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May 6, 2009

Mars/Venus & Mercury Retrograde

     The major action-creating planetary influence since mid April has been Mars and Venus  locked together, as explained in the April 21, Celestial Wheel.  That entry went on to detail how this occurs and listed sensitive areas:

     Venus will speed up over the next several weeks, but it won't be until early June that she begins closing in on Mars.  On June 19, Venus will catch Mars and then advance away from him.  Then, gentle Venus will be freed from aggressive Mars.

     Venus' significations do suffer, or at least are over stimulated -- fast, heated romances.  Venus' significations made sensitive by Mars include: kidneys, reproductive system, skin beauty, clothing, addictions, females, wife, wealth, luxuries, vehicles, cooperation. diplomacy, music, entertainment and all the arts.

     Publicly, expect more scandals across a broad range: finance, real estate, mortgage, civilian government, military, artists/performers and lusty sex.


     While some readers may ho-hum this repetition, or not believe this passion in all things is important, it is only because they are so driven and distracted by that energy.  Too, the longer a planetary disposition lasts, the more potent and long lasting are its effects.  After all, Chinese Water Torture starts as a minor annoyance and only gradually overwhelms.

     Mid April to mid June will prove to be a very long two months.  Also, it seems that already this excess kama (desire) is wearing people out as they keep sprinting ahead. Do follow the the news, and you'll find all the above significations becoming more and more prominent.

     Beginning tomorrow, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus and continues this backwards motion until May 31. Retrograde depresses a planet's overt (worldly) energy.  Mercury retrograde harms its significations for business, all communications, computers, banking, skill, intellectual acuity and the nervous system.  Mercury does a 3 week retrograde about 3 times each year, making it go sometimes unnoticed, unless there are other planetary aggravating planetary significations.

   This spring's Mars/Venus is such an aggravation.  These two influences combine to stimulate compulsive, impulsive, immature, short-sighted, thoughtless, careless and wasteful actions.  That this comes as the Millennium Contraction requires our entire society to transform, Mars/Venus and Mercury retrograde this month can take our attention away from this most serious imperative.

     Here's the world transit chart for tomorrow showing Mars/Venus conjoining and Mercury followed by an R.

     An example of this energy, even though Mercury is still in forward motion, is a kindly retired physician showing off his new Volkswagen sedan at Sedona's very own Java Love Cafe.  One by one, patrons came out to see what the excitement was.  After a few minutes of the owner proudly demonstrating great German gadgets and features, one onlooker dryly asked, Guess you don't know anybody in Michigan, huh? 

     The owner blinked and acknowledged the point but kept on answering gawkers.  Another chipped in, I was going to buy a Chrysler yesterday!  A third said, Yeah, for the price of that VW, ya coulda bought two!   A third piped up, I'm from Michigan.  What's the bother?

World Transits May 7, 2009

     These exchanges, however, didn't dissuade the admiring gray-haired teenagers, except for one guy who said he better get back to the free newspapers inside for the job ads.  Gotta find some work to pay the rent.   Still, he couldn't restrain himself, saying,  Oh well, lots of us are late on the rent.  So, anyway, what's that cool lookin doohickey on roof?

     Also, today when a subscriber called, and I asked if the pile of work on her desk that was pressuring her was any taller, she said, No, it's gone.  I put it on the floor.

     Another indication of this Mars/Venus affliction gives a hint to how screwy things will become when Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow -- this Celestial Wheel is the first in years that hasn't discussed any weighty topic and is actually frivolous.  Mars/Venus is very good for creativity, and retrograde Mercury makes it zany.  Well, at least it's good entertainment, and I did pay the rent.


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Doug Riemer



May 14, 2009

Passionate Confusions & Saturn Stirring

     Mars/Venus passions and Mercury retrograde continue to dominate the planetary weather.  Note that it is this combination of karmas, not just Mercury's retrograde, that dominates.  It's like driving fast to catch a store sale and then losing the route -- finally getting there to find many of the the items you want are sold out, and you misread the ad about discounts for the rest!  You go home with half your list and your wallet empty.

     However, adding the generally unwelcome dict to change our lives also renews the cognitive dissonance.  In March, it was the conflict between the just-completed gluttony of the Second Gilded Age and the need to relearn and and appreciate financial moderation.

     Now there's cognitive dissonance in the passionate creativity of Mars/Venus expressing itself in new projects and enjoying spring/summer pleasures, but Mercury retrograde brings impulsive overspending -- while at the same time we're trying to shift to thrift.

     Below is the Spring-Summer 2009 Timeline, last published in the April 6 Celestial Wheel.  Pay attention to this easy graphic so that you may best plan ahead.  Notice the overlapping of planetary karmas - this signals events and changes.

     The Mars/Venus until June 19 is in pink, and Mercury's May 7 to 31 retrograde is in green.


Spring-Summer 2009 Timeline




  111111111111111   111111111111111  111111111111111   11111111111111  11111111111111                    April                                 May                                 June                                     July                             August       


                                                      Mercury retro

                                                               Saturn ends retro                                                                                            




       Blue Saturn is active now too as it ends its 5 1/2 month retrograde on May 17.  As restrictive Saturn slows to a stop, he will become more powerful which means more harmful.  Then Saturn stops to reverse course, this planet of form and structure will then exert a wrenching effect.  As Saturn is the planet of reality, he will wake us up to living in denial of the Millennium Contraction and could also signal earth crust events.

     Saturn will then march toward the end of Leo, where he will do his scorched earth game from the middle of August for about two weeks.  Saturn always withholds his greatest harms until the end of each of his 2 1/2 year transits through a sign.

     Leo is the fifth house in the natural zodiac, symbolizing global karmas, that house's significations for kingship and investments suggests governments and stocks will fall.  Leo is the ninth house of luck and fortune in the U.S. chart.  Expect the spring/summer stock market Venus/Mars passions will fall to Saturn's cruel realities.


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Doug Riemer



May 21, 2009

Guantanamo Prisoners To Inflict Mayhem In U.S.

     Yesterday, a dramatic event in the U.S. Senate demonstrated just how nutty this combination of Venus/Mars passion and retrograde Mercury confusion truly is.

     Guantanamo Closure Funds Stripped by Senate, 90-6,  "Voting 90-6, the Senate stripped $80 million from a supplemental military funding bill, $50 million of which was designated to close the controversial prison and $30 million for a Justice Department investigation into interrogation techniques used there."

     This Washington Post article explains, Obama Will Try to Quell Concern on Detainees."Congressional dissatisfaction peaked yesterday when the Senate joined the House in overwhelmingly rejecting, 90 to 6, Obama's request for funds to shutter the Guantanamo facility until he explains what he plans to do with its 240 occupants.  Lawmakers of both parties spoke out against imprisoning or releasing any of the detainees in the United States."

     Yes, you read it correctly -- Senators believed that if the prisoners are sent to the U.S. mainland, they could be released to create mayhem!  Diane Feinstein reminded the Senate that the U.S. has lots of maximum security prisons where both many domestic and foreign terrorists are already held --  and none have ever escaped.  But when the vote came up, she too voted against the funding, caught up in what can only be called mob hysteria.  As an unbelieving Rachael Madow stated last evening on her MSNBC program, they fear these prisoners will be let loose and soon delivering our mail and babysitting our children!


Obama's Mounting Challenges

     The other important point here is that Obama is facing increasing problems, as discussed in the March 26 Celestial Wheel, Obama's Great Moon Has Set. The cogent point, however, was made in the February 21 Celestial Wheel, ...Obama having so many problems to deal with, he won't be able to solve them.


Overlapping Planetary Karmas

     As explained, and also shown graphically in the above May 14 Celestial Wheel, Notice the overlapping of planetary karmas - this signals events and changes.   Mercury retrograde will end May 31, which will make decisions/choices much easier, but Venus/Mars passion will continue until June 19. 

     Too, Saturn now moving forward is clamping down on everything -- and this energy relates to the Senate's silly vote, for Saturn's restrictions include suspicion. As also explained, Saturn harms the economy and can bring earth crust events.  On May 17, the very day Saturn ended retrograde, Moderate Quake Rocks Los Angeles Area.

     These influences together feels like either slogging through mud or pushing a string



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Doug Riemer


May 28, 2009

Mercury Retrograde Ending

    Mercury will end its May 7 to 30 difficult retrograde on Saturday, May 30 at about 10:30 PM.  (Note: This retrograde has been described as ending May 31 due to the late-in-the-evening ending 30th.)  Although there will be a natural clarifying of Mercury's analytical mind, Mercury will be weak until about June 8 as it crosses back across the boundary from Aries into Taurus. To, continue to use care in calculations, business dealings and communications of all kinds until Monday, June 8.


Venus/Mars Passion  Continues

     Keep in mind too, there's the continuing Venus/Mars passion in all things that began in mid April and runs until June 19  21.   The above May 6 entry described these planetary karmas, and certainly Venus's vehicles have been prominent in the news, and new scandals seem to pop up daily.  With the U.S. chart running Mars with Rahu planetary cycles, the resulting intense desires and probing deep secrets exacerbates the Venus/Mars strifes.

    However, it's important to also understand these transits are not atypical planetary weather, just as there are weather events going on all the time. There truly is no interval when there aren't storms of various kinds occurring in the U.S. and the rest of the globe, and while destructions come, so does rain, needed for all life to live and grow.  Similarly, these planetary disturbances indicate stresses that cause discomfort that also make us grow.


Eclipses Coming Up

     There will be a partial lunar eclipse July 7 in the middle of the night.  Although visible in the U.S., it will be faint and thereby hard to see. The location is 21 degrees Sagittarius.  Little will likely result from this mild eclipse of the Moon.

     A total eclipse of the Sun follows on July 21, beginning late in the evening, at 5 degrees Leo.  This would have major impacts if it hits a chart of a nation or leader -- and this will be researched.  Recall the last August 1solar eclipse hammered the U.S. chart, resulting in the confidence collapse (predicted May 23, 2008) just a month and a half later. 



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