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June 29, 2006

My Mars/Saturn Cold

     In my chart, Saturn rules the fourth house of the chest, and Mars rules the second house of the face.  Thankfully, I'm no longersneezing and coughing simultaneously.  So, I can offer today a straightforward Celestial Wheel Commentary with lots of entertaining maps.


Mars/Saturn Disasters

     The Mars/Saturn conjunction continues to bring natural disasters, though the most damaging (so far) is the Pennsylvania flood.  This makes sense, because Cancer is kapha ( water).  Still, because Mars is Pitta (fire) and Saturn is the earth's structure, forest fires and earthquakes are also expected.



     As discussed previously, the Mars/Saturn transit in watery Cancer is the U.S. chart's eighth house of calamity. 

     The torrential rains in the northeast U.S. reached a culmination yesterday in the Susquehanna River flooding in Pennsylvania. 

     This fits, for the U.S. Astrocartography map (below) shows Mars and Saturn lines running through the Susquehanna, map (also shown below).  Note how close the Mars and Saturn lines are to that river basin.

     Also, yesterday, the U.S. Dasas (planetary cycles) were Moon/Ketu/Rahu/Mars, and the Moon was transiting through Cancer.


     For those of you unfamiliar with the planetary glyphs, here's a listing,



Susquehanna River Basin




     Similarly, the June 14 Celestial Wheel discussion about earthquakes in Alaskan matched up the U.S. having a Saturn and Mercury lines running through the Aleutian Islands, where the seismic activity occured.   On June 14, the U.S. Dasas (planetary cycles) were Moon/Ketu/Rahu/ Mercury.  The April 30 Celestial Wheel  described these geographical sensitivities to disaster with some accuracy,

     With the U.S. chart having a Moon Astrocartography line running through San Francisco, that area is sensitive to earth crust and weather events.  Similarly, the southeast U.S. is sensitive for having Mars and Saturn lines through Louisiana and the Bahamas respectively.  Most provocatively, the Mars and Saturn lines intersect just 30 miles from Niagara Falls. 


     In fact, there was a flurry of earth tremors in California this month, as shown in the below map from USGS.  Note the preponderance of  yellow squares indicating earthquakes during the last week.


Earthquake Index Map



     Additionally, on June 16, there was an earthquake in Tennessee, located in the New Madrid seismic zone.  Compare the below map to the location of the Mars line in the U.S. Astrocartography map.




     Finally, with regard to fire, wildfires have blossomed throughout the western states.  Again, the U.S. chart's Astrocartography (the Moon line) matches up with the forest fire concentration in northern California.  It turns out that Sedona's Brins Mesa fire has been brought under control without loss of life or buildings, which relates to Arizona not having a harmful Astrocartography line nearby.


     Again, these events correspondence to the oft repeated Celestial Wheel prediction for the Mars/Saturn transit through Cancer that, ...instead of one major event, there will be several less signal ones.


(Note: There are many charts for the U.S. because  of uncertainty as to when the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia.  I use 6:17 PM and have found that time verified by both events and Astrocartography. for Astrocartography lines move very quickly with changes in birth time -- at 15 miles per minute.)


More Mars/Saturn Natural Disasters -- Hurricanes Too --   In The U.S.?

     This may be the end of extreme floods, earthquakes and fires in the U.S. for a while, even though Mars continues in Cancer with Saturn until July 12. 

    The reason for this prediction is that the U.S. chart's Dasa planets (the underlying river of karma, compared with transits weather-like impacts) change tomorrow from Moon/Ketu/Rahu to Moon/Ketu/Jupiter, and Jupiter, the great benefic, is naturally protective in this chart.  The former lineup began May 29 and the new lineup, with Jupiter, ends July 29.

     This also suggests very limited hurricane activity in July.  August, however, could stimulate tropical storm formation, as well as more fires and earthquakes.   From July 29 to August 31, the U.S. chart's Dasa planets are Moon/Ketu/Saturn (the great malefic).

    Yet, the peak hurricane months of September and October could be fairly quiet, especially when compared against the history-making hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005, when the U.S. chart Dasa planets were Moon/Mercury -- for the Moon rules the eighth house of calamity and Mercury is placed there. 

     The greater concern for the fall is possible pandemic --  #66 The Risk Of A Bird Flu Pandemic (5/16/06)


Mercury Retrograde

  Yesterday's quick e-mail is reprinted below,


     The Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer continues to bring weather extremes and discord -- both at home and internationally.  This stress continues until July 12.  While events will continue to be less than catastrophic, their effects must accumulate.  This will (primarily) manifest in increasing the publics dissatisfaction with government, illegal immigration, big business.. stimulating further the counter-culture movement rejecting conventional authority that began March 2.

      On July 5, Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, which apparent reverse motion continues until July 30.  Although Mercury will be a fairly distant 10 degrees from Saturn and 15 degrees from Mars, these two malefics will still impact Mercury's communications and analytical mind.  Expect verbal fireworks from politicians, use care in all communications and avoid complex and serious business dealings.


     It should be noted that in the U.S. chart (see above), transit Mercury joins birth chart Mercury in the eighth house of catastrophe.  However, transit Mercury will tend to exacerbate social and political discord, as mentioned above, not further natural disasters.  Economic loss is also indicated by Mercury retrograde.



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Doug Riemer


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June 20, 2006


Mars/Saturn Strife

     This is the World Transit Chart for the June 14 sensitive date.  Mars' proximity to Saturn is highlighted, an arrow shows their aspect to the all-important Moon and the Sun's weak house edge position is also highlighted.

     On that day, the Celestial Wheel discussed traumatic events, including earthquakes in Alaska, the Indonesia volcano eruption and large scale illegal immigrant arrests.  While these document the planetary intensity June 14, it's also arguable there are disruptions every day in the world, and global communications magnifies them.

     Yet, as stated repeatedly about Mars' May 25 to July 12 transit through Cancer with Saturn, ...instead of one major event, there will be several less signal ones.

World Transit Chart June 14, 2006

     This may sound like Vedic double-talk, but there is sound reasoning behind the concept of some sensitive dates (June 5, June 14 and July 11) during a long six week malefic planet transit across another malefic planet causing extended strife.

     First, with no one date during which the planets are severely stressed, as there was in last year's London subway bombing and 9-11, sensitive dates describe activity spikes -- not the energetic ascending  line of strife describing the entire transit.

     Second, Western Astrology uses transits almost exclusively for predictive work, applying the concept that planetary energies peak as one planet closely approaches the other within one degree -- a conjunction.*  This relates to that astrology's concept of orb -- planets in a sign/house influence each other only when they are in fairly close proximity.  In Vedic Astrology, however, a planet in a house/sign can be compared to turning on a light in a room; regardless of where the light is located, it illuminates up the entire room.  Similarly, if two planets are in a house/sign, they both light up the room, as well as illuminate each other.  Still, however, Vedic Astrology acknowledges the energy intensity of an approaching conjunction, resulting in some dates becoming sensitive.  Too, Vedic Astrology has the added (and exclusive) predictive feature of the Dasas (planetary cycles), which give the underlying planetary karmas.  At this time, the Dasas in charts for the U.S. and other nations, as well as charts of leaders, give added karmic weight to the  Mars/Saturn transit.  Considering all these factors is naturally complex and necessarily results in some fine distinctions, which are really more accurate representations of reality.

(*Note: even Western Astrology's progressions are essential transits, for progressions calculate where birthchart planets will be at future dates.)


     Last, the June 14 Celestial Wheel (below) stated, Mars/Saturn can be especially effective in overcoming hard to change patterns.  In the current context, this Vedic concept suggests that by the end of Mars transit through Cancer, firmly established relationships and views will be fundamentally altered.  Whether the topic is immigration, gas prices, Iraq and/or credibility of government officials.. expect the public will have a revised view of these topics and the government officials responsible for them.



Bullet Points

     Initial reviews of Ron Suskind's new book, The One Percent Doctrine, focused al-Qaeda's planned hydrogen cyanide 2003 attack on New York subways.  The book actually focuses on Cheney's power grab, considering too actions by other administration officials.  See, The Cheney Supremacy  and The Reviews Are In.

     Cheney's chart was discussed in the May 24 Celestial Wheel - in the section, Mars/Saturn Impacts On Key Charts.  So was Rumsfeld.  See, Tanker Inquiry Finds Rumsfeld's Attention Was Elsewhere

     See, Safavian Guilty of Lying, Obstruction of Justice. This is the first administration official to be found guilty in the Jack Abramof scandal, It's a good reminder that this and other scandals will continue to haunt Washington DC., for the U.S. chart and G.W. Bush's chart both signify such disruptions.

     By now, everyone knows that North Korea is preparing an ICBM test.  Today's article,

US makes missile defense system operational would be amusing if it weren't so evidential of the Bush Administration's hubris.  Consider that the missile defense system was rushed into application without testing, and tests since have mostly failed.  Given the ongoing planetary stresses, they'll miss again.

     As also discussed in the May 24 Celestial Wheel, in Mars/Saturn Impacts On Key Charts, G.W. Bush's new 16 year Mercury Dasa stimulates communications that bring loss.  For example, Bush's recent trip to Iraq only led to more violence there.  Watch how Bush fares in his current trip to Europe, Bush Lands in Austria to Meet E.U. Leaders


Mars/Saturn Destruction In The U.S.

     As Mars/Saturn in Cancer signifies natural disasters and escalated criminal violence, these two articles are timely, National Guard Troops Arrive in Big Easy and  Rainfall Floods Highways in Houston

     Also, although this is a small fire in a small town, if you lived in Northern Arizona, you too would be concerned about the Brin Mesa fire in Sedona.  Here are two pictures I took on Sunday, when the fire started, and I had intended to compose a Celestial Wheel.  The fire started Sunday morning, when the Moon (home) was just one degree away from destructive Rahu, and the City of Sedona's chart is now running it's Moon Dasa.

     Just to demonstrate how disruptive the planetary karmas are now, when I tried to drive back from Soldier's Pass, my car stalled, acting like it was out of gas.  I coasted down the sloped road, and after repeated attempts to overcome the vapor lock, finally made it to a gas station.

From the end of my street

As close as I could get on Soldier's Pass


Mars/Saturn Sports Discord

     See, Official coverup?  Conspirary theories no excuse for Dallas


Counter Culture

     See, City to crackdown on illegal immigration


Pandemic Advances

     See, Bird flu fears close second P.E.I. farm and Another Death in Indonesia Deepens Fears of Bird Flu's Spread


More About Nature Versus Nurture

     Recalling the June 7 Celestial Wheel, The Mule Race, (below) here's another article acknowledging that genes determine more than we believe, That Wild Streak?  Maybe It Runs in the Family.  Three examples given -- a gift for dance, being fat and cigarette addiction --  are all easily found in the Vedic chart.  For example, dance ability is found in Saturn (its deity, Shiva, is the lord of dance), Venus (performing arts) and the eleventh house is friends and groups.  Subscriber S.W. has Saturn and Venus in her eleventh house and is a lifelong superb dancer.  I'll write more about this in the future.


Indian Astrology Book

     The February 6, 2005 In-depth Celestial Wheel, The First Baby-Boomers, was inspired by an Indian text on Vedic Astrology a subscriber gifted me.  This fellow's brother recently gave me more books written in India.  A transit book included this fascinating, and typically completely out of context, passage about the Moon relating to the eighth house of calamity in charts of nations -- like the U.S., which is running its ten year Moon Das.  It's inserted as exactly printed in the book.

    To a nation, it shows the conclusion of a peace treaty, public morality, deficit budget, as regard exports and imports, estate duty, encroachment by others, loss of territory, loss of the leader, national grief, calamities, earthquake, volcano, floods, fire, famine, infection, diseases, causing much mortality, serious accident, etc.




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June 14, 2006

Hindu Philosophy -- Malefic Benefits

     With aggressive Mars and immovable Saturn struggling against each other, mental and physical energies are magnified.  This causes decision-making to be hurried, forced and stressful.  Reaction replaces considered response.  Accompanying effects include: impatience, frustration, anger, depression, unhappiness, competitiveness, fear, selfishness and jealousy -- all antithetical to the Hindu's philosophy of detachment.

     The May 26 Celestial Wheel purposefully discussed Benefic And Malefic Conceptual Simplicity to explain how and why we need malefic planets like Mars and Saturn to motivate us, to stimulate personal achievement.

     Then, the last two Celestial Wheel Commentaries discussed Vedic Astrology in relationship to Hindu Philosophy to purposely refresh understanding of detachment, the advancement toward self-realization (enlightenment).  I have also described this Hindu fundamental using the familiar western word equanimity.*

(*evenness of mind especially under stress, implies the controlling of emotional or mental agitation by an effort of will or as a matter of habit. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.)

(Note: Thank you subscribers J.C in Arizona and M.M in California for you compliments on these Celestial Wheels.  I especially appreciate the marvelous accolade.)

     So, if you're struggling in some way now, that is to be expected.  Clients have reported physical ills, fitful sleep, career confusion and business confrontations.  Also, with equanimity disturbed, you may find that meditation is elusive and other metaphysical pursuits daunting.  Psychics can be blocked.  Even familiar Hatha Yoga postures may be difficult, for Mars is muscles and coordination.  I'm holding fire on clients scheduling sessions -- for their too distracted to set aside the time.  Patricia Flores reported from her healing trip in Sarasota, Florida (where she always has clients clambering for healings) that everyone is so strung out with Mars/Saturn and frightened by the tropical storm Alberta, that only a handful of folks made appointments with her.

     Since Mars/Saturn signifies struggle, and also motivation, this combination can deny initial success, but following efforts to prevail can succeed.  Mars/Saturn can be especially effective in overcoming hard to change patterns -- seen in the Vedic chart as repeated karmas.  As the always dour Russians are fond of saying, One beaten man is worth two unbeaten men.

    The trick then, is to understand what went wrong and then develop and apply a winning strategy.  This process also supports developing equanimity -- for it requires self control, focus and strength of will and not allowing thoughts to intrude..  Thereby, planetary symbols disurpting equanimity are potent in achieving it. 

(Note: No wonder then, the single-minded Westerners have to bend their consciousness to grasp what Easterners do so naturally -- hold opposing concepts without conflict.)



Today's Sensitive Date

     Mars transits through Cancer with Saturn from May 25 to July 12.  June 14 is a sensitive date, as repeatedly predicted since January.  Also, however, as the May 7 Celestial Wheel stated ...instead of one major event, there will be several less signal ones...

     We can see this process in the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping almost daily, which has the same effect of one major price collapse.  Since the June 5 sensitive date, when the DOW dropped 200 points, it has has lost 540 points, all of its gains since the year began.  Today, however, the DOW mysteriously rebounded today by 110 points.  Yet, other indices were down today, and both domestic and international markets are in decline and will continue to slide.

     So far today (noon), there have been several notable, but not (yet) disastrous sensitive date events due to: Mars being now very close to Saturn, the Sun very weak as it changes signs and a waning Moon in Capricorn aspected by Mars/Saturn.  As the Moon is the primary planet in Vedic Astrology, representing the benefits in life and life itself, the Moon is naturally included in disaster timing.


     Today's Drudge Report includes the headline, Quake Swarm Strikes Alaska.  Here's a map (right) from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.  This page includes an impressively long earthquake.

     The April 30 Celestial Wheel stated, With the U.S. chart having a Moon Astrocartography line running through San Francisco, that area is sensitive to earth crust and weather events

     Below is the United States Astro- cartography map for Alaska.  While the aforementioned Moon line is further east, the Saturn and Mercury lines do fit nicely.

     In the U.S. chart, birthchart Mercury is placed in the eighth house of calamity, and transit Saturn and Mars are current occupants.  Cancer symbolizes the home, Mars is landed property and Saturn is structure.



U.S.A. Today reports,


MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia's most volatile volcano nearly enveloped a village with a searing gas cloud during an eruption Wednesday and forced thousands of residents to evacuate just one day after officials lowered the alert level and people returned home.


     This fits with the World Transit chart making Cancer (home) the fourth house, through which Mars and Saturn are transiting.

     Wrapping up the U.S. destructive events (so far today) are Four stabbings at Times Square, New York subway and Immigration and Customs Enforcement arresting 2000 in Boston  and 55 illegal workers at Dulles airport.


Mars/Saturn Benefits

     To best understand what these events mean and may portend, consider again the statement in the June 7 Celestial Wheel (below):

     Again, for the U.S. chart, Cancer is the eighth house of calamity (Planetary Karmas For 2006 Part 3 United States Chart March 2 -- June 30), This interval will be akin to a symphonic crescendo, during which orchestral themes played during the previous three months join in cacophony, and, Expect during these early weeks of summer to hear the drumbeats of popular protests against the futile woodwinds of ineffective government and the whining strings of strung-out leaders --  while the brass blares sorrow for real estate and industrial down-spirals.  Similarly, there's a secondary Cancer influence for natural disasters

     Take heart, because, as explained above, Mars/Saturn can be especially effective in overcoming hard to change patterns.  So, while the November midterm elections is the opportunity to remove many neoconservatives from power, and get rid of ineffective Democrats as well -- disruptions until Mars leaves Cancer July 12 discredit the incompetents and business elitists.  In closing, G.W. Bush's recent string of successes is just pancake makeup on a terminally ill patient, for not only can he not swim against the Mars/Saturn karmic current, but his newly begun impulsive Mercury Dasa can only bring him loss.



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Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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June 12, 2006

The Goal In Life

      The soul is reincarnated when the planets are aligned to signify the past life karmas to be experienced in this life.  Naturally, too, the soul reincarnates into the appropriate family -- so that the person's experiences are consistent with those karmas.  Next, the planetary cycles (Dasas) activate the karmas of the planets in sequence, mapping out the person's journey down his unique river of life.  Finally, the planetary movements after birth (transits) are the weather events on that river, signifying more worldly and temporary effects. 

     Unanswered is the question, are all past life karmas brought into the incarnation, or just select ones?  It seems the only rational way of understanding this issue is to view the past life karmas inspiring the incarnation as an accumulation of all actions (karmas) from all past lives.  Thus, the person literally inherits benefits from past life achievements, and also challenges in those areas of life that have been mishandled in past lives. 

     During the life, the person applies past life karmic strengths and benefits to overcome those remaining difficult past life karmas.  This is why suffering is necessary for growth -- no pain, no gain.  The goal is personal growth toward detachment from those difficult karmas so that they no longer cause harm in the life.  Once this is achieved, the person attains the Hindu concept of self-realization -- unification of the detached ego with the soul -- God realization.  Buddhists call this enlightenment.

     This unity results in complete equanimity -- happiness and contentment.  Therefore, when a self-realized person becomes ill from residual past life illness karmas, detachment prevents his suffering.  Another Vedic teacher is fond of saying, Some pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.  However, this appears to be unduly optimistic, for it only applies if one has already elevated himself beyond pain.

     Obviously, difficult past life karmas can become a focal point in the life, notably when the person has repeatedly failed in past lives to overcome them, or worse, has repeatedly misused his power.  For this astrologer, a very poorly disposed Venus is such an indicator of past life transgressions against lovers and wives.  This makes desire for relationship potent in this life.  Until I am successful in this Venus signification, I will continue to suffer in romance and marriage.

     As the Vedic chart describes the accumulation of past life karmas across the broad range of human experience, it is a guide for personal growth, a chart of the mysterious river of life's twisting and turnings.  The Vedic chart is thereby a singular and invaluable tool of self knowledge to advance toward the goal in life -- to conquer ones chart.  Another personal example is that I have the hot Sun in the second house of speech, which the Indians colorfully say, Makes the person lose his mind in front of crowds.  When I was young, I actually froze up in public speaking, but practice over the years overcame this karma -- even though I will never enjoy it.

     This being said, some charts naturally signify better capability than others in successfully navigating the river of life to progress toward complete equanimity.  Although the chart is as complex as the seemingly endless experiences we have in our long lives, which generally denies generalizations based upon one planet, it appears that Jupiter is a key player -- the pilot of our boat on the river of life.



Jupiter -- The Higher Mind

       Jupiter is the planet of the higher mind.  As my first teacher, James Braha, used to tell me, Jupiter symbolizes spiritual knowledge, from which flows religion and philosophy, and these determine society's values and laws.  Thus, ethics and justice are Jupiterian.

     Jupiter is wisdom, and from this naturally flows judgment.   Of course, Jupiter, like the other planets, has many of meanings -- wealth, good luck, fat, children, foreign travel, the teacher, optimism, music...  Also, like the other planets, it can be both beneficial and harmful if too strong or too weak.  An example of a too strong Jupiter is Tom Cruise (May 10 Celestial Wheel), ...Jupiter, for being placed in the fifth house of kingship,... makes him quite regal and very wealthy.  But Jupiter also stimulates for Cruise to believe he's superior to, and should rule over, others.  Note too that Cruise is a Scientologist, certainly a classic perversion of Jupiter's religion.

     As an aside, Jupiter's signification for music (abstract thinking) also explains why music can elevate the mind, and to why musicians are often political.  Of course, everything is political in some way.


     The recent uproar of ultraconservative writer Ann Coulter's newest nasty/hate book led me to find her birth data, which then stimulated this discussion of Jupiter.  The Coulter Conundrum

     While Coulter's birth date is available, her birth time is not.  However, even without the time, the chart reveals Coulter's Jupiter is wrecked. 

     As shown, Jupiter is in its fallen (weak) sign of Capricorn, braced by malefics Saturn and Ketu.  In Vedic Astrology, when a planet is harmed three times, it is said to be spoiled.

(Note: Coulter's Mars is combust the Sun, giving her a masculine disposition, and making her a fearful warrior.)

     Wouldn't it be also true, then, that other leading neoconservatives would also suffer from junked Jupiters?

Ann Coulter

December 8, 1961 New York, New York

(Note:  Jupiter's color is yellow, as is its planetary glyph.  This yellow is difficult to see on this beige background.)

     To the right  and below are the charts for G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld -- the big three in the neoconservatives.

     Bush's Jupiter is in the third house of desires, and as the third is somewhat malefic, it weakens Jupiter.  An aspect (glance) from Bush's nasty Saturn further harms this Jupiter. 

     As Jupiter is the planet of religion, it was toward the end of Bush's Jupiter Dasa that he became a born-again Christian -  with its blind faith characteristics.  

     Jupiter in the third house of the arts does, however, influence for Bush to be a producer/director type -- the maestro of the neoconservative/evangelical alliance.

     Dick Cheney's Jupiter is also seriously injured in his chart. 

     Though seemingly well placed in the ninth house of higher knowledge, this Jupiter is closely conjunct a vengeful Saturn.  The problem here is that Saturn is in its fallen (weak) sign of Aries and rules the sixth house of enemies.  This makes Cheney paranoid.

     Cheney is also brilliant, however, for creative Venus is placed in the fifth house of creative intelligence, to which Jupiter throws a strong aspect.  This demonstrates that brilliance and wisdom are not the same.

     This Jupiterian weakness can be also be seen in Cheney's daughter being lesbian.


     Donald Rumsfeld's Jupiter is even more afflicted than either Bush's or Cheney's. 

     Jupiter rules his Ascendant (self) and is placed in the ninth house of higher knowledge, like Cheney's.  However, Jupiter is very weak at zero degrees and 23 minutes (Sandhi at the edge of the sign), and it is afflicted by an aspect from Mars and being conjunct dissolving Ketu.

     This is an interesting disposition, for Mars' influence makes Rumsfeld an advocate, and spiritual Ketu gives him a grasp of large themes -- a global view of terrorism.  However, Rumsfeld's understanding is flawed, for he lacks Jupiter's wisdom.

     Ronald Reagan also had Jupiter/Ketu in his chart.

G.W. Bush


Dick Cheney


Donald Rumsfeld

(Note: I recall an old astrologer acquaintance with this combination who told me that motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, was enlightened.))     

     Could we expect that Jupiter in the charts of others in Bush's circle -- Condoleeza Rice, Alberto Gonzalas, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, even now Chief Justice John Roberts... -- also be harmed and unbalanced?  You bet.  There isn't a firmly ethical Jupiter in the whole bunch.  But then, this should be expected, for Bush's Jupiter aspects his seventh house of relationships and eleventh house of friends, and he is well known for having his friends surround him.

     As for Jupiter in your individual charts, nobody wants to believe they lack wisdom or even worse, judgment.  In many cases, a weak and/or afflicted Jupiter will cause blind spots, skew perception, or the person may allow other desires or fears to compromise their ethics.  In some cases, wealthy Jupiter is so harmed that the person feels the world owes him a living.   

     Unfortunately, being in denial of poor judgment almost always makes application of Vedic remedies to uplift the planet -- gemstones, mantra and Ayurvedic techniques -- difficult.  In some cases, the person can't even wear Jupiter's yellow sapphire or yellow topaz -- when they do try, the stone won't stay on the body and is sometimes permanently lost.  Yet, by study, meditation and mentorship, a person can work with his Jupiter to gradually improve it.  After all, if there were no the possibility of improving ones situation, there would be no purpose to this incarnation.



Crime Report

     Today's headlines feature bad news about crime, Violent Crime Up for 1st Time in 5 Years.  Long time subscribers will recall the Mars/Saturn battle ( July 21, 2005 to February 5 2006), which first brought last year's hurricanes, high gas prices, budding civil war in Iraq and the tumultuous downward slide of the Bush Administration.

     As Saturn is authority figures, and Mars is aggression, this combination brings abuse of authority, which is what criminal activity is. 

(Note: Because landed property and mechanical Mars and technical Saturn together also symbolize contractors, this is why they are often dishonest and steal each others tools.)

     That Mars is in Cancer with Saturn (May 25 to July 12), expect criminal violence to continue for several weeks.  This will include excessive and cruel crimes, especially in families (Cancer is fourth house of the family in the natural zodiac.)



World Cup & NBA Finals

     The Mars/Saturn combination will also stimulate discord and injuries to these signal sports contests of soccer and basketball.  This results because Mars is sports and muscles, and Saturn is bones and joints.




     The June 7 Celestial Wheel (below) stated that, it appears that damaging storms will not begin until August.  However, we do have a very unusual early season storm, Hurricane Warning Issued for Alberto.  Normally, when tropical storms form in June in the lower Caribbean, the waters are not yet warm enough to fuel high impact hurricanes. 

     Yet, with Mars and Saturn conjunct in Cancer (the fourth house of the home in the natural zodiac and the eighth house of catastrophe in the U.S. chart), this early season storm can be expected.  It may, however, bring  some good as well, for Florida needs rain to snuff out damaging forest fires and nourish its large agriculture businesses of vegetables, citrus and cattle.  So, the June 7 prediction may be correct.

     Wednesday, June 14 is a sensitive date identified in the January 12, Planetary Karmas For The First Half of 2006 -- Part I -- World Transit Chart.   Look for Alberto to make landfall and/or dump its moisture then.



World Economy

      The January 12 Planetary Karmas For The First Half of 2006 -- Part I -- World Transit Chart and March 1 Planetary Karmas For 2006 Part 3 United States Chart March 2 -- June 30 predicted economic woes during Mars' May 25 to July 12 transit through Cancer.  This was discussed further, notably in the June 7 Celestial Wheel (below), ...a plunging stock market and first signs of an economic recession

     The May 7 Celestial Wheel also predicted that ...instead of one major event, there will be several less signal ones (during the stress peak) from June 5 to 15

     This New York Times article, With Global Markets Jittery, Investor Decide to Rein in Risk confirms the prediction for a gathering recession this month and next.  See also, Down Closes Down Nearly 100 Points.

     Not too, this excerpt (below) from Planetary Karmas For The First Half of 2006 -- Part I -- World Transit Chart.  These predictions are all beginning to actualize, although the May 16 The Risk Of A Bird Flu Pandemic refined that prediction for the Bird Flu becoming contagious at the end of August.


The final section, May 25 To July 12, concluded with,

Following are the planetary karmas to be expressed during this interval:

     Economic recession

     Energy crisis

     Natural disasters

     Popular rebellions

     Bird Flu pandemic

        Sensitive Dates: June 5, June 14, July 11


     Mercury is a lovely evening star this month.




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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


June 9, 2006

Hindu Philosophy And Evangelicals

     During this United States ten year Moon cycle ending in 2008, a full range of deep and dark eighth house effects come forward.  This is because the Moon rules the eighth, and this house symbolizes hidden things, naturally including metaphysics but also mysticism -- expressed in America as Evangelicals, or Christian Fundamentalists.   Sex is also an eighth house signification, making that another focus, notably related to repressing sex in the media, abortion and gay marriage.  These fit tidily into the Evangelical Christianity, which has its roots in the Puritan's theocracy.

     Evangelism embodies, a personal experience of conversion, biblically oriented faith and a belief in the relevance of Christian faith to cultural issues. (  There is also a call for believers to convert others so that they too can be saved by Christ.

     Evangelical Christianity is at odds with Hindu philosophy and thereby also Vedic Astrology, which is integral to Hinduism.  Part of this disparity has to do with Vedic Astrology's predictive quality, for any craft foreseeing the future conflicts with the power of the church over its followers and thereby must be the devil's work.  An Evangelical friend says that what I do is hocus pocus

(Note: The Catholic Church literally snuffed out astrology in Europe, and it was reinvented in the late nineteenth century from the bits and pieces of un-burnt books and manuscripts into a psychological model -- in keeping the with emerging study of psychology.  Karl Jung was a notable contributor here.)

     Quite amazingly, many Evangelicals believe in faith healing, notably the Pentecostals, who speak in tongues, because Hinduism also embraces spiritual healing.  For Hindus, though, this tends to be more oriented toward spiritual practices that heal -- such as yoga, meditation and mantra.  Vedic Astrology also includes spiritual remedies, which focus upon mantra (sound therapy), gemstones (light therapy) and Ayurveda (lifestyle techniques).  Still, Hinduism has great healers, and those who have achieved self-realization can heal others with a touch, a word or just a thought.  Yet others, born with the healing gift, can heal without having achieved self-realization, or what the Buddhists call enlightenment.  The trick for them is to not misuse their powers, and this is true for Easterners as well as Westerners. 

     I wonder then about Evangelicals like Jimmy Swaggart, who healed so many, in between consorting with prostitutes, and then cried his eyes out on TV, asking for forgiveness.  As an American, I'm ashamed of that spectacle, of his misuse of power.  Yet, I also wonder about many healers in Sedona, who similarly sin or are simply self-serving.  Of course, some are just crazy.   As a spiritual seeker, I'm ashamed of this misuse of power in the town I call home.  On the other hand, because I have their charts, I marvel at those healers who truly heal to help.  Ah, that I could be so pristine in my work.

     Since G.W. Bush is now pushing the Evangelical buttons now regarding gay marriage, and it seems inevitable that abortion and other Evangelical fears will follow, it's timely to include here a recent e-mail dialogue I've been having with the Evangelical, wife of an old friend in Florida. 

     Keep in mind I am not a theologian, nor a spiritual teacher.  My Vedic Astrology studies under James Braha, and later to certification at the American College of Vedic Astrology, included instruction in Hinduism and Vedic Astrology's role within that most ancient of humanity's study of the consciousness.  Without that education, my work would fail to illuminate consciousness, which is what Hinduism is about.  As The eye of the Vedas, Vedic Astrology's role can only be to cast light upon karmic paths to better enable personal growth.


Here's what she wrote

Do you know anybody without sin other than Jesus Christ?

We all come short to the Glory of God.  The truth of salvation is that God recognizes our sinful nature and offers eternal life if you accept the gift by humbling yourself to Him accepting your mistakes and sincerely asking for forgiveness.

When you truly love you forgive. That doesn't mean that while you are on this earth you get away with murder. 

You may not be aware of the punishment we all receive for when we knowingly hurt other people.  

If you are in communion with God you become very aware of it all. 

What happens to people in this life that choose to do wrong is between them and God.

Here's my reply

My comments in maroon within your brown text

Do you know anybody without sin other than Jesus Christ?
Yes.  The Hindus believe in all the deities and saints -- Jesus is included, along with Mohammad, Buddha and the various aspects of their one God -- Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva.... 

Also, then, Hinduism is thereby an inclusive religion -- anyone can attain self-realization (enlightenment) regardless of their religion.  Yours, however, is an exclusive religion -- only those who believe in your God are given eternal life -- enlightenment. 

So, no matter how good the person is, what his contributions to humanity are, how selfless he may be, if he isn't saved by your Jesus, he's damned.  Your religion thereby ignores and condemns all who follow all other belief systems.  This concept is not found in the Bible but rather only in the cannons of churches, and ironically, churches are not found in the Bible.  Neither is your intolerance of other belief systems in the Bible.  Jesus, after all, was about tolerance.  The Hindus believe that all paths lead to God

We all come short to the Glory of God.  The truth of salvation is that God recognizes our sinful nature and offers eternal life if you accept the gift by humbling yourself to Him accepting your mistakes and sincerely asking for forgiveness.
I'm sorry, but this is akin to a magic wand and does not require the person do the work in the world to become enlightened.  This is selfish, not selfless.  

There are essentially three paths to chose from: good actions (karma), knowledge  (of God) and devotion, though every spiritual seeker applies all three -- and it is only from these that behavior and thought result in the selflessness required for elevation of consciousness --  to be one with God. 

In your religion, anyone at any time can claim to be saved, regardless of his past actions, or even future actions.  In Hinduism, you have to earn salvation.

When you truly love you forgive. That doesn't mean that while you are on this earth you get away with murder.
All religions believe in this.

You may not be aware of the punishment we all receive for when we knowingly hurt other people
If you're not aware, the you're neither saved nor enlightened, for being one with God is defined as opening ones awareness to all things.

If you are in communion with God you become very aware of it all.
Yes, but this includes the karma of personal responsibility, to not hurt others by action or inaction.  If a person is drowning, and you can, but don't pull him out of the water, you have murdered him as if you shot him.  That is, you are responsible to, not just yourself, but all of humanity -- if you will rise above selfishness.

What happens to people in this life that choose to do wrong is between them and God.
This is a cop-out, an excuse not to do what is right, what is your duty to help others, to relieve suffering.  It allows people like G.W. Bush to lie to invade other countries, and it thereby allows you to stand aside and do nothing to correct that wrong, which harms so many.  If you had a family member or child of a friend killed or maimed in Iraq, and you failed to protest that war, you too would have blood on your hands.

On the other hand, it must be great to believe you're saved -- and not have to do anything to improve humanity's lot, to absolve yourself of all responsibility to your fellow man.  The only problem is, Jesus didn't say that in the Bible.  The Catholic Church chose the scriptures 300 years after Christ died that make up the Bible, and the Church denies newly discovered scriptures to for fear it will lose power.  See Ancient text amends the Jesus-Judas story.

In closing, it's too bad about Gandhi -- he saved an entire nation from colonialism, and his model of nonviolence has been used successfully since, notably in the U.S. civil rights movement, which restored freedoms to oppressed blacks and other minorities. 

In your belief system, these deeds mean nothing, and Gandhi goes to hell because he was not saved.   It's too bad Martin Luther King is dead, for you can't ask him about the philosophy Gandhi inspired in him, nor about Gandhi's chances for heaven. 

Maybe Billie Graham would have an opinion here, even though he revealed his lack of vision by allowing Richard Nixon to deceived him for political gain -- something that Gandhi, with his tremendously greater awareness (illumination with God), would never allow.


     In closing, if I've insulted anyone's beliefs by misrepresenting Christian Evangelicalism or Hinduism, I apologize.  However, if I've insulted anyone's beliefs simply because you believe in something else, I can only suggest you understand the blinders were purposely put over your eyes by religious organizations with selfish agendas conflicting with God's only purpose for us -- awareness.



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June 7, 2006

Mars/Saturn Events

     Mars continues to march toward Saturn in Cancer, bringing violence and discord. 

     Again, because Cancer is the fourth house of the home for the World Transit Chart, this indicates destruction due to severe weather and/or earth crust events (May 24 Celestial Wheel).  Specifically, on June 6, The Natural Geographic news reported, Volcano Spews Lava, Gas in Indonesia:  11,000 evacuated.  Naturally too, violence escalates in hot spots around the world -- Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia... 

     Again, for the U.S. chart, Cancer is the eighth house of calamity (Planetary Karmas For 2006 Part 3 United States Chart March 2 -- June 30), This interval will be akin to a symphonic crescendo, during which orchestral themes played during the previous three months join in cacophony, and, Expect during these early weeks of summer to hear the drumbeats of popular protests against the futile woodwinds of ineffective government and the whining strings of strung-out leaders --  while the brass blares sorrow for real estate and industrial down-spirals.  Similarly, there's a secondary Cancer influence for natural disasters. 

     Since the June 5 to 15 peak period began, the U.S. has already experienced: the Iran oil withdrawal threat, a plunging stock market and first signs of an economic recession  (Greenspan: Evergy Costs May Stunt Economy).  Additionally, there are the farcical gay marriage and flag burning issues and today, Ann Coultier's criticism of 9-11 widows and Hillary Clinton's rebuke for this vicious, mean-spirited attack (Hillary Lashes Out at Ann Coulter).  As the eighth house is also sex,  and the dark alleyways of human experience, these issues fit, as does, Congress Increases Indecency Fines Tenfold.

     Expect more of the same, both globally and in the U.S. over the next week or so as Mars approaches ever closer to Saturn.  This dissonance peaks on June 15, when they are almost exactly conjunct -- and then it begins to decline.  Note, however, the sensitive date is June 14.

     I'll do a hurricane season forecast soon -- but in the meantime, it appears that damaging storms will not begin until August.



     Even though yesterday was both 666 and Mars Tuesday, it was relatively quiet compared with Monday and today.  The June 5 Celestial Wheel prediction that 666 would not bring anything calamitous proved out.


The Mule Race

     Astrology must be about fate, because without it, predictions could not be made.  Further, if free will were absolute, the soul would have no tasks to learn.  Two cloned mule brothers, raised apart to eliminate the nurture and the nature versus variable, raced in Nevada June 4.  (Cloned Mules Win Preliminary Races in Nev.)  Two qualifying heats, two wire-to-wire victories, two nearly identical times.  It was almost like the same mule won twice.and Idaho Gem covered his 350-yard sprint Saturday in 21.817 seconds, winning by 1 1/4 lengths over five rivals.  Idaho Star was less than three hundredths of a second faster, finishing in 21.790 seconds to win by a half length over four competitors.


Bush's Mercury Dasa

     G.W. Bush entered his 16 year Mercury Dasa (planetary cycle) on May 15.  This variable planet of communications is placed in Bush's first house of the self, making him quick and often witty.  Saturn's presence there creates deception, self deception and extreme stubbornness.  In other words, he lies. Because Mercury rules the third house of desires and the twelfth house of loss, there are further influences for emotional and impulsive statements and positions that do not prevail.

     Certainly, Bush's latest forays -- gay marriage, Iran, illegal immigration -- are all losers.  On May 25, when Bush and Tony Blair had a joint news conference, Bush responded to a question about rumors that Treasury Secretary Snow would resign, Bush said, No, he has not talked to me about resignation. I think he's doing a fine job.  After all, our economy is -- it's strong.  The June 5 Bush Caught In Lie About Snow Resignation, stated, not only had Snow indicated he was leaving, President Bush had already settled on his replacement. Today, (Press Secretary)Tony Snow said that Hank Paulson was offered the job on May 20 and accepted a day later:

     I'll write more about this new Dasa's impacts upon Bush in later Celestial Wheels.


Seven Years

     This month marks seven years of full time practice as a Vedic Astrologer.  This amazed me.  Time flies when you're having fun, I guess.  Thanks to all of you for your support.




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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


June 5 , 2006

Today's June 5 Sensitive Date

     The stock market took a beating on yesterday's news that the Iranians would cut oil exports, if Western nations punish or attack the country over its nuclear arms program. (Stocks Tumble on Iran Concerns)  The Dow Jones dropped 199 points, and oil jumped a dollar to $73.35.  Violence in Iraq yesterday and today also spiked.  (Keep in mind that June 5 occured a half day earlier in the Mideast.)

     This stock market decline also dovetails with the May 7 Celestial Wheel , That the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a new high Friday also relates to Venus (wealth) in its exalted sign of Pisces intensified by Rahu -- the head-of- the-dragon eclipse point.  As Rahu is also illusion, this market boom won't last.   Too, it fits with the January 12, 2006 In-depth Forecast Planetary Karmas For The First Half of 2006 -- Part I -- World Transit Chart predicting an energy crisis.  Also note that an economic recession was predicted.  That will unfold during this month and early July.

     For many, your individual experiences have also been stressed today.

     Also from the May 7 Celestial Wheel,

Mars Conjunct Saturn In Cancer

     The prediction for June 5 to 15 being dangerous for violent Mars conjoining with Saturn in Cancer, but instead of one major event, there will be several less signal ones from June 6 to 15, is augmented by 6/06/2006 being a 666 date. 

     The Denver Post May 1 article, "666" sense: Date marked with caution explains, that 666 signifies the Mark of the Beast or the Antichrist to some organizations and believe June 6 is a date that could trigger problems.

     I don't see unusual planetary stresses tomorrow that would bring anything calamitous.

     The next sensitive date is June 14. 




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Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers.