instant accolade from Subscriber Sadie Thorndike, Thank you! Great work, very thorough, clear and enlightening. Let's hear it for Kala Sarpa!!  There's a (dance) joke in the Vedic community about fate, Do you Kala Sarpa? that is perhaps now less obscure.  In any event, this is Forecast you may wish to print out and reference during the presidential debate season.


    I did not analyze the vice presidential debate on October 5 and will offer observations on that event here in the Celestial Wheel.  Also, I fully intend to complete the promised in-depth Forecasts on the U.S. chart and Teresa Kerry now that election update Forecast is done.  


     The recent transits of Saturn into Cancer and Jupiter into Virgo shift my personal planetary karmas away from an (obviously) intense writing and publishing cycle.  This doesn't mean Forecast efforts will end but rather that they will shift in scope and intent.


     There's a full Moon in Pisces coming up tomorrow morning.  Tonight is therefore the evening to observe and/or celebrate the full Moon to ground the perceptional mind during this tense period.  Here's the lunar Nakshatra (Moon's house) for this full Moon,


            Uttara Bhadrapadra

        Ruled by Saturn
        3:30 - 16:20 Pisces

     Uttara Bhadrapada  indicates a happy and virtuous person who is a capable speaker and is blessed with children and grandchildren.  A benevolent, self-sacrificing nature is indicated, and the person may benefit from money from others, such as the spouse, inheritances and insurance proceeds.  Uttara Bhadrapada is two of the stars in the square of Pegasus, which in Hindu culture are two legs of a bed or funeral cot.  An association with Agni, the god of fire, gives the fire to raise a spiritual person up.  This Kundalini Shakti energy, which once activated, climaxes in supreme wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment and extraordinary abilities or awareness.

       Agni's fire also brings anger, but Saturn's rulership of this Nakshatra gives discipline and self control over the emotions.

       Most activities started under this auspicious Nakshatra have support to turn out well - notably promises, commitments, pledges, relationship and acquiring a home.

     Uttara Bhadrapada's deity is Ahirbudhnya, the serpent of the deep.  This may refer to the primeval depths of the ocean or the sky and suggests both movement and seclusion, even secret movement.  This relates to Bhadrapada's having a dual nature, with one side seldom seen.  Solitude and retirement are also given and also a secretive and cunning nature with a tendency to gossip.

     Often, great devotees, renunciates and those involved with death and charitable institutions have a Uttura Bhadrapada Moon, and this influence may be found for other planets in this Nakshatra.







September 25

     October is eclipse season.  There will be a partial solar eclipse on Wednesday, October 13 beginning at 9 PM EDT at 27:11 degrees Virgo.  Since this is an after-sunset event in the West, it will not be visible in this hemisphere.  Only northern Asia and the western pacific will witness this eclipse.


     A total lunar eclipse occurs two weeks later on October 27 at 11:04 degree Aries.  Because the eclipse begins after sunset at 8 PM EDT, it will be fully visible in much of the U.S. and Europe, as shown in the map below.  Here in the western U.S., the eclipse will begin just before sunset, which means it will not be visible until the Sun sets and the Moon rises.  Look for the western U.S. Moon to rise already partially eclipsed.



     Eclipses, in blocking the light of the Sun and the Moon, impair these planets' ability to act.  They are negative for worldly activities but positive for spirituality  -- for when the Sun or the Moon is blocked, the skies darken and the stars are revealed, bringing insight from the cosmos.


     Eclipses are impactive when they are within a few degrees of a planet in the Vedic birthchart, and they begin to influence about a week before the astronomical event.  In that case, the planet's effects are negated.  A now famous case was the August 22, 1998 solar eclipse at 4:48 degrees Leo, just over two degrees from Bill Clinton's Leo Sun at 2:52 degrees.  Just before the eclipse, Ken Starr released his report on Monicka Lewinski, and a few days following the eclipse, Clinton was on national TV admitting the affair.  This, of course, changed his presidency.


     Check your chart to determine if any of your planets are eclipsed.  Again, the solar eclipse will occur at 27:11 degrees Virgo and the lunar eclipse at 11:04 degree Aries.


     Regarding the presidential campaign, none of John Kerry's planets are blocked by either eclipse.  For George Bush, however, the October 13 solar eclipse at 27:11 Virgo will be just over two degrees from his Jupiter at 25:02 Virgo and less than four degrees from his 23:36 Virgo Moon.  Occurring simultaneously with the last presidential debate in Tempe, Arizona, the eclipse will block Bush's ability to defeat his enemy (Kerry), and his public support will be greatly curtailed.


    Yesterday's Celestial Wheel discussed the influence of the September 25 to October 11 fierce conjunction of Mercury, the Sun and Mars, suggesting egocentric aggression during the first two presidential debates -- September 30 and October 8.  Bush's Kala Sarpa Yoga activation from September 30 to October 15 was cited as another negative, this to be a a bitter fall harvest for Bush.  Today, we see solar eclipse will block Bush during the final presidential debate on October 13.  While there are further astrological influences on the presidential race, and there certainly must be further events steering public opinion, it seems clear that the three presidential debates will be pivotal, and the final of these a major defeat for Bush.




September 24

     Today, Mercury transits into Virgo to join the Sun and Mars.  Due to it's recent retrograde, Mercury is moving at doubled speed to regain lost ground.  Mercury will thereby race through Virgo in just sixteen days, leaving this, its exalted sign, on October 11.  I'm finally composing the Forecast, #56 The Race To November 2 and state, ...this well known combination for egocentric aggression will stimulate for ferocious attacks 


     For Kerry, Virgo his eleventh house of goals, enhancing motivated action, and he should use care not to alienate groups.  For Bush, the Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunction is his third house of desires, elevating further messianic insistence upon his agenda.  There will also be infighting among Bush's third house of close associates.  Dangers to both are inflexibility, being autocratic and impetuous claims and retorts.  Kerry's detachment will be his strength and Bush's desires his weakness.  The first two presidential debates on September 30 and October 8 will be confrontational.  Also, as discussed September 17, there will be a final activation of the Kala Sarpa Yoga from September 30 to October 15, promising a bitter fall harvest for Bush.


     Watch for more fierce attacks by the 527 interest groups.  In Iraq, the insurgency will reach new heights.  There is also heightened energy for terrorist attacks anywhere in the world. 


     Personally, we can alleviate the mental turmoil and confusion by recognizing the tensions within ourselves and not allowing world events to throw us off balance.  As with the presidential candidates, he who remains calm will retain the objectivity needed for effective action.



September 23

     While the presidential campaign has mesmerized many, there are other happenings in the world.  Here are confirmations of some previous Celestial Wheel predictions:


     Tiger Woods  Yesterday's Washington Post's article, After Ryder Cup, No Lumber for Woods reports that Tiger is worn out after being on the U.S. team that lost the European Ryder Cup.  Tiger therefore has withdrawn from the 84 Lumber Classic tournament.  The article also points out that Tiger lost his #1 world ranking earlier this month.  


     Donald Trump   Today's New York Times reports that the Credit Suisse First Boston bailout deal for Trump's Atlantic City casinos has fallen apart.  Bankruptcy or takeover by another gambling company are now the likely options. 


     Martha Stewart  Yesterday, the judge okayed Martha's request to begin her prison sentence October 8 while her appeal continues. 


     Oil Prices   Today's Washington Post reports oil has again moved toward $50 per barrel.  Yesterday, oil reached $48.35.  All three major stock markets responded by falling yesterday, and the Dow Jones dropped $135 to close at a meek $109,109  


     Blue Moons  I haven't heard any Blue Moons (or red sunrises/sunsets) from forest fire smoke.  I did see a TV report recently which identified and tracked smoke from Alaska's 1/2 million acres of burning forests swept east over the New England area.  This is a September 6 satellite image of central Alaska from the NASA website earth observatoryThe accompany article states, Some of these fires have been burning for months, triggered during a week of intense lightning activity in mid-June. Permafrost melting is drowning the forests and attracting insect pests, like the spruce beetle.  As the trees die, they become ready fuel for these extensive fires. 






September 22

     The Sun/Mars/Jupiter righteous indignation, is certainly happening in Bush being criticized from all corners.  Here are some excerpts from previous Celestial Wheel entries predicting these tribulations:


     September 8  The Sun/Mars/Mercury combination in Leo began mid August and ends September 15...  For Bush, this trio is in his second house of truth, suggesting that he will come under fire for misleading and lying.  Because Sun/Mars/Mercury aspect Bush's eighth house of secrets, look for damaging hidden information to be revealed.  This is already occurring, and the next week will be be tumultuous for Bush. 


     September 9  Also, I had predicted disgruntlement and infighting at the Republican Convention, and certainly the seeds for these effects are germinating.  Mainstream Republicans must be horrified at the Neoconservative's excesses.  Watch for more to distance themselves from the Bush group in order to save their own careers.


     September 13  Yet, as the Sun and Mars transit into Virgo to conjoin Jupiter beginning Thursday, September 16, this combination's righteous indignation must stir winds of change, dispelling the fog of deceit.  Iraq, Bush's great misadventure, is disintegrating right on schedule, and that reality cannot be evaded or hidden much longer.  Further, there are plenty of scandals brewing  -- including prisoner abuse -- that must undermine the administration's reputation.


     September 15  Saturn's September 5 transit out of Bush's twelfth house of loss ended some of the backlash he experienced, notably in the last six months, against his failing policies.  Transit Saturn  is now in his first house of the self, joining birth chart Saturn.  This double Saturn influence overbalances, amplifying its capability to restrict.  Bush is therefore becoming more depressed and more vengeful but also less capable of defending or deflecting scandals.  


     September 16  World events will continue to be intense and antagonistic with the Sun and Mars continuing in tandem in Virgo. Adding religious/philosophical Jupiter's position in Virgo, plus a restrictive aspect by Saturn, will bring the righteous indignation discussed in the September 13 Celestial Wheel.  This combination continues until September 24...  John Kerry will pour more focused energy into criticizing Bush, and will gain powerful allies. 





September 20
A persistent head cold has blocked forecast work.  With the presidential race uncertain and worrisome, an in-depth Forecast updating the April 29 Forecast, #51 The Presidential Campaign, is the priority.  The intent is to complete that Forecast this week.  Subscribers' preference for chart interpretations on the U.S. and Teresa Heinz Kerry will follow.  


     In the interim, it is worthwhile repeating two predictive statements that are actualizing:


     First, as written September 13, Iraq, Bush's great misadventure, is disintegrating right on schedule, and that reality cannot be evaded or hidden much longer.  


     Second, as stated September 15, Transit Saturn  is now in his (Bush's) first house of the self, joining birth chart Saturn.  This double Saturn influence overbalances, amplifying its capability to restrict.  Bush is therefore becoming more depressed and more vengeful but also less capable of defending or deflecting scandals.  





September 17

     In the May 24 Celestial Wheel, I discussed the Kala Sarpa Yoga (special combination), which brought President's Bush's fated rise and predestines his fall.  Following is that explanation,


     The May 25 to October 18 Kala Sarpa Yoga, when all the planets are on one side of Rahu and Ketu  (the eclipse points), doesn't signify planetary pressure but rather that fate is accentuated over free will.  Kala Sarpa is translated as time serpent, for head-of-the-snake Rahu is the future and tail-of-the-snake Ketu is the past.  Kala Sarpa is literally a time trap.  


     We can thereby understand it as the predestined reaping of previously planted (accumulated) karmas.  To be precise, Kala Sarpa is intermittent because the fast-moving Moon turns this Yoga (special combination) on and off as it passes by Rahu and Ketu.  Because of this, Kala Sarpa is technically not active until June 1.  This turned-on part of the cycle will continue until June 13.  


     ...President Bush has Kala Sarpa in his Vedic chart, which brought his fated rise to power and signifies too a fated fall.  Look, then, for Kala Sarpa to batter his administration with a harvest of fated karmas over the next several months as it works in concert with other destructive planetary karmas in his chart.


     Kala Sarpa has certainly harmed Bush since May 25, although it's amazing how resilient he is.  World leaders, regardless of whether we agree with their policies, all have powerful charts enabling great resistance to adversity.  For Bush, however, much of his strength elicits from sheltering advisors, and they have lost much credibility.  In fact, key players -- Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice -- have become liabilities to Bush, leaving him increasingly vulnerable.  Even Laura Bush is weakened, as described in the September 3 Forecast, #55  Laura -- The Keel Under George's Boat  (9/3 /04)   Thus, we can see that Kala Sarpa has both trapped Bush by the consequences of his policies and removed much of his protective support group.


     This year's Kala Sarpa activation is in its completion phases.  It was turned on from September 3 until today.  During this interval, Bush has certainly reaped challenging karma that has battered his reputation and candidacy.  There will be a final Kala Sarpa activation from September 30 until October 15.  Look for the first half of October to bring a bitter fall harvest of fated Kala Sarpa karma for Bush.



September 16

     The Sun has finally passed Mars and simultaneously transited into Virgo.  This Sun/Mars combination has stimulated discord in the world and also brought personal health issues.  The Sun is the body, and Mars is muscles, infections and pain.  So, Solar aches and pains, colds, headaches, bronchitis, cardiac issues.... that have plagued many are easing off now.  Hopefully too, Hurricane Ivan will be the last of the major hurricanes.


    World events will continue to be intense and antagonistic with the Sun and Mars continuing in tandem in Virgo. Adding religious/philosophical Jupiter's position in Virgo, plus a restrictive aspect by Saturn, will bring the righteous indignation discussed in the September 13 Celestial Wheel.  This combination continues until September 24.


     Look for diatribes in Iraq from both sides stimulating more violence and fragmentation of the national state.  See today's New York Times article about a July classified National Intelligence estimate casting doubt on Iraq's future,   George Bush will step up further his TV evangelical God is in the White House act.  John Kerry will pour more focused energy into criticizing Bush, and will gain powerful allies. 









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