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November 1 -- 30, 2008



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November 24, 2008

Subscriber-Direct Notices

     The following were emailed today directly to subscribers Friday, November 21, and Monday, November 24.


November 21, 2009

The New York Times expresses concern about the next two months

Dear subscribers,

     The November 19 Economic Forecast -- Mid November 2008 -- March, 2009 expressed specific concern about the next two months,

     Still, Bush remains President for over two months, and he can do a lot more damage, from action or inaction.  Bush has certainly bungled the confidence collapse.  Although economic turbulence has subsided, every day brings more tides of woe, and these are flooding beyond the financial sector to autos and consumer goods, like Circuit City and other electronics stores -- and most recently to high tech, Tech Companies, Long Insulated, Now Feel Slump.  Too, the public sector is reeling from tax revenue drops, Cash-Strapped Big Cities Seek TARP Funds to Stimulate Local Economies.

     Consider the predicted that the confidence collapse, which began in mid September, was less than two months ago.  With Bush impotent, the economic state of the nation when Obama takes office January 21, 2009 is likely to be much worse.

     While The Celestial Wheel compares today's crisis with the Financial Panic Of 1893 that developed into a four year depression, Today's New York Times' Paul Krugman Op-Ed, The Lame Duck Economy, mirrors this concern in using the Great Depression for comparison,

     The interregnum of 1932-1933, the long stretch between the election and the actual transfer of power, was disastrous for the U.S. economy, at least in part because the outgoing administration had no credibility, the incoming administration had no authority and the ideological chasm between the two sides was too great to allow concerted action. And the same thing is happening now.

     ...How much can go wrong in the two months before Mr. Obama takes the oath of office? The answer, unfortunately, is: a lot. Consider how much darker the economic picture has grown since the failure of Lehman Brothers, which took place just over two months ago. And the pace of deterioration seems to be accelerating.

     Maybe Krugman is a closet Celestial Wheel reader?

     In any event, this confirmation of concern gives weight to the Economic Forecast -- Mid November 2008 -- March, 2009  If you haven't yet perused this forecast, please do over the weekend.  Too, forward it to others you know who would benefit from this information -- which actually means everyone, if you stop to think about it. 

    As also indicated in the Economic Forecast -- Mid November 2008 -- March, 2009, predictions remain somewhat generalized.  This results because forecasting is best done by first drawing the big picture and then zeroing in to evaluate specific planetary karmas -- for good or ill.  Similarly, a painter first sketches the outline and then fills in the details.  Contributions to underwrite Economic Forecast came in from Arizona, Minnesota and California -- certainly gratifying but also less than earlier generosities due to the declining economy.  The Economic Forecast required two weeks to research, compose and publish, and the needed further analysis is not yet funded.  Please consider a debit or credit card Contribution


November 24, 2009

The week ahead is not an easy one

Dear subscribers,

     The week ahead is not an easy one.  This was discussed in the November 19 Economic Forecast -- Mid November 2008 -- March, 2009 but is important enough to be repeated.  Here's that information, in the Transits section,

Fall-Winter 2008 - 09 Timeline





     111111111111111   111111111111111  111111111111111   11111111111111  11111111111111                       November                     December                      January                               February                          March                               


                                                                                          solar and lunar eclipses



     The Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunction begins tomorrow, November 20.  This is a fiery combination, symbolizing explosions, fires, fighting and other discords.  Notable is that Mercury's intellect is blinded, making conflict resolution difficult.  Certainly communications and business activities of all kinds will be harmed.

     Mercury won't be clear of Mars/Sun until the end of the month -- next Monday.

     In addition to the listed general significations, here are some further significations that can bring concern:  headaches, infections, sensitivity in the hands, head, heart and lungs, excessive doctor visits, impatience, machinery/equipment breakdowns, banking issues.

     This is not a good week for initiating activities or resolving conflicts.   Risk-taking -- physical and financial -- should be avoided.  Too, there's risk in being mislead  by shifty characters -- like used car salesmen.

     Also, check out this N. Y. Times article, Love, Jobs & 401(k)s,

     "ON a good day last summer, Thomas Taccetta, a stock trader, might have checked his financial charts before plotting the day’s investments. Today he is likely to check in with his psychic as well. “I’ll play the broadest index, the S.&P. 500,” Mr. Taccetta said, “and if she tells me she is getting a negative view, I will sell.”

     This astrologer also offers Property & Business Consultations on the professional services website,  Vedic Astrology can provide much more specific and time-sensitive information.  Plus, this astrologer has a business background, unlike most in metaphysics.  Psychics are rarely economics majors in college.


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November 29, 2008

Sun/Mars/Mercury Violences

     The November 19 Economic Forecast -- Mid November 2008 -- March, 2009 included a caution that the Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio, beginning the next day, is a fiery combination, symbolizing explosions, fires, fighting and other discords.  The November 24 Celestial Wheel, below, emphasized this destructive planetary karma, The week ahead is not an easy one.

     While there's stuff going on in the world all the time, this violence prediction has clearly come true, most notably in the Mumbai (Bombay), India terrorist attack.  Below is a listing of international incidents, followed by those which occurred in the U.S.  Notice that Mercury's communications symbolism also specifically actualized in protests in Iceland, Thailand and China.

     There was unstated concern for the U.S., for dangerous Mercury was included in the Dasas (planetary cycles), and Sun/Mars/Mercury combined in that chart's twelfth house of loss.  It seemed unnecessarily gloomy to predict a major disaster.  Fortunately, this karma only surfaced in minor, but most dramatic, incidents. 

     The most damaging events naturally occurred when the all-important Moon transited across Sun/Mars/Mercury Wednesday and Thursday.  That the Moon, symbolizing life and the home, was dim and in its fallen sign of Scorpio exacerbated the harms. 


11/22  5 injured during protest in Iceland over economic meltdown

11/25  Thai Protestors Seize Part of Airport

11/26  Coordinated Attacks Kill at Least 80 in India  (Final toll is 195)

11/26  Workers riot at Chinese toy factory

11/28  Suicide Bomber Targets U.S. Convoy in Kabul; At Least 4 Killed

11/28  Somali pirates hijack ship, British guards escape

11/28  12 killed in bombing near Baghdad

11/28  Seas scoured after Airbus crash

11/29  More Bodies Unearthed in Brazil Mudslides


The United States

11/28  Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday Stampede

11/28  2 men dead after shots fired in SoCal Toys 'R' Us

11/29  3 Family Members Down in Rogue Waves Along California Coast

     Although The Celestial Wheel does not offer stock market predictions (explained in the October 31 entry), it does seem unusual the markets moved upward all week during this tense period when Mercury's communications and business significations have been so injured. 

     As of today, transit Mercury is clear of both the Sun and Mars, but just barely.  Wait until Monday for Mercury to have moved far enough ahead of Sun/Mars to regain mental composure and objectivity. 

     Too, the Sun is gaining on Mars, and these two fiery malefics will be in a close dance until December 10.  This suggests further fiery events, but since the all-important Moon will not be afflicted by Sun/Mars, there is no reason to believe another truly major event, like Mumbai's terrorism, will occur.


U.S. Moon Planetary Cycle Ends Tomorrow

     Tomorrow the U.S. finishes its gluttonous 10 year Moon cycle (Dasa) -- the Second Gilded age.  Now will come the 7 years Mars, which signals economic decline.  If you would like a review of the predictions for Mars Dasa, go to The Celestial Wheel home page and read the 3 In-depth forecasts on this issue.

     Certainly economic woes have already begun, but economies don't move in a straight line, nor even a curved one.  There are dips and rises along a path the ultimately trends downward.  The November 19 Economic Forecast -- Mid November 2008 -- March, 2009 discussed the beginning months of this new Mars Dasa, pointing out the downside risk during G.W. Bush's pathetic last two months -- and then the truly challenging conjunction of Jupiter/Mars/Rahu, accompanied by eclipses and a ravaged Mercury, from late January through early March.  Still, whether this is another round of recession or the entrance into the dark tunnel of a long depression is as yet not specifically predicted. 

     Here's another way to understand the Mars Dasa -- this from the long view of the U.S. Dasas -- planetary cycles, the underlying karmas analogous to the river of life.  The December 2004 In-depth Celestial Wheel,

The U.S. Through Its Planetary Cycles Part 1  Part 2 track the nation's history through its Dasas. 

     The U.S. ran its 20 year Venus Dasa from  the end of 1972 to 1992.  As Venus is enjoyments and luxuries, and it rules the sixth house of debts, that double-decade interval initiated the period of living beyond our means.  The 6 year Sun cycle followed until end of 1998.  The Sun rules the ninth house of wealth in this chart, fitting with economic growth during the Clinton presidency.  While debt increased, so did a balancing increase in income.  The gluttonous 10 year Moon cycle was next, and its excessive desire for lunar benefits in life stimulated the Second Gilded Age, including tremendous borrowing.  Because economic growth has been fueled by borrowing, both are unsustainable.  As noted, the Moon Dasa ends tomorrow, and Mars begins. Mars rules the fifth house of investments and the twelfth house of loss -- when debts are paid.  Thereby, during Mars Dasa, the country's wealth, particularly investments, suffer through repayment of debt.

     Mars Dasa also brings popular protests, and these will most certainly occur, even as the new Obama administration acts to curb and reverse gilded age abuses that transferred so much wealth from the lower and middle classes to the burgeoning rich.  Perhaps, however, protests will be beneficial in both hastening reform and uniting the country for reform. 

     Mars Dasa will also bring an interesting personal result -- losing weight.  As discussed, Moon Dasa has been gluttonous, and this can be understood in its literal sense of eating too much.  Too, the Moon is placid, indicating less physical activity.  Mars is the opposite -- aggressive, active and athletic.  During its cycle, then, Americans will tighten their belts in more than finances. 


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