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September 7, 2012

Mars/Saturn Conjunction -- Grinding Along
      By now, everyone understands how difficult the Mars/Saturn conjunction is.  Since these malefics conjoined in mid August, the world has become increasingly stressed as aggressive Mars pushes against immobile Saturn. Certainly Hurricane Isaac a shout-out in the U.S. for this energy.  Naturally it is seen in both world events and individual experiences.  If your life has been too turbulent to focus in on this, visit the Saturn/Mars conjunction discussion in the August 10 VedicLeaks

     Subscribers and clients have reported all kinds of damages and losses -- family members passing, things breaking or failing, losing the home, disagreements with friends and mates, computer failure....  This last hit my Mac last Monday.  Only taking it to the Apple shop right away averted a major disaster.  Yet, even then, it took a week to complete repairs, including a final repair after I pushed ahead too hard in redoing the backup system.

   There are lessons to be learned in all these experiences.  When malefic energy hits hard like this, it tests the fabric of our lives -- belongings, structures, systems, relationships, beliefs, opinions, habits...  Those that are outdated for having outlived their usefulness, or wrong in the first place, fail when subjected to such intense pressures.  And because Saturn's contractive nature is forced by Mars' destructiveness, we end up with less -- not more.  This is a purification process, paring down and reorganizing to streamline our lives.  Then, as we begin advancing again, we appreciate the lighter load and can move ahead more quickly. 

     Bear in mind that Saturn, the great malefic, cannot be resisted.  As the Borg in Star Trek said, Resistance is futile.  There's an apparent contradiction, however, in Saturn being both responsibility and loss.  This can be a truly confusing, even conflicted, duality.  Saturn insists you be responsible -- protect yourself.  But he also demands loss, that you let go of that which is not longer useful. 

    When faced with a danger or a threat of loss, responsible action is required, or Saturn will hammer you with serious consequences.  Yet, you if you hold onto damaged things beyond what is practical and useful, Saturn wiil harm them further. In some cases, he may destroy them completely.

     A client living in a forty year old mobile home has had several maintenance issues, which she promptly and dutifully had repaired.  She acted responsibly to avert loss -- damage to both the mobile home itself and to her personal belongings.  Saturn is happy with her about being dutiful.  Indeed so far, she's caught failings before they became disastrous.  However, with these repeated and ongoing maintenance issues, Saturn is showing the structure is worn out -- the entire home is a loss.  Saturn is teaching her the lesson by experience that the mobile must be replaced or sold.  She must let it go, or Saturn will keep breaking the mobile until she is forced to abandon it due to financial cost, cost from loss of livability and/or cost of loss of irreplaceable personal items.  But instead of  accepting Saturn's imperative to let go of the mobile, she's decided to hang on because, I've just fixed all this stuff, and I have to live somewhere.



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September 9, 2012

Heads-up  Tuesday Is A Sensitive Date
    The below was emailed directly to Subscribers Sunday, September 9

Tuesday is a sensitive date


This coming Tuesday, September 11, is a sensitive date, especially for the U.S.

Here's a transit chart for Tuesday.   See that warrior Mars is closely aspecting (glancing upon) Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune.   For the U.S. chart, Jupiter is the planet of the self and the home, and the location is the sixth house of enemies.  Second, oppressive Saturn is aspecting the Moon.  For the U.S. chart, the Moon is the home, and the location in Cancer is the eighth house of calamity.

Also notice that Mercury is very close to the Sun. This is called combustion.  Mercury is fried. For the U.S. chart, this is the ninth house of luck and wealth.

September 11, 2012

The U.S. chart's Dasas (planetary cycles) on Tuesday will be Mars/Mercury/Venus/Rahu/Mars. This is a threatening combination, but not one for horrific disaster.  It's kind of like encountering only one mugger in a dark ally.

This is the peak of the hurricane season, and The Celestial Wheel prediction for the hurricane season kicking off mid August was proven out with Hurricane Isaac.  The accompanying prediction the hurricane would soak the Midwest and break the drought was also correct. However, there is no current hurricane development.  Still, violent storms could hit that day.

The home and wealth matters are certainly harmed.  Tuesday could thereby be a bad day for stocks, or possibly financial institutions.  There's also the possibility of another mass murder, for the Moon is both personal and emotional.  The Colorado movie shooting occurred July 20, when the Moon was also in Cancer.

A terrorist attack is also possible for the anniversary date of 9-11. If that occurs, however, it would tend to be blunted or fail in some way.

It's best to keep your head down on Tuesday, yet be aware of your surroundings.




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September 12, 2012

Review of Sunday's Heads-up
     Yesterday's Heads-up (inserted above) predicted yesterday to be a sensitive dates, notably for the U.S.  Below are some results.  Specific predictions were made for violent storms, wealth matters, mass murder and terrorist attack.

Violent Storms
     Flash Floods Hit Las Vegas  Intense thunderstorms swept through the Las Vegas area on Tuesday, flooding washes, delaying flights, snarling traffic and prompting helicopter rescues of stranded motorists

     More than 110 wildfires scorching central Washington; hundreds evacuated in Idaho  As many as 110 wildfires are burning Monday in central Washington after lightning sparked more blazes over the weekend.

Wealth Matters
     Moody’s Warns of US Debt Downgrade

Mass Murder
      There were no mass murders in the U.S.   The below U.S. embassy attacks don't fit well into this topic.

Terrorist Attack
     The two embassy attacks appear to be terrorism, US officials probing possibility embassy attack planned to mark 9/11.  U.S. Ambassador Killed in Libya and Egyptians angry at film scale U.S. embassy walls

     These incidents happened yesterday because of the difficult transits that day.  But it is key to understand they were a result of the stresses caused by the mid August to end of September's Mars/Saturn conjunction.  This entire interval brings losses; and some days, like yesterday, brings a peak.


Mars/Saturn And Then Mars/Rahu
     If you need a mental refresher on Mars/Saturn, see the May 16, 2012 In-depth Forecast, Sorry, But It's Not Over Yet.  Also see the August 20 Short-subject VedicLeaks, which included it its Mars/Saturn Conjunction Predictions check, Israel Attacks Iran. This hasn't resulted yet, but yesterday's sensitive transits for the U.S. elevates the tensions further -- U.S., Israel still at odds over Iran 'red line' and In unusual snub, Obama to avoid meeting Netanyahu.

   The August 20 Short-subject VedicLeaks also reminded us that Mars/Saturn conjunction is just the first of two harmful Mars conjunctions this summer/fall, Keep in mind, Mars/Saturn coming together is the kick off for these and other strifes -- because Mars stays with Saturn in Libra through the end September.  Then, in early October, Mars rams into Rahu.  Mars stays with Rahu in Scorpio until November 8.  Warrior Mars on head-of-the-dragon eclipse point Rahu is even more destructive than Mars on Saturn. 

    Without going into detail here, to get a flavor of this toxic energy, the last two Mars/Rahu conjunction were: 

     1. Mid February 2009, just after Obama took office, and the stock markets cratered until mid March. 

     2.  Mid December 2010 a Tunisian street vender set himself afire December 17, which began the Arab revolts -- Arab Spring.

     Certainly this fall will be tumultuous with these energies of Mars hitting the great malefics Saturn and Rahu within six weeks.  It's like a boxer's combination punch.   Too, the context is not good.  This summer/fall is a revived hurricane season, the election season coincides, the Mideast is threatened by the Syrian revolt and Israel threatening Iran, oil prices have already shot up and economies in the East and West are all faltering.


The Millennium Contraction
      All this being said, these Mars conjunctions are simply another step down in the Millennium Contraction.  To recap, the Second Gilded Age ran from late 1998 to late 2008. The Millennium Contraction is a seven year economic contraction through 2015, during which Gilded Age monied interests fight hard to preserve their wealth, even solidify their hold over the rest of us.  Populism resists, formulating and initiating the Second Progressive Age -- when shared democratic values are restored.  Progressivism, however, does not really take hold until late in 2015, when the economy will also have hit its low. 

     We can already see progressivism taking hold in the media and universities beginning to understand and accept the increasing economic stratification and destruction of the middle class. Here are a few recent articles:

Economy's long slump pushing many down the ladder

Middle Class America: 5 Sad Charts About The Country's Favorite Demographic

American household income dropped nearly 5 percent in economic recovery

Middle class suffers 'worst decade in modern history,' report says

The Lost Decade of the Middle Class

What exactly do we mean by ‘inequality’?

     Don't roll your eyes here.  Take a quick look, at least, for this is your life!

     How this will play out in the November 6 elections is anyone's guess, although we all must wonder at the Republican question, Are you better off now than four years ago?  -- for certainly rich Republicans are!  Still, the U.S. remains in the grip of its mystical paranoia -- so many are concerned about abortion, same sex marriage, unions, evil government spending... which pushes away interests in the common welfare and good. 

     In closing, here's a truly revealing article about health care, We spend $750 billion on unnecessary health care. Two charts explain why.  This one you kind of have to read, unless you won't ever get sick -- and one day just stop breathing.



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September 22, 2012

Muslim Protests Abroad
     The above September 12 entry proved out the 9-11 Heads-up caution for terrorist attacks and other harms - financial and weather. 

     Islamic protests then flashed throughout the Mideast, and then beyond to the Far East, and even Europe.  This current AP article, LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN PROTEST OF ANTI-ISLAM FILM, reports the anti Muslim U.S. film, followed by the French magazine Muhammad cartoons, incited religious protests in a dozen countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Indonesia, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Kashmir, Germany, Norway, Philippines.

     This was unexpected, although the continuing strife-causing Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra is certainly the major driver.  Mars/Saturn also brings frustration and anger. 

     It is easy to see, however, why the last several days have been the most difficult.  Just after midnight on Tuesday, EDT the all important perceptional Moon began crossing the three major malefics 00 Saturn, Mars and Rahu which are in close proximity,.

     The Moon crossing Saturn brought oppression, Mars stimulated anger. 

     On Thursday and Friday, the Moon was with eclipse point Rahu, which combination has the interesting impact of memories from the past stimulating fear of the future.

     The protests in China against the Japanese this week fit with this harmed Moon, China-Japan protests resume amid islands row.


Transits September 18, 2012


     The Moon escaped into Sagitarius at 8 AM this morning, signaling the furor abates.  These emotional lunar irritants have sparked brushfires all over the globe.  Let's hope these localized fires will burn themselves out without doing much harm.  This morning's quiet news reflects that.


Global Revolts?
     The combination of:  the 2008-15 Millennium Contraction wearing heavily after four long years, the Arab Spring not truly liberating, ongoing frictions within Islam, Islamic resentment against Western interference and stalemates in Iraq and Afghanistan have created such an inflammatory situation that the forests could soon catch fire.  This is most likely late next summer, making the riots now a warning.  It's too early to make a firm prediction here, but certainly there's risk.  The November 2009 In-depth Forecast, Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond has predicted this.  Below are the conclusions,


     Although hedge fund managers are not typically visionaries, to amass such great wealth, these fellows must have keen insight.  This article, circulated around the web, confirms the above concern, Bridgewater Founder Ray Dalio: Second Adolf Hitler More Likely In Weak Economy, Dalio warned that "another leg down in the economies" could cause "social disruptions," but did note that citizens can prevent the rise of another Hitler if they "work through this together."


     Everyone knows Romney really stepped in it last week, Romney Criticizes Obama on Cairo Embassy Attack.  Then, two secret videos of Romney were published September 17 and 18 --  SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters and SECRET VIDEO: On Israel, Romney Trashes Two-State Solution.

     The Celestial Wheel successfully predicted these issues. The August 11VedicLeaks discussed Romney's planetary karmas in detail.  I'm republishing all those remarks here because they are valuable and correct.  Emphasis in blue is added for the two primary planetary karmas that tip him over.


VedicLeaks Anticipated Romney's Problems
Below are VedicLeaks comments about Romney,

May 12  Immediate effects from the May 20 solar eclipse have been realized, and these have included hidden information. ...Keep in mind eclipse effects continue up to six months.  Mitt Romney, for example, has not yet reaped the eclipse karma on his chart, as far as we know.

July 19  Recall that Mitt Romney's Vedic chart was hit hard by the May 20 solar eclipse, and this would relate to secrets and his reputation.  Romney's business dealings and personal income have certainly come under attack recently, and the information must come out.

August 3 The furor over Romney not releasing past tax returns, plus his repeated gaffes during his overseas trip, confirm that prediction. ...Romney's gaffes result from Mercury retrograding over restrictive Saturn, which brings deception, even self deception. This influence will continue, for after transit Mercury goes forward August 8, it crosses Saturn again (until August 14).  I believe too that Romney has secreted a lot of money, has schemed out of taxes and is stuck in a no win choice -- reveal his taxes, and he loses support. ...Obama shifted to his truly excellent 19 year Saturn Dasa July 24. Notice how tough he's suddenly become? While this is too early for an election forecast, it seems Obama will roll right over Romney in November.

     As always, there's mystery to how karma actualizes.  And, although Ryan as VP pick was not anticipated, the Mercury/Saturn deception and self deception was.  Too, Romney's tax return issue remains a ticking bomb, and he can't diffuse it.

     I've emphasized many times it takes more than one planetary karma to bring an event or trend.  In this case, Romney remains haunted by the eclipse and blinded mentally by Mercury/Saturn.  He also has Ketu (the dissolving tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point) right on his Ascendant, which represents the self.  And the transit Moon is there today, making him irrational.

Romney's Troubles Are Not Over
      There's another great harm for Romney lurking. Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon point) is in secretive and deadly Scorpio, where Romney's fallen Moon is precariously placed. Rahu is approaching the Moon.  He gets very close to the Moon in early September -- and then, Rahu sits right on the Moon (motionless) for the rest of that month.  Rahu on the Moon will make Romney even more out of touch with society and stimulate great fears and uncertainties.  He will not be able to either effectively attack, or defend.  Any debates then will be a hoot.  Scorpio will also unveil Romney's secrets, like his tax returns showing very low percentages paid in taxes -- giving credence to my thought -- Romney Is A One Man Goldman Sachs.

     This is not to say that Obama will have an easy time winning the election.  He has challenges too, but they are minor compared with Romney's -- like stubbing a toe or breaking an ankle. The former is an ouch. the latter knocks the runner out of the race.

     I stated above, Any debates then will be a hoot.  The presidential debates between Romney and Obama, which schedule I hadn't seen in August, are slated for October 3, 11 and 16.  On October 2 Mars will have just rammed into Rahu at 2:47 degrees Scorpio, stimulating tremendous but destructive desire.  This will be very close to Romney's 4:30 degrees Scorpio Moon. 

     On the October 3 debate night, Mars will have moved forward to 3:45 degrees.  The sign of Scorpio is bad for being hidden dangers, and for Romney, this is his seventh house of relationship -- and the social nature.  No wonder he can't connect with the public!  This transit wheel for Romney's Vedic chart tells the tail.  The inner wheel is his birth chart and the outer wheel the transits -- where the planets will be in the skies then.  You can see at the bottom how malefics Rahu and Mars are attacking Romney's Moon.  If Romney only blathers, he will be doing well.  He could lose his temper as no drama Obama challenges his dishonesties.


     The October 11 and 16 debates won't be much better for Romney as Mars moves toward Ketu -- throwing off his mental energy nearly as badly.  Correction:  The Vice Presidential debate is October 11, and the 2nd and 3rd Presidential debates will be October 16 and 22.

     There's always lots to talk about in a chart, and I haven't delineated Romney's, nor really Obama's chart yet either.  At his core, Romney has the same ego-driven, desire-driven, selfish greed-driven nature one sees frequently in self improvement gurus and charismatic preachers.  Mars influencing Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, is the most potent, making these folks manipulative energizer bunnies. 

     Here, self promotion for gain is everything, and they blend some truths into their recipes for happiness, wealth, beauty, being slender, love and health to make you believe they know the secrets to success in all life's realms!  Successful cons always include some real facts, but never, of course, the entire truth.  It's called baitOwn a piece of paradise at our timeshare!  Buy this caddy, used only for going to church on Sundays!  Find your soulmate and keep him!  I have, and you can too!  And the clincher, Trust me, I guarantee it! 

     I remember clearly seeing Tony Robbins in the health food store in Sedona, AZ several years ago -- a giant at 6',7" but also truly gigantic for being obese.  Well, Tony, why can't you control your weight, Unleash your power within?   (This picture is from the web.)

     This is why Romney is able to keep on making strong, convincing and even fervent, speeches to gain the presidency -- and he pays no attention to his constant changing positions -- for he only knows greed and power.

     Further, Romney's fallen Moon conjoined mystical and dissolving Ketu (the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point) makes him sweet in some ways, but also irrational.  That is why Rahu crossing his Moon now, and Mars joining in as October begins, pushes him over the top.  Donald Trump's Moon is similarly fallen, although not afflicted like Romney's.  So, Trump is  birther and says nutty stuff like, I've said if Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her."

     Romney's latest is today's Mitt Romney releases tax return for 2011, showing he paid 14.1 percent tax rate.  Well, since the rest of us pay 15.5% payroll taxes -- Social Security and Medicare.  Romney, making 10 to 20 million a year, pays less as a percentage than the rest of us.   Here's another article interpreting Romney's tax information release, 9 Things to Know About Mitt Romney's Tax Returns.  Smoke and mirrors.

Post Script  The reason Romney has pushed himself into the presidential race, and his diabolical kin, the self improvement, life coach fakes, are sprouting up like desert flowers after a rainstorm, is the same.  The U.S. is running it's aggressive and greedy Mars planetary cycle -- 2008 to 2015.  This doesn't mean 1percenter Romney wins.  It signals instead that Romney's candidacy pits the 1% against the rest of us during this Millennium Contraction.  As the rich grab even more, the long suffering public gradually pierces through their lies and selfishness to begin asserting themselves to restore shared democratic values.  Mars is also stimulating us to fight back.  See, Richest Americans' net worth jumps to $1.7 trillion: Forbes and Median income in Ohio hits 27-year low.



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September 30, 2012


Mars/Rahu conjunction has begun.

Headlines from tonight's Drudge Report Sunday evening.   Matt Drudge is very conservative, but he has his finger on the pulse.

The one thing I've noticed about past Mars/Rahu conjunctions is, while the conjunction date itself is naturally important, whatever event is signaled then begins several months of strife in that area -- as I wrote about in the above September 22 VedicLeaks,

Tuesday is the most sensitive date, though Wednesday may be nearly as challenging.



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