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July 1 - July 15, 2004


Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
 Sedona, Arizona


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July 15
On July 13, I described some Rahu influences in my personal chart to help Subscribers grasp this hard to understand symbol.  This is important for the Mideast, as also mentioned, for Rahu and Ketu are active there.  This was discussed in detail the the five-part Mideast Forecast.    

     We can also see Rahu's influence upon Martha Stewart's chart.  She has been running its cycle since 1990, during which time Martha enjoy amazing successes.  However, Martha will be sentenced Friday, July 16, and news reports indicate some jail time is called for.  I had predicted this in the May 11 Celestial Wheel.  Rahu is made difficult by its birth chart placement in the twelfth house of prisons and its transit position in the seventh house of the courts.  So, at some point during its planetary cycle, Rahu the serpent would strike Martha. While it is testimony to Martha's powerful Venus that she was able to delay sentencing, Rahu dominates.  Considering that Rahu and Ketu are eclipse points, blocking the light of the all-important Sun and Moon, they must be the most potent of all the planets  -- in their strange and mysterious ways.

     Arnold Schwarzenegger is similarly running Rahu with Venus planetary cycles, and again, birth chart Rahu is in his twelfth house of loss.  In this case, Mars is also in the twelfth house, which accounts for his tremendous desire and his sexual deviance.  This combination also brings problems with friends, who become his enemies.  I had felt Rahu would cost Arnold the election last year, but Rahu's good transit position in the eleventh house of gains gave a temporary lift.  Sooner or later, Rahu must exact its toxic price, and news reports about a gridlock in the California budget process may be an early indication of this.  Arnold will be running Rahu/Venus/Mars from July 25 until September 27.  Look for him to experience setbacks during this interval.

     Lance Armstrong is also running his eighteen year Rahu planetary cycle.  Like Arnold, Lance's Rahu is with Mars, giving him the tremendous desire needed for achievement.  This combination previously brought the testicular cancer in 1993 but later fueled his five Tour de France wins. That is how Rahu operates, often bringing great worldly success but also the inevitable but unexpected and uncontrollable serpent's bite.  In this instance, Lance has further accident risk (especially this week), brought by Mars, and the Rahu/Mars conjunction in his chart reveals Rahu's influence.  However, Rahu is also foreigners, and Lance has exper- ienced several problems with the French, which is also negative for his winning the race.

     We can see in these examples how difficult it is to predict exactly how and when Rahu will act in a chart for good or for ill  -- but we can also see it is impossible to avoid or deny its karmic potency. 

July 14
Search engines have become so effective in identifying private web pages, their robots often now find them in a matter of hours.  Controlling private web page access is the latest battle in Internet security.   Accordingly, I have put all the Forecasts and Celestial Wheel pages in a special sub-web which are password protected.  The home page of this sub-web is an
archives of links to these web pages.

     Further, as these daily Celestial Wheels e-mailings are large files, I will now e-mail you only the current day's log entries.  Should you wish to refer to previous days, just go to the archives and click on the Celestial Wheel page that holds those dates.

     This is the link to the archives,   When you click on this link, a window will come up asking for your user name and password.  

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     Please save the archives link in your favorites, and write down the user name and password.  Most computers allow the user name and password to be saved -- so you won't have to type in these each time you go to the archives.  As some Subscribers do not renew, I will periodically change these access codes and send them to you. 

     I was up all night completing this task and hope all the links still work.  Let me know if you find any dead or incorrect links, and I'll fix them right away.  Also, as I will be copying the current day's log entries from the web to my e-mail program, it is possible that some images will be corrupted or converted to attach- ments.  Again, let me know if this occurs.

     I apologize for any inconvenience this necessary security upgrade brings.  The result, of course, is to keep this forecasting work truly restricted to current Subscribers.

     On another topic, I received the newest version of the Vedic Astrology program, Parashara's Light.  This is a major upgrade from my old 1999 version, and it should enable greatly improved analyses of celestial patterns.  I need to compose an in-depth Forecast for the remainder of the summer through the elections  -- as I promised in the July 9 Celestial Wheel log.  Of course, as I'm still running Rahu in my planetary cycles until July 21, publishing this Forecast will likely be an eventful experience! 

     In regard to what's happening in the cosmos, as reflected in world events, I had previously and repeat- edly predicted implosion/disintegration in Iraq and within the Bush administration.  The news is just chocked full of Rahu-like reports of aggressions and scandals, and these will continue.  Recall that momentum is an important concept for astrology prediction, and the snowball gathers size and speed.  In this regard, the Sun will be changing signs today through Thursday, dampening energy, power and confidence.  This suggests some emotional vulnerability to negative news reports and a temporary loss of initiative. 

July 13
Rahu is an eclipse point for the Sun and the Moon and is symbolized by the head of a serpent in Vedic Astrology.  Rahu is our worldly cravings and desires, and as such, is the future.  Rahu effects are intense, unexpected and uncontrollable.  The Mideast Forecast focuses upon Rahu -- and its opposing half Ketu. A Rahu examples may help illuminate understanding this soldier of karma.  

     I am running some Rahu in my Dashas (planetary cycles) and it is further powerful in its transit position in the seventh house of relationships.  So, I saw a woman I had previously met but was not impressed with.  Now, under Rahu's influence, she comes briefly into my world like a brilliant skyrocket -- a tremendous sexy charisma colored by Venusian pink.  (As a friend said, pink can be very intimidating.)  I had a call from a former landlord that a process server was looking for me regarding something from Florida -- a complete mystery, but the seventh house is also the courts..  A Western Astrologer new to Sedona called me, press- ing for astrology information and interaction.  I don't get involved with that astrology and had a difficult time making her understand this.  A very strange woman from New York, looking for Astrocartography to solve her problems, ordered a consultation.  Astrocartography relates directly to the Vedic chart, which shows it is her Saturn Dasa that holds her back, but I was unable to convince her that location was not the issue, and I had to issue a complete refund.  I have a karmic twin of sorts in Phoenix who has re-entered my life, as she has done so periodically for over four years.  Yet, the intense attraction continues to not actualize beyond brief flurries of e-mails and phone calls.  I have a Mexican client trapped in an ashram, who has to sneak away to a phone, and I have to call him because of phone service problems.  But, he's been unable to get away, and we've changed the appointments by e-mail several times.

     What's most provocative about Rahu is that, unlike the other planets, divining what its manifestations mean in the life is difficult.  Saturn teaches lessons by experience, Mercury is the intellect and commun- ications...  Rahu's intensities appear to be inexplicable karmic assaults.  Watch the Mideast to witness Rahu in action there, but don't expect to fully grasp what the serpent's venom, which can harm or heal, portends for the region.  Personally, I'm waiting until July 21, when Rahu in my planetary cycles ends.  Hopefully the serpent will slither away into someone else's yard.

     NASA reports a major sunspot may soon send a coronal mass ejection toward earth -- about July 17.  While these trigger auroras and communications disruptions, the solar storms impact personal energetics as well.

     Venus will be a brilliant morning star with the crescent Moon tomorrow morning in Taurus.  The com- bination influences for charming imaginative creativity, especially for artists and writers.

     Here's a weird sunset photo from Illinois.  The Sun has already dipped below the hor- izon, but it illuminates high clouds.  Perhaps the blazing forest fires in the western states bring the intense deep red?

     I wrote about this in the July 8 log entry about blue Moons and red sunsets as likely omens.

July 12

     On July 3, I wrote about Lance Armstrong not winning the Tour de France this year because his Mercury maturity year is over at age 32.  C.S. in Gulf Breeze Florida sent Armstrong's birth data of September 18, 1971 in Dallas, Texas.  She rectified the birth time to 3:00 PM.  Below is my reply,

     I pulled up Lance Armstrong's chart with the data you gave me.  You may be right about the time.  I checked the internet and found he started having problems in 1993 or so - 3 years before the diagnosis.  He was then "running" Rahu with Jupiter, and since Jupiter is in his 12th house of hospitalization, that would have brought on the testicular cancer.  

     He has Rahu/Mars -- the tremendous desire often found in athletes but also toxic for his 8th house of the reproductive system.  Lance actually looks pretty strong now, but he has accident influences (already fell once) and he susceptible to more falls, especially this coming week.  So, while Armstrong's Mercury maturity being over is a negative (as I stated in the Celestial Wheel) the added influence of accidents cements the prediction for losing the race.

     Several times this year, Subscribers have worried that the Bush Administration will declare martial law and cancel the November 2 elections.  I brushed this off because I couldn't believe they would go that far  to maintain power.  In case you missed it, here's a Newsweek article posted on MSNBC http://www.  This ploy of using terrorist threat to pressure congressional legislation empowering Tom Ridge to cancel the elections is only evidential of their panic over dropping public support.  You would think they have enough problems with all the scandals inevitably surfacing to avoid this incredibly strong-armed and controversial tactic.  Bush continues to run Saturn/Jupiter/Saturn (March 4 to July 28), and together with Sun/Saturn restrictions in his twelfth house, he has inevitably lost power and popularity.  He runs Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury from July 28 to December 6, and while this will stimulate for lots of ideas, these will involve deception and must bring him further losses.

     I've been predicting for some time that the difficult transit conjunctions of Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Mars and the Moon with Rahu from July 7 through July 10 will be difficult with strife and violenceThere's always some surprise in how the planetary karmas actualize, and while there has been a lot of discord all over the world during this interval, the threat of canceling elections a quite amazing manifestation of those energies.  I also stated on July 9 that, The news is full of controversies, but because lies are interlaced with the truth, it's best to wait a few days for clarity to be regained.

July 11     It's always interesting to witness congruencies between forecasting efforts and media reports -- like when I used the word awry on July 3 to describe problems with Fourth of July fireworks, and then two later news stories used the same word.     My  June 30, The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck Saudi Arabia  concluded its government is at risk from foolishly feeding the dragon of Islamic fundamentalism.  Yesterday's log entry discussed oil supply worries there.  Today, the Washington Post runs a front page article, Saudis Facing Return of Radicals  -- Young Iraq Veterans Join Underground  Their intent is to drive out the 100,000 plus Western infidels serving the Saudi oil industry and damage oil facilities, which would put the world into an economic tailspin.  As always, it's impossible to know how karma will actualize in specific events, but it certainly appears that Saudi oil is a lynchpin in The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas   The planets are more benign now, although the Moon is still sensitively conjunct Rahu through the end of the day.  My earlier prediction for terrorism acts from July 6 to 10 is not yet fully seen, although there certainly have been other stressful events these past few days, including damage to Iraq's oil and gas facilities.  We'll see what media reports come out over the next few days, for not all reporting is real time, and often, news on events is withheld.

July 10     Last evening, worn out by the Mercury/Mars transit, I watched an incredibly boring program on CSPAN on Saudi oil reserves by Mathew Simmons.  He analyzed engineering papers to determine Saudi Arabia's oil is running out.  This morning, I found this information in the March 31 edition of Energy Security   Below are the introductory paragraphs.  I have put in bold italics the most worrisome part of the article, that world energy supplies literally hinge on one nearly depleted oil field.  


     Saudi Arabia's chart was interpreted in the June 30 Forecast,  #53 Part 2 -- The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Saudi Arabia, which concluded with,  Further and increasing terrorist violence in Saudi Arabia is therefore expected, and it is entirely possible that its Kala Sarpa rise since the late eighties will be followed by the government's fall by early 2005. The intent here is not to create any further worry or fear but rather to encourage attention to Saudi Arabia -- hard to do when the country is mesmerized by Iraq and the presidential campaign.


New study raises doubts about Saudi oil reserves

     With over 260 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, a quarter of the world's total, Saudi Arabia is not only the top foreign supplier to the United States - the world's largest energy consumer - but also essentially the sole source of liquidity in the oil market. According to the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA), the world will become more dependent on Arabian oil in the next two decades. To meet global demand for oil, Saudi Arabia will need to produce 13.6 million barrels a day (mbd) by 2010 and 19.5 mbd by 2020. Both the International Energy Agency and EIA assume Saudi oil output will double over the next 15 to 20 years. In a new study soon to be released, Matthew R. Simmons, president of Simmons and Company International, a specialized energy investment banking firm, contends that this is not likely to happen. He argues that Saudi Arabia's oil fields now are in decline, that the country will not be able to satisfy the world's thirst for oil in coming years and that its capacity will not climb much higher than its current capacity of 10mbd. Considering the growth in demand, this could easily spark a global energy crisis.

     Simmons analyzed 200 technical papers on Saudi reserves by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and his work was peer reviewed by a dozen senior technical experts. What he discovered tells a different story than the conventional wisdom.

     Saudi Arabia has over 300 recognized reservoirs but 90% of its oil comes from the five super giant fields discovered between 1940 and 1965. Since the 1970s there haven't been new discoveries of giant fields.
The most significant of the oil fields is Ghawar. Found in 1948, the 300-mile-long sliver near the Persian Gulf is the world's largest oil field and accounts for 55%-60% of all Saudi oil produced. Ghawar's current proven reserves are 12% of the world's total. The field produces 5 mbd, which is 6.25% of the world's oil production. According to Simmons, Ghawar's northern regions are almost depleted. Two other giant fields, Abqaiq and Berri, also seem to have peaked in the 1970s.

July 9     Today, I offer comments on current events, with some references to earlier predictions.     Mars/Mercury & Moon/Rahu    As previously discussed, he planets are stirred up July 7 through 10.  Today and tomorrow are dicey.  Mercury is almost exactly conjunct Mars, and the Moon is with Rahu.  These conjunctions agitate
the mind and emotions.  The news is full of controversies, but because lies are interlaced with the truth, it's best to wait a few days for clarity to be regained.  Look at the sunset sky tonight, and you may glimpse Mercury with Mars.
 John Edwards     Below is what I've written previously about John Edwards,

1/24/04 Forecast #42  Mars' Transit Through Aries     At this time, John Edwards' birth time is still not available, and I have not yet attempted rectify the birth time to find a reliable chart.  However, if his Ascendant is Aries, which appears to fit, then he would be running very powerful and advantageous planetary cycles of Jupiter with Rahu.  Edwards would therefore tend to be highly competitive and stay in the running.  For that chart, Mars/Rahu would be transiting through his 1st house, which would empower and impassion his efforts.  Still a convincing sweet-talker, Edwards would put steel in his positions.

2/14/04 Forecast #43  Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
     John Edwards' birth time remains unknown, and the 7:02 AM time reported on Astrodatabank yields a Gemini rising chart that fits him like a three piece suit on a gorilla.  Aries rising (birth time from 2:20 AM to 3:45 AM) gives Edwards strong chart with powerfully advantageous Dasas (planetary cycles) explaining his political rise.  Edwards' birth time will be further rectified as appropriate during the unfolding of the primaries and newsworthy events.

     I took another look at the 7:02 AM birth time, which continues to be used on Astrodatabank.  (There are no other birth times on the web, yet.)  This 7:02 time is from an anonymous source and an e-mail quoting the mother's memory -- pretty soft data.  A major problem with this chart is that it puts three planets in the twelfth house of loss, and this is a man of great accomplishment.  Perhaps, like John Kerry's birth time, Edwards' will remain controversial.Martha Stewart     Martha will be sentenced next week.  From the May 11 Celestial Wheel,

     Martha Stewart's sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 17.  The issue is whether the judge will require jail time.  Although Martha's planetary cycles and transits are improved since her trial, Mercury, which rules her 12th house of confinement, is under siege that day by the hot Sun and Mars. As Mars is the significator of the courts in this chart, and the 17th is a Tuesday (Mars' day of the week,) some jail time seems unavoidable.   Martha will be hard pressed not to show her temper.

The Economy     The media and government have been offering conflicting reports about the economy.  Again from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, the following clarifies,

Strong Growth  Saturn retrograde October 26 and Jupiter forward until January 4 
Uncertain Growth 
Jupiter retrograde January 4 and Saturn retrograde until March 8
No Growth 
Saturn forward March 8 and Jupiter retrograde until May 5
Conservative Growth 
Jupiter forward May 5 and Saturn continues forward motion.

Israel     News items about Israel's nuclear weapons and its wall through the West Bank reflect the difficult Saturn/Ketu planetary cycle that began April 3 and ends August 9.  This is a weak and highly karmic cycle for Israel.  Hopefully, volatility there will not further destabilize Israel/Palestine, nor spill over into other sensitive areas in the Mideast.Blue Moons, Red Sunsets & burning oil?     Omens are part of every culture, although our scientifically dominated one gives them no credence.  If we do have blue (or even green) Moons and red sunrises and sunsets from forest fire smoke, these may warn of, not just global warming but also oil fields burning in the Mideast.  Below is a image of the Gangotri Glacier in India's Himalayas.  Look at the dates to see the increase in its melting.  Thank you M.P. from Newark, DE for this.

Upcoming Forecasts
     The Mideast Forecast completed interpretations of the major issues that began with the January 10, 2004 Forecast, #40 The Planetary Winds Have Shifted.  Subscriber renewals have funded upgrading my Vedic Astrology software, Parashara's Light, and I will use this improved analytical tool to look at the planetary karmas for the remainder of the summer through the elections.  Thank you, Subscribers, for your continuing support.

July 8

     Tuesday morning I arose to a red sunset.  I'm expecting a Blue Moon, maybe even a Green Moon or Red Moon.

     This month we have a treat, two full Moons.  We describe the rarity of this occurrence in the saying, Once in a Blue Moon.  The first was July 2 and the next will be on July 29.

     There's scientific truth here, for sometimes the Moon act- ually does turn blue.

     Volcanoes can cause Blue Moons.  The 1883 Krakatoa explosion in Indonesia spewed out massive quantities of the one micron-sized ash particles that scatter light, allowing blue and other colors to be seen.  For years afterward, the Moon appeared blue, sometimes even green. 

     Forest fire smoke can also be in the one micron size.  Fires 

A Blue Moon
see caption

in Alberta in 1950 blew east to bring Blue Moons to the east coast.  Even England saw the striking visual effect.

     This summer's forest fires, not reported much because the media is so focused on political issues, could bring some Blue Moons.  As with the Alberta fires, the prevailing west wind would make them visible throughout the U.S., perhaps even Europe.     While a blue full Moon is the most noticeable, the color change is also upon other Moon phases. Some- times, the Moon will even appear green or red.  Too, the rising and setting Sun can be colored by forest fire smoke, deepening its yellow to red.  With big fires here in Arizona, the sky has been smoky. Tuesday morning I awoke to a deep red, and rather alarming, rising Sedona Sun.     As the summer progresses, keep your eye out for these striking visual effects.  While these are beautiful, they also alert to the ongoing drought in the U.S. West that is causing widespread forest fires and depleting water supplies.  Las Vegas in particular, is really rolling the dice as the fastest growing city in the country -- God's retribution, a modern Sodom and Gomorrah?  Phoenix isn't far behind.   Perhaps the blue Moons and red Suns will remind us that we've allowed terrorism, the neoconservatives, the upcoming election and Iraq to distract us from other vital matters.  The drought here, is, after all, a manifestation of global warming, and even if scientists disagree on this, blue Moons and red Suns are omens we ignore at our own risk.

July 7    I've predicted in previous logs that the planets would be relatively benign throughout the holiday weekend and that today, July 7, through July 10 will be difficult with strife and violence.  A front page article in the Washington Post, Troop Presence Fuels Anger, is headlined with, Despite recent lull, U.S. is warned attacks will continue   Let's see what happens, or not.  As these challenges may be viewed as a purging of of the U.S. neoconservatives' karma, we can choose to view upcoming discord in a positive way.  The short essay, below, about what Astrology offers, may be helpful -- to understand why astrology appears too often to predict struggle and change rather than peace and contentment.  A sky analogy is applied.  

     The stars and planets at night are celestial weathermen, moving in patterns of purpose that describe the coming sunlit skies.  The sky is a blue background with clouds floating through it.  It is not the tranquil blue we see when we look up, for we instead examine the clouds that determine the weather -- what is changing.  When an astrologer reads these patterns of purpose from the celestial map, he illuminates the clouds of karma floating in the sky of worldly reality.     Astrology, then, is about the clouds of karma, not the tranquil blue background.  Astrology is about events, a duality of good and ill, stimulating change --  just clouds bring both nourishing rain and destructive storm.   The astrologer's clouds of karma drive the worldly reality, the forces for change that push us forward beyond peace and contentment to grow.

     If you seek just tranquility, don't listen to astrology.  However, if you wish to deal with your karmas and grow from them, then astrology can promote your progress by pointing out future challenge and opportunity.   

July 6     The July 3 log stated,  fireworks watchers may witness some of the aerial displays go awry.   Although I don't know if there were more such mishaps than usual this year, the use of the word awry in the below news reports is eerie.  The Timesleader in Pennsylvania reports, 

     PITTSTON - The grand finale of a fireworks display sponsored by Pittston and West Pittston in the Riverfront Park area went awry Sunday, sending possibly 50 people to area hospitals and igniting a small fire at Cooper's on the Waterfront.  http://www.times 

     The Seattle Post Intelligence reports

     MANSON, Wash. -- A fireworks mortar exploded on a barge where fireworks were being launched for the town's annual Fourth of July display over Lake Chelan, leaving one person seriously hurt and four with minor injuries.
     In another organized fireworks show that went
awry Sunday night, a grass fire ignited by pyrotechnics on Lopez Island blackened about two acres and threatened three houses before being extinguished =6420&slug=WA%20Fireworks%20Injury 

     Predictions about planetary dispositions on individual charts are similarly applicable.  As only some fireworks displays went awry, only some Subscribers experience events inspired by the celestial wheel.  Note the July 2 log entry about favorable results from Venus regaining forward motion June 30.  Still, if we pay attention to our internal and external realities, we can generally feel the planetary influences and use them to guide our intentions and actions.

July 5     NASA's successful Mars rovers have unveiled much about the red planet this year.  Now this summer, Saturn comes into focus in the Cassini spacecraft's rendezvous with the ringed giant.  While astronomy and astrology were integral in ancient India, most of us no longer have a connection with the heavens and the planetary gods symbolizing predestination.  These pioneering explorations remind us of astrology's perceiv- ing order in the universe and too, tell us what these planets' physical qualities.     To keep abreast of new discoveries about Saturn, and also updates on the Mars rovers, NASA has an excellent website at   Another good information source is the MacDonald Observatory at the University of Texas at   McDonald also produces Star Date on National Public Radio.     Saturn will become prominent in astrology later this summer as it prepares to transit out of Gemini and move into Cancer on September 5.  Saturn is an old and slow planet.  It withholds much of its influence for restriction and duty until the last few weeks of its transit through a constellation.  This will be discussed in detail in later Forecast efforts.     Below is a wonderful image of Saturn taken by Cassini in late May.

July 4     Happy Independence Day!  Here are two views -- first an unexpurgated reminiscence of a piece of Americana, the way we used to be,  from freelance writer, Sadie Thorndike.  The second are my observations on the coming week. Considering that this predictive work falls within Forecast Series III -- The Journey To Regain Liberty, the information is timely.

     I never used to like Maine. I had a bad experience there in about 1983 or 1984 - can't remember the year, but I have had a very negative feeling about Maine - until this week.  It was timeless and quaint and brought flooding back all sweet memories of Auntie Ruth and my childhood summers. They weren't in Maine, but the little house my friends rented was literally untouched from, I'd say, the mid-1940s, and it was a trip back to 7 years old. Mock orange blossoms and dinner plate-sized peonies, hedges of beach roses that made me swoon, and all sorts of kitchy little retro things that made me feel so - safe.  

     Buckets of scallops, indescribably buttery haddock that had been swimming 15 minutes earlier, a pie made with 5 different kinds of berries that I was skeptical had grown on Earth, a teenaged waitress who started out firing bullets from her eyes that 8 of us converged just 10 minutes before closing, then was brought through laughter-filled conversations about a Cuban drink called a Mojito - something of which she knew and which we had just consumed by the quart (each) - and who ended up getting hugs from us and probably the biggest tips she'll get all summer.  She could almost put a down payment on a car with the money we left on that table.

     For three evenings in a row, we watched the sun set out beyond the little islands in the bay (an unusual occurrence in Maine, if you think about it) as we sat in a ring of fresh white Adirondack chairs with our bare feet in the grass, cradled by a maple tree that leaned over us with branches like the outstretched arms of a Swan Lake dancer.
     We wove down to the dock one night - the night of Keller’s birthday - digitizing each other to trade images via email later on.  Alot of them are out of focus, as it turns out. 

     We apologized to the older couple sitting on the porch of the house next door for being so boisterous before we went back and sat down in the Auntie Ruth Dining Room to a royal feast of steamers and lobster and 3 layers of chocolate and raspberries temporarily aflame in tribute to Keller’s last 60 years.

     Later on each night, we sat out on the porch of the cottage, watching the just-past-full moon crawl behind patchy clouds, as though it had been drinking for hours with us and was now trying to get back to its room.  Mary, in a perfect Maine accent, (she's from Missouri) rocked in the porch rocker and "channeled" the spirit of Mabel Moody, the original owner of the cottage as we howled with laughter until we cried, and then sang the songs of our earliest recollection and remembered TV shows like Bewitched and The Avengers and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

     There’s so much more.  Passing our hands through hundreds of thousands of tiny periwinkle shells on a near-deserted beach.   Mary and I posing with our cosmos in front of a spectacular antique pink washing machine at the cottage, as though we were stage girls in a 1952 airing of The Price is Right. Lunch on Bailey’s Island, where five of us crammed into Scott’s convertible, the rear three sitting very illegally up on the back, pretending we were in a parade and waving to people like we were just crowned Lobster Queen or Miss Soft Shelled Crab.

     I'm still there.  My body made the 3+ hour drive back, picked up and hugged my stunned and overjoyed cocker spaniel at the kennel, ditched the bags and suitcases for redistribution later, and slept two nights in my own bed, but my brain is still in Maine, where pain is plainly disdained, and being sane is Mainely regained.    

     With ongoing and increasing reports by Homeland Security and the FBI of imminent terrorist attacks this holiday weekend, I repeat here a statement in the July 1 log,  Beginning Tuesday, July 6, the effects of the upcoming conjunctions of Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Mars and Moon/Rahu  will begin to bring their disruptions.  July 7 to 10 will be the most challenging time.   It is impossible to predict terror- ism's when/where/how, but a hint can be found in Mars' aspect (glance) to Ketu (gas and oil) closing in on Tuesday, Mars' day of the week.  Because the Sun (government) is blanketed by Saturn during this interval, government would be unable to stop terrorist aggression.       Terrorist disruption of gas or oil could occur in the U.S., but this violence is more likely to occur in Iraq, and Saudi Arabia appears vulnerable as well.        Considering that this Spring's Celestial Tumult is completed with this coming week's triple conjunction inspiring violence upon powerless governments, one or more major events should be expected.  As con- cerns President Bush, he is at personal and medical risk during this interval.  Cheney's chart is negative as well, but Rumsfeld's is even worse.  A weakened Team Bush faces major reversals this week.  As difficult as this coming week may be, as harmful as violence is, we can take heart, and begin have pride again in America, for the purging of Bush's neoconservative fascism. 

July 3     Lance Armstrong at age thirty-two is seeking his sixth Tour de France bicycle championship this sum- mer.  Sportscasters, nothing other multi-year winners have lost this race of skill and youthful endurance when they attained this age, suggest Armstrong will lose this year.  I agree, although I don't have Armstrong's chart.  Each planet in Vedic Astrology matures at a certain year, during which the planet's significations come into full effect.  Planetary maturity is similar to Dashas, the planetary periods that sequentially turn on the planets in the chart.  Mercury, symbolizing skill and also youth, matures at the thirty-first birthday.  Because Armstrong has finished his Mercury maturity year, he is past the youthful burst that brought him a close win last year.     Here's another sports hero who has seen his Vedic chart indicating the end of a long winning streak.  I wrote about Tiger Woods in the May 22 Celestial Wheel

      A comment about Tiger Woods, the young champion golfer who has been losing tournaments recently.  Tiger changed Vedic planetary cycles (Dashas) from the skillful combination of Venus/Mercury to the difficult Venus/Ketu on April 14 of this year.  Ketu does, however, stimulate Tiger's intuition, which explains why he sometimes makes remarkable shots.  This is a classic case demonstrating the value and potency of Vedic planetary cycles.  It also demonstrates that No tree grows to the sky

     Tiger Woods continues to lose, but he has made some remarkable shots, which sportscasters attribute to flashes of Woods' earlier mastery.  His Vedic chart, however, suggests this is just Ketu (the tail of the dragon bringing insight) taunting Woods with occasional brilliance while denying him worldly success.       Note that for both Armstrong and Woods, Mercury plays a major role in sports success.  This is because, as noted, Mercury is skill.  While Mars and the fifth house are sports, a strong Mercury is needed for a champion, at least in sports requiring high levels of skill.       Predicting sports outcomes for team sports, however, is not so easily done, for the charts of all the players come into play, and playoffs involve several games.  Team and group analysis can be done, of course, and this was done for the Bush administration in the April 25th Forecast  #50 Tornado Season For Bush, which is unfolding as predicted.     Sports events this weekend bring the unexpected, for Mercury is now fast-approaching Mars in Cancer.  The aggression, impulsiveness and anger of this combination can bring upsets to favored players.  Already at Wimbledon, the Washington Post reports, Maria Sharapova outplayed two-time defending champion Serena Williams in straight sets Saturday to win Wimbledon at age 17.  The news article notes Sharapova, showed no signs of nerves and kept Williams on the defensive, hitting 17 winners and only 11 errors, indicates the newcomer was able to utilize the Mercury/Mars energy to advantage.  The veteran was overcome by it.

     As Mars is explosives, fireworks watchers may witness some of the aerial displays go awry - exploding too early or too late....  As Mars is also barbeque (cooking with fire), be patient and use care flipping burgers.

July 2     Venus was retrograde from May 18 until June 30, during which it was burnt in its transit across the Sun on June 8.  Venus's significations, including relationships, happiness, wealth, vehicles and artistic expression, suffered during this period.  Some experienced severe events around the June 8 period.  Overall, the entire retrograde has been harmful to Venus.  Forward motion restores Venus's influences.  One Subscriber became so exuberant that she traded in a five month old car for a new and bigger one.  Another indulged herself in an impulsive weekend trip all the way across the country.  Even in Iraq, with its government chart's strong Venus, emotional buoyancy has temporarily overweighed severe strife.  As Venus is enjoyments and celebrations, holiday weekend activities are enhanced.  However, like a small child in a candy store with a wad of bills, overindulgence can be an issue.  Realty returns Tuesday, as discussed in yesterday's log entry.     Until July 22, Venus will be advancing toward the June 8 eclipse point at twenty-four degrees Taurus. For some this means a heartfelt revisiting of relationships, a process of resolving residual feelings that will be complete after July 22.  Then, people can begin again to use Venus energies in a forward-looking way.

July 1     The free trial of The Celestial Wheel ended yesterday, and those materials remain available to the public on the website.  A new website page title prevents public access to future daily logs.  Subscribers will continue to receive these daily logs by e-mail, and you may also visit this new Celestial Wheel on the web anytime.  To do so, either bookmark this page, or go the the Subscriber Archive, where this new Celestial Wheel web page address is listed.  http://www.vedic      The Subscriber Archive also includes a listing of all previous Forecasts with hyperlinks to these documents.  Use this Archive page to revisit Forecasts and Celestial Wheel logs.     Yesterday I e-mailed you #53 Part 2 The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck in four individual nation chart sections.  These are also available via the Subscriber Archives page.  The interpretations contain a lot of information, and you may wish to digest them slowly over this long holiday weekend.  I pushed hard to publish these Part II sections before events in the Mideast overtook predictions.  I'll review them to correct any errors that persist.     Enjoy tonight's full Moon.  Since the Moon in Sagittarius will be next to Scorpio, this should be a pretty arrangement for sky watchers.  Scorpio is only visible in the summer's southern sky.  This is a mentally intense full Moon, as discussed in previous daily logs, for mental Mercury is transiting into Cancer to be conjunct Mars.  Tonight's full Moon and the weekend that follows will be a good interval to gain clarity and perspective.       Beginning Tuesday, July 6, the effects of the upcoming conjunctions of Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Mars and Moon/Rahu  will begin to bring their disruptions.  July 7 to 10 will be the most challenging time.  While some may be tired of the unpleasant events this spring and summer, this is a historic period, affecting everyone.  The Mideast Forecast offered hope for a more peaceful and cooperative world during 2005, but it also alerted to turmoil the last half of this year and the beginning of 2005 -- to first resolve discordant issues in the U.S. and the Mideast.


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