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May 1 -- 31 , 2007


Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
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May 19

Predictions Check

     The April 12 In-depth Celestial Wheel, A Springtime Tempest Part 2, included specific predictions resulting from the Mars/Rahu conjunction and Saturn's return to forward motion.  The dates for the former were March 29 - May 7, with a peak of April 20 - 25, stimulating often intense and often violent harms  Saturn turned forward April 20 and continues to sweep the floor clean until July 16.  While both are harmful influences, they differ in that Mars/Rahu energy is akin to a tornado and Saturn brings the slow suffering of a heat wave.  Mars/Rahu is catastrophic and Saturn is consumptive.

     It's worthwhile to check whether and how planetary karmas actualize, and this is an interesting case study.  The below predictions are copied over from Springtime Tempest Part 2.  Results are shown in blue bold/italics. Naturally, readers should judge for themselves


Global Events

Real estate and property are harmed.

The real estate markets continue to reel.  See, Housing Slump Continues In April and Latest count of major US mortgage lenders that have croaked since late 2006: 67   Builders' Permit Requests Tumble.

Stock markets tumble.
Although international markets have remained fairly flat, the U.S. markets continue to rise. See, Will the Stock Market Ever Stop Going Up?  This optimism flies in the face of reality -- an expression of "irrational exuberance."  It's just a matter of time before investors understand the economy is slowing, the real estate market is a ticking time bomb and that even major corporations are suffering earnings declines.  See: Wal-Mart Sales decline Is Worst in 28 Years, Commerce Report Raises Eyebrows -- Slow Growth and Higher Inflation. .. and Gloom gathers over US economy

Oil and gas prices rise.
This doesn't require any documentation, but here's a May 14, Yahoo news item, Gas Prices Hit a New Record at the Pump.  Also see, Gasoline at $4 Coming to a Pump Near You, Unfazed by Rising Tab

Groups and suicide bombers step up violence using aircraft and explosives.

This prediction didn't prove out, excepting, of course, in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Israel/Palestine.

Further earth crust events occur.

Only one major volcanic eruption occurred, Colombia's Nevado Del Huila volcano erupts. There was also a single major earthquake in the Pacific, EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI OF 1 APRIL 2007 IN THE SOLOMON ISLANDS.  These are not, however, exceptional, though unusual.  Look for further earth crust events until mid July, for form and structure Saturn continues in Cancer, the sign of the home.

Violent storms and accidents result.

Two significant weather events occurred in the U.S.:  Northeast Slammed By Rare April Storm and Second wave of tornadoes rake plains

Governments leadership is attacked -- from within and from outside.  Assassinations are possible.
While no assassinations occurred, the Iraq government has certainly been under attack, and this has been from within Iraq and from the U.S., where withering criticism has been prominent.  Israel's government has been under tremendous pressure.  See the below section on "Nations" for specifics about Iran and Israel.


Public Figures

Donald Trump ...will suffer, one way or another, and with his high profile, the media will likely report on this.  Also, since Trump is a real estate baron, problems there could extend to his holdings and exacerbate real estate woes.   

This Reuters May 14 article speaks for itself, Trump's show left off newly unveiled NBC lineup.  This article finishes, Donald Trump to NBC:  "You an fire me, I quit"

Hillary Clinton will have a rough time, for transit Saturn is between her Mars (fallen) and Saturn.  Also, although Hillary's birth time is not known with certainty, it appears she's ending her great twenty year Venus Dasa and entering her Sun Dasa right around this time.  With her Sun in its fallen sign, Hillary's campaign will wither away over the coming months. 

Mars/Rahu didn't harm Hillary, but it's Saturn that afflicts her chart.  Let's see what impact Carl Berstein's book, Woman In Charge, brings when it is released in June.

Michael Jackson's Venus is directly impacted by transit Saturn. Since he's running Venus in his planetary cycles, and Venus rules his Ascendant (self), he could fall seriously ill.
Jackson didn't fall ill.  Instead his career suffered a major setback because his Ascendant was harmed. See the May 14, Michael Jackson's comeback dreams take a beating.


Charts Of U.S. Leaders

Alberto Gonzalas'  The birth time is not known, but transit Saturn is less than two degrees from his fallen Mars.  He will suffer further when he testifies before Congress April 17, and this could tip the balance against him remaining Attorney General.  While Gonzales hasn't yet resigned, the pressures upon him continue and broaden to include the secret wiretapping program.   See, Senators renew call for Gonzales' ouster.  And here's a new Gonzales scandal, High Drama -- and High Crimes?

Dick Cheney is having a very tough run this March and April.  The March 2 Celestial Wheel Commentary described challenges to his health, job.  This published a listing of sensitive dates, which includes April 23, 24 and 27.  Amazingly, Cheney remains physically upright, but his reputation was hammered repeatedly as he continued to insist on the Al Quaedi link to Iraq and other disproven administration claims.  Almost as remarkable is the lack of protest at Dennis Kucinich's bill in the House to impeach Cheney.

G.W. Bush may escape major turmoil.  Yet, (around) April 17 brings physical danger, or he could suffer a career calamity.   Bush continues to weaken as his difficult Mercury planetary cycle advances, becoming more determinative.   As Mercury is communications, his strategies and statements all fail in some way.  Too, Saturn transiting his first house must bring more scandals.  The May 2006 prediction that Bush will suffer a nervous breakdown stands, and Mars/Rahu can only hasten this result.

See, The Multipolar Presidency, and, of course, Bush insulting the Queen was one of his best gaffs -- Bush Insults Queen Elizabeth.

Joe Lieberman is hit pretty hard for Mars/Rahu will be an exact hit on his dissolving Ketu.  Given Lieberman is in his bad Mercury planetary cycle now, expect more of his illogical and fear-inspired war mongering.
Lieberman continues his militarism.  See, Joe Lieberman;  We need to stand, fight -- and tell the truth.  He's so isolated himself, however, Lieberman no longer gets much press.



Iran will face further turmoil, for Mars/Rahu is close to the Ascendant and it's running dissolving Ketu planetary cycle.  Too, March 3 lunar eclipse effects continue.  Some violence could occur.

Iran dodged a bullet in releasing the 15 British captives April 4.  Problems continue with Iran's aiding fellow Shiites in Iraq and it's nuclear program is becoming an issue again -- see Ahmadinejad: Iran expanding nuclear process.  Here's a scary article about an Iran invasion, It's a countdown to war on Iran.

Iraq is running its Rahu Dasa, which is naturally negative.  Like Don Imus, Mars/Rahu is in the seventh house of relationships and aspects directly Iraq's Ascendant -- symbolizing the self.  Since this follows the March 3 lunar eclipse to the same zodiac point, Mars/Rahu could trash the government.  See, The surge just died 4 Blasts in Baghdad Kill at Least 183.    The Iraqi government continues to weaken.

Israel's chart has transit Saturn within a degree of birth chart Saturn, which blocks government effectiveness and Israel's public image.  Because Saturn is active in the Dasa planet sequence, this karma is confirmed.  With Mars/Rahu in the fifth house of government, and Rahu also being active in the Dasas, Israel's weak government could be replaced.

See, Israeli Premier Survives Votes in Parliament.

The United States has exposure from enemies, though this could actualize in Iraq rather than at home.  Still, illegal aliens can be understood as enemies.  Too, there are increasing struggles among government officials, and more scandalous information to be revealed and acted upon. This chart is running a very weak Mars in its planetary cycles, which also brings some accident danger.  Real estate could be the major risk factor in an unsteady economy.  Alberto Gonzales is discussed above, and Paul Wolfowitz are highlights.  See, Ending Battle, Wolfowitz Resigns From World Bank.  Real estate was also examined above.  We all recall the Don Imus scandal, the Virginia Tech killings, Bill Moyers' expose of the U.S. Media and George Tenant's book exposing manipulation of intelligence data -- but also his own incompetence.




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Doug Riemer


May 12

Smelling The Flowers

     The May 7 Celestial Wheel Commentary, below) suggested that, with the March 29 - May 7 Mars/Rahu conjunction over, there's an interval of relative calm.  Thereby, it's a good time to smell the spring flowers -- to take stock of where you are and where you wish to be.

     Astrologically, this view is basically correct, but there are two caveats.  First, Mars/Rahu stimulated so much stress in the world, and in the personal experiences of many people, that energy levels are depleted.  This can be on a physical level, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual sheaths of consciousness have also been impacted, and often these insufficiencies are not in our awareness.  So, really, take time to smell the spring flowers.  Get away from the daily grind when you can.  Enjoy outdoor activities, whether active sports or passive bird watching or just cleaning up the yard.  Take a refreshing weekend trip.  Renew friendships and romance through social and artistic endeavors.  Improve your diet.  Catch up on sleep.  Have a spiritual healing or reading.  Renew your spiritual practices.  Breathe!   In other words, take care of yourself, for truly, nobody else will.   These are just some ideas to give you the chance to recharge your batteries and also gain useful perspective.


Cleaning Up The Garden

     Second, Mars/Rahu trials and tribulations have left residues -- loose ends, untidy areas, unresolved issues... And again, these can be in various levels -- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  After you are able to replenish your energies, pay attention to these areas of lack or disarray -- and put them in order. 

     Here's why:  The Celestial Wheel has expressed concern for several months about Saturn, the planet of duty, responsibility, loss, humility, detachment, purification and details.  The March 8 Celestial Wheel Commentary offers the best interpretation of Saturn's current disposition and actions in the section, The Old Broom Sweeps Clean.  The concept is that Saturn is completing its last few months of its 2 1/2 year journey through the sign of Cancer, and slow Saturn always waits until the very end to do it's worst.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and while the Moon is the perceptional/emotional mind, it's also a very worldly planet in symbolizing the benefits in life.*

     As described in The Old Broom Sweeps Clean, Saturn turned to forward motion April 20 to pick up any dirt it missed previously -- combing the floor to catch every bit of karmic rubble, including secrets previously swept under the rug.  This naturally includes Mars/Rahu residues.  Saturn's sweeping continues until Saturn leaves Cancer (for good) July 16.  Another of Saturn's attributes is that it cannot be denied, which suggests that each of us must put our own lives in order -- or Saturn's old broom will sweep away in a harmfully cleansing and purifying fashion.

     Using the analogy in these section titles, after you've had a chance to smell the flowers, clean up the garden.  Then, growing season will bring new crops, not Saturn's scorched earth, or weeds, pests and pestilence.

     The planets will remain in this otherwise generally benign situation until late August, when the Saturn/Ketu conjunction commences*.  This too has been discussed in various Celestial Wheels, the most recent of which is the end of the May 3 Commentary (below).  How that rough two month period will impact you depends in part upon how well you've managed to put your world in order during this late spring and early summer cleaning up your garden.

(*There is one difficult period before late August, and this is the very end of July, when Mars and Saturn aspect each other.  The period is brief but promises to be difficult, expeci   It will be discussed in future Celestial Wheels.)



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Doug Riemer


May 7

Perspective On A Tumultuous Winter Season

     The February 19 Celestial Wheel published this graphic in the aptly entitled section, Stirring The Planetary Currents.

     As shown (in purple highlight), the destructive Mars/Rahu conjunction was the final planetary disposition of accumulating planetary karmas that have manifested in significant change -- internationally and domestically.  Because these influences have also kept us busy dealing with our own karmas, we've been distracted from following world events.  Too, many have simply tuned-out because the news has been about as appealing as an Everglades swamp buggy ride in August, or crouching in ones basement while Midwest tornadoes roar by.


Merc Retro 2/14 to 3/8

Saturn Retro 12/14/06 to 4/20/07...................................................

                                                                                  Jupiter Retro 4/6 to 7/28........................................

 February 14 -- 28                             March 1 -- 31                                    April 1 -- 30

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


                   Lunar Eclipse 3/3

                                              Solar Eclipse 3/19

                                                                                                  Mars/Rahu 4/22



     There's no silver lining in the Iraq's civil war and the now obvious shift in Mideast countries against the West.  Nor can we find comfort at home.  Some highlights are: record gas prices (again), endless scandals, the illegal alien problem, the weakening economy, the real estate market downslide, losing the Iraq war, finding Afghanistan is also going badly and continuing Second Gilded Age excess in business that reward tycoons at the expense of the middle class.

     Overriding all, however, is unease of knowing our government is incompetent, and this was presciently expressed in the January 2, 2003 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Face-off 2003 Bush/Hussein.  Here's the Preface:

     At the inception of this second year of the new millennium, uncertainty hangs like an impenetrable fog blanketing a sailing ship.  The view ahead is obscured.  The captain's fair sailing promises and favorable marine weather reports fail to dispel the crew's cold clamminess.  In this unfamiliar disconnection between personal reality and official statements, the cold penetrates right to worried bones.

     An outward optimism (a cloak over the inward discomfort) gives the confidence needed for the crew members to operate the ship.  Each must do is duty for the safety of all.  Cerebrally the crew believes, but doesn't feel the belief, that all is well.  To the senses, the fog conceals the course and hides dangers.  Instincts give alarm, stimulating a search for truth about the suddenly fated voyage.  In its cloaking of reality, the fog even steals free will.

     This fog-bound ship analogy to our nation's current dilemma doesn't suggest a prophetic "Heart Of Darkness" voyage, nor a "Brave New World" society view.  Yet, memories of these kinds of worrisome scenarios inevitably echo back from the disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told.  We are figuratively floating, seeking firm ground, even as the ship blindly floats with no clear course.  As the analogous crew's fears stimulate a search for truth, we too search for certainty in our foggy sea.


     However, the final winter challenge, Mars/Rahu conjunction, is over as of today, which ushers in a period of relative calm.  It's a good time to smell the spring flowers -- to take stock of where you are and where you wish to be.



Copyright 1999-2005
Doug Riemer


May 3

The Mar/Rahu Conjunction

     While the peak of the Mars/Rahu conjunction* is over, these two destructive malefic planets remain in Aquarius for a few more days -- until May 7.   Then, the world will begin to calm, as will your personal experiences.  Keep in mind that because only through challenge comes growth, there's value in losses and setbacks experienced during this interval.  Perhaps after May 7, when everyone's desire nature will subside, you'll begin to understand how and why you've dealt with challenge and become better for it.

{*See #69 A Springtime Tempest -- Part 1 (4/8/07)   #70 A Springtime Tempest -- Part 2 (4/12/07)}  


The New Celestial Wheel

     This astrologer certainly learned hard lessons about The Celestial Wheel.  Its stand-alone website failed and had to be taken down.  Then, there were blocks in placing this forecasting back into and eliminating the subscriber-only passwords.  This conversion to free access has finally been completed, excepting for two features.  These are: a free subscription sign-up and a search engine to allow readers to search the archives for previous predictions on topics and people.  Obviously, new forecasting has been interrupted, which is why there were no Short-subject Commentaries in April.

     Finally, however, The Celestial Wheel has been rebirthed.  As stated above, it now resides on my main website on its own page,  You can go to this page at any time to access current forecasting and/or review any previous predictive work.  So, bookmark this page.  I will continue to send email notices to subscribers when new forecasts are published, directing you to The Celestial Wheel page.  There, you'll find the new forecast identified with this image,

     Let's see how well this works.  And please let me know if you have any suggestions.


G.W. Bush

     Unless you've been hiding under a rock or on pilgrimage in a truly far and distant place, you know the Bush administration is under tremendous pressure from the Mars/Rahu conjunction.  Scandals, Iraq, the economy, real estate and illegal aliens highlight this list of woes that seems to grow longer each day..  Underway is an In-depth Celestial Wheel updating the October 24, 2002, #3  The Bush Presidency - Profile & Prediction


Next Fall's Celestial Battle

     Beginning in late August, Saturn and Ketu (the mystical tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point) will be coming into conjunction.  This will continue through mid October and will like signal major reversals.  Certainly the Iraq war will come to a head then, and too, both gas prices and the economy will suffer.  Details on timing and likely effects will be covered in future Celestial Wheels.  At this juncture, it's best to be conservative financially -- avoid new expenses, pay off debts and set aside cash.  The world is changing.




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Doug Riemer