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January 16 -- 31, 2005


Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
 Sedona, Arizona

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January 31

     Month-end challenges brought by Saturn's retrograde harming Venus and Mercury, together with Mars' transit into Sagittarius, are pretty well over.  As I stated in the January 25 Celestial Wheel, by February 1 the dust will start settling.  While not everyone has been personally impacted, many were.  Keep in mind, however, that Jupiter's four month retrograde beginning February 2 is negative for abundance and good fortune.

     In the January 4 in-depth Forecast, #59 Winter/Spring Shifts Of The Major Planets, I took a look at charts for the world, the U.S., Iraq and Bush.  Here's a Prediction Check on that Forecast:

     1)  For the World (transit) chart, I suggested further earth crust events.  Multiple aftershock earthquakes occurred in both Indonesia and India this past Friday.  (There was also an earthquake in southern China coinciding with the January 25 full Moon.)   These weren't widely reported for the Western media being obsessed about Iraq.  Astrologers using the outer planets anticipated this in Pluto being conjunct Mars.  In the January 14 Celestial Wheel, I added weather events, stating, there could be severe and windy winter storms during the next few months.  Most of you Subscribers can confirm this from your personal experience.  Further, Europe has had the most snowfall since 1941.

     2)  For the U.S. chart, I suggested battles in Congress building again toward the end of January.  This has certainly proven true in confirmation hearings for Condoleeza Rice and Alberta Gonzales.  Too, Bush's neoconservative agenda, especially Social Security privatization, has drawn fire. 

     3)  For Iraq, I predicted that a Venus subcycle has the effect of, stimulating a heart-driven love for the country from the depths of its rich past and fulfillment of its dreams and that explains why, ..the government and general populace are so devoted to the January 30 election and hopeful for a positive outcome.  Yesterday's election confirmed that prediction.  (Note that in addition to the Venus subcycle, Iraq has enjoyed a favorable Jupiter subcycle since January 9.)  This beneficence is compromised beginning February 2, when restrictive Saturn replaces Jupiter.  Too, Jupiter will weaken by turning retrograde, as noted above.  With these two upcoming negatives, I also predicted on January 4 that, If the election does occur, it will only further polarize Iraqi groups, both against each other and against the U.S.  While most are euphoric about the Iraq election, it's important keep in mind voters voted for Iraq, not for the U.S.  The next month or so will prove, or not, this prediction.

     4)  For Bush, I stated that during this powerful Saturn/Jupiter cycle ...his big plans continue and actually expand, (but) his enemies are also persistent.  Further, Bush's apparent election victory exaggerates his confidence but not necessarily the capability to execute his big plans. and that, As Saturn transits back into Bush's twelfth house of loss beginning January 13, he will be again confronted with setbacks, as he was in the fall of 2003 and spring of 2004.  The U.S. chart Prediction Check, above, discussed the results of this overreaching.

     This ends the Prediction Check on the January 4 in-depth Forecast.

     The New York Times has twice reported on Bush being enamored with Natan Sharansky's new book, The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror.  This is the inspiration for his inauguration speech for a policy of worldwide democracy.  Today's article, Bush's Book Club Picks a New Favorite, is worthwhile reading.  The caption for the below photo states, Natan Sharansky was invited to the White House to discuss his new book with President Bush.


     On December 17, FrontPage magazine published in interview with Sharansky about his book in an article entitled, The Case For Democracy.  This utopian view is summed up in the below two sentences, which


     The two most important things that can be done to promote democracy in the world is first, to bring moral clarity back to world affairs and second, to link inter-national policies to the advance of democracy around the globe.

      When we are unwilling to draw clear moral lines between free societies and fear societies, when we are unwilling to call the former good and the latter evil, we will not be able to advance the cause of peace because peace cannot be disconnected from freedom.

     Look for Bush to again promote these concepts in his February 2 State Of The Union Speech.  I'll discuss in later forecasting efforts how the influences in Bush's chart bear on this concept and its impact upon his presidency, the U.S. and the world.

     I'm currently working on an in-depth Forecast entitled, The First Baby-Boomers.  This investigates a powerful Yoga (special combination) that has brought power and achievement to many folks born from June 8, 1946 to December 14, 1947.  The Yoga makes, the person extremely tough, relentless, stubborn and hard hearted, and it stimulates a lifelong drive for mastery in the person's field of endeavor, which brings long term success, often at the expense of others -- victimizing without conscience...  I'll entice you now with a partial listing of famous people with this Yoga:  Steven King, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallon, Michael Milken (the junk bond king), Donald Trump, O.J. Simpson, Tom Delay (The Hammer), Suzanne Somers, and both Bill and Hillary Clinton and George and Laura Bush.  This Forecast will hopefully further aid our understanding of America.

     Obviously, I'm not doing the Celestial Wheel log on a daily basis now.  I'm using the combination of this log and the in-depth Forecasts flexibly to best articulate emerging karmas.



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January 25

      In the January 14 Celestial Wheel, I discussed how Saturn's retrograde transit back into Gemini and Mars changing signs to move into Sagittarius brings month-end challenge in many areas, especially and including Iraq and President Bush.  I discussed this further in the January 21 Celestial Wheel.

     In addition to Saturn's and Mars' dispositions, Mercury and Venus are active in their transiting signs -- from Sagittarius into Capricorn.  During this process, they are moving across a point of opposition with Saturn, which dampens and blocks their influence.

     The energy is much like a dice game -- the players have placed their bets and the shooter is poised to throw the dice on a table laden with big bets.  In fact, the word dicey means, involving or fraught with danger or risk.  Continuing the analogy, there are multiple dice games in progress, some we know about and others unseen.  Bush's overly ambitious legislative agenda, although not yet fully defined or launched, is already meeting resistance.  Congress, faced again with being force-fed controversial proposals in key areas like Iraq, the budget and Social Security, is wary of negative consequences to further slavish rubber stamping the administration's unilateral commands.  Iraq, of course, is also in a crap game in its election process.  Other areas, like the weakening dollar and ongoing solidifying of the European Union, are even more analogous -- these are secreted international crap games in which the players are reducing their bets, even threatening the leave the U.S. dominated game.

     I mention these topics because they are representative of risk areas.  The next week will be a dynamic period, and although turmoil is generally viewed as harmful, its results can be beneficial.  Only through challenge comes growth.

     These planetary significations naturally also stimulate some stress in your personal chart. Sensitive areas include muscles, daughters, brothers, vehicles, long journeys and mental focus.  This is a good time to take it easy, and be easy on yourself.  It's important to know the period is brief, that by February 1 the dust will start settling.  Mercury and Venus will be much happier in Capricorn, giving the spirit a welcome lift. has completed reorganization and expansion of its website educating consumers about blue and red companies.  Take a look and participate in this growing consumer boycott.

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(The research and composition for the Celestial Wheel is underwritten by paid subscribers.  If a

subscriber has forwarded this to you, and you find the information is of value, please honor

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January 21     

     It's difficult to not feel tsunami-crushed by yesterday's inauguration highlighted by Bush's puffed up egocentric claim to democratize the world -- while he appears impervious to the contradiction of being a despot himself. 

      I scoured the news reports, seeing and hearing an interesting mix of views, mostly intended to put salve on the wounds.  Unfortunately for some, there's no doubt in Bush's invincibility, as The New York Times reports in its article, Bush Vows Activist Agenda in Second Term.  The article stated that during the national prayer service today, Offering one prayer, the Rev. Billy Graham said he believed God had a hand in Bush's re-election.  "Their next four years are hidden from us, but they are not hidden from you,'' said the 86-year-old evangelist.  Even though Graham is an 86 year old guy with Parkinson's, it's naturally disturbing to see this advisor to many Presidents reveal himself.

     The lesson to be gained, of course, is detaching from our feelings, of not allowing politics (no matter how grim) to disrupt our equanimity or thwart our spiritual citizenship.  It's also true that no tree grows to the sky, and any forestry scientist would tell you that tree growing too fast lacks the foundation strength in its roots to resist being blown down in a storm. 

     In the January 14 Celestial Wheel, I discussed the harmful influences of Saturn retrograding back into Gemini and Mars changing signs at month's end.  In summery, I suggested this brings: stormy weather in the world chart; election violence and separation from the U.S. in Iraq's chart; setbacks in Bush's chart; loss of allies and domestic polarization in the U.S. chart; and for Tony Blair's chart, cardiac sensitivity and loss of reputation, which I judged imminent.

     You should be the judge, of course, as to how accurate these predictions are as January draws to an end.  Consider, however, there is continuing tough winter weather, and Tony Blair already took a big hit when the British prisoner abuse photos surfaced.  Let's see what happens in the next ten days, and you may find a resurgence of hope. 

     Subscriber K.Z. in Illinois forwarded to me links to websites showing images the mainstream media wouldn't show.   http://first-

     Here's my favorite.

Hordes of police confront protestors.





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(The research and composition for the Celestial Wheel is underwritten by paid subscribers.  If a

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