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March 1 -- 31, 2009



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March 2, 2009


    The following is an email notice sent directly to subscribers earlier today. 

Subject: The Emerging Butterfly

Dear subscribers,

The Big Blizzard Of 2009 is nearly over -- just 6 days left until March 6.

Yet, because It's not over til it's over, continue to use care in your activities and also know that truly, Only turmoil brings change -- and this turmoil cannot be resisted.

Yet, don't be like a deer frozen in the glare of car headlights, which can result in your leaping into further danger -- or sinking further into the quicksand.  Use the disruptive energy to stimulate plans with the careful and deliberate actions to achieve needed changes in your life. 

We all have to adapt to the new reality of a prolonged economic contraction purifying the gluttony of the recently ended ten year Second Gilded Age -- paving the way forward for the Second Progressive Age.  Progressivism is what President Obama is offering, but the promise of a return to shared economic values can only be delivered if we all put our shoulders to the wheel.  Visit the February Celestial Wheel Commentaries page for eleven entries explaining and discussing Big Blizzard impacts and suggestions for you, especially the February 25, Dealing With The Stresses -- Top Ten List.

Too, avoid the misconception that Obama is a miracle-maker who can stop the inevitable contraction -- for the public has turned from excessive consumption and debt to financial prudence.  This is a long term, if not permanent, behavioral reversal.  The entire economy will likely shrink down 10%, or even more, before the fat is eliminated -- the phantom wealth is gone.  Only then, when lean and fit, will the economy begin to grow again, which is why Obama is promoting spending for long term changes in society -- from health care, to energy, to pollution controls to transportation...

If you place any value in omens, you'll recall the February 16 Celestial Wheel reported on the billion to one odds of two submarines colliding in the Atlantic depths, which even was preceded by another billion to one odds event, the satellites collision.  That Celestial Wheel also reported there was an amazing flurry of astronomical odds of six meteorites during that short interval, stating, This sure looks like a warning from nature to pay attention.

Even if you are not a believer in signals from the universe, The Celestial Wheel suggestion for moderation has been valuable in avoiding travel.  The Buffalo airline crash was accompanied by 9 others during The Big Blizzard, as per  Netherlands, Egypt, Chili, Brazil, Italy, Texas, Gabon, New York City and Afghanistan.  When did in the past were there 10 plane crashes in just over a month?!!!

Notice that today's mega-storm in the U.S. northeast is a literal result of the Big Blizzard moniker.  Again, even for nonbelievers, avoiding travel has been a practical suggestion.

And for believers that there is order in the universe prompting us to pay attention to the heavens, here's another odds-off event. reports a newly discovered asteroid is flying past earth, just 72,000 km (43,000 miles), and it's big, 30 to 40 meters wide.  That's the size of the 1908 Tunguska Event in Siberia.

Big Blizzard predictions included economic woes, popular protests and a shock sending oil prices higher.  Well, that specific prediction didn't occur, although the Mideast has been turbulent, sending gasoline prices up -- from $1.60 to over $2.00.  The word shock, however, precisely describes the public's response to economic harms.  People are reacting like deer frozen in the glare of car headlights  One never knows exactly how the planetary karmas will actualize, but one thing is certain -- they always do in some way.

If you're concerned The Celestial Wheel has predicts only gloom, consider that what's happening now is a type of awakening.  To use another animal analogy -- in the late summer the caterpillar spins a cocoon around itself.  The process of metamorphosis transforms it into a butterfly.  The insect emerges in the spring as a beautiful winged creature to unfold its wings, dry them in the sun and finally fly free.


A Contributions Thank You

     Thank you for subscribers from New Mexico and Maryland for your Contributions  to fund the critical Obama charts' analysis -- Barack, Michelle, daughters Malia and Sasha and Joe Biden. 

     A trickle still fills the bucket -- just takes more time.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer


March 4, 2009

What A Rush!

The following is an email notice sent directly to subscribers at 6 AM.  

Subject: What A Rush!

Dear subscribers,

The amazingly intense energies of The Big Blizzard Of 2009 have impacted us all.  It's been crazy, and it's made us all a little crazy -- in one way or another -- as the economy in free-fall rattles our houses like a earthquake with second shocks that don't stop..

Like fans at the big football game, the crowd rises to its feet in unison, clapping and shouting as the ball carrier zig zags through the defenders toward the big touchdown.  Everyone in the stands is sucked into the excitement vortex.  Even prim and proper grandma can't restrain herself, jumping around and screaming  -- Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go!

What a rush!

The very best image of The Big Blizzard's excessive emotion was at the CPAC convention -- the annual meeting of die-hard conservatives -- CPAC 2009  There, Rush Limbaugh jumped around, stoking the roaring crowd with his sour and hateful messages.

Watch the video.  What a rush!


Rush Limbaugh - Jump Around

A tribute to the new head of the Republican party!  Get out your seat and jump around! Just like Rush! 01:07 - Mar 3, 2009

(For Washington Post commentary on this issue, see Minority Leader Limbaugh)

Yet, in just a couple of days, the planetary frenzy will calm.  The The Big Blizzard Of 2009 will be over.  Then, we can sit back down in our seats and breathe again.  Whew! 

I'm truly beginning to appreciate our new President -- No Drama Obama.  In fact, just thinking about his steady and wise hand on the helm of the ship of state, my pulse is slipping down from three digits to two.  I sincerely hope your's will too, for truly, as F.D.R. said in his first inaugural in 1932,

                            The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



March 9, 2009

The Big Blizzard Of 2009 Is Over

     The Big Blizzard wealth destructions and discords primarily resulted from the difficult conjoining of Rahu/Mars/Jupiter in Capricorn, plus mental Mercury first retrograde and then afflicted as it passed through Capricorn.  This interval ended last Friday, March 6. 

     However, if you feel charged up today, there is an emotional elevation caused by aggressive Mars aspecting the almost full Moon.  So, there's emotional tension and impatience through tomorrow.

     Here again is the Fall-Winter 2008-2009 Timeline giving a visual of these overlapping destructive planetary karmas that brought shocks to economies globally and in the U.S.  Note too that as this is a transit chart, where the planets are in current skies, they are global karmas -- impacting everyone, like a blizzard snows everywhere.*


(* Seasoned Celestial Wheel subscribers know that in Vedic Astrology, Dasas (planetary cycles) are the underlying karma on the a individual chart -- the river of life -- and transits are weather events on that river.  Transits impact all charts on the earth.  They are the global wealth.)


Fall-Winter 2008-09Timeline 
(The Big Blizzard Of 2009)




                                                                                                         Merc. retrograde Merc. afflicted                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

     111111111111111   111111111111111  111111111111111   11111111111111  11111111111111                       November                     December                      January                               February                          March                                                  

                                                                                          solar and lunar eclipses



     Below are World Transit Charts for Big Blizzard conditions February 7, and the post-blizzard world today, March 9.  You can easily see the Rahu/Mars/Jupiter/Mercury pile-up in Capricorn has ended.  Both fiery Mars and mental Mercury have escaped into the next sign, Aquarius.  So, Mars is no longer causing harm, and Mercury is free to think (calculate) clearly and objectively.

     Since Friday, there has been a noticeable fall-off in both Mars's destructive energy and Mercury's stressed mentality, which had previously actualized in investors panicking, protests from both the left and right and sensitized nervous systems.  Nearly everyone lost their cool, or experienced difficulties understanding and communicating, during the January 12 to March 6 Big Blizzard.


World Transit Chart

February 27 , 2009

World Transit Chart

March 9, 2009


Digging Out

     Growing up in Western N. Y. where westerly winds over the Great Lakes stimulated stupendous snow storms. Everyone hunkered down until the storms passed.*  Syracuse receives more snow than any other sizeable city in the country.  Everything shut down.  Schools sometimes closed for weeks.  Then, began the task of digging out -- so that we could began to move again by foot and car, and also assess damages and then take actions to restore our lives.  For most, this was more taking stock than actual actions, especially farmers and vintners

     Were the wheat and corn fields okay, how did the livestock fair and the barns, did the apple trees and grape vines survive?  The winter cold still prohibited most activity, and only the warming spring snow-melt would fully reveal blizzard effects,   Yet, even as spring came, we would be hampered by the mud season, as well as flooding it it warned too quickly. 

     These experiences are analogous to the current situation.  Everyone has felt hemmed-in and frustrated, experienced losses and was stymied in some way.  Too, we're also just plain worn out from this nearly two month Blizzard -- January 12 to March 6.  Yes, we can begin digging out.  However, like the N. Y. farmers, we have to wait until after the spring thaw and the beginning of the growing season to plant our own personal gardens.

(*Board games were a favorite to pass the time, and if you ever played Scrabble, Monopoly, etc. with a Western New Yorker, you've experienced their skill, honed by the winter shut-ins!)


Taking Stock & A New Plan

     As we dig out, we do need  now to take stock of our lives begin planning our personal spring gardens -- to select the right seeds and plant them in the correct amounts in the right places at the best times.  This will be followed by more patience and perseverance to protect and nurture the garden until harvest season.  Inevitably, some plants won't grow well, or fail to fruit out, requiring us to refine out plan for the next season.  The March 2 Celestial Wheel (above) was titled Metamorphosis.  It can take years to transform a bug into a butterfly.

     The Big Blizzard Of 2009 swept us away, destroying the phantom wealth from previous poor planting choices.  To continue that pattern is to be stuck in an old karmic rut in a now dead-ended path ahead.  All of us need to pay attention and push ourselves out of our ruts onto a firm and high road that will serve us well through 2009 -- and into the far future.

     So, start your digging out to take stock of what went wrong -- and make new plans to make things right with yourself and your fellow man.


Venus Energy For Your New Plan

     One planetary disposition deserves description now. 

     Receptive Venus symbolizes many things that support a transformed world: love, romance joy, wealth, enjoyments, the arts, cooperation, sympathy, diplomacy, kindness, wisdom, grace and beauty.. and also plants.  Venus moved into its exalted sign of Pisces January 27, where its significations flourish and has thereby been an offsetting influence to the Big Blizzard harms in Capricorn.  In other words, without this beneficial Venus disposition, Big Blizzard shocks would have been worse. 

     Venus normally stays in a sign for a month, but it went retrograde March 7.  (See the retrograde "R" in the above World Transit Chart for today.)  This retrograde does two things.  First, it gives an inward and backward look --bringing out memories of the past gives us a more comprehensive view in planning the future.  Remembering both our successes and mistakes that brought us to the present is invaluable now.

     Second, this retrograde greatly extends Venus' stay in Pisces to end very end of May -- from one month to three. Continuing the garden analogy, which is actually a real addition many people are making this year, Venusian plants will have a very good start.  We can also use this energy to both formulate the best plan for the future and begin executing it effectively -- to make the world more Venusian.  Finally, as Venus also signifies vehicles, this spring would be a great time to buy a car if you need one -- and Venus' will be very happy if you buy an American car to help fellow Americans in the Rust Belt now.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer


March 14, 2009

The Millennium Contraction

     Previously, the December 1, 2007 Through The Second Gilded Age, predicted a four year depression beginning in the fall of 2008.  (Note: The Celestial Wheel also correctly predicted the economic crumbling beginning in the summer of 2007, but this trend didn't become dire for another year.)

     On the positive side, the January 22, 2009, More On the Big Blizzard Of 2009 offered hope, Most interestingly, this analysis predicts the economy will begin recovering in 2012, giving some credence to the idea that the 2012 prophecies are not for an ending of civilization, but rather a new beginning.  And the March 2 entry (above) titled, Metamorphosis, described the process as The Emerging Butterfly.

     This economic slide has emerged as a contraction from Second Gilded Age excesses.  Spending is out.  Savings is in.  Occurring as it does early in the new millennium, The Celestial Wheel connects the words to coin the term, Millennium Contraction.  It is transformational, and the process will be difficult, even though imperative, and ultimately rewarding.

     Note that no one has yet labeled the contraction, excepting the long and awkward, The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  So, call it what it is, the Millennium Contraction.


Some Confidence Returns

     With the stock markets rising daily since Monday, the Big Blizzard Of 2009 March 6 ending was exactly correct.  Again, while the Celestial Wheel does not predict stock prices, their results is a valid check -- Stocks Have Best Week Of 2009.  We can also see this in the politicians and media calming down -- from The Big Blizzard's paranoia and outer courage/inner fear described in the February 25 Celestial Wheel

     Unfortunately, the economic damages were even worse than expected.  Everyone was shocked.  So even as your personal experiences are less intense now, energy levels are at a low ebb.  As explained in the March 9 entry, above, Too, we're also just plain worn out from this nearly two month Blizzard -- January 12 to March 6

     A Vedic contemporary emailed, You have been extremely accurate. You do deserve  a "YOU SHOULD BE COMMENDED!"  I replied, Thanks.  It's only the "extreme" part that worries me!



     The Celestial Wheel has predicted that all of 2000 will be difficult economically.  The December 21, 2008, Global Economic Trends For 2009 detailed that process,

     At this time, the Spring/Summer 2009 Timeline -- April through August -- appears generally calm, although this only means that no major economic disasters signaled by transits are seen, yet.  The downward trajectory of the global economy will continue, however.     

     The Fall 2009 Timeline -- September through December-- however, will be very rough.  From late August to early September, Saturn will finish its destruction in the 5th house/Leo.  As explained above, Saturn holds back his worst harms until the end.  Also, Mars will conjoin Ketu -- the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point -- the next month, again harming property for occurring in the 4th house/Cancer.  As Saturn aspects the 4th house of the home, real estate prices will dive to their low then, which signals the recession becoming a depression.


     So, we have some respite from turmoil, but how the Millennium Contraction will unfold is uncertain.  There will be intervals of positive news, even bursts of growth, along the long downward curve -- just as previous contractions have not been a straight-line plunge.  The U.S. chart provides some information, but the lynchpin appears to be President Obama.


The Obama Analysis

    The February 21, 2008 Celestial Wheel, Looking Ahead At Obama' Chart, explained that our new President will change Vedic Dasas (planetary cycles) on March 24 from his terrific Jupiter/Moon to hazardous Jupiter/Mars.  This astrologer conferred with psychic Patricia Flores to conclude, While it doesn't appear Obama will suffer physical harm, it's predicted Obama having so many problems to deal with, he won't be able to solve them -- that is, halt the economic decline.

     The damaging Jupiter/Mars cycle lasts until February 28, 2010.  This will be followed by an even more dangerous Jupiter/Rahu cycle until July 24, 2012.  That will be 3/12 years into his presidency and matches the prediction for the approximate ending of the Millennium Contraction.

     The February 21, 2008 Celestial Wheel also explained that to learn more about Obama's prospects, it is necessary to consider Michele Obama's chart and those of daughters Sasha and Malia -- all three birth times as yet unknown.  Joe Biden's chart must also be thoroughly analyzed for any karma that would put him in the Oval Office. There's a lot of Vedic slogging to complete this work -- about two weeks -- and your help is needed to fund it.  Contribution requests are made only occasionally, when subscribers' spontaneous philanthropy and income from personal consultations fall short.

     Contributions have come in from New Mexico, Maryland, Arizona and Minnesota, but the total falls far short of the needed funding.  Yet, the Obama analysis is gradually being completed, for A trickle still fills the bucket -- just takes more time.  It would be much better, of course, if the work could be done before Obama changes cycles on March 24.

     Failing contributions building back up again, the Celestial Wheel will change its business model in April from being completely free to limited access on  Funding will come from premium subscriptions giving full access and email notifications to this uniquely accurate and in-depth forecasting publication.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



March 24, 2009

Cognitive Dissonance

     Last August/September was The Gauntlet, which culminated in the mid September Confidence Collapse

     The next economic trauma was the Big Blizzard Of 2009, causing a shock from January 12 to March 6 that sent financial markets and real estate into downward spirals.  This brought a great surge public fear, reversing the mindset to Spending is out. Savings is in

     These two sets of events have precipitated the four year Millennium Contraction, labeled in the above March 14th entry.

     Following the Big Blizzard, calmer energies allowed financial markets to rebound, but the public remains gripped by the paranoia and inner fear discussed in the February 25th entry -- like a deer frozen in the glare of car headlights.  This is to be expected, for G.W. Bush & et al conditioned the national psyche with eight years of selling the unsavory and unreal mix of fear and gluttony.  Fear the terrorists, but spend to feel good and keep the economy going.   This is cognitive dissonance -- the anxiety of dealing with two contradictory ideas.  Related was Bush's I will protect you from terror, but pay no mind to my failed policies.  The result was a national neurosis.  Remember at its height people rushed out to buy Hummers?

     The fear and gluttony combination runs contrary to fundamentals of human genetics and conditioning, which dictate the opposite -- save when afraid and spend when confident.  After all, during droughts, primitive man didn't survive by gorging on saved grain and farm animals but rather ate sparingly until the rains came to enable a new harvest.  Well, some tribes must have done that, but none of them can be our ancesters.

     The Gauntlet and the Big Blizzard brought the paralyzing fear resulting from the economy crashing .  And, although the Obama presidency departs from Second Gilded Age fearful gluttony, that brought another cognitive dissonance.   We fervently hoped his January 21 inauguration would begin recovery, but we simultaneously experienced the economic shocks of the Big Blizzard. 

     It is no wonder that the surreal conflicts in Battlestar Galactica and Lost have drawn huge audiences.  We relate.   The 1959-64 The Twilight Zone did the same in resonating with our fears of nuclear holocaust on spooky and fuzzy black and white TV.  Creator Rod Serling was the perfect scary guy -- debonair but with dead eyes, gravelly voice and ever-present cigarette.  Yet, even Serling wasn't as scary as Dick Cheney continues to be on sharp and vivid color television, still reminding us to be afraid, very afraid.  The country would be better served if the media ignored him.



     As time heals all wounds, we need to gradually regain our psychological equilibrium.  This can only be done by formulating strategies and implementing specific plans to reinvent ourselves for the new society that will emerge after 2012.  As spring is just around the corner, begin by planting a garden.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer


March 26, 2009

Obama's Great Moon Has Set

     President Obama completed on March 24 his great Jupiter/Moon cycle (Dasa) that began November 23, 2007, when he began soaring skyward to capture the presidency -- as explained most recently in the February 21 Celestial Wheel.  He's now running a hazardous Jupiter/Mars cycle, which continues until February 28, 2010.

     The February 21 Celestial Wheel gave some details: 

      ...after the lunar glow leaves Obama 3/24 when Jupiter/Moon ends, he will be, and appear, more serious, worried and even older looking -- but that he is strong enough to maintain his optimism.

     Obama's energy will pick up, for Mars with Rahu does make him the energizer bunny.  However, this additional somewhat negative energy will take away from his great diplomatic skills.

     We've already seen he can be hard when he wants to, and Obama will walk a tightrope in bringing unity while requiring tough actions.  ...that is the big issue -- keeping the country united behind him.

     Obama's Tuesday night press conference revealed that energetic change, In a Volatile Time, Obama Strikes a New Tone.  The first two paragraphs confirm the change,


     For just under an hour on Tuesday night, Americans saw not the fiery and inspirational speaker who riveted the nation in his address to Congress last month, or the conversational president who warmly engaged Americans in talks across the country, or even the jaunty and jokey president who turned up on Jay Leno.

     Instead, in his second prime-time news conference from the White House, it was Barack Obama the lecturer, a familiar character from early in the campaign. Placid and unsmiling, he was the professor in chief, offering familiar arguments in long paragraphs — often introduced with the phrase, “as I said before” — sounding like the teacher speaking in the stillness of a classroom where students are restlessly waiting for the ring of the bell.

     This also verifies that his 7:24 PM birth time is exactly correct.


More Cognitive Dissonance

     The March 24 entry, above, about cognitive dissonance, explained the current anxiety, We fervently hoped his January 21 inauguration would begin recovery, but we simultaneously experienced the economic shocks of the Big Blizzard.

     With Obama's great charismatic and brilliant Moon having set, the public is now recognizing that the Millennium Contraction's forced thriftiness upon Americans is at odds with government's tremendous spending. 

     There have been several massive bailouts since September, as well as the nearly $800 billion 2009 stimulus plan. But, the really big deal is the proposed 2010 budget Obama announced on February 24.  It has a mind boggling 3.5 trillion dollars in spending with a deficit of 1.75 trillion.  Most of us have trouble grasping a million, 1,000,000.  A billion is a thousand times that, 1,000,000,000. A trillion is a thousand times a billion,



     Most Americans worry about paying their mortgage or rent each month, which would average $1000.  And the government is proposing a budget of $3,500,000,000,000!

     The cognitive dissonance between $1,000 and $3,500,000,000,000 is incalculable and has resulted in protests from every side.  Here's a great one, stirring oratory by an actor portraying Thomas Paine.

    However, don't allow this to cause upset that ends in despair, for popular protests are part of the process in moving from the Second Gilded Age to the Second Progressive Age.  This was explained in the December 1, 2007 Through The Second Gilded Age.


     Given these historical Dasa parallels, we should expect this final year Second Gilded Age to end with a still sound economy, while the public increasingly objects to being unfairly treated, especially protesting illegal immigration.  Then, during the seven year Mars Dasa that begins December 1, 2008, the economy will collapse under the accumulated weight of Second Gilded Age abuses.  That depression will be accompanied by popular protests that culminate in the Second Progressive Era.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer


March 29, 2009


How The Celestial Wheel Is Useful To You

     Transits are the planets in current skies that describe global planetary karmas.  The Celestial Wheel graphically depicts important transits in Timelines to show when these occur individually, as well as overlap.  When impactive transits overlap, karma accumulates, bringing events that can also instigate trends.  These transits effects can then be applied to individual charts, like the U.S., to offer more specific predictions.

     A current example of this is shown in the below Fall-Winter 2008-09 Timeline in which overlapping destructive transits brought the Big Blizzard Of 2009.  The March 26 entry (above) described the event, causing a shock from January 12 to March 6 that sent financial markets and real estate into downward spirals.  A trend also resulted, This brought a great surge public fear, reversing the mindset to Spending is out.  Savings is in.  The Celestial Wheel also examined psychological influences, notably in the February 25 sections on paranoia and inner fear and cognitive dissonance, discussed in the March 24 and 26 entries above.

     This information is obviously useful for your individual financial planning.  Those subscribers who moved money out of the stock markets and avoided real estate purchases during the January 12 to March 6 Big Blizzard dodged substantial losses.  The psychological qualities also helped subscribers understand how and why they felt and reacted, as well as explaining actions of others.  Finally, the Big Blizzard described intense karmas that touched the everyone, in one way or another.  For this astrologer, the Big Blizzard planets in Capricorn hit his fourth house of the home, fixed assets and the chest area.  All were harmed.  However, as only through turmoil comes change, dealing with these issues resulted in improving all those are as..  So, not only is the Celestial Wheel useful to you in many ways -- it's about you.

     The Celestial Wheel information thereby a wide application useful to all readers -- even though your personal charts are not analyzed.  This most specific information can be accessed by reduced fees for New Clients, and for continuing clients a Chart Update, or the thrifty Chart Check.  Just considering wealth -- how much has been lost and continues to be at risk -- the cost is nominal, and the benefits can be extraordinary.  Factoring in other areas of life, as well as responding to the four year Millennium Contraction -- metamorphosis -- anyone gains from Vedic light illuminating the karmic path ahead.


Timelines Update

     Timelines by season for all of 2009 were presented in the December 21, 2008 In-depth Global Economic Trends For 2009.  Since then, the below Fall-Winter Timeline has been updated and analyzed -- The Big Blizzard Of 2009.

     Now at the end of March, the Spring-Summer Timeline (further below) is updated and addressed.

     Currently two challenging transit combinations have been identified.  These straddle the Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer Timelines.

     First Mars and Saturn are in opposition from March 6 until April 14.  These are the two major malefic planets, and because their energies are so incompatible, when they associate, loss and destruction result. 

     Aggressive and violent Mars clashes with stogy Saturn's delays and losses.  Destruction results.  The tension, however, does raise the energy level   There are also psychological ramifications in jealousy, frustration and anger.  Transiting planets impact when they close in upon each other.  As shown in this transit chart for today, currently, Mars and Saturn are five degrees from exact opposition.

     Mars and Saturn will become close enough to exert their harms from March 31 through April 4 -- Tuesday through through Saturday.

     Second, exalted Venus, fallen Mercury and the hot Sun are in Pisces March 22 to April 6.  The Venus/Mercury combination brings impulsive creativity, and the not Sun both illuminates and burns, making decisions both difficult to make and prone to error.  Confusion and forgetfulness are another issues.










World Transits March 29 2009

     Taking these two transit groupings together, this week may start of well but promises to be increasingly challenging.  So, take it easy and avoid pushing too hard, even as you may have a lot of energy.  Dealing with Mars/Saturn problems will be very difficult.

     While this astrologer is not excluded from the mental cloudiness, today's New York Times article, Obama Will Face a Defiant World on Foreign Visit is prescient.


Fall-Winter 2008-09Timeline 
(The Big Blizzard Of 2009)




                                                                                                         Merc. retrograde Merc. afflicted                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

     111111111111111   111111111111111  111111111111111   11111111111111  11111111111111

                      November                     December                      January                               February                          March                 

                                                                                          solar and lunar eclipses

                                                                                                                                            Mars/Sat Opposed





Spring-Summer 2009Timeline


Mars/Sar Opposed


  111111111111111   111111111111111  111111111111111   11111111111111  11111111111111                    April                                 May                                 June                                     July                             August       


Jupiter fallen in Capricorn                 to 12/19/09                                                                                                                                    

Saturn in Leo, the 5th house          to 9/9/09                                                                                                                                          






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