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September 1 -- 15, 2004


Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
 Sedona, Arizona


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September 15

     As discussed in the September 10 Celestial Wheel,  Bush's Rahu Dasa yielded to Jupiter in May 1971.  This is a self-indulgent Jupiter.  It took only a year for Jupiter's gathering influence to push Bush out of his National Guard obligation.  


     Because expansive Jupiter rules the sixth house of the appetite and is placed in his third house of desires, its sixteen year cycle (May 1971 to May 1987) brought alcohol and likely drug use.  Regardless of exactly what chemicals he used, the influence was for Bush to addictively alleviate depression.  Addiction and depression issue from Venus and Mercury being afflicted by Saturn in the first house of the self.  Venus (pleasures) and Mercury (nervous system) are the addiction indicators when afflicted, and Saturn stimulates for depression.  


     It was only in 1986, when, Laura Bush stepped in to convert George to Jesus, that he found salvation.  Yet, the underlying depression could only be masked and must continue throughout the life.  Further, as Saturn is a double indicator of death and destruction in this chart, when Bush began its nineteen year cycle in 1987, he converted this depression into the God-given vengeance that has brought religious fundamentalists to his side and vanquished his enemies.  He combined News Testament loving faith in Jesus with an Old Testament vengeful God.


     Saturn's September 5 transit out of Bush's twelfth house of loss ended some of the backlash he experienced, notably in the last six months, against his failing policies.  Transit Saturn  is now in his first house of the self, joining birth chart Saturn.  This double Saturn influence overbalances, amplifying its capability to restrict.  Bush is therefore becoming more depressed and more vengeful but also less capable of defending or deflecting scandals.  



September 14

     Every morning something stimulates a connection between information from the planets' dispositions and information from the world.  This happens without failure or interruption, until today.  This morning is a new Moon, and with no light on the planet of perception, the mind is dulled.  Today too, the Sun has nearly overtaken Mars.  In doing so, the Sun blocks Mars' energy and initiative.  Further, both the Sun and Mars are sandhi, weak at the edge of Leo.  


     There's an eye of the hurricane analogy here -- dead air temporarily abating storm effects.  Look for your personal mental and physical energy levels to begin to pick up tomorrow, and also then for world events to bring abrupt changes in the perception of reality.  After the hurricane eye passes, the winds shift 180 degrees.




September 13

     So far, the prediction for Hurricane Ivan going into the Gulf of Mexico, and even missing Florida, has been correct.


     Violence in the Mideast, notably in Iraq, continues, as does the intense political aggression in the U.S. 


     It appears people are tiring under the weight of the planetary stresses since mid August.  The unceasing tug of war between Bush and Kerry, and opinion polls' unresponsiveness to Bush's aggressions and fabrications, bring a bleak frustration.  Even as Colin Powell admitted (yet again) on Meet the Press last evening that he's seen nothing that makes a direct connection between Saddam Hussein and that awful regime and what happened on 9/11, Bush and company keep tying the two together to justify the Iraq war to a fearful slavish public and an ingenuous press.


     The mood seems to mirror the feeling of impending doom discussed in the January 5, 2003 Forecast,   #5 Face-Off Bush/Hussein,


     At the inception of this second year of the new millennium, uncertainty hangs like an impenetrable fog blanketing a sailing ship.  The view ahead is obscured.  The captain's fair sailing promises and favorable marine weather reports fail to dispel the crew's cold clamminess.  In this unfamiliar disconnection between personal reality and official statements, the cold penetrates right to worried bones.


     ...This fog-bound ship analogy to our nation's current dilemma doesn't suggest a prophetic "Heart Of Darkness" voyage, nor a "Brave New World" society view.  Yet, memories of these kinds of worrisome scenarios inevitably echo back from the disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told We are figuratively floating, seeking firm ground, even as the ship blindly floats with no clear course.  As the analogous crew's fears stimulate a search for truth, we too search for certainty in our foggy sea.


     Yet, as the Sun and Mars transit into Virgo to conjoin Jupiter beginning Thursday, September 16, this combination's righteous indignation must stir winds of change, dispelling the fog of deceit.  Iraq, Bush's great misadventure, is disintegrating right on schedule, and that reality cannot be evaded or hidden much longer.  Further, there are plenty of scandals brewing  -- including prisoner abuse -- that must undermine the administration's reputation.



September 12

     No log entry


September 11

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September 10

     George W. Bush's chart and planetary cycles map out his jet pilot years and his departure from the Air National Guard.

     Rahu (the head of the dragon eclipse point) is airplanes, and it is placed in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus.  Venus is a significator of vehicles.  It was natural for Bush to become a pilot.  The  military jet pilot's extraordinary athletic ability and quick reflexes come from Mars ruling the fifth house of sports and aspecting the fifth, where quick Ketu is placed.  This Mars/Ketu combination is also common for martial arts practitioners, known for their lightening moves.  

     Bush's Rahu Dasa yielded to Jupiter in May 1971.  This is a self-indulgent Jupiter.  It took only a year for Jupiter's gathering influence to push Bush out of his National Guard obligation.  This Jupiter does have a redeeming quality in its ruling and aspecting Bush's ninth house of the high academic degree.  It brought Bush's admission to the Harvard Business School, which facilitated his military discharge.

Primary Planetary Cycles (Dasas)

Mars:  To May 1953
Rahu:  To May 1971
Jupiter:  To May 1987





September 9

     The furor that's erupting over Bush's past and Cheney's threatening speech is even more intense than I would have thought.  As truth is even stranger than fiction, TV and movie producers must already salivating at the prospects for future docudramas. 


     Although the Sun/Mars/Mercury combination in Leo does end September 15, I believe the intense political altercations will persist as the Sun and Mars march closely together in Virgo until about September 25.  Similarly, look for violence in the Mideast and other areas to continue.  Also, I had predicted disgrunt- lement and infighting at the Republican Convention, and certainly the seeds for these effects are germin- ating.  Mainstream Republicans must be horrified at the Neoconservative's excesses.  Watch for more to distance themselves from the Bush group in order to save their own careers.


     Momentum is a factor here. The planets' dispositions are not tremendously or unusually difficult, but their motivating force for discord builds on domestic and international snowballs already rolling down the mountain of karma.



September 8

     The exaggerated poll results giving George Bush a double-digit lead have already been discounted.  


     The Sun/Mars/Mercury combination in Leo began mid August and ends September 15.  Because this discordant combination occurs in Kerry's tenth house of career, enemies attacked his reputation.  For Bush, this trio is in his second house of truth, suggesting that he will come under fire for misleading and lying.  Because Sun/Mars/Mercury aspect Bush's eighth house of secrets, look for damaging hidden information to be revealed.  This is already occurring, and the next week will be be tumultuous for Bush. 


     Hurricane Ivan has shifted its track to the north.  Hurricane tracks are notoriously erratic, however.  I'm certainly not a hurricane forecaster, but it does seem Ivan will move into the Gulf of Mexico and avoid Florida.


     The presidential debate schedule is uncertain now with Bush considering bowing out of the second debate October 8.  Rather than do an in-depth Forecast on these, I'll use this Celestial Wheel for brief analyses as each debate is confirmed.  Subscribers have voted for an in-depth Forecast on the U.S. chart, and Teresa Kerry is a surprise write-in candidate.  I do have Teresa's chart and will address it as soon as my head cold clears. 




September 7

      Since destructive Saturn's departure from Gemini coincided with Hurricane Frances weaken- ing, this signals the end to this season's devastating hurricanes,  at least in Florida.  

     Hurricane Ivan is in an unus- ually southern track, skimming the tip of South America and poised to enter the Caribbean.  (Ivan is in the bottom right of this image.)

     Given that Atlantic hurricanes move west/north/west, Ivan will
likely go into the Gulf of Mexico 

and make landfall in Texas or Mexico.  See Ivan in motion at this GOES Satellite link,  http://www.goes.  It's pretty cool.



     On Friday, September 3, new polls showed Bush had a double-digit gain from the convention.  Newsweek and Time polls cited an 11% spread.  Newscasters immed- iately began claiming Kerry was too far behind to catch Bush.  


     I saw no reason for this and suggested, ... more bal- anced news reporting, along with digesting the Republicans' convention messages, and integrating both, will put the presidential campaign in a new light by week's end -- September 12.  


     On Monday evening, CNN reported the polls to be 52% Bush and 45% Kerry.  The 11 point spread had shrunk to 7%.  On the right, this Rasmussen Reports table shows a 4% spread on September 3 and a 1.1% spread Monday.  Rasmussen cites over-sampling Republicans for other pollsters' exaggerations.


     Bush's bounce changed from 11% to 7% to 4% to 1% in just four days.

Election 2004

Date Bush Kerry
Today 47.6 46.5
Sept 5 47.6 46.4
Sept 4 49.1 44.7
Sept 3 49 45
Sept 2 49 45
Sept 1 47 47
Aug 31 47 46
Aug 30 47 46
Aug 29 48 45
Aug 28 47 46
Aug 27 46 46
Aug 26 47 46

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September 6

     I just head on NPR's morning news something astounding -- Bush spoke at a football field in Parkersburg, Ohio yesterday, twisting the truth on John Kerry's position to eliminate Bush's tax cuts on the most wealthy.  Because I didn't trust my ears, I found this information a in Washington Post article.  Here is the pertinent passage,


     In a new twist on his argument that Kerry is set on raising taxes, the president said the Democrat's plan to eliminate the Bush tax cuts on those making more than $200,000 would "stifle job creation."

     "This Labor Day weekend, it is important for America's workers to know that my opponent wants to tax your jobs," Bush said. "His plan to raise taxes on those at the top end of the income tax scale (2%) will raise taxes for the 900,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs who pay at the individual rate and who are creating most of the new jobs in our changing economy."

     However, Internal Revenue Service data show that the majority of small businesses report much less than $200,000 in annual income.


     Bush's planetary cycles are Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury from July 28 to December 6, well past the Novem- ber 2 election date.  We look at Mercury as the short term steering influence.  In Bush's chart, Mercury is conjunct Saturn, giving him fixed views.  Because mental Mercury rules the third house of desires and the twelfth house of loss, Bush impetuously makes false claims.  98% of the folks in Parkersburg's football field yesterday must have been looking around the bleachers for the 2% to whom Bush was addressing.





September 5

     Hurricane Frances seems to have done its worst, and Saturn finishing Gemini today should signal an end to this most trying interval that began in mid August.  The planets are happier these next few days  -- so enjoy the holiday.     


    As suggested September 3, ...more balanced news reporting, along with digesting the Republicans' convention messages, and integrating both, will put the presidential campaign in a new light by week's end The intended date here is next Sunday, September 12, and it appears this process is already underway.  Still, with the Sun and Mars conjoined, there will be political fireworks, violence abroad, and hurricane activity will tend to continue.


     Thank you for the compliments posted yesterday on the Laura Bush interpretation -- and also for several more accolades.  These forecasting efforts are a long journey, and I appreciate the encouragement.


     There are some pending topics for in-depth Forecasts, and Subscriber preferences are welcome.  Here are the choices:


     1)  I have the U.S. national chart now, allowing a look ahead at national prospects.


     2)  The upcoming presidential debates schedule is published, and these will obviously been important
           events in the campaign. 


     3)  I have Las Vegas's founding chart, which at first glance is revealing for confirming a gambling Mecca
          and the drought which threatens the city's viability.




September 4

     I believe Zell Miller's outrageous speech at the Republican Convention was the disgruntlement and infighting I had predicted in the July 26 Forecast, #54 The Political Conventions.  Senator John McCain concurs in a September 3 Truthout article, reprinted from the Los Angeles Times. http://www.truthout .org/docs_04/090404V.shtml   As this is a short article, here's is the whole text,


     NEW YORK Sen. John McCain, who has pushed for more civility in this year's presidential race, is warning that the biting attack on Sen. John F. Kerry by a fellow Democrat at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night might harm President Bush's efforts to woo swing voters.
     McCain (R-Ariz.) said the keynote address by Sen. Zell Miller (D-Ga.) could prove as controversial as a speech by Pat Buchanan at the 1992 GOP convention in Houston.
     "I think it backfires," McCain said of Miller's rhetorical assault on Kerry. He added that it "makes Buchanan's speech look milquetoast."
     McCain made his comments to reporters at a party he held after the convention's Wednesday session.
     Buchanan's speech in which he declared a "cultural war" was underway in America was thought by many Republicans to have hurt the reelection bid of Bush's father, then-President George H.W. Bush. The elder Bush lost the November vote to Democrat Bill Clinton.
     Miller's keynote address was laced with harsh criticism of Kerry's legislative record on military issues. Marshall Wittmann, McCain's spokesman, said the senator favored a less divisive approach to political debate.
     "This is not his style," Wittmann said. "He would prefer to see Democrats not as our enemies, but rather as Americans who have good intentions but policy differences" with Republicans.
     McCain has become an active campaigner for the younger Bush's reelection and will continue that effort in coming days.
     But he also has denounced recent ads by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth criticizing Kerry's military service in Vietnam and his later protests against that war. McCain has urged Bush to condemn the ads.


     Here are some unexpected comments on, Laura - The Keel Under George's Boat,


  Excellent job.  D.W. California

  BRAVO, Swami!!! There was a lot of work put into this and it shows.  Thank you for yet another layer of hope toward the demise of this lunatic  S.H. New Hampshire

What you did was fascinating.  Congratulations on a well-written and researched column.  K.M. California

Thanks for the Laura Bush chart. Quite revealing.  R.C. California

Thanks for the Laura analysis.  That was very interesting.  M.L. Maryland


     Saturn is thankfully counting down its last days in Gemini, finishing up its Lord Shiva vengeance -- destroying that which is no longer necessary to make room for the new - and made violent by the Sun/Mars conjunction.  Zell Miller's speech, Russia's terrorism, Bill Clinton's cardiac illness and Hurricane Frances are just some of the manifestations of these energies.  Saturn will enter Cancer tomorrow, September 5, in the early evening, signaling an end to its strife.  This is about the same time Hurricane Frances makes landfall, and hopefully the storm will continue to weaken in tandem with Saturn's decline.  Because Mars is infections and both the Sun and Mars in my chart relate to the head, I came down with a head cold yesterday and look forward to recovering as Saturn enters Cancer.




September 3

     Forecast #55 Laura -- The Keel Under George's Boat will be published later today.  Information about how Laura and George interact and influences in Laura's chart for George's reelection prospects are the primary topics of this Forecast.  I was unable to complete the interpretation until Mercury regained forward motion yesterday and omitted publishing this Celestial Wheel yesterday and August 28.


     For those of you who have not yet replied to your Forecast Subscription renewal request for September through November, there is a grace period through Tuesday, September 7. 


     Saturn has nearly completed its tough final days of transiting Gemini.  This will occur on September 5.  Now that the Republican Convention is over, look to the media beginning to report more fully about previous and increasing violence in the Mideast and the tenuous oil markets.  As predicted, oil and gas prices are already moving up again with Iraq oil exports cut off and uncertainty over Russia's Yukos oil company.  This more balanced news reporting, along with digesting the Republicans' convention messages, and integrating both, will put the presidential campaign in a new light by week's end -- September 12.



September 1

     Venus has transited past Saturn, improving everyone's contentment and restoring romantic opportunities.  Mercury ends its troublesome retrograde tomorrow in the late afternoon.  This will ease communications issues and begin to restore intellectual capabilities.  Still, until Saturn finishes its transit through Gemini on September 5, expect continued loss and separation.  That Mars and the Sun continue to march along (with the Sun gaining on Mars), brings a building influence for violence and also disrupts equilibrium.


     This Sun/Mars conjunction may actualize in Hurricane Frances approaching Florida's East Coast.  In Astrocartography, each planet has four lines (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Nadir), which means close-together Sun and Mars lines sweep over the Florida peninsula every six hours.  The influence of these would be to increase storm intensity and also cause changes in direction.  Look for Frances further strengthen and follow a jagged route up the Atlantic coastline.


     On August 30, I suggested, Challenging world events will taint the stage at the upcoming Republican Convention, when Bush et al will proclaim great success and progress at home an abroadProtesters in New York City can be a catalyst here, especially tomorrow evening and Wednesday morning.   Protests did peak last evening and there is an upsurge of violence abroad, although nothing has yet occurred to seriously discredit the Republicans -- or at least the press hasn't told us anything yet.


     It did appear that in her speech last evening, Laura Bush struggled to project her trademark matronly warmth.  I noticed too that except for her mouth and occasionally darting eyes, her face was absolutely frozen.  As Venus symbolizes Laura Bush, it was Saturn's blanketing influence that caused this immobility.




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