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October 1 -- 31, 2008



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October 1, 2008

The Economic Bailout Package

     The economic bailout plan has truly become a hot potato.  Public objections caused the House of Representatives to reject the administration's proposal on Monday.  Well, they are all up for election next month, and in politics, winning is everything.  It's now been tossed over to the Senate, more stalwart because only a third of the members' terms are expiring.  Also, some revisions have been made to dampen public objections.

     While the Senate expects swift passage later today, the bill will still need to be passed by a more fearful House.  This means Senators and Congressmen will huddle together to work out differences, and then both houses of Congress will need to vote again to approve the finalized legislation.  See, Senate to Vote on Revised Financial Rescue Legislation.

     My golly, that process must take another week, and G.W. and his cronies have been warning us for 2 1/2 weeks that the economy will crash unless that legislation passed immediately!  Yet, although the stock markets have been volatile, the DOW Jones Industrial Average started September at 11,500 and now stands at 10,800 - down just 6%.  What gives?

     The Monday September 30 Celestial Wheel offered a planetary rationale,

    The Moon will shift into Libra with Mars tomorrow (Mars Tuesday), heightening emotions again and also signaling loss of wealth.  Meanwhile, retrograde Mercury is backing into the U.S. Saturn, and they become conjunct on Thursday, October 2. 


     Mental clarity will thereby be increasingly compromised this week.  These dispositions indicate the financial crisis will continue, although it is driven more by perception than reality. This could be just another case of G.W. Bush crying wolf,  but then again, in that Aesop fable, there actually was a wolf -- at the end.  Interestingly, in one version of the fable, the wolf ate the flock.  In another version, the wolf ate the boy.

      As the U.S. chart is only temporarily compromised in a basically perceptional/analytical level, and we've already seen the predicted skullduggery in McCain's antics, there is likely more that is yet unseen.  It could very well be that the Bush/McCain bailout package is either not necessary or simply won't resolve the issue.


     Well, this explains it, doesn't it?  Well, it explains the confusion but doesn't resolve it.

     Here are two current articles that simply make a lot of sense, at least to this astrologer, who muddled through a double major in economics and political science at Bucknell University.  The first, House Prices Continue to Decline as Talk of Credit Crisis Springs Out of Control, clearly lays the blame where it belongs, stating, The Root cause of the crisis is the deflating housing bubble; credit problems are secondary.  Well, this is succinct and clear.  The second, Commentary: Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer (emphasis added) has an economist's more verbose reasoning.  Pay attention to the comparison with airlines.


     Once housing prices declined and economic conditions worsened, defaults and delinquencies soared, leaving the industry holding large amounts of severely depreciated mortgage assets.

     The fact that government bears such a huge responsibility for the current mess means any response should eliminate the conditions that created this situation in the first place, not attempt to fix bad government with more government.

     The obvious alternative to a bailout is letting troubled financial institutions declare bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy means that shareholders typically get wiped out and the creditors own the company.

     Bankruptcy does not mean the company disappears; it is just owned by someone new (as has occurred with several airlines).  Bankruptcy punishes those who took excessive risks while preserving those aspects of a businesses that remain profitable.

     In contrast, a bailout transfers enormous wealth from taxpayers to those who knowingly engaged in risky subprime lending.  Thus, the bailout encourages companies to take large, imprudent risks and count on getting bailed out by government.  This "moral hazard" generates enormous distortions in an economy's allocation of its financial resources.


     Yet, as explained above, Mental clarity will thereby be increasingly compromised this week.  So, don't expect to much of yourself, and certainly don't blow a mental gasket trying to understand what truly amounts to economic schizophrenia -- a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.  Too, don't expect Congress to actually pass any bill soon, for they are just as confused/perplexed as the rest of us.

     Still, there is real economic disturbance, even though The Celestial Wheel continues to maintain the next two months are generally auspicious -- suggesting collecting all the fall acorns you can. Unavoidable calamity awaits the hammer, perhaps as early as this coming February.   So, gather even more acorns.  The next two sections illustrate,


Banks Running Out Of Cash

     Here's an email exchange with M.L., a longtime subscriber in Annapolis,

M.L. wrote,

     In the preceding few weeks as the turbulence has built, I've had people say to me petulantly that stocks may not recover/we may be in for a year or two of no growth.  Personal adjustments may have to be made, good grief!  You can 't blame people for thinking that.  After all, who can understand this complicated situation.  I notice particularly that people don't understand the scope of the problem. They think there will be a correction or a recession and then we'll be on our way again.

      However, as a reader of the CW, I have seen this crisis laid out step by step for years now.  And although some of the details may not have been so evident 2 or 3 years ago, the general outlines were clearly in place. 

     When people say we're in for a rough year or so, I say it's much more than that.  If they are reasonably open minded, I tell them why I think this way.  Usually their eyes kind of glaze over.  I often offer to give them the website to check it out themselves....but you know how that goes.  This is a military/government town!


I replied,

     Well, M.L., maybe that's better than in Sedona, where people are either in complete denial of their homes dropping 30% plus already, or believe that this is the beginning of the new golden age!

    My Mayan healer friend went to Bank of America yesterday to draw out $400.  All they had was twenties.  Out of fifties and hundreds.

     I went this morning to National Bank AZ to trade in $500 in twenties for some big bills -- for my trip.  Asked for 4 hundreds and 2 fifties.  The best they could give me was 2 hundreds and 6 fifties.

Scary, huh?

Only our grandparents can remember when banks ran out of cash.


     The September 30 Celestial Wheel observed, Also, giant Wachovia Bank stock dropped to $1 per share and was absorbed today by Citibank.  It turns that customer withdrawals caused the bank's failure, Wachovia faced a "silent' bank run -- Fearing a loss of funding over the weekend, the FDIC forced the sale,


Inside Wachovia, executives started noticing customers withdrawing money on Friday morning, following the failure of Washington Mutual on Thursday. “The so-called silent run on the bank – it's real,” Carlos Evans, Wachovia's wholesale banking executive, said in an interview. “When Congress failed to pass the ($700 billion bailout) proposal, when WaMu collapsed, you could see the money flowing. My computer screen was lighting up.”

Starting Friday morning, Evans said, businesses and institutions with large accounts started withdrawing money to lower their balances to below the federally insured $100,000 limit. They weren't closing accounts, he said, adding “they were very apologetic in saying they love the service they get from Wachovia and they weren't leaving Wachovia. They were just moving their money until things settled down.”

Money flowed out of Wachovia throughout the weekend, said Evans who heard anecdotes and received memos and BlackBerry messages from bank employees in the field.

“What happened last week, and it literally happened that fast …You could go from being OK, hurt, weakened, there's no question the company was weakened… but you go from being weakened to in trouble in a matter of days,” he said. “I don't think people understand how quickly events unfolded.”


The Victorian Haunted House

     The August 26 Celestial Wheel discussed the depending crisis this past summer,

   Switch out the business names, and this Wikepedia article about The Financial Panic of 1893 (which initiated a four year depression) could be written today (emphasis added),

A series of bank failures followed, and the price of silver fell. The Northern Pacific Railway, the Union Pacific Railroad and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad all failed.  This was followed by the bankruptcy of many other companies; in total over 15,000 companies and 500 banks failed (many in the west).  About 17%-19% of the workforce was unemployed at the Panic's peak.  The huge spike in unemployment, combined with the loss of life savings by failed banks, meant that a once secure middle class could not meet their mortgage obligations.  As a result, many walked away from recently built homes. From this, the sight of the vacant Victorian (haunted) house entered the American mindset


     The Victorian haunted house reference is, if you think about it, pretty shocking.  Some readers will be able to find similarly abandoned homes in their cities and towns, which a later authors and film makers would label something like, McMansions Possessed.


     Mentioning this Victorian Haunted House comparison to several local subscribers initially drew blanks.  Well, everyone is a little overloaded these days.  But then a slow dawning of realization crept into their expressions.  Oh, yes, they said quietly,  Like in the moviesYes, I replied. But it's not like the movies.  It's actually real.  Some didn't answer this.  Others said, Yes, and changed the subject.  Some just became very quiet.  One said, this doesn't sound like the new golden age.  To a man (and woman), no one objected, but no one was glad to hear this explanation.  After all, what right does this guy have to pinprick euphoric consciousness?

     After the bankers have been hog tied with their silk ties, society should turn its attention to the false gurus who prey increasingly prey on their gentle spiritual followers with visions this new golden age -- where simply intention fulfills every desire for the spiritual advanced -- or Armageddon in which the true believers inherit the earth.  Neither is real.


Tomorrow's Vice Presidential Debate

     Finally, after literally months of sleuthing and analyzing, all four of the contenders -- President and Vice President -- birth times have been nailed down.  Unfortunately, the final update for the presidential election is delayed by a second trip to the Mexican dentist this weekend. 

     Thank you to the fifteen contributions from thirteen subscribers supporting The Celestial Wheel, and also enabling this trip to a land where regular folks can get dental services.  Notice that two people contributed twice!  For those of you who have stood on the sidelines, receiving but not giving, please support The Celestial Wheel.   Here's the secure link to make a credit/or debit card contribution

     Without full analysis, a definitive prediction for tomorrow's debate between Biden and Palin cannot be offered.  Still, two observations can be made. 

     First, you don't have to be a Vedic Astrologer to understand that Palin's swimming or sinking tomorrow will have a pivotal impact upon the presidential election.  If she does as badly tomorrow as she has in recent interviews, the public will see Palin is not qualified.  McCain's old age makes her ascension to the presidential throne more than likely.   Fewer independents, and even Republicans, would therefore vote for that ticket.  This would naturally erode the 10% to 20% disadvantage Obama has for being black. 

     As one pundit, explained, while they are prepping her for the debate, cramming for a college course final is not a replacement for actually taking the course.

     Second, Joe Biden is running Jupiter with Saturn, and cautious Saturn acts to stabilize him.  Still, he has three planets (Venus, Mars and Moon) transiting the twelfth house of loss, which stimulates his impulsive gaffs -- like saying that F.D.R. would have come on TV to assure America, even as TV wasn't invented then.  Sexy Puritan Sarah Palin will continue her self assured and passionate persona with those same three transits in her second house of speech.  But, dissolving Ketu in a subcycle undermines her rational mind.  So, she reads all the papers but can't name one.  She loves McCain for being a maverick but can't name one example of that behavior.  The debate, then, is about Biden maintaining focus and Palin speaking with the authority of knowledge.  Frankly, it doesn't look good for Palin.  


Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer



October 7, 2008

     The following was emailed to subscribers October 6,


Dear subscribers,

Things are certainly popping.  So a quick email alert on: planetary karmas,  the financial markets and tomorrow's presidential debate.


Planetary Karmas
     Below is the world transit chart for today.  The retrograde Mercury and the Sun are highlighted in yellow.  Mental Mercury is backing into the hot Sun, blinding the intellect, and heightening nervous tension.  It's best to take it easy and avoid any intense or complex tasks.  You may have to bite your tongue to avoid verbal combat. Jittery and excitable are good descriptors.  Sandalwood is effective in cooling Mercury's heated nervous system.  Mercury clears the hot Sun this evening, signaling the nervous system beginning to cool down.

     There is a celestial treat tonight, however, as the waxing Moon is approaching yellow Jupiter in Sagittarius -- sort of like Pac-Man eating a dot.  Look for this beautiful due in the southern sky after dusk. Moon/Jupiter is very nice -- calming and optimistic.  Combined with jittery Mercury settling down, you should begin to feel today's worries and pressures fade away.  Moon/Jupiter is also good for devotion and spiritual practices.  The combination continues through tomorrow evening.

Financial Markets
     The stock markets in the U.S. and abroad are crashing again today, as investors' Mercurial nervous systems are overstimulated.  Clearly, Friday's financial bailout plan passing did not achieve its intended calming effect, but then both U.S. presidential candidates stated belief this was only a tourniquet -- a temporary solution that wouldn't hold.  So, Friday's confidence boost has been replaced by more uncertainty.

     Notice that the nervous Mercury/Sun combination is in the sixth house of debts.  Also, the Sun ruling the fifth house of investments and government is a further negative for its sixth house placement -- for that house is both discord and debts.

     Investors have also become convinced that G.W. Bush isn't just a lame duck but rather a dead duck.  An additional uncertainty is that Republican John McCain has slipped badly in the polls -- a reaction to both his impulsive responses to the financial crisis and Sarah Palin's red meat vice presidential debate performance.  While many applaud her pit bull, joe six-pack, drill-baby-drill macho approach, this isn't a motorcycle rally but rather a dangerous and complex financial debacle requiring informed and objective judgment.  As an old Arizona cowboy told me, she's All hat and no pony.  Serious minded investors understand this, as well as the electorate.  While a Democratic administration is certainly a more sound choice, the twin concerns that Obama will stop favoring the rich and his black race are unsettling to the monied interests.  There is also an undercurrent of great fear this black man will impose a social welfare state upon the Republican's laissez faire economy that has favored the rich but also created economic disaster.

     The crumbling markets are naturally frustrating, especially so since there has been a promise of relative calm and abundance this month and next with Jupiter and Venus well disposed.  The culprit here must be the continuing effects of the August 1 solar eclipse, which The Celestial Wheel predicted last May would cause a confidence collapse. Yet, don't give up on The Celestial Wheel suggestion to use this auspiciousness to put your house in order, for the financial markets and institutions are well known for being driven by psychology more than objective reality.  It seems the repeated panicking these last four weeks must wind down.  However, if it doesn't, please don't be distracted from addressing your personal goals.  If anything, use the ongoing financial disruptions to motivate your taking action to take care of yourself, for nobody else will.

Presidential Debate
     Tomorrow evening's second presidential debate will test the candidates' emotional and intellectual mettle.  In the first debate, everyone saw that McCain actively dislikes Obama -- he wouldn't even look at and talk directly to him.  Too, Obama had to strive to for a modicum of cordiality.  This personality clash was predicted in the June 2 Celestial Wheel  (the section McCain versus Obama), 

     One provocative quality in comparing these charts is that Obama's Sun at 18:58 degrees, is just 1/2 degree from McCain's 19:20 fallen Mars.  As Sun/Mars is fighting, these guys will be aggressive with each other.  Too, Obama's Mars at 29:05 degrees Leo is similarly a 1/2 degree distant from McCain's Venus.  This suggests that Obama will cause McCain to lose his already challenged Venusian grace and calm -- disarming his opponent.  Thereby, all Obama has to do is maintain his tranquility, and McCain will knock himself out with aggressive outbursts.

Note the Celestial Wheel home page lists two earlier presidential election forecasts, and the above referenced June 2 Celestial Wheel is the second one.  That forecast, by the way, ended with, The bottom line is that Obama will weather the neocon attacks and win the general election.

If tomorrow's debate finds the candidates in the same situation, Obama will be favored for his equanimity -- the rather dull professor compared with the excitable bobbing and weaving, self-styled aggressive maverick McCain.

     John MCain will be running Saturn/Jupiter/Mars planetary cycles, and the Mars influence agitates his lunar and fifth house mental faculties.  This brings out the fighter pilot, not the steady leader.  While McCain may begin with big-hearted Jupiter/Moon graciousness, his distaste for Obama will quickly change to impulsive anger.  If Obama pushes hard, McCain could even lose his temper.

     Obama's chart will be intensely mental, running Jupiter/Moon/Mercury.  He could get so caught up in his own thoughts that he adds confusing complexities or even loses focus briefly.  Yet, Obama also has a double Ketu* influence, which stimulates detachment and insight  but conversely also tones down his personal charisma.  If you look back at his tremendous personal appeal just a few months ago (Obama the rock star), he's lost some of his glow and charm, appearing even ethereal -- the law professor persona.  This is a provocative trade-off for the debate -- having detached insight but less dynamic and persuasive.  With Ketu, Obama can perceive rebut the weaknesses in McCain's arguments.  Of course, these traits will also aggravate McCain further, especially as he won't be able to stimulate angry responses from Obama.

     It will be interesting to both watch the opposing personalities, and also the public responses.  Given the financial disaster in process, Americans will be given a stark contrast in leadership styles and personalities.  Expect a lot of hollering from the right and some defensiveness from the left.  If McCain is mean and/or loses his cool, and Obama remains composed, tomorrow's debate will so firmly tip the balance in Obama's favor that the presidency will be his.  In fact, that is The Celestial  Wheel prediction.

     Keep in mind this email alert was composed during the height of Mercury/Sun tension.  Some points may have been overlooked or not expressed clearly.  Also, a full forecast on the presidential election has been underway, but this debate may make that unnecessary.

(*Ketu is the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point -- a spiritual and dissolving influence.  Obama is now in Ketu's maturity year, and also transit Ketu is very close to his willful Sun.)



Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer



October 11, 2008

Catching Up

     Forecasting since late spring has described a series of challenging planetary dispositions that have culminated in a tragic economic decline.  This Celestial Wheel provides an easy-to-follow tracking of these predictions to enable understanding of the sequence of events leading to the current dilemma.

     Also, in understanding the planetary symbolisms involved, predictions can be made for the future -- most valuably when the turmoil in the financial and other economic sectors (like autos) and the stock markets could calm.


A Tenuous Time
      The August 18, In-depth Celestial Wheel, The Challenging Summer Of 2008, compared predictions with actual events resulting from the challenging June Mars/Ketu conjunction and July Mars/Saturn conjunction, plus the August 1 total solar eclipse.  This last hit the U.S. chart hard. 

     Spring predictions for global oil and grain price escalations plus real estate continuing to slide all came true -- the three basics of fuel, food and shelter.  Similarly, damaging hurricanes in the U.S. resulted.  However, it was only after this August 18 forecast that Hurricane Ike crossed Galveston island to hit Houston in mid September that this very specific predicted harm to U.S. oil was realized.  In fact, as of September 28, gasoline shortages in the Southeast persisted.

     The Challenging Summer Of 2008 also observed,

     There wasn't the predicted confidence collapse, and this too responds to the U.S. chart's Dasas (planetary cycles) changing to Moon/Sun/Jupiter on August 2.


     Still, these serious predictions should not be ignored, for eclipse effects continue for at least several months, and the U.S. chart was hit very hard.  Already there is more hurricane activity, and the financial markets remain at the precipice edge, Breaking up big banks questioned as losses mount.


     The late July to early September The Gauntlet followed the trio of harms symbolized by the June Mars/Ketu conjunction, the July Mars/Saturn conjunction and the August 1 solar eclipse.  This is the transits of fast moving Venus, Mercury and the Sun crossing over malefic planets Ketu and Saturn. The Gauntlet was named and described in the July 25 Celestial Wheel, noting, Provocatively, this same gauntlet effect occurred last summer.  ... So, as the Sun, Mercury and Venus crossed the Saturn/Ketu zone of destruction last August, the credit markets froze up, causing real estate to slide further downward.  It is wise here to recall George Santayana, Those who can't remember the past are condemned to relive it.

     The September 6 Celestial Wheel began with The Gauntlet's End, explaining, On September 13, both Mercury and Venus will be clear of Mars, and The Gauntlet will be over.  Below is the Summer-Fall Timeline graphic showing all four of these planetary stresses.



Summer-Fall Timeline



                                                  Solar Eclipse 8/1                                    

     111111111111111   111111111111111  111111111111111   11111111111111                         June                                      July                             August                           September              


                                                                 The Gauntlet                                              

    Mars conjunct Ketu      Mars conjunct Saturn


     The September 6 Celestial Wheel concluded with the hopeful,

     When The Gauntlet ends, the planets will shine with beneficence upon the globe until November 30 -- the first time since August of 2007.  This was explained in the August 28 Celestial Wheel, in the section, Better This Fall.   But it is worth repeating here -- so readers, don't miss it!  Take advantage of this window of opportunity to put your house in order, whether resolving real estate issues, paying off credit cards, getting out of your gas guzzler...


     The Monday September 22 Celestial Wheel opened with, Further Disruptions This Week, but then again sounded a hopeful tone in stating, Let's hope that the dust settles by the end of the week to reveal stability.

     While this improvement may be correct for many personal charts, it's also true that beginning mid September financial institutions and the stock market began imploding -- Lehman Brothers collapsed September 15  Since mid September the DOW has dropped from a relatively stable 11,500 range to today's 8,500.  This graph from MoneyWeek shows the precipitous decline,


Dow Jones performance in the last 3 months



Why Has The Turbulence Continued?

     That, of course, is the big question.


    We can find the answer in this August 1 solar eclipse chart from the July 21 Celestial Wheel

     While that forecast focused upon the hurricane risk, the displayed chart also shows the reason for the confidence collapse prediction -- first made on May 23.

     In the U.S. chart, calculating Mercury rules the seventh house of relationships and the tenth house of career.  These qualities make Mercury the chart's primary business planet. 

     On August 1, Mercury was right in the middle of the solar eclipse in Cancer, which is the U.S. chart's eighth house of turmoil. 

     This is what indicated the confidence collapse, although when it would occur was not anticipated.

Solar Eclipse August 1, 2008 at 4:45 AM,

     During August and September, this astrologer was concerned about the several hurricanes.  It was hard to keep up.  As stated in the September 22 Celestial Wheel, I've been so focused on the hurricanes, that I didn't pay proper attention to the financial situation.  I even forget I had predicted on May 23 that the deadly August 1 solar eclipse on the U.S. chart would bring a confidence collapse, in addition to hurricane destruction.

     Below is the transit chart for Sunday, September 14 alongside the U.S. chart.  Transit Mercury was just passing disruptive Mars, and also the U.S. chart's restrictive Saturn in the tenth house of career.  Over the weekend Lehman Brothers went bust and Bank of America took over Merrill Lynch.  These failures stimulated a confidence collapse in the markets the next day.

Transit Chart September14, 2008

United States July 4, 1776

6:17 PM Philadelphia, PA

     Mercury's ills continued as it moved closely with Mars, became very weak at the edge of Virgo on September 22 and 23 and then went into a three week retrograde on the 24th.  Finally, on October 2, Mercury backed over restrictive Saturn again.  (Look at the above DOW Jones graph to see what occurred then.)  

     Thereby,  The Gauntlet  was not over September 13.  It continues still.  Mercury, the last of the Sun, Venus and Mercury grouping crossing over malefic planets, got caught -- and like a dog's tail getting stuck in a closing door, the whole dog was stuck.  I apologize for this major predictive mistake.  There are good excuses for missing this critical karma, but truly no good reasons.

     Although the the August 1 solar eclipse has made the U.S. chart singularly made vulnerable, and the confidence collapse timing fit that chart as well, the decline has had a global reach.  The reasons for that is because of the U.S.'s economic dominance, the sales of U.S. mortgage securities overseas and because the U.S. tenth house of Virgo is the World Transit chart's sixth house of debts.


When Could The Turbulence End?

     Mercury will finish retrograde this coming Wednesday, October 15, but it will cross Saturn for the third time October 27.  This suggests some calming late next week but then volatility continuing toward the end of the month. More big companies will be under duress and stock markets jolts will occur -- like earthquake aftershocks.  As Saturn is industry in the U.S. chart, we've already seen the auto companies failing, and it is likely other manufacturing sectors will similarly suffer.   

     Fortunately, the U.S. chart's Dasas (underlying karmas) are fairly good being Moon with a subcycle of Sun, a wealth planet for this chart.  (Yet, the third level Dasa planet is Mercury from September 24 to October 20, and then dissolving Ketu until October 30 -- confirming further instability through this month.)   Also, transit Jupiter (wealth) is very well positioned in Sagittarius, the U.S. chart's good first house. This is reinforced in the global karmas symbolized by the World Transit chart, where Jupiter is transiting ninth house of wealth and fortune.  So, there are potent favorable planetary karmas balancing harms.  In fact, these positives have staved off harms to most industries, so far.

     Still, when the snowball starts rolling down the hill, it's hard to stop, and stock investors are prey to psychological influences, especially fear and greed   Too, there are the uncertainties and tremendous emotionalism in the campaigns for the upcoming general election.  These are wild cards, and they can be game changers.

     Finally, this coming February will see the screws tighten again.  This has been discussed several times in The Celestial Wheel, most recently on September 30,

...a big hit will come in February, 2009.  This happens to coincide with the release of 4th quarter corporate results, which are also year end.  Then, U.S. Mars Dasa and a conjunction of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter will resemble the Financial Panic of 1893 -- which initiated a four year depression.  There will also be a solar eclipse January 26 and a lunar eclipse February 9 -- just to spice up the chili.


     It makes simple sense economic contractions will continue.  The grossly inflated real estate market is the underlying problem.  Although prices have dropped, they still remain above replacement cost.  This concept is basic to the issue, for the cost of buying land and building a house is the true measure of value.  Further, older houses are not as valuable as new construction.  Here in Sedona, where land is high but construction costs low, one can build a new 2,000 square foot house for $350,000, using a liberal $150,000 lot cost.  So, a fifteen year old house of similar size is not worth $500,000, or even $400,000 -- but rather about $300,000, or maybe even the $250,000 value of six years ago.  There will be a lot of suffering until housing prices drop to replacement cost levels.


Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer


October 15, 2008

The Final Presidential Debate

     The following was sent to subscribers today at 4:30 PM, Mountain Standard Time,


Dear subscribers,

Tonight's final Presidential debate coincides with a potent just-passed full Moon in Aries.

Here's the transit chart -- the first house is in Aries.  Notice that aggressive Mars is exactly aspecting the perceptional/emotional/material Moon. 

For the U.S. chart, Aries is the fifth house of investments.  Moon/Mars greed explains why the DOW Jones lost 733 points today, giving up nearly all its Monday record 936 point gain.  The rationale for today's losses is explained in Recession Fears Send Stocks Plummeting Before Close.  That Retail sales plunger 1.2% in September was a major driver in the stocks decline -- although that isn't news to anyone except those who foolishly remain cloistered in their Second Gilded Age Cages.  Do any of you know anyone who has increased their spending recently?  This continued instability is consistent with the October 11 Celestial Wheel prediction for continued volatility.

Transit Chart October 15, 2008

Here are the candidates' charts.  For Obama, Mars in his tenth house of career/public makes him logical and direct.  The full Moon in his fourth house of the emotions gives an expansive and kind heart.  Mars/Moon combined now stimulates a forceful, expansive, yet calm charisma convincingly promoting his ideas.

For McCain, aggressive Mars continues in his second house of speech.  There, the truth is sacrificed to desire to win.   McCain's Moon is in his eighth house of turmoil, upsetting his lunar mind.  Mars/Moon combined here has no patience and is volatile.  McCain will be hard pressed to contain his temper.  The October 7 Celestial Wheel predicted for the second debate, If tomorrow's debate finds the candidates in the same situation, Obama will be favored for his equanimity -- the rather dull professor compared with the excitable bobbing and weaving, self-styled aggressive maverick McCain

Barack Obama

John McCain

That forecast also suggested, If McCain is mean and/or loses his cool, and Obama remains composed, tomorrow's debate will so firmly tip the balance in Obama's favor that the presidency will be his.  In fact, that is The Celestial  Wheel prediction.  Polling results have shown this prediction is being realized.  Tonight's debate will seal it.


Candidates' Astrocartography

Below are the candidates' Astrocartography maps  for tonight's debate at Hofstra University on Long Island.  The only powerful birth line impacting this area is a Moon  line -- for both McCain and Obama. 

This Moon line will further stimulate the planetary karmas described above.

John McCain

Barack Obama

Obviously, Celestial Wheel subscribers lean left, for Vedic Astrology is integral with Hinduism and its dedication to selflessness -- as opposed to the selfish Second Gilded Age greed of the Republican right.  Yes, Krishna and Jesus would both be raving liberals in today's U.S.  Below is a tongue-in-cheek email sent earlier today to a Republican who is truly upset that McCain's campaign is failing -- claiming that now the U.S. will be run by a  Liberal Fascist!  (If you haven't heard of this theory that neatly meshes the horrors of fascism into modern liberal philosophy,  read this article, Liberal Fascist.)


Subject:  Chinese Year Of The Moose

Not to be so glum, good Republican, for next year is the Chinese Astrology Year Of The Moose!

Too, there are consolation prizes!

McCain will be offering free sweat lodges at his Page Springs house in Sedona.  Is that cool, or what!  This will really boost the Sedona economy, as millions visit.  You personally could make a lot of bucks with a lemonade stand -- perfect for sourpusses.  McCain's slogan here, if you can't stand the heat, go outside and freeze your ass off with the rest of us.

Sarah Palin will be offering Alaskan Tundra Building Lots, for just $3,000, to true believers.  And, if you have a recent hunting license, the lot is free!  Plus, you get a 10% discount on the Ted Stephen's  signature Chalet Model home.  Of course, global warming won't thaw out your tundra lot for another 50 years, but as so sweet Palin says, Joe Sixpack would never call you a sucker.  He may tell you, though to go bite a hockey puck.

Anyway, hope you're cheered up by next year being the Year Of The Moose, and these wonderful prizes.


Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer


October 24, 2008

     The following was emailed today directly to subscribers,

More About Finale -- The Presidential Race

Dear subscribers,

If you haven't had a chance to read through the October 22 Finale -- The Presidential Race yet, please do so this weekend.  You'll find it gives context and meaning to the upcoming election, as well as the environment the country and the new administration will face.  As longtime readers well know, The Celestial Wheel is sort of like the real life version of the 1994 fantasy film, The Neverending Story -- except, of course, the people are adults, the monsters are real!  After all, the election is just the start of a new presidency.  Here again is the link,

Two interesting Finale -- The Presidential Race predictions are already coming true,

We've already seen the attacks begin against Joe Biden, even when he's telling the truth, Fact Check: New presidents often face crises.

And, Something About Sarah certainly dovetails with the prediction that Palin captured McCain,  "Blame The sycamore tree.  McCain had met Palin only once -- in February, at the governors' convention in Washington -- before the day he selected her as his running mate. The second time was at his Sedona, Ariz., ranch on Aug. 28, just four days before the GOP convention.  As Draper tells it, McCain took Palin to his favorite coffee-drinking spot down by a creek and a sycamore tree. They talked for more than an hour, and, as Napoleon whispered to Josephine, "Voilà."

Maybe this is their special place?


Financial Support

The predictions about this summer's economic travails and the fall's confidence collapse were so successful I amazed myself!  The Celestial Wheel is already building on this foundation, researching trends and events for 2009.  As stated in the September 30 Celestial Wheel,

Finally, the argument that the bailout plan only postpones an inevitable recession/depression (as real estate and other assets decline to realistic levels), seems the most realistic.  Economic contractions don't occur in a straight line.  There are typically scares stimulating drops, followed by temporary recoveries.  The Vedic astrology shows the rest of this fall through November being auspicious, but a big hit will come in February 2009.  This happens to coincide with the release of 4th quarter corporate results, which are also year end.  Then, U.S. Mars Dasa and a conjunction of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter will resemble the Financial Panic of 1893 -- which initiated a four year depression.  There will also be a solar eclipse January 26 and a lunar eclipse February 9 -- just to spice up the chili.

Financial support is needed to underwrite this effort, which chews up time like a Chevy Tahoe eats gas.  13 subscribers contributed in September, and it's time to do some Vedic begging for contributions this month.  Those of you who have not yet participated, please do make a Contribution  Both debit and credit Visa and Mastercard are accepted. 

To understand just how valuable and unique Celestial Wheel predictions are, where else would you have found the May 23 prediction about events following the August 1 solar eclipse that blasted the U.S. chart -- This is certainly negative and could signal a confidence collapse, revealing secreted government or private skullduggery, or a major physical disaster -- like a hurricane.  If you had paid close attention to just that one prediction, you could have dodged major investment losses.  So please, help The Celestial Wheel to keep rolling along -- giving you practical information for steering through the rough road ahead.


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October 31, 2008

Turbulence End

     The October 11 Celestial Wheel (above) discussed the predicted sequence of events that has brought the U.S. economy to its knees: the June and July global harms to fuel, food and shelter, the destructive hurricanes in August and September and finally the confidence collapse that began mid September.  The timing of this last issue was not anticipated last summer, nor was its ending.  Companies going bust, more government bailouts and reeling stock markets continued through September and to mid October. 

     This October 11 Celestial Wheel, predicted volatility continuing toward the end of the month, linked to Mercury crossing Saturn for the third time October 27 -- this past Monday.  The prediction too has been born out, for this week has seen a calming in economic bad news, as well as the stock markets being less volatile.* 

     Too, it appears the Democrats will prevail in the November 4 general election, another calming influence.

     Let's hope this relative stability continues through November -- perhaps to year end -- to give everyone relief from the tension and provide opportunity to complete putting personal, business and financial affairs in order -- for this recession is yet in its early stages, and it's vital to protect your interests.  Also, although most are already experiencing money issues, only some accept we're in a recession.  Many others remain in denial, or they claim this is just a brief reversal.  The October 22 Finale - The Presidential Race stimulated self examination here, Putting this on a personal level, Jon Stewart on The Daily Show recently asked a truly cogent question, When is this financial debacle going to start affecting me? 

     If you still resist this economic reality, third quarter (July -- September) results prove a recession, In Tightfisted Turn, Economy contracts, personal consumption expenditures fell at a 3.1 percent annual rate in the third quarter, the government said yesterday, the worst decline since 1980.  Certainly fourth quarter performance must suffer even more as the confidence collapse ran from mid September to the end of this month.  Its effects continue to reverberate through all economic sectors.


(*The Celestial Wheel analyzes economic, political and social events and trends but is not a stock market predictor.  Certainly stocks react to these variables, but financial forecasting of stocks and other markets is a specialty examining many other variables.  Barry Rosen's is an excellent resource here. Read on the website Barry's July 1 interview with CNBC, in which he stated, markets will blow out in September to a point where the Dow could see 9,500 or even lower.)



     The combined pressures of the confidence collapse accelerating the economic slowdown and the too-long and too-pressurized presidential race have worn people out -- frazzled.  As emailed today to a client who promises some data this weekend, Don't stress yourself too much.  The pressures we all feel are already close to gasket blowing.

     Vedic gem purchases and client consults have both been hampered, as people feel so conflicted.  Some are even unable to make decisions.  This is not a criticism, for this astrologer has also felt frozen or stuck when trying to formulate plans and launch new efforts.  Actions thereby are replaced by just putting things off.

     Considering a term for this, we're all acting squirrely.  Hopefully now that the economic turbulence is calming, once the election is over next Wednesday, we'll begin to depressurize, though it may take a while to regain focus, confidence and energy.


Election Day Angst
     Early in the morning of November 4, the perceptional/emotional Moon will transit into Capricorn to join Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  As eclipse points signify blocking the light of the Sun and Moon, the Moon doesn't like Rahu.  In fact, the Moon is really afraid of Rahu for his ability to swallow-up the Moon's light.  So, potent is this combination in personal charts, that those folks often report seeing ghosts. 

     So, expect to feel emotional pressure on election day -- even if you voted early and don't follow the news.  Also understand that because Rahu is illusion, your feelings will tend to be irrational and exaggerated.  Yet, it's hard for those of us follow elections to forget that we went to bed at the last election in 2004 believing John Kerry had won, only to wake up to G.W. Bush prevailing.

     Fomenting more stress will be Mars, for Tuesday is the planet of war's day of the week, and Mars will be aspecting the Moon in Capricorn.  Expect voting machine and registration issues, for the Moon is the home and Mars is both discord and machinery.  As Capricorn in the U.S. chart is the second house of speech and domestic harmony, disputes will be vocal and the news media will be blathering incessantly.  Scattered violences are to be expected.

     As a spiritual teacher in Florida used to suggest for situations like this, just surround yourself in white light

     It truly appears Obama will prevail, but we won't know until after the election is over the margin of electoral vote victory, the popular vote margin and the political parties makeup of the House and Senate.  These are important variables that will determine the power of the new presidency and thereby prospects for limiting economic losses.


2009 Forecasting

     With the confidence collapse and actual economic harms becoming too powerful to deny, people are naturally and protectively reining in expenses.  Choices are difficult, for reformulating long-standing spending patterns is painful.  Which are costs are essential, and which are not, is a process in learning to live a different way.   

     While early September contributions were terrific, last week's Contribution request has so far brought bore no fruit.  Too, everyone is understandably kind of squirrely now.  Other alternative media, like Truthout, are voicing starvation alarms.  Yet, with the personal Vedic Consultation business also at a lull, there are no funds for researching, composing and publishing forecasting for 2009.  There's still time to do this work, for it isn't until February -- perhaps mid January -- that another destructive planetary combination hits hard.  Please do consider making a Contribution to this forecasting valuable to everyone in planning their futures. 

     The Celestial Wheel abandoned the paid subscriber format in March 2007, and your support will enable this full public access to continue.  Yet, if subscriber support fails, the paid subscription format will be reintroduced.


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