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October 16 -- 31, 2004


Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
 Sedona, Arizona

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October 30

     I just now published Forecast #57 The Election Via The United States Chart.  If you experience any problems in receiving the text or the graphics, just click on the above link to go to the web version.

     Subscriber M.P. sent this link to predictions on the U.S. election by Indian Astrologers in the India Times,,curpg-1.cms  It's easy and interesting reading.

     Osama Bin Laden's surprise video yesterday may not be the final October Surprise.  As Mars transits into Libra on November 1, it will bring further discordant events.  If you haven't voted absentee, go to the polls early on Tuesday -- to avoid any hassles.

     For those of you who have trouble sleeping, or just arise very early, Jupiter and Venus are conjoining in the predawn sky.  These two bright planets are very beautiful together.

     Freelance writer Sadie Thorndike has left the wilds of New Hampshire and is now hiding out in an undisclosed location somewhere in Michigan.  There, she's composing a prediction-check type article that tracks my previous predictions about George Bush with events as they've unfolded.  This article will be published as a Forecast and released to the press when the election results are determined.  As Sadie is quite secretive, I don't know any more about the article than I do about when G.W. Bush will concede.


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October 28

     Here's the lunar house (Nakshatra) for tonight's lunar eclipse.  The symbolism can be illuminating during this darkening of the Moon.


Ruled by Ketu

00 – 13:20 Aries


     Ashwini is symbolized by a horse’s head.  It consists of three stars in the head of the Ram. This symbolism suggests a fine appearance, amiable manners, intelligence, elegance, extravagance, and equine interests.  Both Jackie Onassis and Prince Charles have their Moon in Ashwini, and they share not only a love of horses but also Ashwini’s well bred qualities.  The horse’s power, stamina and a headstrong nature are given.

     Ashwini’s deity is the Aswin twins, born of the Sun god Surya and his wife making love when both manifesting as horses.  In the Sun’s indicating medicine, these horse-headed twins are physicians to the gods who perform medical miracles.  Thus, miraculous, even heroic, activities are indicated.

     The horse symbol also indicates all means of transportation, and Ashwini people are often thus employed.  In fact, this lunar mansion is called the star of transport.  There is also a suggestion for a great deal of movement and speed, which indicates quickness, acquisition, motivation and the power to initiate activities.  Speed can indicate grace and beauty but waste can also arise from hasty action.  A dauntless spirit, playfulness, courage, exploration and a headstrong nature are also given.


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer


October 26

     It seems the Washington Times expose article, which turned out to be Kerry exaggerating about meeting with the entire U.N. Security Council about the Iraq invasion, did not have legs.  Events in Iraq overshad- owed the attempt to discredit Kerry.  As I stated many times since 2002, Iraq is Bush's great misad- venture, which will bring his downfall.  Negative news in Iraq has now extended beyond insurgent attacks to:  the U.S. military losing high explosives, not safeguarding the fifty murdered Iraqi soldiers and failing to follow the Geneva Conventions.  I maintain Kerry will win the election because of Iraq and that we may be surprised at how many voters decide to reject Bush for his policies being excessive.

     Here again is the information from the September 25 Celestial Wheel on tomorrow's lunar eclipse.  Keep in mind that eclipses can cause trepidation but also can bring insight. 

"A total lunar eclipse occurs... on October 27 at 11:04 degree Aries.  Because the eclipse begins after sunset at 8 PM EDT, it will be fully visible in much of the U.S. and Europe, as shown in the map below.  Here in the western U.S., the eclipse will begin just before sunset, which means it will not be visible until the Sun sets and the Moon rises.  Look for the western U.S. Moon to rise already partially eclipsed.


     Eclipses, in blocking the light of the Sun and the Moon, impair these planets' ability to act.  They are negative for worldly activities but positive for spirituality  -- for when the Sun or the Moon is blocked, the skies darken and the stars are revealed, bringing insight from the cosmos.

     Eclipses are impactive when they are within a few degrees of a planet in the Vedic birthchart, and they begin to influence about a week before the astronomical event.  In that case, the planet's effects are negated."


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer



October 24

     As discussed in Friday's Celestial Wheel, the weakness of the Sun and Venus suggest being aware of impaired solar confidence and a venusian contentment void during this final leg of the presidential campaign.  Today, Sunday, the Sun is its most frail for being exactly conjunct mystical Ketu. Impaired confidence can lead to public fearfulness.  This also stimulates a fearful retaliation by the Bush campaign -- a nasty October Surprise.  (Keep in mind that Bush is destructively impulsive due to an over- stimulated third house of desires.)

     Further, as I reminded in the October 20 Celestial Wheel, For Kerry, there will be a shift on October 23 from Mercury/Mercury/Moon to Mercury/Mercury/Mars.  While the Moon is good for attracting the public for Kerry, the Moon is fundamentally a placid influence.  Mars will bring out the fighter in Kerry for a final counter-punching effort, from which he will benefit.  Yet, it is Mars that also brings enemies into Kerry's life.

     Putting these influences together, a recent blog alert from K.Z. in Michigan, a big story will break on the front page of the Washington Times Monday morning that will be devastating to the Kerry campaign, rings true.  Here's the link,

     However, if this odious personal attack occurs, it will give Kerry the opportunity for an effective Martian counter-punch to discredit Bush.

     On the lighter side, for we can make ourselves nuts during this fearfully intense campaign battle, here's a gut-splitting quote from today's Denver Post's article, Election Tactics Push The Envelope,

Randal Wagner was removing Kerry-Edwards signs from lawns in Lakewood when he allegedly shoved one homeowner who tried to stop him, according to a police report. He later ended up tripping over a chain- link fence and knocking himself out. He was charged with trespassing and theft.   Here's the link,,1413,36%257E64%257E2488266,00.html

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October 22

     In the August 25 Celestial Wheel, I explained how and why Ralph Nader would have little impact upon this year's election compared with 2000.  Today's Washington Post article, A Fading 'Nader Factor'? details his decline.

     Apparently, Mount. St. Helens has calmed.  As discussed in the October 12 Celestial Wheel, a likely time for the simmering volcano to erupt is on or about November 13, when Ketu and Mars conjoin. 

     Because Vedic Astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, which measures the actual celestial positions, the Sun changes signs in the middle of each month, not the beginning.  This means that the Sun transits its fallen (weakest) sign of Libra from mid October to mid November, always coinciding with the U.S. elections on the first Tuesday in November.  As the Sun signifies government, its weakness at election dates influences for government leadership to change more than would otherwise be expected.  This year, with spiritual and dissolving Ketu also in Libra, this influence is increased.  As the Sun is also confidence and power, the public tends to be nervous/fearful about the world situation, including the election outcome.

     Tomorrow, Venus begins its transit into Virgo, where it too is fallen.  This brings weakness in relationship and is negative for other Venus significations such as contentment, pleasures and wealth. Yet, Jupiter's presense in Virgo can lead to overindulgence, including excessive religious zeal.

     So, be aware of impaired solar confidence and a venusian contentment void during this final leg of the presidential campaign.  Fundamentalists, both at home and abroad, will also tend toward excess.   Expect too that high oil prices will continue to translate into rising gasoline prices, for Venus also signifies vehicles.

     While these planetary dispositions are not welcome during this historic period, they do influence favorably for the democrats to persevere in the election.

Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer


October 20

     Although no one wants a disputed election, Mars, the planet of discord, will be changing signs on November 2.  In the U.S. chart, this shift is from the tenth house of the public to the eleventh house of goals and groups.  Other U.S. chart influences confirm there will be objections to election results.  Violence is also possible.  I'm slowly mastering the new Parashara's Light vedic program that allows chart calculations for births in previous centuries, such as the U.S. chart of July 14, 1776.  I'll hopefully complete an in-depth Forecast on this by week's end.

     In yesterday's Celestial Wheel, I discussed Bush's minor Rahu planetary cycle that has intensified his messianic message.  For Kerry, there will be a shift on October 23 from Mercury/Mercury/Moon to Mercury/Mercury/Mars.  While the Moon is good for attracting the public for Kerry, the Moon is fundamentally a placid influence.  Mars will bring out the fighter in Kerry for a final counter-punching effort, from which he will benefit.  Today's Washington Post editorial, Mr. Kerry On Prisoners, discusses his newly announced position honoring the Geneva Conventions for all detainees, contrary to Bush's setting aside those protections.   I've been waiting for this topic to surface.  The prisoner abuse issue is a powerful card for Kerry to play during his upcoming Mars cycle.

     I have a long time Sedona acquaintence who is a terrific clairvoyant and also a minister.  We've been sparring about the Iraq invasion since the fall of 2002.  Today, he sent me a series of quotes from Democrats about Iraq's WMD, entitled, Consider The Facts No Matter Who You Are.  Below is my reply, included here because it focuses on actual results,

     The difference between the Clinton and the other Democrats and Bush is how they used information about Iraq's WMD.    The Democrats chose the peaceful way of economic sanctions and the no fly zone via international cooperation -- and it turns out this policy worked.  After all, there are no WMD in Iraq.  

     Bush used 9-11 as leverage to wage a hasty preemptive invasion by pumping up WMD data and without real international support.  Now Iraq is a tragedy for the Iraqis, for the U.S. and for the real terrorism effort against Bin Laden and his group.  

     Tonight when you watch the news, measure for yourself whether the Democrats' successful path of peace was wrong, or Bush's aggressive one was right.  It's hard to miss Bush's legacy of death and destruction in Iraq that grows daily.  

     And, of course, 80% of the world now hates the U.S.  



Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer


October 19

     Looking at the upcoming election from daily news reports and polling is frustrating, even disheartening in the wake of Bush's poor performance in the presidential debates.  Bush has become even more messianic, exhorting his carefully picked audiences with appealing half truths about John Kerry.  News clips of his newly revamped attacks on Kerry's ability to combat terrorism are like an TV evangelical preacher's call and answer method, where the audience mirrors back the exhortations to be with Jesus.

     I've spent all day looking through charts and media reports to gain some reasonable and rational grasp of what this means.  That Bush is running Rahu in a minor planetary cycle from October 9 to 29 brings him tremendous drive and the charisma to influence the public.  He mesmerizes as only a snake can with convincing and fear-based misdirection; but Rahu the serpent is also excessive, which is why he symbolizes illusion, delusion, even insanity.

     Given Bush's own negative record at home and abroad, criticizing Kerry on terrorism is his last option to gain public support.  Yet, the news from Iraq continues with daily horrors, and a rising chorus of influential voices throughout America and the world reject Bush's policies and actions.  Watch for these voices to build in reaction to Bush's new incendiary attacks as November 2 approaches.  And watch too for the polls to jump like a seismograph needle during an earthquake. 


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer



October 17

     People are naturally nervous about the upcoming November 2 election.  Now that the pivotal debates are over, there will be no further Kerry-dominating national forums pitting the candidates against each other. Most polls reveal a dead heat between the candidates.  So, it seems Bush will use the power of his office and his attack-dog friends to tilt the polls his way, by both promoting his positions and discrediting Kerry.  See the final section of the September 26 Forecast, #56 The Race To November 2.   That we are just now completing the sensitive period discussed in yesterday's Celestial Wheel, when confidence is impaired, adds to the unease.

     A further concern is the myriad of voter registration problems in now several states.  Conspiracy theories, which are blossoming like Arizona cacti after a monsoon, bring yet more worry.  Yet, the flip side of this tight race is motivating people to speak out and encourage everyone to vote.  Keep in mind several favorable factors:

     1.  The polls do not reflect the huge numbers of newly registered voters, who tend to be more Democrat than Republican.

     2.  Bush continues to push hard, reflecting the continuing planetary energies in his third house of desires.  There is a destructive quality to Bush's efforts, and the nastier and more forceful he in appealing to his conservative base, the more he will draw a backlash from moderates within his party and the public at large.  Bush's focus upon religious fundamentalist dogma, like gay marriage (a non-issue), stem cell research and abortion, are peripheral issues to the major ones of Iraq, terrorism and the economy and thereby have limited appeal.

     3.  Kerry, by contrast, has this energetic concentration in his eleventh house of goals, adding to his steadiness and consistent promotion of his positive agenda over Bush's negative one.

     4.  As we approach the end of this bitter and divisive campaign, public figures and the media are coming forward to speak their truth.  They are especially motivated by worry that Bush, in pushing his religious positions, will be even more radically conservative if reelected.  They also know well that his aggressive waving the flags of U.S. nationalism and democracy-for-everyone are counterproductive to international cooperation and to the practicalities of stability in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Democracy, after all, is not so easily achieved and is, in fact, a multi-generational evolutionary process, not a revolutionary religious-inspired one.

     Here are two New York Times articles worthwhile perusing for their insights,

     Without A Doubt by Ron Suskind,  


     John Kerry For President,

    I just now received an encouraging e-mail from M.P. in Newark, Delaware, which concluded, I think we need to do what ever we can to elect Kerry, but I am certain more of your clients feel the same.

I agree.  This is consistent with the concept of spiritual cizitzenship discussed in the July 4, 2003 Forecast, #21  Commentary  -- of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology, in which I stated,

The Bhagavad Gita & the Bush Agenda

     The Bhagavad Gita, mentioned above, is a spiritual guide set at the onset of a terrible internecine war for the throne.  It is the discourse on which Gandhi based his political philosophy and activism.  In the Gita, Lord Krishna explains to the leading charioteer, Arjuna, that doing the right thing, seeing and acting upon the truth, is the essence of living, of one's dharma.  This is the basis of spiritual life.  The timeless Gita’s context of a split family on the eve of combat is compelling.  It relates well today to our American split family, in which the Republican imperial class misuses power through well-funded charismatic demagoguery intended to permanently impoverish and disenfranchise the working classes - the rest of us.

      The Bush administration’s lies and accompanying misuse of power inevitably impact us all, an alarming karmic flood that cannot be ignored without peril or meditated away.  It is increasingly difficult for spiritual citizens to sit on the sidelines and work only with those of a peaceful, non-confrontational bent seeking self-realization.  Spiritual citizenship requires right action for truth in the public arena to fulfill one's dharma of duty to self and community.  The law of karma is undeniable.  Failure to perform ones dharma will reflexively spring- board back to harmful karma, personally and collectively.

     Some ancient knowledge truly is timeless.

     In closing, here's an uplifting and humorous message,


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer


October 16
As discussed in earlier Celestial Wheels, eclipses are revealing in the stars shining (information from the cosmos) when the light of the Sun and the Moon are blocked.  As eclipse effects begin a couple of weeks before an eclipse and continue for a week or so following the astronomical event,  the October 8 solar eclipse and the October 27 lunar eclipse make the entire month and early November eclipse sensitive.

     Today and tomorrow, we have two further spiritualizing influences -- Mercury passing by mystical Ketu and the Sun transiting from Virgo into its fallen sign of Libra.  Mercury with Ketu can destabilize the mind, for Ketu draws Mercury's attention away from the world.  Yet, Mercury also grabs onto information Ketu offers from the cosmos, bringing insight.  As the Sun symbolizes the ego and the soul, when it transits signs, becoming temporarily weak, the ego is depressed and the soul opens to spiritual knowledge and experiences.  This influence is magnified when the the Sun transits into its fallen (weak) sign of Libra.

     These three astrological effects combine to stimulate interest in and success with spiritual endeavors this weekend.  Greater personal understanding and a better grasp of world affairs can result.   Today and tomorrow, however, are not auspicious for worldly endeavors.  Further, faint cosmic knowledge is drowned out by the cacophony of humanty's struggles with itself.

    L.M from New Hampshire has suggested a meditation with visualization tomorrow (Sunday) at 10:00 PM EDT to better perceive and promote truth.  Join her.

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