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June 21 - 30, 2004


Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
 Sedona, Arizona


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June 30

     See below the corrected date for the full Moon Friday morning.


     Here's the Lunar Nakshatra (Moon's house) for the full Moon, which will be celebrated Thursday evening.  The symbolism promotes achievement and teaches patience.  The marine quality to this Nakshatra may be seen on the world scene in the Mideast or elsewhere.  The mental intensity discussed yesterday will amplify this Nakshatra's influences. 


Purva Ashadha
Ruled  by Venus
13:20 Sagittarius – 10:00 Capricorn        

     Purva Ashadha indicates patience for being victorious, convincing speech, an independent nature with firm opinions, and sociability and loyalty in friendship.  There is also luck in love, and an agreeable spouse.  Professions relate to water in all its various forms, and Purva Ashadha people therefore often take to shipping, marine life and also processing raw materials.  Its is symbolized by the two stars in the Archer’s (Sagittarius) chest.  
     Purva Ashadha is symbolized by a fan or the winnowing basket that separates grain from the husk.  It’s deity is the water god Apah.  Final mythic symbolism arises from Aparajita, another name for this Nakshatra, meaning
the undefeated.  Victory in strug- gles and confrontations is connoted.
     These symbols suggest patience in waiting for obstacles to subside, like a fan enables one to tolerate heat.  As one also aggressively fans a fire, and winnowing breaks the grain from the husk, Purva Ashadha associates too with declaring war and other types of aggressions.  Too, the fan and winnowing basket improve life conditions, promoting strong desires for improving ones life.
     Aparajiti’s undefeated quality suggests being invincible, especially in debating, which is a peaceful way to achieving ones goals.  Apah indicates water’s pervasive and universal nature, and it promotes journeys by water.  Since the Moon governs body fluids, illnesses such as bloating and kidney and bladder abnormal function can occur.
     Combining Purva Ashadha’s symbols suggests the capability to succeed through the contrasting methods of waiting and pushing ahead.   Water is characterized by its inevit- able flowing and breaking through barriers, either in slow erosion or an aggressive flood.  



June 29

     The Moon will be full on Friday, July 2, just before dawn.  Full Moon celebrations on Thursday evening will bring comfort, for the mind will be exceptionally active then.  Here's why.


     The full Moon signifies expansion of lunar perception and emotional fullness.  As the full Moon approaches, Mercury will be changing signs -- leaving the focus and constriction of Saturn's influence in Gemini for Mars' quick and heated energy in Cancer.  Mercury's intellect and communications will be temporarily lulled during this sign change, but by the full Moon, Mercury will have regained strength at two degrees.  Mars' influence brings quickness and cleverness to Mercury.  However, as Mars cares only about the ends and not the means, it also influences for  a shrewd expediency, competitiveness, even aggression for gain.  Lawyers often have Mercury/Mars combinations in their charts. 


     Take advantage of this mental elevation for insight and problem solving.  Yet, it will also be wise to monitor your thoughts on Wednesday and Thursday to avoid self-serving actions that may not be in your best interests and could short-change others.


     Certainly, the Mideast will be churned up then.  Expect an elevation of rhetoric and aggressive, even punitive actions by politicians.    


June 28

     The two-day early turnover to the Iraq provisional government reflects a decision made through intense mental focus (Mercury/Saturn) to minimize disruption by the insurgency.  However, this choice was also fueled by the Moon being conjunct Ketu (the otherworldly tail of the dragon), which disturbs the emotions and influences for over-sensitivity to the environment.  Gunfire made them nervous.  An aspect to the Moon by fallen Mars suggests desperation.  This choice, then, was an emotionally driven overreaction.  From the U.S. side, panicking to scandals issuing from every quarter (which they can only perceive as threats), this early disengagement attempts to reduce the administration's stress.  For an example of worrisome scandal Bush and company must respond to, see today's Washington Post article, Detainees, Combatants Can Challenge Detentions -- Supreme Court Limits Scope of Presidential Wartime Powers


     The early turnover is also, and perhaps primarily, a transparent ploy encouraging NATO support in today's summit, for NATO is now faced with an already independent Iraq.  However, NATO is like a suspicious poker player who doesn't want to disengage completely because it knows there is a huge pot of gold (oil) in the game.  There's not much on the table for today's poker hand, and NATO is therefore happy to let Bush win.  For NATO, this is a waiting game, and it will truly engage in Iraq only after the U.S. loses control of the spoils of oil Bush will likely come away with some positive sounding promises from NATO, but these will be of minor importance and can be delayed or even withdrawn as Iraq inevitably destabilizes. 


     Taking the early turnover together with the added restrictions upon Iraq's sovereignty as reported in yesterday's log entries, the U.S. appears to be using a quick cut-and-run tactic to save a losing strategy.    From the Iraqi view, the early turnover prevents the U.S. from further shackling a government already subject to control by puppeteer Bush.  Discussion on Iraq's new national chart will be published tomorrow, June 29, in the Subscriber-only Forecast,  #53 Part II The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas.



June 27

     To see how desperate the administration has become about Iraq, the Washington Post today publishes an article entitled, U.S. Edicts Curb Power Of Iraq's Leadership, /wp-dyn/articles/A8665-2004Jun26.html  This backtracking upon the often repeated pledge to full Iraqi sovereignty on June 30 is both another act of desperation and more neoconservative manipulation.  Of course, these sovereignty restrictions are completely legal.  Visit The Coalition Provisional Authority website page entitled, Long Live The New Iraq.  There you'll see the, LAW OF ADMINISTRATION FOR THE STATE OF IRAQ FOR THE TRANSIT- IONAL PERIOD 8 March 2004.   (I searched that website to pin down the new Iraqi national chart, analyzed in the upcoming second part of my in-depth Mideast Forecast.)  This law appears to transfer complete sovereignty to Iraq, but in Article II, (B) (2) is a caveat allowing the administration to insert any restrictions it chooses but which neither Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice or even Powell bothered to mention when promising everyone time and time again full Iraq sovereignty.  Here's the damning passage,


This government shall exercise authority in accordance with this Law, including the fund- amental principles and rights specified herein, and with an annex that shall be agreed upon and issued before the beginning of the transitional period and that shall be an integral part of this Law. 


     I hope the press reports this monstrous contradiction, but in case no one does, I ask readers forward today's Celestial Wheel to anyone you know.  This information is of fundamental importance, for the public has a right to know they've been misled yet again.  Further, these sovereignty restrictions can only doom the new government, for this shackling reveals it to truly be a puppet for the U.S.  On the other hand, as difficult as the Iraq situation has become, it is Bush's unalterable karma for his rise to the presidency to be followed by a fall to disgrace.  I have repeatedly predicted that invading Iraq would be Bush's great misadventure.   While no one can save the Iraq debacle, we can at least we can save ourselves more quickly, and save lives in Iraq as well, by seeing the truth to enable holding the administration accountable for its lies.  Then and only then can the global community unite to rescue Iraq.  Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass was perhaps writing about Iraq, or Bush, or both, when Alice said,


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall:
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses and all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty in his place again.



     Above is a Hubble Space Telescope image of a distant ringed galaxy, entitled
Celestial Wheel.  One can view this as the inevitable turning of the wheel of karma or that wheel collapsing upon itself.   


     The connection between the June 23 log entry promoting cooperation (as taught on Sesame Street to small children ) and yesterday's about Dick Cheney's cursing Senator Leahy is hard to miss.  Cheney then being unrepentant, indeed self-righteous about his obscenity on the floor of the always gentlemanly Senate, confirms how thin the veneer of civilization is for these neo-conservatives.  These glimpses of Cheney's veiled paranoia and accompany autocracy are unsettling but signal again how panicked the administration has become.  Mercury' transit across blocking Saturn in the eleventh house of friends and groups was the catalyst for Cheney's outburst and attempt to justify himself.  Saturn's eleventh house transit also costs Cheney friends and brings failures with groups.  This is an ongoing influence that strengthens through the summer, particularly in late August and early September.  Essentially, Cheney's friends and groups become his enemies, which only broadens his autocratic paranoia.  Cheney's popularity must wane during the summer and through the fall.  His cardiac system will be again at risk.   


     Since Bush himself is in a power vacuum, and because Condoleeza Rice has become invisible due to her Sadi Sati, Bush must fall back on Cheney and Rumsfeld to promote the neoconservative agenda and his bid for reelection. Unfortunately for Bush, both the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense are losing ground as their lies and manipulations are being repeatedly challenged.  Autocratic stonewalling only harms their reputations further.  Rumsfeld continuously loses power to influence, and his cardiac system too is increasingly sensitive.  Watch Cheney after July 5, however, for then he changes planetary cycles to Venus/Mercury, when he will  transform his persona from the grumpy troll under the bridge (the original undisclosed location) to a conniving charmer.  Overall, planetary cycles and transits for these three fellows are really quite bizarre individually, and as a group, they constitute an impotent rage.



June 26

     The neo-conservatives are on the ropes.  As I stated June 23, They know they have failed,  for their increasingly strident denials of misdoing reveal themselves to the public.  Everyone should now be aware that Cheney betrayed his temper by cursing Senator Leahy with the "F" word on Wednesday in a discussion about Halliburton.  Yesterday's Washington Post article, Testy, Testy, Testy gives further detail about short tempers in the White House  http://www. wp-dyn/ politics/administration /whbriefing/ 

     To the right is a photo of an obviously aged Bush, responding to a reporter during an Irish TV interview at the White House Friday.  The Mercury conjunction with Saturn has blocked his ability to think, speak and influence.  Bush can only plead helplessly.

     I am grinding through the critical Mideast in-depth Forecast (Part II, which examines the charts of four nations  -- Israel, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia) and simply do not have the time to update the charts for Bush and his key players.  However, these were addressed in detail in the April 25 Subscriber-only Forecast, #50 Tornado Season For Bush.   Subscribers are encouraged to reread this Forecast, accessible via the private archives page.  It's interesting to see the how the predicted karmas are actualizing 

  Let me finish. Let me finish, please. Please. You ask the questions and I'll answer them, if you don't mind.



June 25

     On Monday, June 21, I discussed the mental focus brought by mental Mercury's approaching conjunct- ion with restrictive Saturn.   This week has indeed been productive for many in getting caught up and reorganized.  This planetary configuration is also favorable for investigative efforts, getting to the bottom of things, and this applies individuals and world events alike.  Mercury/Saturn, however, is an exhausting combination, suggesting rest and relaxation over the weekend.  Further, as Mercury approaches exact conjunction tomorrow, Saturn's blocking effect on Mercury's mind will make concentration difficult and clarity elusive.  Headaches and arthritis are physical concerns.  Expect the Iraq situation to become even more confused and worrisome.   In fact, you may find increasing difficulty today in completing tasks -- so don't push yourself too hard, and start the weekend early if you can.


     With aggressive Mars unhappy in its fallen sign of Cancer, it's useful to use up your Mars energies in  positive ways.  Exercise, sports, gardening and yoga are all good choices.  This dovetails nicely with the benefits of relaxation to counteract the Mercury/Saturn conjunction.  After the weekend, you'll then be mentally recharged and physically relaxed -- better prepared for the upcoming week.



June 24

     Over the past year and a half since initiating Subscriber-only Forecasts, a core group of aware and sophisticated Subscribers has emerged.  Below are two comments, which I share for today's Celestial Wheel log entries.  (After the past few days of intense Mercury/Saturn focus, I've written myself out - pun intended.)



C.S.   Gulf Breeze, Florida  
     I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the CW's and have now gotten so used to them and am depending on them for a daily dose.  (Hope some of your freebie people feel this way and subscribe.  You put a lot of "heart" into the last 10 days, and maybe they will be addicted and pony up on July 1.)

     I am certainly learning some Vedic astrology along with the comments on the current situation.  I especially liked June 19.  I have increasingly felt this very same way in the last few months. At first I thought it was because I just turned 62 in April.  But I can see now there is more to it.  I will think more about it.

     I did print out your June 19 Forecast on the Mideast last night and began reading it. Looking forward to more forecasts.  You seem to really be in a rhythm where you are tuning in to what is going on.




Dr. H. K.  Worcester, MA and Sedona, AZ
An appreciative subscriber

Applied Psychoanalysis v  Vedic Astrology Predictions
Justin  A. Frank, M.D.  v  Doug Riemer

     Material written by a psychoanalyst regarding President Bush resurrected an essay by Doug Riemer.  Both authors are highly pessimistic about the strengths of our leader. HarperCollins offers an excerpt from Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of Presi- dent Bush by Justin A. Frank, M.D. _xml.asp?isbn=0060736704   Dr. Frank itemizes Bush's paradoxical, idiosyncratic traits, identifying the holes within the President's emotional fabric.  Dr. Frank is a well-trained psychiatrist with advanced analytic training.  His book and a well-funded, decades-long CIA project perform "applied psychoanalysis.”  Aspects of the targeted individual's psycho-social history, linguistics and non-verbal communication are interpreted to best understand the motives of high-ranking world leaders- -- to ideally manage them for diplomacy.  

     Findings similar to Dr. Frank’s were published by Doug Riemer on October 24 (The Bush Presidency  -- Profile & Prediction) on his website.  How did Doug and his comput- erized crystal ball accomplish this?  Is Doug a covert CIA operative?*  To itemize the authors' similar findings would be an exercise in specifics, which is just not my gift.   How- ever, applauding Doug's talent and wisdom is important.  For instance, six months ago, he and I performed a pilot study of Vedic Astrology as an analytic tool, similar to "applied psychoanalysis."  The results were remarkably helpful to the five psychotherapy patients and therapist.

     In fact, Doug's predictive abilities have been personally valuable.  On Friday, May 21,
I faced critical patient situations, the severity of which might occur only once every few months.  I had just five minutes to deal with each before the next client walked in.  This proceeded consecutively over the final three hours.  Fortunately after the last incredible event, my wife and I headed west to the lush greenery of Stockbridge, MA, site of famed Alice's Restaurant and summer home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  While trav- eling, I remembered and was immediately soothed by a Doug prediction of a couple days earlier, alerting us to an upcoming chaotic planetary pinball game that would manifest on the 21st.  Hurray!!!  Everything worked out; the planets came through; everyone survived; and I was going to be calmed by Green Energy, a healing strategy tutored into my rusty brain by Doug.  

     Whether we label it "applied psychoanalysis" or Vedic Astrology, it is important during these chaotic times that we be prepared and find comfort within ourselves.  The afore- mentioned predictive strategies offer a "heads up" to future events and also provide a sense of security when predictions materialize.  Recognizing that the Universe does not operate as random chaos, but rather as the unfolding of a grand scheme, gives comfort.  My rational delusion envisions a benevolent Force driving all things toward a higher evolution.  Vedic Astrology reinforces this, comforting me more than a cold teething ring for a six month old.  And Doug?  He interprets the sky for us with the sage wisdom and sincerity which It and we deserve. 

(*Of course, I can't comment upon this, except to say CIA folks get it wrong more often.)



June 23

     Since last August, when Jupiter transited into Leo, both Jupiter and Saturn have been aspecting Sagit- tarius, which is the ninth house of higher knowledge, religion and philosophy.  Jupiter is wisdom and expansion.  Saturn is the opposite in its detachment and contraction.  The electric motor is a good analogy here -- magnets with opposing poles push against each other to turn a shaft, converting stasis to movement, inaction to action.


     When Jupiter and Saturn, the planetary polar opposites, combine to influence the ninth house, a focus on ethical humanism, concern about law and order for the common man, naturally results.  Thus, we have seen since last summer an endless parade of ethical issues.  Some are oriented to religion -- gay marriage, abor- tion, polygamy, the Ten Commandments on the courthouse steps....  One, pedophilia, truly amazes in being revealed in the polar opposites of religion  --  the bureaucratic Catholic Church and the the Indian God-man Sai Baba.  Others are more generally societal  -- health care, fair pay to workers, social services, separation of government powers, imperialism, global warming, energy supplies...  This is a difficult but necessary and rewarding process, putting under the philosophical microscope society's moral and ethical infections and then disinfecting through public debate.


     One area is particularly fascinating, that of political polarization, in which, continuing the electric motor analogy, the opposing magnets freeze motion, not produce it.  I recall well encouraging my always head- strong older daughter to abide by Big Bird's axiom on Sesame Street -- cooperation.  How the world would be different if today's politicians had sat with their children and paid attention to Big Bird's basic wisdom in 1975.  It cannot be an accident that these past few weeks have seen intense examinations of two former Presidents, Reagan and Clinton.  Their achievements rested in cooperation, which by definition is optimism, but both are maliciously castigated by opposing political partisans.  What these criticisms miss is that, if we take a longer view, encompassing Reagan's eight years in the eighties and Clinton's eight years in the nineties (with only the interlude of the first Bush Presidency), the period from 1982 to 2000 brought tremendous and unprecedented economic, social and political progress.  Rather than attempt to list, or otherwise describe, these advances, I leave it to readers to consider how society has progressed during that era.  


     If we can discard our own divisive beliefs to objectively appreciate how far we traveled from 1982 to 2000, then society can reject disunity and embrace unity.  The reign of the neoconservative's extreme partisanship is literally finished.  They know they have failed, for their increasingly strident denials of misdoing reveal themselves to the public.  We can choose their partisan to the victor belongs the spoils selfishness or pick instead the selflessness of a cooperative and optimistic bipartisanship that turns the shaft of humanity's motor.  Look again at Reagan and Clinton and see beyond their all-to-human frailties (and their positions with which you disagree) to understand how these political polar opposites cooperatively worked in sequence to advance humanity.  


     Jupiter will leave Leo on August 23, giving an end date for reconciling our positions and restarting the process of reconciliation and resume humanity's march forward.  It would be sad if  Reagan's and Clinton's affirmative legacies were lost to small-minded bickering.  Big Bird would not approve.  Ask any five year old.



June 22

     Here's another acute insight from a Subscriber  K.Z. in Illinois wrote this about the June 17 Forecast #53 Part I The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas,  


     I've been wondering for a few weeks about the fall of the Shah of Iran in the late 70's and how that relates to the political situation in Saudi Arabia. 

     With this weekend's events, I just get this feeling the Saudi gov't is going to fall soon, even before I saw your forecast.  The Saudi PR man was in western dress and speaking English -- but relying on him is like relying on the Shah of Iran's information ministry in 1979.
     Did a search, and found that seems like it will happen soon, as you mentioned  in the latest forecast.


     Yesterday, I suggested in Mercury's current placement that, Investigative efforts for accountability and serious mental pursuits are productive avenues for personal endeavors.  Clearly, K.Z. was influenced here.  Also, I initially resisted including Iran's national chart in the upcoming, Part II The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck --  Iraq, Israel & Saudi Arabia.  But as the day went by, the idea sunk in.  Saturn's profound depth on Mercury's flighty nature brings slowly-gained but penetrating thought.



June 21

     The planetary alignments seem to be relatively benign this week, and with the Moon now waxing in Cancer, there's some perceptional relief as well.  Mercury is strong in its own sign of Gemini, its intellectual significations stimulated by the Sun's illumination and organized by Saturn's focus. This is a good interlude for putting our individual lives and world events into perspective.  


     Use the workweek for getting caught up and reorganized  -- both at work and at home.  Investigative efforts for accountability and serious mental pursuits are productive avenues for personal endeavors.  These qualities will also be evident in media reporting, -- getting to the bottom of things.  Technical issues, business transactions and money management are responsible Saturn dictates, calling for conservative action.  I'm personally committed to getting to the bottom of my in-basket and resolving lingering computer problems.  As the week progresses, and Mercury closes in on Saturn (they will be conjunct Saturday), use care, for clear focus will be compromised by deception, even self deception.  Governments will be particularly prey to offering ruses and misdirection to refute investigative results.  




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