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June 1 -- 30, 2009



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June 13, 2009

The Mars/Venus Conjunction Ends June  19  21
Since late April, aggressive Mars and Venus, the planet of diplomacy, joy, vehicles and a wealth indicator, have been marching in tandem through Pisces and now Aries.  This has been the spring's dominant planetary karma.  It has been increasingly uncomfortable for Venus, and certainly the bankruptcies of both Chrysler and General Motors is sobering testament to that Celestial Wheel prediction.  Too, NASCAR races accidents have been exceptional, as explained in the April 28 Celestial Wheel.  This weekend is big with Le Mans and a truck race.  Expect more bumps and discords, for vehicles Venus is now just over two degrees from Mars and closing quickly.


Why Have The Stock Markets Continued To Move Up?
At first blush, it appears strange that the stock markets have continued to move up.  The Big Blizzard Of 2009

ended Friday, March, 6, and beginning the following Monday, The DOW Jones began to recover from the 6,547 to the current 8799 -- an over one third improvement.  Primary reasons given in the media are that the market was oversold last winter, the banks have become stable and President Obama's actions are beginning to help the economy.  However, the primary force behind the DOW continuing to move up for over three months is greed -- which is a Mars/Venus signification.  Venus is a wealth indicator, and Mars is desire.  Combined, they stimulate passion in all things, which includes greed.  This is why investors have just shrugged off a host of negative economic news -- the auto company bankruptcies, the real estate markets' relentless fall, increasing unemployment, lowering consumer spending...

     Along with this, Jupiter, the primary wealth indicator, has contributed to the unwarranted optimism since it moved out of it's fallen (weak) sign of Capricorn April 30.  Jupiter will go retrograde June 15, reducing it's ability to expand.  Jupiter will then re-enter its fallen (weak) sign of Capricorn July 31, further harming wealth, and perhaps more importantly, it's signification for optimism

    This passionate Mars/Venus money-honeymoon will begin winding down June 19  21.  Then, Venus will finally pass Mars and begin to move away from its destructive energy. .


Why Have Oil Prices Also Bounced Way Up? 
Another confounding rise is oil, which has surged upward this spring to from the low $40's to $70 per barrel and has propelled the gasoline price up from under $2.00 to $2.64 now.  OPEC and other oil producers, like Russia, need $70 plus oil to survive economically.  Speculators have used this factor, plus the spring's economic optimism and Mars/Venus greed, to bid up the price.  Another (Vedic Astrology) factor relates to Ketu, the mystical and dissolving eclipse point that is gas and oil.  Whenever destructive Mars influences Ketu, oil goes up.  Mars moved into Aries May 23, from which is aspects (glances upon) Ketu in Cancer, signaling the latest oil price push from under $60.  (Note: Mars will conjoin with Ketu in Cancer in October, signaling another major oil price boost.


August Will Be Tough Economically
     So far, this Celestial Wheel has only addressed decreases in investors' Mars/Venus greed and Jupiter's optimism.  These are shown in this timeline, last published in the May 14 Celestial Wheel     


Spring-Summer 2009 Timeline




  111111111111111   111111111111111  111111111111111   11111111111111  11111111111111                    April                                 May                                 June                                     July                             August       


                                                                                                                                                                                     Saturn ends Leo                                                                                                          

                                                                                                              Jupiter Retro                                        Jupiter in Capricorn



     That entry also discussed restrictive Saturn's upcoming reckoning with the undue optimism and greed.  Major economic reversals will occur in both the private and public sectors then, and governments will be unable to resolve the problems.


     Blue Saturn will march toward the end of Leo, where he will do his scorched earth game from the middle of August for about two weeksSaturn always withholds his greatest harms until the end of each of his 2 1/2 year transits through a sign.

     Leo is the fifth house in the natural zodiac, symbolizing global karmas.  That houses's significations for kingship and investments suggests governments and stocks will fall.  Leo is the ninth house of luck and fortune in the U.S. chart.  Expect the summer stock markets' Venus/Mars passions will fall to Saturn's cruel realities.


     We can specify the beginning date of Saturn's end of transit harms by looking for when aggressive Mars begins to seriously attack Saturn this summer.

     Mars does this when it goes into Taurus in early July, and then closely aspects Saturn in Cancer on August 7.  The then Mars aspect within 2 degrees of Saturn is shown in the transit chart to the right.  This August 7 date could be exactly correct or up to several days late.  However, it does give a target date.

     This target date is important because the interval from June 23 until August 7 is both optimistic, and in general the planets are fairly well disposed.  It thereby provides opportunities to resolve financial issues in your life -- real estate, retirement, savings, investments.....  So take advantage of it to put your financial house in order.

     To reinforce how difficult how difficult this end of transit harms will be, the last previous Saturn transit out

of a sign was early July, 2007, when it left Cancer.

Transits August 7, 2009

     Note that Mars was also aspecting Saturn in 2007.  Cancer is the home, focusing Saturn harms on property.  The July 14 Celestial Wheel reported on that event stating, 

Specifically predicted were: bad news about real estate, further weather extremes, forest fires and perhaps earth crust events.  These predictions have largely been born out.  If you think severe weather is limited to the U.S., however, read, today's Washington Post article, Typhoon Hits Japan; at Least 34 injured.  Too, the media hasn't paid much attention to Reuters, July 13 report, Indonesia volcano ups activity, ash showers villages.


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June 29, 2009

Unstable Planetary Weather

     During the next few days, there's instability in the fast-moving planets: Mars, Venus and Mercury.  This results because each is moving into a new sign.  The below chart, for early tomorrow morning shows those planets in yellow highlights. 

     When a planet changes a 30 degrees wide sign, it first becomes very weak as it approaches the sign edge at 2 degrees -- much like the current in a river is weak at the riverbank.  A boat there doesn't benefit from the current and doesn't steer well either.  To continue the marine analogy, the boat is dead in the water When the planet emerges into the next sign, it remains weak -- like being caught on the river's other bank, until it reaches two degrees.  Being at the other riverbank is also similar to the change in energy quality the planet experiences in its new abode.  Another way to look at this is when a sailboat comes about, turning into the wind to bring the wind on the other side, the sails shift sides, as does the crew.  Planets change signs frequently, but three planets all doing so at the same time, the energetic change is multiplied.

     This sign-shifting brings instability, and the analogy here is like warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico running into cold dry air over the Great Plains -- thunderstorms and tornadoes.

     Mars is shifting from Aries to Taurus, and process will continue until July 5.

     Venus has crossed into Taurus and will become strong at 2 degrees July 1.

     Mercury is almost finished in Taurus and will become strong in Gemini July 1.

     While this is just temporary, and results mostly fleeting, the effects can be quite dramatic -- like a line of thunderstorms, especially if unanticipated.  Well, this alert gives you the heads-up you need to navigate carefully and slowly through the next few days.




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