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February 1 -- 29, 2008


Doug Riemer

Certified Vedic Astrologer

Sedona, Arizona




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February 20, 2008 

Event Predictions &Tonight's Lunar Eclipse

     As Vedic Astrology is about time, and multiple planetary afflictions signal destruction, it is sometimes possible to accurately predict very specific harmful events with amazing accuracy -- often within a day, even occasionally within an hour.  Here are two documented recent examples: January 29 underseas cables break and the February 5 Tennessee tornadoes and major winter storm.   A third is the February 15 Celestial Wheel (below) predicting for early tomorrow morning and Major and nearly spontaneous violences can occur -- the 3 AM February 6 Maryland street race accident killing 8.  The February 16th chart in that Celestial Wheel is for 2:30 AM in Washington, DC.)

     Many people will just write these off as unimportant, coincidences, or cherry picking violent events to match predictions. An example here is the underseas cables break, which, because it was a half world away and didn't inconvenience many in the West, was generally ignored.  However, an Indian born subscriber in California did pick up on its importance.  After all, as many as 1.5 billion people were affected.

     Others see this sort of accuracy as validating Vedic Astrology.  The latter most often results when the event either impacts them directly or is in their backyard -- the client/subscriber driving across the U.S. on February 5 having to reroute his trip, and several others in the Maryland area who thankfully weren't driving home from a last night party February 16. 

     Yet, unless the event is truly transforming, like 9-11, successfully predicting these is unimportant in the larger scheme of things.  It is Vedic Astrology's unveiling of deeper and more impactive karmas that truly gives The Celestial Wheel value.  The best example here is the U.S. chart analysis, finding this to be the Second Gilded Age

Part I  The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles  (12/2/04) 

Part II  The United States Through It's Planetary Cycles  (12/2/04)


To that can be added the recent Through The Second Gilded Age (12/1/07, predicting an economic depression beginning around 2012

     These events predictions have, rather, two meaningful benefits.  First, they do convince unbelievers, or those unaware this type of predictive astrology exists.  Second is that, in demonstrating that the dispositions of the planets (and stars) actually do reflect reality on earth, they prove there is order in the universe.  The ramifications of this are fundamental to all religious beliefs and philosophical concepts.  On a most fundamental level, this gives assurance that life on earth has meaning, is not the result of a random events

     Tonight's lunar eclipse offers another opportunity to make an event-specific prediction.  At 9:30 PM EST, the military will attempt to use an antimissile rocket to blow up the broken spy satellite that threatens harm when it will soon reenter the atmosphere.  U.S. issues notice on downing of satellite.   Since the U.S. chart remains dangerous, and its Dasas (planetary cycles) include the Moon twice, it seems unlikely the missile shot will work during the lunar eclipse.  Too, they're certainly not going to launch the missile by the light of the Moon!  It may happen, of course, that the attempt is merely cancelled.



Why Is Obama So Popular?     

(June 19  -- Obama's birth certificate time of 7:24 has been verified, making this analysis in error.  A corrected analysis of his prospects is available on the June 2, 2008 entry.)

     Although Obama's birthtime is not yet solid, at least to this astrologer, using August 4, 1961 at 1:06 PM

Honolulu, Hawaii appears to fit.  Below left is his ongoing Jupiter Dasa (planetary cycle) with the first level subcycle planets shown.  Jupiter is the planet of luck and fortune.  

     As you can see, Venus is the current minor cycle planet.  So, his Dasa planets are Jupiter/Venus.  Obama has a truly great Venus, which in his ninth house of luck and fortune, brings his blissful and euphoric consciousness stimulating his politics of hope.  Venus also makes him incredibly lucky. 

     Venus's most impactive signification here is that Venus, being the planet of the performing arts, sensitivity, compassion, beauty... is popularity.  (Too, Obama's perceptional Moon is exalted in the eighth house of sexual power and receives an aspect from expansive Jupiter, making him incredibly charismatic. Bill Clinton also has this combination.)

     The remainder of the astrology is simple and compelling.  Transit Jupiter is shown (in red type) in the bottom left corner of Obama's chart -- the third house of desires.  From there, Jupiter throws a wonderfully supportive aspect (glance) to Obama's Venus.

     Transit Jupiter shifted into Obama's third house November 21, 2007 and after a few weeks began to give Venus supportive energy.  This matches with the beginning of Obama's spectacular rise.  As these Jupiter/Venus Dasas and the Jupiter transit continue into August, Obama seems certain to gain the nomination.  However, don't count Hillary out, for although her chart is not as auspicious, her Baby-Boomer Yoga gives tremendous power and a ruthless tenacity.

     Obama's political rise becomes obvious when compared with Al Gore's successes in 2006. 

     Remember that Al Gore suddenly arose from obscurity after An Inconvenient Truth first won him an Oscar last winter and then a Nobel Peace Prize last Spring?  There was even serious discussion last summer Gore should run for President again.

      Gore has a tremendous Rahu in his tenth house of career.  Like Obama, Gore also has an incredibly fortunate Venus, this time in the eleventh house of goals and groups.  Gore ran Rahu/Venus Dasa planets from June 29, 2004 to June 30, 2007.

     Plus, from November 2006 for a year, transit Jupiter (in red type) was in his fifth house of past life credit, from which it threw a great aspect to Venus.  As soon as Rahu/Venus ended on June 30, 2007, Gore faded away again.

Al Gore

March 31, 1948 at 12:53 PM

Washington, DC

     Anyone can now understand Gore and Obama experience singular success when their main Dasa planet is strong and their popular Venus' were active in the Dasas and aspected by Jupiter.  It's that simple. 



Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer


February 15, 2008 

Planetary Stresses

     The February 11 Celestial Wheel (below) offered some some solace in stating, The Worst of the Mars/Mercury/Saturn/Solar Eclipse Stress Is Over

     However, a caveat was added, Still, as shown in the timeline, Saturn and Mercury remain retrograde, and the lunar eclipse is upcoming February 21, and concluding, ..while there's light, it remains at the end of a two week tunnel

    I next sent an email alert to subscribers February 12, Low energy today and tomorrow, due to the Sun Mars and Venus all being temporarily weak. 

     Ironically, it was this lack of energy that caused this astrologer to miss a singular upcoming short period of intense strife, which peaks tomorrow. 

     This transit chart for early tomorrow morning, influencing globally, has highlighted in yellow two challenging conjunctions -- Sun/Rahu and Moon/Mars.

     (Note: while the astronomical solar eclipse occurred February 6, the Sun is also astrologically eclipsed by Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) today and tomorrow.)

World Transits February16, 2008

     Unlike recent specific and correct predictions (in January Celestial Wheels) for an infrastructure break and severe weather due to similarly intense planetary dispositions, these Sun/Rahu and Moon/Mars conjunctions are not readily interpreted. 

     Here are some observations unveiling pieces of the planetary karmas.  Rahu blocks the Sun, which signifies the ego, heart, right eye and father.  Although Mars is gaining strength, it remains destructive.  Mars afflicts the Moon's emotional mind, left eye, stomach and mother.  Also, as the Moon is the primary planet in Vedic Astrology, it's another indicator of self.

     While all of these significations of the Sun and Moon are challenged, we can do some integration by predicting that the body in general, parents and eyesight are challenged.  Also, as Mars riles up the lunar emotions, and Rahu blocks the Sun's ego, there can be intense but fearful reactions.  Alternatively, there may be feelings of impotent rage.  Major and nearly spontaneous violences can occur.

     It's best to keep a low profile -- especially tonight and tomorrow morning.   As regards world affairs, less naturally occurs on weekends -- stock markets and government offices are closed and media reporting is reduced.  Watch Monday's papers for reports on weekend events.  Keep in mind the volatile Mideast is at least a half day ahead, which means violences there would going on already.


Lunar Eclipse Date Correction & Viewing Information

     January Celestial Wheels identified February 21 as the upcoming full lunar eclipse date.  For the U.S. it's actually on Wednesday, the 20th.

    This image from NASA shows the eclipse Eastern Standard Time occurring during the evening of February 20.  NASA states, The entire event is visible from South America and most of North America (on Feb. 20) as well as Western Europe, Africa, and western Asia (on Feb. 21).

     As this will be total lunar eclipse, it will be quite impactive.  Another NASA article stated the Moon will turn a delightful shade of red and possibly turquoise, too. It's a total lunar eclipse—the last one until Dec. 2010.

     Here's a really cool animation that also lists viewing times for the various U.S. time zones, Shadow and Substance

     Beyond the Moon's emotions and other qualities being blocked, this will be a very sensitive eclipse for being caused my mystical Ketu, the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  It will also have a somber, even depressing quality for the eclipse occurring in Leo conjunct restrictive Saturn. 

     Enjoy the eclipse, if it's not too cold or stormy where you live.  It's both a beautiful astronomical event and can be inspiring -- for eclipses not only block, but they also reveal.  The latter results because, when the light of the Sun or Moon is blocked, the sky darkens to reveal otherwise hidden stars and the meanings they carry.  However, it's best not to travel, or be otherwise active on an eclipse, which, after all, can make people loony.



     The Celestial Wheel has been a public service since last May, when the paid subscription requirement was dropped to make this useful information accessible by the general public.  Also, there's no distracting advertising here, which gives the added benefits of making The Celestial Wheel pleasing to read entirely objective.  No one or company is buying ad space or otherwise lobbying.  I'm a full time professional astrologer with no ties to any group or organization, excepting the professional organization, Council of Vedic Astrology.

     As you find The Celestial Wheel information is useful, make a contribution, no matter how small.  After all, breakfast or lunch out for two costs $20 these days, and The Celestial Wheel is gives sustenance.  

     It takes a lot of time and effort to:track and interpret the planetary karmas, watch the library of charts of nations and public figures, monitor the media, research historical recurrances of planetary dispositions and compose and publish forecasts.  Commentaries take between five hours and three full days and In-depth forecasts often require a week or more.. 

     Too, there are expenses for Vedic texts and educational forums, computer equipment and programs, high speed internet access, website hosting and tech fees for website development.  Finally, sometimes work begins at dawn and through the weekends to fit in both Celestial Wheel work and the paid astrology consultations.

     Here's the link to a secure (encrypted) form to make a credit or debit card Contribution  Or, you can call me (Doug Riemer) at 928-203-4347 with that information, or send a check to PO 3127, Sedona, AZ.

     Thank you in advance for your generosity.


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Doug Riemer



February 11, 2008

The Worst of the Mars/Mercury/Saturn/Solar Eclipse Stress Is Over

     The January 13 Celestial Wheel unveiled this sensitive interval, and certainly, there's been a crush of challenges -- both in world events and in individuals' personal experiences.  Clients have been beset with all kinds of issues -- health, job, housing, legal, emotional, relationship....  Even this astrologer wasn't exempt. for just as I thought I had dodged a difficult Mars subcycle on February 3, only to wake up the next morning with the right side of my face swelled by a dental infection, and the right eye nearly shut.   Well, I guess that's why there is a third eye!

     This timeline from that January Celestial Wheel is reprinted here to show again the confluence (repetition) of difficult planetary influences that began mid January and peaked out at the February 6 solar eclipse.



Saturn retro 12/20 -- 5/3                                                                                                                                       

Mars retro 11/15 -- 1/31                                                            

                                                                         Mercury retro       

                                                                              1/29 -- 2/19      

                                                                                 Mars harms 1/19 -- 2/12                               

                                              111111111111111  11111111111111  

                                                                          January                          February 

                                                              Solar Eclipse 2/6   Lunar Eclipse 2/21


    While many are still dealing with the results of difficult experiences, the good news is that the planetary stresses are easing.  Still, as shown in the timeline, Saturn and Mercury remain retrograde, and the lunar eclipse is upcoming February 21.  So, while there's light, it remains at the end of a two week tunnel.  It's important to relieve stress and laugh a little.  Thanks subscriber B.Z. in Pennsylvania for this amusing view.  Don't you kind of wonder how they did that?



Pet Omens

     In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is cats and Mars is dogs. 

     The Celestial Wheel cat, Vishnu, always acts nutty during Mercury retrograde, and with other contributing planetary afflictions, he's reached a new weirdness peak -- jumping around, crying to go in and out, biting my hand when I try to type... 

     He's even taken to nosing up Riley (see below), and when he gets really close, batting this great gentle dog with his paws, and then leaping away.

     Although somewhat calmed, Vishnu continues to act strangely, signaling that Mercury remains retrograde.


     Mercury's retrograde, however, doesn't compare with the ills this difficult Mars has brought. 

     Here's my landlady with Riley, an Anatolian Shepherd, earlier this winter after an unusual Sedona snow 

     This is an ancient guard dog breed from Turkey.  Yes, Riley is just as huge as he looks. 

     This morning, Riley attacked the garbage truck as it stopped to turn.  Fortunately, Riley didn't harm the truck, and again fortunately, Electra Jung (yes, that's her real name!) was able to rein him in. 

     This behavior is a pretty potent omen that Mars has not yet finished his harms.  (Riley, by the way, is a professional model, having appeared in Chico's catalogue.  You can earn more about Riley at

     So, if you have pets, pay attention to how they behave, for pets can give clues as to how the planet each symbolizes is behaving.  Sorry, I don't know the planet for birds.


Vedic Believers, Unbelievers  & Predictive Accuracy

     Here's an interesting, entertaining and informative email exchange. 

     Yesterday, this unsolicited email came in from a person I don't know,  Hi,I have come across the following article, "Is Vedic Astrology the world's oldest con?"  I feel this needs a fitting reply from learned people like you.  Regards Tincy.

     I replied with dry humor, Sorry, but I didn't receive this on time because of the undersea cables communications break on January 29 as predicted in The Celestial Wheel.  Check it out.

     Tincy responded this morning, I just checked it.  It is vague.  I have been checking various sites related to astrology.  Every other day they predict something gonna happen.  After one million times, one fine morning a plane crashes.  Then they would claim "see - we predicted a vehicle accident.  Plane crashed.  It is a vehicle, right?"  What logic it has?

     Here's my second reply,

     This is not vague:  As Mars is machinery and Mercury communications equipment, expect a major wreck or breakdown in a basic, or infrastructure area.  Vehicles would be a natural risk.  In fact, the prediction matches quite remarkably with the break of, what turned out to be, 4 undersea communications cables.

      If you read the prediction carefully and objectively, you'll note:

1.  the exact date
2.  the scope of the event (major)
3.  The primary mechanical and communications qualities -- communications cables
4.  The infrastructure quality -- a fundamental service for a country or region
5.  Ship vehicles being involved.

      How much more would you like -- the name of the ship or ships that caused the damage, the exact location, the number of breaks, the duration of the outage...?

      You also make a basic logic error in finding other astrologers make poor predictions, that all must be wrong, including mine.  You compound this error by claiming astrologers make millions of predictions, of which only one comes true.  I make very few specific predictions, certainly less than a dozen each year.  Guilt by association is not logical.  Using your logic, because many, many people failed to invent the airplane, Orville and Wilber Wright must have failed as well.

     Here's another recent prediction you'll figure out a way to doubt.  On 2/4 I sent out the below email notice to my subscribers, 

"Dear subscribers,
      Here's a reminder that Tuesday and Wednesday are very sensitive -- for everyone. 
      Also, there's some risk in the U.S. chart, especially for damaging storms/floods.  See the January 13 Celestial Wheel Commentary.

     On 2/5 Tennessee suffered the worst tornadoes in 25 years, killing over 50 people.  There was also a major snowstorm in the U.S. Midwest 2/6 that amazingly also resulted in severe flooding in Illinois and neighboring states.  (It's too cold in that area at this time of year for floods.)  You can check out this second one yourself. 

     A client, driving from California to Florida with his wife and two dogs was stranded in New Mexico -- and I had to recalculate his timing and route.  If you were him, you would believe.



Credit Card fees

      This is a more serious topic, and the information is useful to anyone with a credit card.  (This astrologer got rid of all of his cards.)  The October 8, 2007 Celestial Wheel gave a caution about credit card fees,

     As the banks continue to experience dropping profits, their Enron-greedy executives will look to bank credit card divisions to replace real estate mortgage losses.  ... So, the banks will be very aggressive:  hiking fees, adding new fees, raising interest rates and fraudulent schemes -- like holding your payment check until after the payment due date and having payments due on a holiday.  Watch your credit card statements carefully, preferably on-line, to catch any of these increases and protest any unfair charges.  The reality is, the banks need you to have credit cards just as much as you need them to survive cash shortfalls.


     Today's Washington Post article, Fed's Rate Cuts Bring No Relief For Consumers' Credit Card Bills details this reality.



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Doug Riemer