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August 16 -- 31, 2004


Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
 Sedona, Arizona

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August 31

     I haven't succeeded in putting aside The Celestial Wheel for more than a day until Laura Bush's chart interpretation is completed.  There's just too much going on, and it has been difficult to marshal the slow, deep absorption needed.


     Yesterday, I asked, I wonder when someone is going to figure out that the Vietnam war quag- mire, with its accompanying abuse and torture, is being replayed in Iraq?  Below is an excerpt from Paul Krugman's editorial in the New York Times, A No-Win Situation,


     For a long time, anyone suggesting analogies with Vietnam was ridiculed.  But Iraq optimists have, by my count, already declared victory three times. First there was "Mission Accomplished" - followed by an escalating insurgency.  Then there was the capture of Saddam - followed by April's bloody uprising.  Finally there was the furtive transfer of formal sovereignty to Ayad Allawi, with implausible claims that this showed progress - a fantasy exploded by the guns of August.

     Now, serious security analysts have begun to admit that the goal of a democratic, pro-American Iraq has receded out of reach.  Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies - no peacenik - writes that "there is little prospect for peace and stability in Iraq before late 2005, if then."


     Paul Krugman is not a Subscriber to these Forecasts, but he should be.  Here's the link to see the entire editorial. 


     In the July 26 Forecast, #54 The Political Conventions,  I described the Republican Convention stating,


     The full Moon will kick off the convention in high spirits August 30, but this will also stimulate protests both outside and within the convention.  There will be disgruntlement and infighting within the party for Bush's failures that he will be hard pressed to calm and hide from the press.  In fact, Bush may be so vitriolic that he alienates moderates rather than unites the party.  It seems unlikely the convention will give the Republicans a boost and instead may result in a public backlash.  As with the democratic convention, I don't see terrorism at this convention. 


     These predictions have begun to play out, although we have not yet seen public infighting among moder- ates and Bush's neoconservatives.  The moderates ignore Bush's failures and extreme positions and attempt to explain away the divergence between the neoconservative party platform from their socially liberal positions.  But this must be an uphill battle, especially with Mercury still retrograde.  They're limited to flag-waving over 9-11 and discrediting Kerry for flip-flopping, even as they equivocate over their own party platform. 


     Saturn continues to inflict its realistic consequences in: liberal media editorials, news reports on Mideast violence, Kerry campaign efforts, convention protestors and Bush's inevitable blunders  -- The president tried today to stop the fallout over his comments last weekend that the war on terror might not be winnable.


     These many challenges must all weigh-in during this pivot point for Republican Party unity and winning independent voters' support.  I maintain there can be a public recoil resulting from these contradictions to Bush's positions.  Terrorists, of course, hold the wild card.  I still don't see a major U.S. attack like 9-11, but terrorists must perceive a unique opportunity to discredit the Republicans, as they're united solely upon Bush's success in fighting terrorism.


     Laura Bush gives her speech tonight.  Her chart indicates she will be aggressively protective of her husband, but Laura will struggle to project her trademark matronly warmth.  I've rectified Laura's birth time and am grinding through the interpretation.  It appears Bush married his mother in choosing Laura, and her new Venus planetary cycle is making her more visible.  Yet, the Venus cycle also harms her ability to be the keel under George's boat and signifies reversals for him.





August 30

     The Olympics are completed, and as predicted August 16, there were plenty of upsets and accidents.  I also previously suggested no terrorism at the games.  Also, the final medal tally did demonstrate the inevitable process of globalization in China and Japan increasing their shares and some tiny countries (Israel, the Dominican Republic and Eritrea) winning their first medals.


     Iraq's oil exports are completely shut down as of today, and repairs will take a least a week.   Again, watch gasoline prices, although as stated August 26 ...I believe Bush sent the word out to oil companies and traders to lower oil prices before the Republican Convention and prevent a rise in gasoline at the pump.


     Thanks M.P. from Newark, Delaware for noting that yesterday, George Bush, ...called his invasion into Iraq a "catastrophic success."   This gaff illustrates how Bush is even more challenged by this Mercury retrograde.  However, Bush's poverty of speech and messianic views should not disguise his crafty campaign abilities and attack dog style.  Keep in mind, Bush isn't restricted by truth in promoting his record and making promises for the future.  As Hillary Clinton said on Meet The Press yesterday, Bush uses bait-and-switch to garner support and then reverts back to his radical agenda.  Further, as stated August 23, Challenging world events will taint the stage at the upcoming Republican Convention, when Bush et al will proclaim great success and progress at home an abroad.  Protesters in New York City can be a catalyst here, especially tomorrow evening and Wednesday morning.


     Recent polls show Ralph Nader with 5% approval.  However, as discussed on August 25, he is not on many state ballots.  This 5% number, then, is misleading.


      I wonder when someone is going to figure out that the Vietnam war quagmire, with its accompanying abuse and torture, is being replayed in Iraq?





August 29

     The Laura Bush chart interpretation is moving along, slowly.  Thank you C.S. in Gulfbreeze, Florida for the heads-up on the estimated 6:00 PM birthtime reported in two biographies on the First Lady.  Laura's fallen Sun brings a public shyness that inhibits news reporting.  I've thus far found only two specific events for birth time rectification.-- the November 6, 1963 auto accident and the November 25, 1981 birth of her daughters.


     The Republican Convention and campaign maneuverings on both sides distract from critical-mass events in the fragile Mideast.  Below are current news articles on the growing chaos in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan that must unveil George Bush's failed policies and disprove his claims of Mideast victories as November 2 approaches.  As unpleasant as these reports are, especially during this difficult interval until September 5, they correctly focus our attention on the lynchpin of the upcoming election.


     First, reports more oil pipeline attacks in an A.P. piece entitled, Iraqis Blow Up Oil Pipeline in Iraq  Before these bombings, Iraq's oil exports had already been cut in half to 900,000 barrels per day.  


     Second, The New York Times article, In Western Iraq, Fundamentalists Hold U.S. at Bay, reveals further disintegration of U.S. military control.  That little is said about the Iraqi central government is witness to the U.S. occupation being the real power there. middle east/29province.html  


     Third, the Washington Post's article, Pakistan Losing Grip on Extremists, echoes the Iraq situation in militants there also threatening stability. afghan.html 


     Fourth, The New York Times also reports in, Political Bid to Quell Unrest in Afghanistan, loss of government control in that country. 


     On another topic, the continuing western U.S. drought, the Washington Post's article, Thirsty Las Vegas Warms To Authentic Desert Look , discusses Sin City's attempts to conserve water as the drought collides with the city's continuing rapid growth.  Look for this topic, and accompanying forest fires, to become emerging crises. 


     Finally, one planetary signification not previously discussed in the tempestuous interval from August 16 to September 5 is Venus's transit across Saturn.  This is occurring now, just as we have a the full Moon today.  While the Moon elevates emotions, Saturn's influence upon Venus dampens joy and contentment and causes separation in relationship.  Again, spiritual practices can ease the angst and mental exhaustion so many of us feel now.  I'll force myself to attend Kirtan (Vedic chanting) this evening.



August 28
I'm working on Laura Bush's chart.  There is no report today.


August 27

     Questions are rightfully being asked about George Bush's mentality and whether he is a puppet for his advisors, especially the brilliant Dick Cheney.  (Sorry, I don't have Carl Rove's chart.)  The second question is more important than the first, for it investigates whether the current President leads through his own understanding or that the real policy making comes from his advisors.  


     In the October 22, 2002 Forecast, #3  The Bush Presidency  -- Profile & Prediction, I stated that Bush has powerful advisors who are intimately bound to him and dedicated to his success.  and ...Bush truly only heeds the inner voice craving parental approval as articulated by his advisors and fueled by his own fear, vicious nature and suspicion of foreigners.  As domestic and international tensions are high, many are questioning Bush's capabilities and John Kerry increasingly focuses his campaign criticisms, the truth that Bush is a puppet to his advisors must be unveiled.  


     That Forecast also states that according to George Bush's chart, Laura Bush is the keel under Bush's boat....  Laura Bush's birthtime is not known, and no one has rectified her chart to understand how she influences the President.  I believe I have determined Laura's all-important Ascendant, which narrows the birth time to within two hours.  This enables rectifying her birth time to the minute.  I'll publish soon an in-depth Forecast on Laura Bush to reveal how she influences her husband.  Perhaps even more valuably, the mate influences in Laura's chart will indicate how well or badly George will do in the upcoming presidential election.


     Because this is an important and time-consuming task, the daily Celestial Wheel will be temporarily put on hold until the Laura Bush in-depth Forecast is published.



August 26

     Thank you D.F. in Washington DC for forwarding this paraphrased report about Ammachi's concern.  (Mother refers to the Indian saint, Ammachi.). 



     ...Mother, in her Friday satsang told the Amritapuri residents that the "bad time" she has predicted has begun. ...Swami D is asking San Ramon satsang to do group archana every week before satsang in addition to the regular program. 

     I hope this does not frighten anyone, I just thought as many people as possible in the community should know.  As Amma stressed during the summer, especially in Rhode Island and Toronto , our spiritual practices and selfless service can have a huge impact on this situation.  In fact in Toronto she even told us that a crisis had been averted in Yugoslavia some years ago through the sadhana of Amma's devotees, and although she didn't say so, her grace.


     In the August 22 Celestial Wheel about oil and gas prices, I stated,


     Sooner or later, retail gasoline prices must follow the crude oil price rise, causing inflation and dampening economies throughout the world.  One naturally wonders if George Bush's oil company buddies are holding down retail gasoline prices for polit- ical gain. 


     Calming concerns about oil supplies from Venezuela, Russia and Iraq are cited for the oil price decline from $50 to under $44 per barrel, as explained in today's Washington Post article, Oil Prices Change Direction. -2004Aug25.html   However, this same article also states,  "It remains on a hair trigger," said Michael Urban, an analyst with Deutsche Bank in New York. "If you hear that a pipeline is blown up in Iraq, prices will be right back up there."   Here's some pressure on that trigger --- today's New York Times has a breaking-news front page article, Iraq Oil Exports Cut in Half After Attack   Below is a photo from the article.




     I'm not generally one who loves a conspiracy even more than reports of aliens visiting Sedona, but in this instance, I believe Bush sent the word out to oil companies and traders to lower oil prices before the Republican Convention and prevent a rise in gasoline at the pump.  We'll see how this plays out.  While we've seen increasing scandals during this tumultuous period beginning with Hurricane Charley, it won't be over until September 5.


     I haven't seen anything specific in the planets relating to the twin Russian airline crashes, except to note that this Mercury retrograde across Mars and the Sun, along with Jupiter's current weakness, have brought confusion and misunderstanding in many human affairs.



August 25

     Ralph Nader has struggled this spring and summer in getting his name on States' ballots for the upcoming presidential election.  That the Green Party turned him down was perhaps most significant.  Also, Democrats have worried that he'll bleed off enough liberal votes to again throw the election to George Bush.  They've successfully challenged petition signatures in many States.  


     Republicans, seeking to support Nader against John Kerry, have contrarily supported Nader's petition efforts.

     Should we be concerned that Nader will again be the spoiler?

     Nader's chart and planetary cycles (Dasas) are shown on the right.   From late December 1998 through October 2001, Nader ran Rahu with Saturn.  These combined to give Nader tremendous drive, enabling him to garner enough votes to impact the 2000 election.  They also, however, brought the ruthlessness that made him the spoiler.

     However, from May 19 of this year through next June, Nader is running Rahu with Ketu.  While worldly Rahu continues to give him power and some charisma, otherworldly Ketu is the opposite.  Ketu in his birthchart is in his seventh house of relationships with his public Moon, and it spoils both.  This is why Nader began having troubles in the Spring and why he will receive few votes November 2.

      Also of interest is that Nader is experiencing his Sadi Sati  -- the 7 1/2 years when restrictive Saturn crosses the houses around the Moon.  This is a truly transformational influence, for good or ill.  Saturn will transit into Nader's seventh house, where his Moon is placed, September 5.     


     This will further constrain Nader's public influence.  However, this intensifying Sadi Sati will also advance Nader's transformation, and the Rahu with Venus cycle beginning next June will bring him a new career -- one in which Venus's compassion will tilt Nader away from being a destructive influence.



August 24
Just to let you know that the world and individuals alike are finding this interval from August 16 through September 5 arduous, here are some recent Subscriber comments:


     8/15  Illinois:  I'm having lower back issues... Since last week, I've been nearly paralyzed by it.  Forced downtime - can't sit at the computer for long at all.


     8/20  Massachusetts:  I seem to recall that from Aug 18 to early Sept., things would be hectic and challenging, if not chaotic; could not be any more accurate than in my psychotherapy office.  This week, the number of clinically paranoid clients who presented for initial evaluation is astounding.  Typically, there might be one such case in a couple of months.  Two days ago, I reflected upon your prediction... after the fourth patient rolled in, freaking from sleep deprivation and assured that the world was conspiring to take all that is of value to her.  


     8/22  Arizona:  This was a phone call righteously objecting to a brother's heartless behavior  -- he didn't even call her when mom was again admitted to the hospital with stroke symptoms, though he did call mother's church friends.  When confronted with her complaint, he didn't even bother to answer her.


     8/23  California:  I should have paid closer attention to "be patient with yourself in completing mental and physical tasks."  ...I decided to take up the carpeting, pad, tack strip and baseboard the day before the wallpaper installation.  However, this included taking beds apart and I wasn't really physically capable of doing this task.  I did persevere but have had lower back pain ever since!   However, I am happy to report that I am back to my daily (almost) Aqua Aerobics classes and this morning, my back seems better already.  I will take it easy however...


     8/23  Maryland:  These forecasts are wonderful.  I have felt like something the cat dragged in for the last week.  It as been really weird.  Have to cut the TV off from news.  I have become drained from the constant back and forth - your side, my side. 



August 23

     On August 19, I advised that, As we continue through this difficult period until September 5, I'll continue to alert to short-swing planetary influences within this longer interval.  Spiritual practices that are essentially contemplative can be helpful here -- to both calm the mind and perceive truth.


     The first part of last week was difficult for Mercury retrograding back across Mars.  This week, Mercury retrogrades across the Sun.  Due to the Sun's heat, this is called combustion, stipulating that planets are burned when close to the Sun.  The effect is like putting blinders on a horse, and it also limits the ability to process information.  By Wednesday, Mercury will have emerged from the Sun's glare, easing these influences.  To the extent that you can, delay important decisions, avoid intense negotiations and be patient with yourself in completing mental and physical tasks.  This last is mentioned because Mars, being also conjoined the Sun and Mercury, stimulates physical energy, and Mercury's skill is muddled. 


     As predicted, the Olympics has been difficult for accidents and upsets.  We'll find out this week how the uproar over John Kerry's military record turns out -- even though Bush will not reject the Swift Boat group's lies.  Challenging world events will taint the stage at the upcoming Republican Convention, when Bush et al will proclaim great success and progress at home an abroad.   Indeed, The Times, They Are A Changin.



August 22

     I think everyone feels wiped out by the recent and ongoing planetary stresses described in recent Celestial Wheels.  Certainly, composing these daily logs has become personally burdensome.  Still, increasing crude oil prices beg to be analyzed.


     This summer, gasoline prices have dropped from May's $2.00 (plus) per gallon peak, while crude oil prices in 2004 have moved upward toward $50 per barrel.  Although gasoline prices must rise in response, everyone seems to be burying their heads in the sand on this crucial commodity.  


     Searching on Google confirmed the lack of reporting on future retail gasoline prices, but I was able to find the basic numbers needed to calculate the retail gas price at the $50 per barrel oil price.  First, a barrel of oil is 42 gallons.  Second, 45% of the gasoline price comes from crude oil costs.  


     Here's the math:  

     $50 per barrel divided by 42 gallons equals $1.19 crude oil cost per gallon of gas. 
     $1.19 crude oil cost divided by 45% equals $2.64 retail price per gallon of gas.



     The graph on the right shows gas- line futures prices by commodities traders weighing crude oil prices.

     Note the current $1.26 per gallon is actually higher than the $1.19 per gallon calculated above.  Traders must expect crude oil prices to move above $50 per barrel.  Using the 45% crude oil cost per gallon of gasoline, the pump price here would be $2.80 per gallon.

     Increases since last fall, the peak in May and the summer's seesaw follow trends at the pump - but only to a degree so far.

      Sooner or later, retail gasoline prices must follow the crude oil price rise, causing inflation and dampen- ing economies throughout the world.  One naturally wonders if George Bush's oil company buddies are holding down retail gasoline prices for political gain.  Watch for gas price movement these next few weeks as Saturn completes its transit of Gemini on September 5, for Saturn brings its worst harms during the final weeks of its transit through a sign. 


     Recall the May 23 Celestial Wheel, which concluded with the following suggestion,


     The weighty luxury sedans and muscle cars of the late sixties and early seventies yielded to fuel efficient models after the 1973 Arab oil embargo.  Today's equally heavy and fuel greedy SUVs will surely follow.  Automobile styles reflect fashion, just like clothing, films, TV shows, books and other socially driven activities.  The SUV fashion of fear -- terrorists can't get you in your personal armored vehicle -- is already yielding to a new fashion of expensive gasoline and rejecting the neocon- servative's culture of violent imperialism.  For those of you considering a new vehicle, this is a good time to do so -- before SUV trade-in prices drop and interest rates rise further. 

August 21

     Although John Kerry's popularity is challenged by the Swift Boat veteran's group, this may prove to be a tempest-in-a-teapot as authentic events unfold to his advantage.  The Sun/Mars/Mercury combination in Leo has stimulated the confrontation, as well as events of substance: oil prices, Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy and scandals (including prisoner abuse). among others.  The August 14 Celestial Wheel discussed the dissonant planetary energies from August 16 to September fifth, concluding,


     These next few weeks until September 5 promise to bring-to-a-boil challenges (in all areas of endeavor and throughout the globe) that have been simmering in the karmic pot.  Because President Bush and his cronies are largely responsibility for creating this miasma, they must bear its consequences in public rejection.  By September 5, the karmic carpenters will have will have finished nailing down the lid on the neoconservative's sarcophagus. 


     Maintain as much objectivity as possible during this troubled period, and wait until after September 5 to put this entire interval into perspective.


     What is perhaps more important is Kerry's choice to fight back on August 18.  This confirms the 7:10 AM birthtime I've used, compared with the alternative 8:03 AM birth time publicized last February.  Applying the 7:10 AM birthtime, Kerry's planetary cycles (Dasas) to three levels are: Mercury/Mercury /Moon from August 11 to October 23.  Because the placid Moon signifies the public, this line-up favors Kerry's post convention advance in the polls, but it is also a receptive, rather than, projective combination.  The lunar calm dovetails with Kerry's holding back until Wednesday, as reported yesterday in MSNBC News, 


     After using the Democratic National Convention to improve his poll ratings on national security, Kerry remained silent as the criticism led to growing indications — much of it anecdotal, some in polling, party officials say — that his gains were eroding.


     As Kerry denounced the criticism as “lies about my record,” aides privately acknowledged that they and their boss had been slow to recognize the damage being done to his political standing.


     Staying with this 7:10 AM birthtime, the stimulus for Kerry to finally fight back results from his Dasas (to four levels) being Mercury/Mercury/Moon/Mars from August 17 to 21.  The fourth level Mars Dasa (together the with Sun/Mars/Mercury transit through Kerry's tenth house of the public) stimulated his August 18 retort.  Recall too that in the August 9 Celestial Wheel, I verified Kerry's birth time when I observed him at his August 8 rally in Flagstaff, AZ.


     By comparison, if Kerry were born at 8:03 AM, his Dasas would be Mercury/Mercury/Mars from July 25 to September 15.  This doesn't describe Kerry's rise in the polls, nor his delay in responding to the swift boat group attack  -- Mars would have brought a quick and heated response.


     Kerry's August 18 decision to fight back is important because it verifies again the 7:10 AM birthtime, which gives excellent Dasas through the election.  7:10 AM yields Mercury/Mercury/Mars Dasas from October 23 to December 14.  This is auspicious for Kerry's campaign because he continues to benefit from his public Moon until October 23.  Then Kerry will use his Mars to fight incredibly hard during the last week before the November 2 election.


     Kerry's current demonstration of toughness must gain him public support, and during the campaign's home stretch, he will lead a ferocious charge against Bush, beating the President at his own Alpha Male game as a wartime President.





August 20

     The Sun signifies the head and Mars aggression.  On August 18, the Sun reached two degrees in Leo, giving it strength.  Mars, Mercury and Jupiter continue in Leo.  Because the Sun moves twice as fast as Mars, it is closing in on the red planet.  We currently, then, have an intensifying Sun/Mars conjunction.  Sun/Mars stimulates for disputes.  John Kerry has this combination in his birthchart, where Mars rules his sixth house of enemies and opposes his Sun.  So, the Sun/Mars transit conjunction stimulated Kerry's birthchart, fighting back against the veteran group accusing him of lying about Vietnam.


     This astrologer is Libra rising, and his birthchart Sun (head) is in Mars-ruled Scorpio in the second house of the head.  The Sun/Mars transit here has brought a nagging headache since August 18.  


     These are good examples of how the planets' transit positions actualize, not just world events, but also significations in individual charts.  Everyone has different experiences, of course, depending upon their charts, but certainly the Sun/Mars conjunction in Leo affects us all, in one way or another.


August 19

     One effect of Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars is to distort truth.  Mars only cares about the results, and the means it uses to achieve its selfish goals are trivial to the planet of war.  This accounts for the media now chocked full of claims and counter-claims on almost any topic one chooses.  I pointed this out on August 10 (regarding Bush and Kerry), quoting a Washington Post article, LISTENING TO presidential campaign rhetoric, it sometimes seems as if the candidates are offering not merely alternate policies but alternate descriptions of reality.


     While Mercury is now thankfully past Mars, which calms the furious storms (literal and otherwise) in the world, this planet of communications and the mind is now approaching the hot Sun.  An important effect here is tying Mercury's mind to the Sun's ego.  It is easy to be blindsided, or even deceive/confuse yourself.  Objectivity is an accompanying issue.  This effect will ease off beginning August 24.  


     As we continue through this difficult period until September 5, I'll continue to alert to short-swing planetary influences within this longer interval.  Spiritual practices that are essentially contemplative can be helpful here -- to both calm the mind and perceive truth.


     If you experience any problems in receiving this or other Celestial Wheels, remember they are all available on the web.  Just click here to go to the Forecast Archives page http://www.vedicpredictiv   Your username is subscriber and password moon.



August 18

    Yesterday's log entry conclusion of economic growth was perhaps not clear for the technical planetary descriptions.  The bottom line is that from September 20, 2004 until mid summer 2005, Jupiter's expansion outweighs Saturn's contraction, encouraging economic growth.  World events, including the results of the November 2 U.S. election, may override part of all of this positive economic growth factor.


    Shifting world trends were analyzed in the May 26 Forecast, #52 The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction  -- A New Twenty year Era, and the June 18 Forecast, #53 Part I The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas (see also Part 11, which discussed the charts of four Mideast nations  --  Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Israel.)  The expectation is that the world will be a different place by next summer, and expansive Jupiter's comparatively advantageous transit through Virgo will be a force for positive change.  It may be difficult to perceive progress -- in the disintegration of Iraq for example -- but often structures and organizations must first be pulled down before they can be rebuilt.


     Mercury retrogrades past Mars today, signaling some calming of tensions and aggressions.  Yet, use care until after September 5.






August 17

     The upcoming transits into new signs of Jupiter and Saturn are bringing some challenge, as previously discussed, until September 5.  However, this influence is temporary and doesn't describe how these planets will behave in their new celestial abodes.


     Jupiter's and Saturn's sign positions are important for these being the two big planets.  A further astronomical consideration is the long duration each spends in a sign compared with the faster-moving inner planets.  These qualities give truly weighty effects to Jupiter and Saturn transits through signs.  Jupiter spends and average of one year in a sign and Saturn two and a half years.  It just happens that they change this year at about the same time -- August 27 for Jupiter and September 5 for Saturn.


     These sign changes are definitive, but they are not necessarily difficult, except as mentioned, during this ending period before the sign change.  Jupiter becomes too weak at the edge of Leo to improve through its expansionary nature.  Saturn is also weak, but this serves to bring its worst restrictions.


     On August 27, Jupiter will transit into Virgo.  Until Jupiter reaches about five degrees on September 20, it won't have enough strength to do much.  After Saturn transits into Cancer September 5, it will also have little influence for being at the edge of its new sign.  Further, because Saturn by nature is slow, it really won't be influential in Cancer for several months.  That Saturn turns retrograde (weak) on November 8 further limits it.  Don't look for Saturn in Cancer to put its brakes on until next summer.  


     While specific significations for these new sign positions will be discussed in a future Celestial Wheel, one positive effect is noted now.  When Jupiter's expansion outweighs Saturn's contraction, the economy and stock markets rise -- Jupiter's wealth outweighs Saturn's poverty.  The long duration of the upcoming growth period (from late September to mid summer) is promising, although world events could jam the growth machine or punctuate the period with negative economic influences.  





August 16
Expect more upsets during this Olympics, like the U.S. basketball team being overwhelmed by Puerto Rico yesterday.  Mars is sports, and Mercury is skill.  As these planets are conjoined in Leo with Mercury retrograde, reflexes and strategies are thrown off.  This is not necessarily a negative, for it does level the playing field, giving athletes from smaller countries opportunities to excel.  As this is such a highly karmic period, perhaps results at the Olympics will illuminate further the inevitable process of globalization. 


     Astrocartography is typically applied to individual's charts, but it also can be a useful tool in predicting world events.  Below is the Astrocartography map for Southwest Florida on August 13 at 3:15 PM, one half hour before Hurricane Charley's landfall.  Saturn is the line on the right.  Saturn represents both the hurricane's destructive force and the organization and structure necessary to focus and direct storm energies.  Otherworldly and dissolving Ketu is the line on the left.  Ketu is the antithesis of Saturn. When these two planets associate, Ketu first intensifies Saturn, but then Ketu quickly breaks down Saturn's structure.  This explains why Hurricane Charley inexplicably strengthened and then made its sharp turn to the east.



     While hindsight predictions don't mean anything, the concept that hurricane behavior may be anticipated via Astrocartography is provocative.  I'll look for opportunities to apply this technique in future weather events and other situations that unfold during a short interval.





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