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July 20, 2006


     The July 6 Celestial Wheel (below) cautioned, in the section Complex Karmic Currents,

...this month's karmic currents are both so potent and complex they befuddle the rational mind, and intuitive intelligence as well.  Rather than struggle against undersea currents that push and pull, and weather that is both fair and foul, it's best to seek safe harbor for a while. 


     That appears to be one of the more prescient recent Celestial Wheel predictions.  Befuddle- ment arises from a combination of extremes, as shown in today's transit chart. 

     The benefics, abundant Jupiter and wealthy Venus (shaded in pink), are both strong and unafflicted, stimulating worldly benefits. 

    On the opposite end of the karmic bell curve, the major malefics, Rahu, Saturn and Ketu continue their malicious aspecting dance, and they are newly joined by warrior Mars aspecting Rahu.  This last combination brings extreme, even abusive, violence. 

    Analytical Mercury, retrograde from July 5 to 29, is pulled and pushed in both directions by these potent planetary dispositions.

World Transits July 20, 2006

     Jupiter and Venus combine for an irresistible search for worldly gains, while the malefics join to disrupt those efforts, and Mercury can't figure out an objective and realistic plan.  My Utah trip was so difficult that after traveling fifteen hours to go only 250 miles, I got up the next morning and headed home to Sedona.  The Astrologer trying to outwit the planets is no better at it than anyone else.  Well, I'm going to try to make it to Payson, Arizona tomorrow, just an hour and a half away, very carefully.  So, if your considering any major plans, take your time and implement them with care and restraint.



     As stated in the July 14 Celestial Wheel, below, when Israel changes Dasas (planetary cycles) from Moon/Mars/Rahu to Moon/Mars/Jupiter on July 24, the strife will ease.  Expect, however, the next couple of days to be particularly rough, as transit Mars crosses birthchart Mars.

     One blocking issue, besides Mercury retrograde, is that governments are incompetent.  This is because dissolving Ketu and stifling Saturn both continue to aspect the tenth house of government officials in the World Transit Chart, as explained in the January 12 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Planetary Karmas For The First Half Of 2006 - Part 1 World Transit Chart (1/12/06).  Since this Saturn/Ketu combination also hits the United States' tenth house, this country finds itself powerless to stop, or even dampen, the violence.  A further problem is that the Sun (government leaders) is now conjunct restrictive Saturn in Cancer and will continue there until mid August.

     Keep in mind too, that G.W. Bush is saddled with his new sixteen year Mercury Dasa, during which communications bring loss.  This also stimulates for him to say and do impulsive and foolish things, even acting in an inappropriate manner -- such when he gave Chancellor Angela Merkel a surprise shoulder massage -- Bush grips German chancellor's neck -- at the G8 Summit.  Yesterday, in a White House public forum announcing his veto of the stem cell research bill, Bush couldn't suppress a wink and a cagey smirk, like a little kid getting away with something. 


On the Brink?

     The media, of course, loves to dramatize and relate news items that aren't necessarily related -- for that's how they sell to the public.  So, as the Israeli conflict escalates, suddenly long standing problems in other locales are seen to combine into the possibility of World War III.  This, however, doesn't appear realistic, even as the Mideast is coming into a karmic crunch this summer and fall.   See the July 14 Celestial Wheel (below) section titled, A Deeper Karmic Current Amplifying Mideast Warfare.  After all, North Korea's rockets fizzled, Iran is not yet even close to a nuclear bomb, and the rest of the world is comparatively tranquil. 

     Economic turmoil resulting from disruption of Mideast oil and the possibility of a pandemic are much more realistic concerns.  Too, global warming is slapping us in the face with weather excesses, and right now, desert Arizona steaming with in high humidity and one hundred degree plus temperatures.


Heat Wave

     There are Vedic analytical techniques for weather, but this astrologer does not know them.  Perhaps in a possible trip to India this fall and winter, that area can be researched. 

     Given this caveat, the June 29 Celestial Wheel suggested, ...very limited hurricane activity in July.  August, however, could stimulate tropical storm formation, as well as more fires and earthquakes.   From July 29 to August 31, the U.S. chart's Dasa planets are Moon/Ketu/Saturn (the great malefic).


Other World Predictions

     Again referencing the January 12, Planetary Karmas For The First Half Of 2006 - Part 1 World Transit Chart (1/12/06), take a look again at the summary predictions:

     Economic recession appears to be on the near horizon, joining the already proven energy crisis, natural disasters and popular rebellions.  This last is particularly operable in the U.S., where a groundswell of popular protest is steadily building.  Only the Bird Flu Pandemic has not yet actualized, and this prediction was changed on May 16to the this fall -- #66 The Risk Of A Bird Flu Pandemic

May 25 to July 12

Economic recession
Energy crisis

Natural disasters

Popular rebellions

Bird Flu pandemic


Romance In The Air?
     There is actually some good news in abundant Jupiter transiting Venus's sign of Libra and Venus herself being strong.  These combine to encourage romance, giving a welcome and needed lift during an otherwise dreary summer.



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July 14, 2006

Overcoming Hard To Change Patterns
     The last Celestial Wheel discussed how Mars/Saturn be useful in Overcoming Hard To Change Patterns and invited subscribers to to share their experiences.  M..L. in Maryland shared a Mercury/Ketu type insight she received in a dream about her father, residing now in the astral plane, letting go.  The twelfth house is the sleep cycle, and thereby dreams, and her intuitive Venus rules the twelfth.  However, what's interesting is that her Dasa planets are Jupiter, ruling the tenth house of the father's life, and Rahu, placed in the ninth house symbolizing the relationship with the father.  The idea here is that the soul does indeed survive, spending time on the astral plane in between incarnations, where it continues to learn.  Too, perhaps M.L. has also overcome a pattern with the father.

     In this request to share experiences, I stated, especially those of you in Maryland.  Here's why I specified that state.  My Astrocartography has a very nice Jupiter/Venus Latitude Crossing  (east/west) line through Maryland, as shown below.  Venus is females, and in my chart Venus indicates metaphysical women on the path toward enlightenment.  My Jupiter is wealth, wisdom and my job, and it thereby serves to bring these Venusian types into my work life.  So, let's hear from the other female subscribers in Maryland about your Overcoming Hard To Change Patterns.  I do have a major concentration of both subscribers and clients in Maryland, and they are all very fine ladies, but no men.  In college at Bucknell, I had a girlfriend from Annapolis.  The Astrology point, of course, is that Astrocartography really works.



My Utah Astrocartography

     That Celestial Wheel also discussed my driving to southern Utah to find a new residence, Overcoming Hard To Change Patterns by breaking free of Sedona.  I mentioned my good Jupiter Astrocartography line, a powerful (north/south) Birth Line, as shown below.  Additionally, that same nice Venus/Jupiter Latitude Crossing in Maryland, also goes through southern Utah.  The combination of the two lines is very auspicious for job, wealth, happiness, relationship. 

     The only concern here is that these lines could bring overindulgence.  In the absence of any balancing malefic planets (restrictive Saturn would be good here), I shouldn't be too close to the Latitude Crossing line, making the St. George area a good choice.  Of course, as Venus is females and Jupiter expands, I need to stay away from the polygamist towns.  Too, with Mercury retrograde, this is an exploratory trip.  I'll try to find a few good choices and make a commitment after Mercury goes forward July 30.

(Note: If you haven't had your Astrocartography done, or have additional geographical questions about places to live or visit, let me know, for it's a wonderful tool.  You can't always find a location practical for you, but if you do, it gives great advantage.  Further, at the very least, you can avoid areas where the planetary energies are harmful.)




July 11 Sensitive Date

     July 11 passed without harm to the U.S., as previously predicted.  The destructive Mars/Saturn energy actualized in the Indian train bombing -- Mumbia commuter train blasts kill 170.



Mars/Saturn Strife Over -- Except For Israel

     Mars moved out of it's six week battle in Cancer with Saturn Wednesday evening, March 12.  This signaled the end of natural disasters and strife symbolized by this combination.  Although problems occur every day somewhere in the world, their number and intensity have decreased.  Certainly, the U.S. has been spared further calamities, as predicted, and forest fires in the west are not only typical and inevitable during this time of the year, but in they also serve the positive purpose of keeping wood fuel loads down to prevent truly tragic blazes.

    This said, the consequences of Mars/Saturn destruction do not disappear.  Oil continues at record high levels, gasoline prices will rise, illegal immigration is a festering sore, the neoconservative movement and G.W. suffer further loss of support... -- and there is rising public discontent about these and other negatives fueling the counter-culture (popular revolt) from March 2 through October 1.  See Planetary Karmas For 2006-- Part 3 United States Chart -  Counter-culture -- Why, When And How Long.

     Israel continues, however, its retribution for soldiers kidnapped in Gaza and Lebanon.  The July 6 Celestial Wheel also discussed Israel, stating, When Mars exits Cancer July 12, the crisis will calm.  Obviously, this was incorrect, so far -- Israel Bombs Lebanon For Third Straight Day.  That discussion also noted that Israel's Dasa (planetary cycle) planets are Moon/Mars from June 6, 2006 to January 8, 2007.  My error was not looking at the Dasa planets to three levels.  From June 22 to July 24, Israel runs Moon/Mars/Rahu. Mars/Rahu signifies violent abuse in general, and in Israel's chart, this quality is tremendously magnified now.  So, it appears warfare there will continue until late July, when Israel's protective and wise Jupiter replace rapacious Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon.

     As this Celestial Wheel has focused upon Astrocartography, below is the section on Israel's Astrocartography in the referenced June 29, 2004 In depth Celestial Wheel -- #53  Part 2  The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Israel.

Israel's Astrocartography
     Looking again at Israel's Astrocartography map, below, we can see the conflict-causing planetary lines of Saturn, Rahu, Mars and the Sun running through the Mideast.  It is provocative that there are no lines in Egypt, explaining why that country eventually took a leadership role in stopping Arab aggressions.  Saturn and Rahu intersect in Saudi Arabia's capital of Riyadh, making that country the epicenter of Israel's enemies.  These lines extend north into Iran, and with Rahu going straight through its capital of Tehran, that country is another deadly enemy.  This is reinforced by Sun and Mars lines in Iran, which, in intersecting near its southern border, suggests violence coming from that area, although perhaps this just indicates where anti-Israeli Iranian soldiers come from.   Note too the Saturn line goes through southern Iraq, making that country a potent enemy, although not as directly aggressive as Saudi Arabia and Iran.


     Israel's Moon line goes through Jordan and Syria, which is auspicious for these two neighboring countries' support for peace when Israel moves into its ten year Moon cycle in August  2005.  Not shown is Israel's Astrocartography map of the US, which has Moon line just sixty miles from Washington DC.  This confirms why the US has been a long and staunch ally to Israel and again is auspicious, this time for America's support for peace. 



A Deeper Karmic Current Amplifying Mideast Warfare

     The referenced In-depth Celestial Wheel on Israel from June 30, 2004, is part 2 of 5 of the Timeless Mideast Bottleneck series.  Part one, Ancient Karmas, postulated that humanity spread across the world over 200,000 years in repeated migrations from Africa through the Mideast, creating an ancient destructive karmic current that is being confronted now by West's Rahu (science and airplanes) attempt to control the Mideast's Ketu (the past and oil). 

     As Rahu and Ketu finish their transits through Pisces and Virgo November 8 of this year, this summer's violence in Israel, Gaza, Lebanon and Iraq may portend the resolution of that karma.  Note that Pisces is the twelfth house of the natural zodiac, symbolizing final liberation and Virgo is the sixth house of the natural zodiac, symbolizing warfare.

     More will be written on this topic after I gain further clarity and insight during my Utah trip.  For now, keep an eye on Saudi Arabia, because the government's fall last summer ( the death of the king), may just a prelude to the royal family's fall later this year -- and regardless of Israel's importance in the Mideast, it is Saudi Arabia that has the oil and has been the prime breeding ground for Jihadists.



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July 9, 2006

Overcoming Hard To Change Patterns

     The June 14 Celestial Wheel, discussing the May 25 to June 12 conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Cancer, explained a benefit,

     Since Mars/Saturn signifies struggle, and also motivation, this combination can deny initial success, but following efforts to prevail can succeed.  Mars/Saturn can be especially effective in overcoming hard to change patterns -- seen in the Vedic chart as repeated karmas.  As the always dour Russians are fond of saying, One beaten man is worth two unbeaten men.


     This concept came from the famous Vedic Astrologer, Chakrapani Ullal in Los Angeles, who offers free website newsletters.  What Chakrapani specifically wrote was this: Things which are difficult to change can be changed.  It is because of this planetary combination that people or countries can make radical changes which would otherwise take ages. These changes ultimately bring progress.

    This is an interesting concept, that malefic planets Mars and Saturn in combination can bring good.  But, what does it really mean, and how does it actualize?

    I've been puzzling over this for some weeks, and as often occurs, understanding blossomed when I saw the results in clients' experiences.  One came to grips with debts.  Another overcame a worthiness issue, by taking a high paying job.  Another, opened her throat chakra.  Yet another finally faced she was leading a double life.  For each, these achievements did not come easily.  The process was uniformly one of extended struggle and strain, which is typical of Mars/Saturn.  Well, business has been very slow with everyone grappling with Mars/Saturn energies -- so learning of these four client experiences with a common thread must be meaningful.  That, by the way, is part of Vedic Astrology  -- when an astrologer see something several times, it is the spirit of Jyotish teaching him to that effect.

(Jyotish is the Indian's colloquial term for Vedic Astrology, and it holds many connotations, including that of the spiritual link the craft brings.)

     Yesterday, while driving to neighboring Cottonwood to buy a replacement car stereo, my mind was temporarily cleared of Vedic Astrology, freeing Mercury/Ketu insight*.  Here's what flashed:

     Mars is the planet of energy and courage, and Saturn is the planet of obligation.  Mars forces Saturn's duty and reasonability to come forward -- to push through karma harming to person   In each of the charts of the clients mentioned, there was a powerful karmic block relating to Saturn that was dislodged by Mars.

     Why was I suddenly replacing the car stereo that hasn't worked in over three years?  I had finally decided to drive to southern Utah, close to my good Jupiter Astrocartography line, to find a new residence.  I've been Sedona stuck for several years, which has been negative for health, for personal client consultations and for advancing the Celestial Wheel -- my Dharma, highest purpose.  Moving close to my Jupiter line can only be to advantage, for Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, fortune, expansion, and specifically for me, writing and publishing.

     Of course, this Mercury retrograde has delayed the trip a couple of times, but I promise to get there.  All I need is my Verizon cell phone (which is my home number) and a high speed internet connection -- and hopefully a cottage on a cool mountain lake where I can work without distraction.  Perhaps I'll next be able to visit India, which every Vedic Astrologer must do, to further develop my understanding of Jyotish.

     I hope this brief Celestial Wheel brings you a positive message and stimulates understanding that you too may have overcome a seemingly insurmountable karmic block at this ending of the six week Mars/Saturn transit conjunction.  And, if you haven't, perhaps the knowledge has not have yet reached your conscious mind, or you're still in the process of Saturn's getting rid of the old to make room for the new.   I invite your sharing your experiences -- especially those of you in Maryland.

     In closing, note that Chakrapani referred to both people and countries.  Although it may be difficult to see and believe this now, I am convinced the United States has changed course to reject the neoconservative's intimidation and lies that has enabled death grip on our society during America's Second Gilded Age.   This, then, gives more reason for faith and hope for the future. 





              Mercury is conjunct mystical Ketu, the bottom half of the demon without a brain.  This combination directs the intellect to explore other-worldly realms of perception, another reality that is visionary or fantasy oriented.  There always exists some unusual mental ability.  As Ketu brings in higher knowledge, Mercury interprets it. 

              Astrologers joke that Mercury gives the demon a brain.  Astrologers also joke that Mercury/Ketu, which is a very common combination for astrologers, makes the person either psychic or psychotic.  Discriminating higher knowledge can disrupt worldly perception. 

              The way this otherworldly knowledge comes directly to the person is akin to the ancient Seers’ direct cognition.  Perception is straight from the astral plane, and because no judgment is required, the entire deductive process is bypassed.  The information, then, is highly reliable.  Also, concepts, which can be very complex and/or comprehensive, are received by the intellect in complete form.

              This communication is a two-way street, which means the intellect often directs exploration of otherworldly realms.  Thus, consciousness sometimes spaces-out, but it always returns. 

              An extremely sensitive psychic nature is given, which gives the wonderful gift of being able to see the truth.  There are also great abilities in diagnoses and healing.  Yet, the intellect, in being partly drawn away from the world, takes away from the worldly perceptive, and the person can thereby be exploited by others, even as the truth is perceived.



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July 6, 2006

New Celestial Wheel Commentary Page

     This first July Commentary begins a new page, #37.  If you wish to review any previous monthly Commentary pages or In-depth Celestial Wheels, click on the Archives link, above.


Complex Karmic Currents

     The planets' dispositions describe the karmas (actions) impacting our objective and subjective experiences -- about seventy percent of all representing fate.  The remaining karma is, of course, free will.  Fate, or predestination, is the accumulation of karmas from past lives we deal with in this life through the fated quality and quantity of free will we've previously achieved. 

     Most of the time we pilot our karmic vessels ahead, dealing with an intelligible mix of fated positive and negative karmic currents constructively, albeit with a mix of successes, delays and failures.  Nonetheless, even when everything is a challenge, we relate to a world that is fathomable.

     However, this month's karmic currents are both so potent and complex they befuddle the rational mind, and intuitive intelligence as well.  Rather than struggle against undersea currents that push and pull, and weather that is both fair and foul, it's best to seek safe harbor for a while. 

     Here's why, referencing the below World Transits for today (chart below), and also relating to both your personal experiences and world events:

     Mars and Saturn in Cancer, afflicted by Rahu's aspect, and afflicting Ketu, continue their six week struggle until July 12 -- bringing stress and destruction.  Keep in mind that this include government incompetence and an oil crisis -- #65a Planetary Karmas For The First Half Of 2006 - Part 1 World Transit Chart (1/12/06).  Also know that even when Mars leaves Cancer July 12, Rahu, Saturn and Ketu will continue in affliction.

     Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is well placed in Libra and begins forward motion today after a four month retrograde -- encouraging optimism, wealth and travel.  Jupiter's aspect to the Sun until July 15 stimulates confidence and success.

     Venus is well placed in Taurus -- bringing contentment, enjoyments, luxuries and romance.

     These planetary dispositions are both potent and opposing, which at least creates perceptional conflict - like benefiting from good currents, but simultaneously being buffeted by stormy weather.

     Yesterday's beginning of Mercury's three week retrograde befuddles communications, and continuing the maritime analogy, the ship's navigational instruments fail and give false readings. 


    Because Mercury retrograde is so well known to the public and to all astrologers, it is given exaggerated influence -- even though Mercury is only one of nine planets.

     Mercury retrograde by itself is not so difficult and can pass unnoticed -- but when the other planets are powerfully active (in this case for both good and ill), Mercury's communications naturally become more impactive.  Think of this like a bi-polar disorder, that is actually quad-polar!

     An example of these planetary contradictions arrived by e-mail this morning, from my crazy landlord's nearly illiterate attorney,


World Transits July 6, 2006

     Of course, Vishnu the cat (Mercury is cats) is behaving even more cat-oddly than usual -- now deciding to become a dawn alarm clock and alternating from being affectionate to biting anything that moves.

     The following sections discuss some events relating to these dissonant and confusing planetary karmas.


Weird Stuff I Already Noticed

     Today at Subway, I received $17 in change from a $10 bill.  At the post office, an old friend was relieved to know of the planetary stresses because he can't assemble his home theatre.  Subscriber S.W. wrote, Focus is definitely an issue today. I almost created 2 accidents this morning while out doing errands.  In doing my errands, I had to detour around a major auto accident blocking all four lanes of Sedona's main highway.  It took about six e-mail exchanges to pin down the birth data for a fellow astrologer's spouse. 

     There are also some inscrutable news items:  North Korea is mocking the U.S. Fourth of July with its version of fireworks -- North Korea angrily mocked international criticism of its multiple missile tests, threatening on Thursday to fire off more rockets.  Mexico's razor thin election results are already being contested -- Calderon Wins Mexican Presidential Race.  Israel continues its excessive response to a soldier captured by the Palestinians -- Israel Kills at Least Dozen in Gaza as Fighting Intensifies.  (More about Israel below.)

     And here are a few items beyond bizarre:  Some people are obviously over stressed -- Maniac goes on power saw rampage in NYC subway.  Some nannies now earn six figures -- 100K Nannies.  The one I like the best is about Russia's President -- Putin Compares Stomach Kiss Incident To Stroking A Cat.


Summer Traveling

     Despite high gasoline prices and overall economic stress, Americans are hitting the road, and the airlines, in record numbers.  This results from Jupiter being the planet of travel and Venus of enjoyments.  Also, during my first career in Florida resorts, I noticed that when the economy and/or gas are difficult, people vacation more -- because they really need a break and they believe this could be their last summer vacation trip for years to come.



     I've been remiss in not much discussing Israel's chart since the June 29, 2004 In depth Celestial Wheel -- #53  Part 2  The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Israel.

   Celestial Wheel Commentaries August 28, 2005 and November 21, 2005 were the most recent postings on Israel.  These confirmed the Bottleneck forecast that Israel would move toward peaceful resolution with the Palestinians under its good ten year Moon Dasa (planetary cycle) that began in August of 2005.  Recall it was that month Israel withdrew from Gaza. 

     Dasa effects need to be considered for the entire Dasa period.  So, it's premature to evaluate yet how this ten year planetary cycle will impact.  Also, Israel is going through Sadi Sati, the seven and one half year period when transit Saturn crosses the Moon.  The June, 2004 Bottleneck Forecast stated,  

There is, however, a wild card here, and that is Israel's experiencing its second Sadi Sati, which began in late July 2002.  The most transformational interval will occur when Saturn transits Cancer, beginning this fall on September 5 and ending November 1, 2006.  As Sadi Sati influences the home in this chart, there is again a Lord Shiva destruction of that which is no longer needed to make room for the new.


    Israel's chart has Saturn and the Moon in the tenth house of the public and government officials  -- from which both aspect the fourth house of the home.  Transit Saturn's Sadi Sati trhough the tenth house thereby gives a double Saturn whammy.

     Further, Israel's current Dasa planets are Moon/Mars from June 6, 2006 to January 8, 2007. 

     With Mars transiting the tenth house with transit Saturn since May 25, it is inevitable that this surge of violence would occur, regardless of any provocation.

     When Mars exits Cancer July 12, the crisis will calm.  The important question here how this violence clears away karma, getting rid of of that which is no longer needed to make room for the new.

May 14, 1948 4:37 PM Tel Aviv

(Note: Israel's previous six year Sun Dasa was tough, for the Sun is in its eighth house of mystical religion and paranoia.  This expressed in interest in the Kabala, as well as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon being a violent male.)


The Space Shuttle

     The Space Shuttle's delays last week are reflected in the U.S. chart's changing Dasa planets from Moon/Ketu/Rahu to Moon/Ketu/Jupiter on June 30.  Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, is science, but also toxic, and Jupiter is naturally protective.  The rest of the mission should be okay.


Happy Birthday G.W. Bush

     No, I'm not really wishing the Second Gilded Age President a happy anything, but it is noteworthy that he turns sixty today, as reported in, The Boomer-in-Chief Nears a Milestone: The Big 6-0.  The provocative part of the article is in paragraph #6 -- Others turning 60 this year include Cher, Reggie Jackson, Diane Keaton, Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton, Susan Sarandon, Suzanne Somers, Steven Spielberg, Kenneth W. Starr and Donald Trump, not to mention Bush's wife, Laura, and his predecessor, Bill Clinton

    Longtime subscribers will recall the February 6, 2005 In-Depth Celestial Wheel, #60 T he First Baby-Boomers, which identified a Yoga (special combination) for greatness with a sinister element when Rahu is in Taurus and Saturn in Cancer.  This was the case from June 28, 1946 to December 14, 1947.  Visit this forecast and look at the (extended but necessary incomplete) list of Yoga holders.  Compare these with the above listing.  If the article's author of that article knew of this Yoga, he would have expanded the timeframe from just the remainder of 2006 to the end of 2007.


Is There Really A Global War On Terror ?

     The Celestial Wheel has long maintained that G.W. Bush is a consummate and convincing liar.  See the October 24, 2002 forecast, #3  The Bush Presidency - Profile & Prediction.   Too, it's increasingly obvious that Dick Cheney is a brilliant paranoid and that he orchestrated White House policy, taking advantage of 9-11 to create the concept of a global war on terror.

     The June 20 Celestial Wheel discussed Ron Suskind's new book, The One Percent Doctrine.  It focused on Cheney's power grab, considering too actions by other administration officials.  See, The Cheney Supremacy  and The Reviews Are In.  Here's a revealing quote from the first article,

     Cheney defined it: 'If there's a 1% chance that Pakistani scientists are helping al-Qaeda build or develop a nuclear weapon, we have to treat it as a certainty in terms of our response. It's not about our analysis . . . It's about our response.' Suskind writes, 'So, now spoken, it stood: a standard of action that would frame events and responses from the Administration for years to come.' "


     So, is there indeed really a global war on terror?  Yes, stating it that way, for Cheney created it and Bush convinced the country, and much of the world, it exists.  However, if one asked, is there really a global terror war?  No, certainly not from the terrorists' view, who have numbered a few dozen to thousands in many countries for decades.  Ask anyone in Ireland.  Also, remember the Oklahoma Federal building bombing?

     Recall that G.W. Bush is newly in his sixteen year Mercury Dasa since May 15, during which his communications bring loss.  Since Al-Zarqawi was killed in Iraq June 5, puppet master Cheney has refocused the debate from the failed Iraq war back to his global war on terror.  That's why the FBI arrested the Miami Seven, who really were a bunch of weird guys living in a warehouse.  That's why Bush and Cheney labeled the New York Times a traitor for printing the article about using bank records to track terrorist money.  Too, North Korea's missile tests play into this theme. 

     It's possible that this month Bush's pushing this fabrication of a war that isn't will come into the media's sights, because for Bush, communications bring loss.  Still, it's uncertain when the truth will be fully illuminated, while it's certain to occur, for the Celestial Wheel of Karma keeps turning.




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