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March 1 -- 15, 2005


Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
 Sedona, Arizona

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March 14

     Mars' March 5, 10 and 13 violence and discord have been obvious, most dramatically in the Atlanta courtroom and Milwaukee church slayings.  Although the media doesn't describe these as mass murders or massacres, that's what they are.  As these, and other challenges, relate to the difficult planetary cycles in the U.S. chart, domestic events tend to be more devastating than elsewhere.  Yet, today's Washington Post reports another huge protest in Lebanon, this opposing Syrian influence.  I really should have issued a caution for the full first two weeks of March, for the world and many individuals have experienced strife. 

     I had mentioned in the February 26 Celestial Wheel concern for my daughters, and the younger one got a tough traffic citation and then sprained her ankle over the weekend.  Mars for her was transiting the twelfth house of hospitalization and the feet  -- so while she wasn't able to dodge all the karma, at least she didn't go to the emergency room.

     It's interesting that I described the February 22 sign changes of Rahu and Ketu in the world transit chart as bringing instability, for that's exactly what has occurred in the Mideast, where governments are challenged, even faltering.  Further, because worldly cravings Rahu is now in Pisces, the sign of final liberation, and mystical Ketu is with Jupiter, the planet of religion, political decisions and trends are intimately connected with religious beliefs.  This will continue through next fall, until Jupiter escapes Ketu in October.  I've predicted a karmic showdown in the Mideast this summer, and preliminary analysis indicates mid July to be a pivot point.

     Now that the Mars has quieted, the next week or so should be relatively calm.  Mercury retrograde beginning March 20 and Saturn returning to forward motion March 22 will issue in a problematic interval.  Governments may have a tough time, for Saturn will begin again to impose order and restrict protests, but Mercury retrograde confusion will act against comprehension and agreement.  Look too for economic weakness and currency concerns.

     This, then, is a good week for repairing or correcting problems Mars has brought this month.   This is also generally a good time to tie up any loose ends, especially those that entail financial risk.



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Doug Riemer


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March 9

     The February 21 In-depth Forecast, #61 Kama & Kendra -- Desire & Power, highlighted March 5, 10 and 13 as a trio of destructive Mars events.  Charts considered were: World Transit, United States, G.W. Bush and Iraq.  With the March 5 opposition of Mars with Saturn completed, and the two remaining Mars events upcoming, it's a good time to do a prediction check:

     World Transit political unrest, violence (especially terrorism), spikes in economic turbulence, earth-crust events and continued severe weather.  Mideast turmoil, oil rising to $55 per barrel and weather extremes have occurred.  Mount St. Helens is spewing a massive smoke cloud.

     United States: The purity crusade, government corruption, business deregulation and efforts to dismantle the New Deal are continuing.  However, domestic economic problems and challenges abroad can derail further and significant neoconservative gains.  The first three topics have inevitably progressed, but we've just seen Social Security privatization take a fall, and the budget deficit is causing great concern.  For the first time since Bush took office, there's discussion about tax increases being required, recalling his father's No new taxes pledge.

     G.W. Bush: ...stimulate reversals for Bush coming primarily from Iraq, but also from enemies at home.  Since Bush is increasingly pumped up with his God-given mandate, these setbacks will infuriate him.  His increasingly inarticulate responses will be viewed by many as excessive and unbalanced, which resistance will inflame his frustration further.  Bush appears to be effectively stymied in his primary domestic agenda (as noted above), and he's crowing about advancing democracy in the Mideast.  The latter is a mirage, reflecting only politicking by autocrats and threatens to destabilize these post-colonial countries.  As politicians and the media are now daring to talk about tax increases, there are emerging criticisms describing his democracy hypocrisy  -- the international democracy crusade compared with his Fascist version of democracy at home, what I've described as the second Gilded Age.

     Iraq: ...the U.S. both failing to control the insurgency and being unable to work with the new Iraqi leadership. Watch for tide-turning violence and rejection of U.S. power during Mars' three-punch combination March 5, 10 and 13.  Although the media has focused on other issues, the insurgency continues.  The January 30 elections resulted in fractious groups jostling for power, delaying the first Iraqi Assembly meeting until March 16.  A Shiite oriented government in Iraq could stimulate Shiite/Sunni showdown throughout the Mideast this summer.  

     I concluded the Kama & Kendra Forecast stating, Bush will be effectively hobbled and thereby less capable of harm.  However, he may become more dangerous for impetuous and foolish use of his presidential power.  Watch the next week for Bush to suffer the consequences of his overreaching Kama (desire) falling short of his Kendra (power).  There is now a growing glimmer of hope that the neocon revolution will fail.

     On a personal level, clients have reported experiences typical of Mars/Saturn suffering  -- divorce, legal problems and illness.  Although personal challenge is never enjoyable, it does bring growth.  Further, on a Mundane Astrology level, we're already seeing the harms brought to neocon Fascists, which ultimately benefits us personally.

     Thank you to those Subscribers who've renewed for March -- May.  This winter is unfolding as predicted, and the coming months will be pivotal.  For those of you who did not respond to my March 3 and 7 Forecast Subscription renewal invitations, this is your final Celestial Wheel, and thank you for your past participation.





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Doug Riemer


(The research and composition for the Celestial Wheel is underwritten by paid subscribers.  If you find the information is of value, please honor this work by subscribing.   See the Forecasts page of