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January 29

Spring Ahead

     The planets have been fairly calm this fall and early winter.  Really, nothing much has been happening in the planetary dispositions since last fall. 

     Then, the nearly simultaneous sign changes of the four major planets -- Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu -- brought a major energetic shift seen in the Democrats winning Congress in the midterm elections and increased Mideast disruption. 

     This culmination was further instigated by the concentrated planetary energies of the stellium (grouping of four or more planets in a sign) that began in October in Virgo.  This stellium reformed a couple of times in Libra and Scorpio during the fall, but since then, its fast moving planets have spread out.  These planets are the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

     If you think about it, while there's been quite a lot of angst and aggravation, truly nothing much has happened of consequence in the world for the past few months.

     However, the celestial waters will not remain calm for much longer.  First, Spring brings the eclipse season.  There will be a total eclipse of the Moon March 3, and a partial eclipse of the Sun March 19.  Eclipses, in their opposing blocking and revealing effects, always stir things up in some way.

     Second, planetary retrogrades come into play in a major way.  Mercury will do its thrice annual retrograde from February 14 to March 8.  Saturn, already retrograde, will turn forward April 20, and this will be an energized change.  Jupiter will begin a four month retrograde April 6.  Retrogrades, in directing the attention inward, are good for spirituality, but they don't support progress in the world.  The best way to describe retrograde energy is by understanding it to be latent.


    Third, the stellium planets, now fairly spread out, will all be passing by toxic Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) this spring.

     This World Transit chart for January 22 shows the Sun, Mercury and Venus all lined up in Capricorn in this natural zodiac's tenth house.  Mars is not far behind in Sagittarius, though it moves more slowly..  As Rahu is both an intensifying and eclipsing influence, the transits of these fast four moving planets across the dragon must be impactive.

     Venus is the first, crossing Rahu on February 9.  The Sun follows on March 6.  Mercury will be delayed by its retrograde and not transit Rahu until March 31.  Warrior Mars is the last of the bunch.  It crosses Rahu April 24.

World Transit January 22, 2007

     This Celestial Wheel only finds that many planetary dispositions this spring that force the world to Spring Ahead in some yet undetermined fashion.  Later efforts will analyze their specific impacts upon global planetary weather and the charts of nations and leaders.  Too, effort will be made to give generalized impacts of these dispositions upon individual charts.


Bush's Scandals

    With Saturn having retrograded back into Cancer as of January 5, it is now in G.W. Bush's first house of the self.

     Saturn, in ruling the seventh house of relationships and the eighth house of scandals, must surely stimulate more public disgraces.

     Perhaps it's more accurate to state that Saturn's last dip into Cancer signals the completion of scandals that began during Saturn's transit of Bush's first house in recent years.  Saturn is the ultimate truth giver in its destructive cleansing signaling wisdom by experience.

     Transit Saturn is now almost on top of Bush's Venus, which explains why the Scooter Libby trial is unearthing all sorts of Bush administration machinations and lies.

G.W. Bush

     There must be further Saturnian retribution in late June.  Then, transit Saturn in forward motion will cross Bush's Venus again, and transit Venus will be also be conjunct Saturn.


Vista -- Bills Gates' Big Flop

     Tomorrow, Microsoft will make an uncharacteristic soft launch of its new operating system, Vista.  Recall the massive P. R. for other Windows versions, most notably Windows 95 and Windows XP.

     The extended delay in finishing Vista, and its quiet release, occur because Gates is running his six year Sun Dasa (planetary cycle) from late 2002 to late 2008.*  Because the Sun is fallen (weak) in this chart, and the Sun signifies power, Gate's marquee Windows product fails. 

     Also, as the Sun is also government, and it is placed in the fifth house of government, expect further governmental penalties for this continuation of the monopoly product.  Interestingly, Gates has more problems overseas, for Rahu (foreigners) being poorly placed in Scorpio in his sixth house of foreigners, enemies and litigations.  Microsoft managed to slip out of U.S. antitrust rulings against the Windows, but the EU begins a new attack, even before Vista is launch.  The Washington Post reported on this issue January 26, Rivals attack Vista as illegal under EU rules.

     The combination of cool public response to Vista and renewed legal battles may break this onerous monopoly.  The summer and fall of 2007 could prove the old proverb, No tree grows to the sky.

[*This topic was first covered in the January 10 Celestial Wheel.  However, the Sun Dasa dates were incorrectly given as 2000 to 2006.  This has been corrected, and I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.]


How Many Presidential Candidates?

     The January 22 Celestial Wheel (below), stated about Jupiter's ongoing association with Mars that, This combination creates positive ambition, a social advocacy and also leadership  So, we shouldn't be surprised to suddenly find about twelve people running for President.  Actually, the total is now approaching twenty! 

     Mars and Jupiter began this association November 27, and it continues until February 18.  Expect continued positioning by new candidates, as well as further popular protests against the Iraq war and other Second Gilded Age abuses for the next few weeks.



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January 22

Why People Feel Disgruntled

     The January 17 Celestial Wheel (immediately below) discussed evidence that People are really angry

but didn't offer an astrological rationale.  Then, there were only hints in Comet McNaught's appearance and Mars being conjunct Western Astrology's Pluto at the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.

     The January 10 Celestial Wheel, in first bringing up this Pluto/Mars conjunction, stated, a prudent Vedic Astrologer should look for predicted outer planet effects using the traditional nine planets ending at Saturn.

     In this regard, it took until now to determine that are two otherwise unrelated planetary effects that have brought such disgruntlement.  Keep in mind that mundane (world) forecasting cannot be effective in a contextual vacuum. 

     First, organized Saturn is weak at the very edge of the signs between Cancer and Leo.  This situation was first explained in the December 30 Celestial Wheel.

     The accompany World Transit Chart (also shown here) graphically displays how Saturn's retrograde this winter keeps it on the edges of these signs, making it weak -- like a boat at the river's edge where the current becomes and eddy. 

     As discussed in the December 30 Celestial Wheel, Saturn continues in this disposition until August 1. 

     However, weakness is both a general and variable term, and when Saturn begins forward motion April 20, it will naturally gain some strength.

World Transit Chart

December 30, 2006

     Second, Mars and Jupiter have been influencing each other since Mars first entered Scorpio .November 27.  This results because Jupiter is transiting Scorpio this year, and when Mars entered Scorpio January 9, it found itself in a sign ruled by Jupiter, while Jupiter remained in Mars ruled Scorpio.  Wealthy and philosophical/ethical Jupiter combined with energetic and desirous Mars stimulate several effects. 

     This combination creates positive ambition, a social advocacy and also leadership  So, we shouldn't be surprised to suddenly find about twelve people running for President.  For the rest of us, Mars/Jupiter, beginning soon after the midterm elections, stimulated great hope for reversing the horrific domestic and international policies we've suffered from under six years of G.W. Bush.  Unfortunately, these hopes have been largely dashed by Bush's lies, stubbornness and escalating the Iraq war.  See yesterday's Washington Post article, Confidence in Bush Leadership at All-Time Low, Poll Finds, ...Bush will be speaking on Tuesday night to a nation that is deeply pessimistic, with just 26 percent of Americans say the country is heading in the right direction and 71 percent saying the country is seriously off track.)

Another effect is Mars wasting Jupiter's wealth, which stimulated people to spend too much over the holidays.

     Now in late January, we wish to get move ahead into a productive 2007, but Saturn (organization, form and structure) is too weak to give our plans traction.  Yet, we're Jupiter/Mars motivated for achievement.  so, frustration naturally results.  Add our disappointment in having to living through the last two years of Bush's presidency, which is also the end of the Second Gilded Age, and the frustration meter rises into the red anger zone.  Finally, include excessive holiday spending that has shifted bills into January, and we find our 2007 goals financially hindered. Plus, we have to deal with both shortfalls and self recrimination for 2006 spending.

     Yesterday, the English Evening Standard printed a confirming article, Blue Monday: The unhappiest day of the year.  Unpaid Christmas bills, nasty weather, and failed New Year's resolutions combine to make January 22 the gloomiest in the calendar.  So, this time tends to be gloomy anyway, and the above astrological reasoning just makes the gloom darker. 

     Another factor driving antagonism is that life in America continues to become more challenging, unless you're one of the very rich who have literally absconded with the middle class's wealth since 1990.  Subscriber C.S in Florida forwarded articles about Floridians being truly upset about increasing insurance premiums in the wake of severe hurricane seasons in 2004 and 2005.  These increases are even more aggravating for following 2006's lack of destructive tropical storms.  The Dayton Beach News reports on this widespread anger in, Legislators try to feel your pain.

     The December 30 Celestial Wheel ended with this suggestion: 

     On a personal level, you may find both relative freedom from Saturn's restrictive nature but also difficulty in making new plans actualize.  After all, in order to get things done, you must first organize and then put structure and form to endeavors.  Therefore, be gentle with yourself on New Year's resolutions and avoid creating firm deadlines, for these will be difficult to attain.  Saturn does have a lesson here, for it signifies detachment.

     The next section, in discussing greed, is pertinent here, for how much money do you really need to live your life?


Prince Monopolist Bill Gates -- A follow-up

     The January 10 Celestial Wheel (below) showed how Bill Gates' Vedic chart brought his unlimited greed and incredible wealth.  It also discussed how his foundation invests solely for highest returns and thereby has huge investments in polluting companies that harm the health of the very African children the foundation attempts to protect through vaccination programs.  See again the Los Angeles Times January 7, Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation.

     A week later this California newspaper published a follow-up article, Gates Foundation to keep its investment approach.  The article explains that the foundation first announced, a process by which Bill and Melinda Gates analyze and review these issues.  Then, it switched directions again, stating, But it is naive to suggest that an individual stockholder can stop that suffering.  Changes in our investment practices would have little or no impact on these issues.  Gates' greed snuffed out his ethics quickly before he lost any profits.


A Follow-up On Jananda -- From The Other Side

     The January 10 Celestial Wheel also discussed how the psychic, Jananda, may have succeeded in sending messages from the other side, where Houdini had failed, The night after Jananda passed, Patricia (Flores) reports Jananda told her he would be sending messages (from the dead) through her for other people.  Now she is indeed receiving messages from Jananda that he wishes she would recite at his service

     I typed these first messages for Patricia, since English composition is a challenge for her.  They contained Jananda's familiar New Age spirituality.  A few days later Patricia reported that Jananda had sent a new group of messages -- these solely about the healing work she had done for him in the weeks before his passing, but with a his request that she read all these messages at his service the following day.  When Patricia told me about these second messages, she was quite concerned, for this is a shy woman who simply couldn't read messages applauding her work at this man's last service.  I explained that Jananda always gave his sermons the same way -- first offering his spiritual insights and then promoting a fellow metaphysician.  Patricia slowly nodded in understanding, as did other Sedona folk I explained this to.  Whether this is proof Jananda succeeded where Houdini failed is your judgment to make.


Tonight's State Of The Union Address

     After G.W. Bush's awful speech announcing the Iraq escalation, I can't imagine that anyone has much of a stomach for tonight's State Of The Union Address.  In that speech, he appeared half dead, and I wondered if perhaps Bush had already experienced his predicted nervous breakdown and was on heavy drugs.

     The problem for this President, with such low public approval ratings and mounting rebellion from his own party, that there's literally nothing he is capable of saying or doing that will improve his position and thereby advance the country's interests.  It would be better if he didn't make the speech.  Too, knowing in advance the speech will be badly received just make's people even more upset.



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January 17

Seeing The World Through Vedic Eyes

     It was over a decade ago when I would meet the famed Vedic Astrologer, James Braha, on Longboat Key's beach each afternoon to swim and chat.  James finished his consultations by midday, and he enjoyed the R&R of the Gulf of Mexico's gentle waters and white sand beach.  I enjoyed hearing James unwind, for he was teaching me to see the world through Vedic eyes

     On Wednesday, he would explain that was Mercury's' day of the week and observe that people were talking more or perhaps engaged in business pursuits.  If the Moon were with Mars, James would comment how this elevated emotions and would remind himself to call his mother (Moon is the mother.)  Fridays were best for garage sales, he said, for that's Venus's day of the week, and Venus symbolized furnishings and beautiful things.  But, if you wait until Saturday (Saturn's day), the planet of restriction would make prices cheaper, though too, some of the items may be worn out or even broken in some way.  The planets were continuously giving useful clues for daily living. 

     Too, Braha's experiences would give him information that stimulated a look at a person's chart, or just what the current transits were.  If his clients were difficult, he would look at his chart to find out why, and for how long.  If everyone appeared cheerful, he would consider the dispositions of transit Jupiter (optimism), Venus (happiness and contentment) and the Moon (emotions).  Too, omens, whether terrestrial or from the sky, would bring alerts.  In other words, observe everything to find useful clues to guide ones actions.  (As longtime subscribers know, I watch my cat, Vishnu, for clues about what Mercury is doing.)

     World forecasting requires, not just paying attention to the news and considering charts but also observing the nature of things in the world.  Just as successful investors often make their best picks by seeing a new product that clicks, forecasting world events can hinge on a chance remark or circumstance that could otherwise pass unnoticed.  The other day, without prompt from me, my banker said firmly and with the utmost seriousness, People are really angry.  Well, I thought, I already know this, but I also noticed that the way she said it, there may be a change in how angry people are now.  So, I checked around in my daily errands, seeking further information and confirmation.  Yup, from the clerk at the post office, to the local jeweler, to the manager at Circle K -- all were annoyed and worried with how their lives were going and the world situation.  Disgruntlement had shifted into unmasked aggravation.

     So, something must be going on.  The remainder of this Celestial Wheel examines two celestial clues.


Comet McNaught

     If anyone has wondered what became of Comet McNaught, here's an update.

    NASA's reports, Comet McNaught is emerging from the glare of the sun and, as expected, solar heating has turned it into a spectacular naked-eye comet.  McNaught is visible from all parts of the Southern Hemisphere, sporting a curved tail and a head almost as bright as the planet Venus.  Northerners can watch the comet's progress by browsing daily photo galleries at

    The January 10 Celestial Wheel reported on this comet primarily because comets are understood to be harbingers -- foreshadowing a future event, and omen or sign.

Comet McNaught in Australia

     As yet, there's no evidence of anything tumultuous occurring.

    As Comet McNaught just emerged from the Sun's glare, it remains close to the Sun.  The Sun is currently in Capricorn, a constellation (sign) ruled by Saturn, and the Sun's power and authority are greatly constrained by Saturn's constriction.  This results in the opposed impulses of speed and restriction.   Like applying the accelerator and the brake on a vehicle at the same time gives a bumpy and uncomfortable ride and delays arrival at ones destination.  The Sun is an indicator of government.  

    Another way to look at McNaught's influence is to consider the Lunar Nakshatra,* in this case Uttara Ashadha.  A condensed version of this Nakshatra's significations is below.  This Nakshatra is generally auspicious, but one sentence stands out, However, Uttara Ashadha also indicates an independent, over expansive nature and debating others.


Uttara Ashadha

Ruled by the Sun
26:40 Sagittarius – 10:00 Capricorn

              Uttara Ashadha is a fortunate placement making the person obedient and learned in the rules of virtue, giving gratitude, gracious in returning favors, having many friends and popularity.  Honesty, sincerity, respect, being valued for advice given and conciliation are other hallmarks.  However, Uttara Ashadha also indicates an independent, over expansive nature and debating others.   It consists of two stars in the breast of the Archer.

              An elephant tusk symbol relates to the single-tusked Ganesha (lord of astrologers) who blesses beginnings and removes obstacles, connoting the ability to start enterprises and make them successful and enduring.  The sharp tusk suggests penetration, as in medical piercing of the body, moves into new environments and discriminating mental insight.  Soma, the divine nectar said to have enabled the ancient Seers’ direct cognition, plays a part in using remedies and healing.

              Uttara Ashadha is associated with hunters, horse owners, physicians and government workers.  A pioneering nature, high ambition, leadership, responsibility and organizing capacity are also given.


(*The Moon circles the earth every 27 days, and it is the primary planet in Vedic Astrology, symbolizing both perception and the benefits in life.  These 27 lunar days are called Lunar Mansions, or, in Sanskrit, Lunar Nakshatras.  They are unique to India's astrology.  As Nakshatra means, that which does not decay, the word refers to individual stars or star clusters, which do not move from the vantage point of the earth.  The star specificity of the Nakshatras gives specific information from deep in the cosmos.  The placement of planets in the Nakshatras often reveals unique information.)



     The January 5 Celestial Wheel reported on Arizona Subscriber, B.R's caution about Pluto crossing the Galactic Center and Mars on January 13.  Violence, discord and earth crust events are suggested by this combination, which notably affects the U.S. chart.

     I waited a few days to ascertain whether an event signified by Pluto's disposition would occur.  As with Comet McNaught, no such evidence has yet emerged -- but this disposition coinciding with Comet Mcnaught, together with People are really angry, brings a nagging intuition that something is very awry.  Plus, I have a nagging intuitive itch, and intuition is the astrologer's most valuable tool in trade.


Subscriber Comments

     Observations and questions from Subscribers are always welcome, for these often stimulate research.  So, please send on any thoughts you have about the world, country, your community, even your own personal experiences.  Even the most banal observation may be the clue that reveals the truth.

     Of course, it could be this guy,




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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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January 10

A Bright Comet

     NASA reports, the Comet Mcnaught is visible next to the setting Sun and that it is the brightest comet in thirty years.  While this comet is visible to the naked eye, using binoculars shows much more detail.  If you miss it this evening, try tomorrow.  While this astrologer is not acquainted with any symbolism this (or any other) comet may have, comets are generally understood to be harbingers.  The picture below was shot in Montana last evening.



The Iraq War Escalation

     It's been widely reported that in tomorrow evening's speech, G.W. Bush will announce a troop surge, which is actually an escalation of the war.  This, like everything else Bush has done since his terrible Mercury Dasa (planetary cycle) began last May, will fail. 

    A look at Bush's chart gives further information.  (Of course, structure and organization Saturn being weak in transit, has delayed Bush in developing any plan.)

     His Dasas (planetary cycles) are Mercury/Mercury/Venus, from November 7, 2006 to April 2, 2007.   

     Mercury is harmful in this chart, resulting in its communications and analytical significations performing poorly.  Ruling the third house of desire and the twelfth house of loss, this Mercury is impulsive and causes failures.  Further, Mercury is conjunct Saturn, which brings deception and self-deception.

     In transit, Mercury has recently been combust (burnt) by being too close to the Sun, which ties Bush's solar ego to his mind.  He hasn't truly listened to others.

G.W. Bush


     Venus is G.W. Bush's planet of devotion, friends, goals, devotion and charm.  Certainly, all these qualities have come forward during the past few months.  However, Saturn's transit over Venus certainly harms all of these.



The Monopolist Prince In This Second Gilded Age

     The press and the public have become enamored with monopolist Bill Gates' charity work -- especially the immense $35 billion Gates transferred from his personal fortune to his Foundation, which was recently almost doubled by Warren Buffet pledging $31 billion from his personal fortune.  Shouldn't we all be mightily impressed with the world's first and second richest men pooling their resources to fight poverty on such a huge scale?  Too, don't we feel assured this charity will be really effective, managed as it is by this spectacularly successful capitalist?

     It's first useful to remember that Gates is a monopolist, actually the greatest monopolist of all time, for everyone must use, and has paid for, his Windows operating system.  Even dedicated Apple and Linux users have paid for Windows, albeit indirectly.  To understand how much money this monopoly has brought Gates, consider that just the $35 billion equates to over $100 for every person in the U.S.

    Bill Gates' chart shows his incredible wealth, most amassed during his twenty year Venus Dasa that ran from 1982 to 2002.*  Gates' Venus is tremendously powerful for wealth in its own sign of Libra in the fifth house of creative intelligence and investments.  Other significations for wealth are found throughout this chart. 

     Recall that Gates sold his DOS operating system to IBM for its personal computer in 1981 and that his various Windows operating systems later cemented the monopoly during this Dasa.

     However, his Mercury/Mars combination makes Gates shrewd and highly competitive.  Selfish Mars' desire nature coupled with mutable Mercury's communications also results in liars, thieves, politicians and lawyers.  These traits alone, together with his great Venus Dasa, would result in power and wealth -- but there's a kicker.

Bill Gates

October 28, 1955

Seattle, Washington 9:15 Pm**

{*Gates' six year Sun Dasa follows (his Venus Dasa), running from late 2002 to late 2006.  His Sun (ego and soul) is fallen in the fifth house of virtue and good deeds, bringing humility during its cycle.  This was when Gates set up his foundation, and this period also coincides with Gate's failure to create a new version of Windows.  This is why Vista has been delayed.]

[**Various astrologers have used 10:00 PM, 9:15 PM and 9:00 PM.  9:!5 PM is used frequently and appears to be the best fit. ]


     Mars and the Moon aspect (glance upon) each other, and Moon/Mars, leads to bold actions and initiative, but ends are not necessarily legitimate or may appeal to base needs unless aspected by Jupiter.


     Here's what this last statement means.  The Moon is perception and the benefits in life, and Mars is desire, but the warrior planet has no conscience.  So, when these planets associate, the person will do whatever he perceives is necessary to achieve his goals, which would be endless -- greed.  In this case, Gates used his wealthy Venus Dasa to create his monopoly.  The reference to Jupiter is simply that this planet of the higher mind -- ethics, law, philosophy, religion -- would negate Mars' greed and promote Jupiter's altruism and humanitarianism.

     Given these chart qualities that brought the monopoly and its incredible wealth, wouldn't there be concern that Gates would not manage his charity efforts to truly benefit humanity?  The January 7 Los Angeles Times published an expose article confirming this suspicion, Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation.  In summary, Gates' acclaimed vaccination drive is funded by investments his foundation has made to maximize profits in many companies that have failed tests of social responsibility because of environmental lapses...  So, little Nigerian children are vaccinated against polio and measles but suffer from severe respiratory problems caused by a nearby polluting oil plant owned by a company Gates invests in to maximize profit.

     One may ask, why then did Warren Buffet entrust his fortune with monopolist Gates?  In a recent interview, Gates explained that when he first met Buffet, there was a mutual fascination, and the two talks for hours, and could have continued chatting for days and days.  Why?  This should be obvious, but consider that Buffet amassed his wealth by identifying highly profitable companies.  That was his skill.  So, Buffet would naturally be intrigued with Gates, the man who became richer than even Buffet in creating and managing Microsoft.  Similarly, Gates, the consummate multi-billionaire, would be fascinated by Buffet's track record in successful investing, which made him the second richest man in the world.  For both men, its really only about money.  What a mutual admiration society of greed these two must be. 

     Since Gate's monopoly is well known, why would the press and public adore him for his philanthropy and not question whether Gates' morality in his charity work?  The reason must be that in this Second Gilded Age, the entire country is tinted green for money.  It is as though we were all wearing green sunglasses, tinting everything green -- including masking ethical Jupiter's yellow.



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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


January 5


    As explained the in the December 30 Celestial Wheel, Saturn, the great malefic, is causing problems for being very weak due to its retrograde motion and being at the edge of the sign/house between Leo and Cancer.

     This situation continues for the next several months -- until early August.  Here is what was suggested for your personal experiences: may find both relative freedom from Saturn's restrictive nature but also difficulty in making new plans actualize.  After all, in order to get things done, you must first organize and then put structure and form to endeavors.  Therefore, be gentle with yourself on New Year's resolutions and avoid creating firm deadlines, for these will be difficult to attain.  Saturn does have a lesson here, for it signifies detachment.

World Transit Chart January 5, 2007

         Saturn is highlighted in yellow in the above transit chart for today.  Notice how close Saturn is to Cancer -- being currently at only zero degrees and sixteen minutes.  Saturn will reach zero degrees in just a few days, on January 10.  This ongoing and increasing loss of organization and structure has affected clients, who report business organization issues, lack of parental responsibility and Saturnian losses.  This is an excellent object lesson in why we need malefic planets like Saturn.  This astrologer certainly does, for it is his writing planet in ruling the fifth house of authorship -- and the promised Mideast and G.W. Bush In-depth Celestial Wheels remain incomplete.

     Also highlighted in yellow are Mercury and the Sun, and notice how close together these planets also are.  While the Sun illuminates Mercury's intellect, in its symbolic and real quality of heat, the Sun also burn's Mercury -- blinding the intellect.  The results in often seemingly brilliant ideas and insights, which unfortunately aren't realistic and/or overly egocentric.  Listening to others can thereby be an issue.  Mercury will be free of the Sun January 8, at which time rational thinking will be regained.  (However, with no Saturnian form and structure, advancing ones plans will remain a challenge.)  In the meantime, use care in Mercury's communications.  A further issue is that tomorrow and Sunday, the emotional/perceptional waning Moon will transit into Saturn, depressing the emotions and harming lunar worldly benefits.

     Thereby, although many wish to jump start the New Year, it's best to take is easy, especially this weekend. 

     The December 30 Celestial Wheel observed that Saturn's current disorganization, are integral, for example, to the new Congress and G.W. Bush's new Iraq strategy.  Certainly, G.W. Bush has repeatedly delayed announcing his new Iraq plan for Iraq, and this is obviously caused by his inability to organize a new coherency for that failed venture.  Too, now running his bad Mercury Dasa (planetary cycle), he's even more blocked now in objectively analyzing the situation.  Similarly, don't expect too much out of the new Democrat controlled Congress.  Heightened expectations of making quick and meaningful progress in correcting Second Gilded Age abuses are unrealistic.  .



     Although no longer designated a planet by astronomers, Pluto remains a planet in Western Astrology.  Subscriber B.R. in Arizona offered these observations about Pluto reaching the Galactic Center in Sagittarius

     There are some very interesting events that you can see using the outer planets during the first few weeks of January.  Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center (GC) is on Jan.1st.  Mars will be conjunct GC and Pluto Jan. 12-13th.   These are very powerful aspects. 

     The last time Pluto was conjunct the GC, the 7 years war, which was considered the first world war, broke out in 1756.  Mars conjunct Pluto often is a huge significator for violence and earthquakes, and it is happening 3 degrees from the U.S. Ascendant. 

     You may want to do a bit more research.  There are huge signatures.  Observe how you feel on Jan. 13th, and then you will not be able to ignore Pluto.


     The Celestial Wheel, applying traditional Vedic Astrology, does not use any of the outer planets --Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  As the famous Chakrapani once said, adding the outer planets makes goulash, which in addition to being a Hungarian stew, also means, a heterogeneous mixture; hodgepodge; jumble.  Yet, it's also acknowledged that these are used successfully by both Western and some Vedic Astrologers, and a prudent Vedic Astrologer should look for predicted outer planet effects using the traditional nine planets ending at Saturn.

     The first section of this Celestial Wheel discussed challenging planetary dispositions for this weekend, and actually continuing through January 8.  After that, Mars will change signs, becoming harmful as it first loses power in crossing the house/sign boundary to Sagittarius January 8.  Then Mars will launching its attack on January 10, when it first becomes strong in Sagittarius.  Too, Mercury and the Sun will be changing signs January 11 to 14. 

     With Saturn at the edge of Leo/Cancer, and Mars, Mercury and the Sun also at house/sign edges (all thereby weak) during the time that Pluto will be causing destruction, there appears to be Vedic rationale to honor Western's Pluto.  The reasoning here is that weak planets cannot exert their stabilizing steering influences upon the zodiac, which signifies disruption -- like a ship that the loses its rudder  

     Another factor is that there's a theory that Saturn, as the outermost Vedic planet defining the solar system boundary, incorporates all that the outer planets signify.  Since Saturn is unusually weak for a long period of time in Leo (government) and Cancer (home), its lack of structure could be the destabilizing influence seen in Pluto for those areas.

     Let's see what happens.  If B.R. is indeed correct, I'll may have to eat my Darth Vedic hat.



     Biographies of the famous escape artist reveal his interest in the occult, especially the ability of the dead to give messages to the living through seances, which were popular in his day.  Houdini did all sorts of things to enable this communication, including requesting seances be held after he had passed to receive his messages from the other side.  The seances were fruitless, for the one thing Houdini couldn't escape was the separative nature of death.

     The December 30 Celestial Wheel also mentioned that the Danish psychic, Jananda, passed away December 27.  Jananda's finest skill was receiving messages from family members who had passed over, and he incorporated this into his weekly Church Of The Golden Age services -- giving messages to parishioners.  I've found that psychics are not always reliable, and Jananda often pointed this out, stating, Some channelers channel themselves

     However, Jananda really did have the gift, which he explained began after being struck by lightening.  Years ago at coffee on morning he told me that my mother (dead since 1982) was standing in back of me telling him that when I was a baby, she worried that I couldn't breath.  He also said she complained this kept her up at night for years.  I had never told Jananda, or really anyone in Sedona, that I had serious asthma as an infant.  On another occasion, I witnessed Jananda telling a mutual friend there was a problem with her former husband -- pointing his finger at her upper right arm and telling her there was a mark there.  She was amazed, for that was the exact spot where he had a prominent tattoo.  John Edward, the famed TV psychic, had nothin on Jananda.

     Jananda was always full of energy, and I used to joke with him that he was truly an Viking, full of passion about all things, stubborn and a guy who never gave up.  Prior to his passing, Patricia Flores ( did about a dozen healings on him to ease the transition.  Patricia herself is a first rate psychic, and I never doubt her insights, for they so often dovetail with what I've seen in Vedic charts, it's spooky -- and it takes a lot to spook a Vedic Astrologer!

     It turns out that Jananda (who never gave up) may have accomplished, from his Norsemen's Valhalla, what the renowned Houdini failed to do.  The night after Jananda passed, Patricia reports Jananda told her he would be sending messages (from the dead) through her for other people.  Now she is indeed receiving messages from Jananda that he wishes she would recite at his service. 

     I'll attend the service and report, for Jananda's messages, through Patricia, will doubtless be for friends and parishioners attending his service.

     In closing, being a Vedic Astrologer teaches me daily that there is indeed order in the universe.  It takes, however, years and years of hard work to learn, even a little bit, how God organized the heavens to relate to the earth -- and too, there's much mental sweat in divining what a chart signifies.  Psychics like Jananda and Patricia make it look easy. 

     Jananda's eyes would defocus just before he shifte to another realm to retrieve information from souls on the astral plane.  Patricia can actually be alarming, for she brings this otherworldly information without a blink -- as though she were discussing what kind of tea she would like. 

     There is a price, however, to this ability, and as my first Vedic teacher, the famed James Braha used to say to me on Longboat Key's (Sarasota) white sand beach, whenever a worldly benefit is taken away, a corresponding spiritual benefit is given.  It's never easy for psychics to be in the world.  They tend to leave early.  But then, they also tend to be happy to be going to where their souls have always been.



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