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September 3, 2011

The Second To Last Lap
     Today marks the end of the second to last lap (and the beginning of the final lap) of the arduous Mars/Saturn demolition derby that began July 26 and will end September 8.  However, as always for the planets, it's not over til it's over.  There is plenty of punch left in this combination of these two great malefics aspecting each other.

     The past Monday's (August 29) Vedicleaks summarized Mars/Saturn harms during the previous week and looking ahead to this week, suggesting for this second to last lap,

     No great insights have come about tomorrow's sensitive date, which begins late in the day and continues into Wednesday.  There don't seem to be near hurricane threats, and it doesn't feel like another volcano is coming.  The drought, of course, persists and is becoming dire.  The financial markets still rock-n-roll.

      Certainly, Mars/Saturn harms will continue until the September 8 end date.  Even though these planets are separating now -- their energies withdrawing -- the energies build, especially during a long association like this one:  7/26 to 9/8.  The difference coming forward would be less explosive but more powerful harms.

     On balance, it seems the economy, particularly real estate and banking, will take big hits beginning  tomorrow -- in hard jolts.

     This past week has been relatively calm -- certainly so in comparison with the trials and tribulations since last April.  In case you've forgotten, due in part at least to distracting turmoil in your life, the August 29 VedicLeaks also stated, Financial stress, hurricanes, earth crust events and drought were all predicted -- and all have been actualizing.

     As predicted for this week, banking did take a huge hit, though late in the week, US 'to sue a dozen banks over housing bubble mortgages'.  Here's another article, to emphasize this is not a big deal, but a huge $200 billion one, Federal government sues major banks over Fannie and Freddie losses.  Then, there's this weirdness, U.S., Goldman Sachs Seek Details on BofA Mortgage-Bond Deal -- well, Goldman Sachs is certainly the expert in shady dealings.  This bad news can ultimately be good if it's a step ahead in the process of breaking up the big banks,called Banksters, and which I wrote about in an In-depth Forecast in February 2010, Bankers -- Economic Terrorists

     If anyone still has money in any of these big banks, they are either fools or blind to reality -- for that is supporting a criminal enterprise.  Too, remember, Wall Street needs Main Street, but Main Street doesn't need Wall Street.  If fact, we would all be better off if Wall Street closed shop.  Another victim of the Mars/Saturn strife with a positive outcome is T-Mobile Antitrust Challenge Leaves AT&T With Little Recourse on Takeover.

     There were some further earth crust events in the U.S., albeit fairly minor, Strong Quake Aftershock Shakes Virginia and Tsunami warning for Alaska’s Aleutians after quake.  Tropical storms began to organize -- Katia and Lee -- but didn't bring harms during the week.  Although Mars/Saturn hits the U.S. chart particularly hard, there was another serious earthquake this week, Powerful 6.8 Quake Hits Waters Off East Timor.

     The stock markets actually calmed and moved upward early in the week but was knocked to its knees on Thursday, and fell on its face again on Friday -- DOW down 253.

     The Texas drought continues, though it hasn't gotten much press.  And Tropical Storm Lee won't give any relief,  Tropical Storm Lee stalls, dumps on Gulf Coast.

    President Obama has been hit hard by Mars/Saturn as well.  The July 11 VedicLeaks discussed Obama's Vedic chart as the debt ceiling issue was coming to a head,


     This past week in particular, the guy couldn't get a break, Partisan fight leads Obama to move date of speech, First, Obama ambushed the GOP by upstaging the party’s presidential debate with a major address.  Then Republicans returned fire by trying to push it back to the 8th. Then the name-calling started. Finally, late Wednesday, Obama agreed to change the day — even if it means backtracking and bumping against the NFL’s Thursday night opener.   Well, that was dumb on Obama's part.  But, then, there was this, Five NASCAR Drivers Decline President Obama's White House Invitation.  Wasn't it Obama who rescued the auto industry, which has recovered, and isn't All-American NASCAR the racing expression of American automobiles?  And finally, there's this, Obama's Marine One flight to Camp David cut short by weather.  Let's just hope Michele checks each morning to make sure he's not wearing one blue and one black sock!  I have two acronyms for this VedicLeaks entry.  The first is for the 2012 election, ABO -- Anybody But Obama.  Like him or not, his Vedic chart is so afflicted, he simply cannot begin to reverse the tide of economic doom.  Hillary Clinton's chart, however, is very strong now, and that continues through the nomination and election season. 

     The truly bad news is that the prediction in the July 4 In-depth Forecast, Tipping Point, is fully actualizing with the Mars/Saturn mutual aspect, Hiring standstill points to growing recession risk.  This bring us to m second acronym, FIF.  People, and businesses too, have stopped spending money because they are Frozen In Fear.  Unfortunately, that sentiment is found in the reactionary elements of the far right and government, which are determined to reduce Federal spending.  The result of private and public sector spending dropping must be the economy falling back into recession.  But, the rich are doing very, very well.  So many remain deceived.  See my Facebook post,


The Last Lap
     Today begins the last lap of the Mars/Saturn strife.  All eyes are on tropical storm Lee as he pours buckets on the Gulf Coast, and there's a wary eye on Hurricane Katai's track to the north.

     Note that last Monday's VedicLeaks prediction appears accurate,
Certainly, Mars/Saturn harms will continue until the September 8 end date.  Even though these planets are separating now -- their energies withdrawing -- the energies build, especially during  a long association like this one:  7/26 to 9/8.  The difference coming forward would be less explosive but more powerful harms.

     The U.S. chart remains badly afflicted through September 7, although protective Jupiter does come into it's planetary cycles tomorrow -- giving some protection.  Still, as stated at the beginning of this entry, it's not over til it's over.  So continue to use care in your activities and check to make sure your socks match.

Post Script September 5.  Since the Mars/Saturn mutual aspect will end September 8 (actually just before dawn on Friday, the 9th), with Mars transiting into Cancer, their harms will then be finished.  This suggests tropical storm Lee will finish its damaging flooding will wind down then.  Hurricane Katia is forecasted to be still out at sea then, indicating it will not strike the U.S.  However, Mars/Saturn harms will certainly continue through Thursday.  The European markets are spinning down today, drought stricken Texas is besieged by forest fires.....  But, further earthquakes seem unlikely.


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September 9, 2011

     The below Heads-up was emailed to Subscribers this evening.


There's been, and continues to be, a lot of hype about this 9-11.  This has seemed strange, or odd, to me, except that it's coming directly after the 1 1/2 month strife of malefics Mars/Saturn aspecting each other.  The unnerving and unsettling experiences since this destructive combination began July 26, ended early this morning, and they are sufficient to alarm folks about 9-11.

I've reviewed the U.S. chart, and yes, there may can be some turbulence then.  There's no repeat of 9-11 2001, however.  Yet, something is coming.  Government and business are areas of concern.  It may be that Monday morning will tell the tale.  (A few of you may recall I did a pretty good prediction for 9-11, which brought me recognition and kicked off The Celestial Wheel.  See, Predicting 9-11.  So, I'm pretty sensitive to the subject.)

The sensitive period begins at 3 PM on Sunday, 9-11.

I'll give the issue further thought and report tomorrow.

In the meantime, the Mars/Saturn mutual aspect ended early this morning, and as predicted, the tropical storm activity has eased off.  Katia is moving away from the U.S., and Nate is, at present, moving toward Mexico.  Of course, flooding continues from Lee, but the rains have eased off.  Too, a lot of political drama has played out with the Republican debate and Obama's speech.

Since this information of of more than the usual import and it time-sensitive, I'm also sending it to Access Participants.

If anyone has any insights here, please let me know.

Post Script September 10.  While the U.S. chart is very sensitive now to turmoil in Government and business, not all the angst people are experiencing can be linked to that karma.  Even adding in the just-ended Mars/Saturn turbulence and the tenth anniversary of 9-11 is inadequate.  Here are the additional karmas in three key planets being indisposed.

lMars has just entered its fallen (weak) sign of Cancer, which is the home and emotions.  Not only are these house qualities compromised, but Mars' courage is also harmed, and his accidents symbolism is inflated. 

lVenus, has followed suit by shifting into its fallen sign of Virgo,  the sign of illness, discord, enemies, accidents and expenses.  Again, these house meanings are harmed, and Venus' happiness and contentment are also injured.  Note too the Venus is vehicles.

lFinally, Jupiter, the great benefic has lost its protective quality in Aries by turning retrograde (weakness again) August 30.  Jupiter's abundance and luck cannot counterbalance these other planetary ills.

Overall, the effects are more subjective than objective, although Mars' accidents in water sign Cancer with Venus vehicles explains Ship carrying at least 600 sinks off Tanzanian coast; nearly 200 bodies recovered

The media has reminded us that major violences are often carried out by one insane personal, like the mass murders in Sweden recently.  Look then to individual acts, not pre-planned group violences, like 9-11 2001,
to hit the globe, remembering the U.S. is particularly vulnerable. 

   In this regard, use care in your personal lives.  But remember too, during intervals of emotional stress, the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Post Script on 9-11:   Events Sunday will tend not to be reported for concern about riling folks up n 9-11.  That's why Monday's news will be important.  Still, the sensitivity, especially in the U.S. chart, continues on Monday, and into Tuesday as well -- government, business and violences.  An afflicted full Moon can aggravate events by making them more impactive and serious.


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September 19, 2011

Two Impactive Transits
     The Celestial Wheel has periodically explained that Vedic Astrology's predictive quality arises from the combination of Dasas (planetary cycles) and transits.  This was most recently reviewed in the July 4 In-depth Forecast Tipping Point,

     ...the year-long Mars major and Saturn minor in the U.S. chart's Dasas beginning April 22 of this year signals the temporary economic recovery is over.  The dreaded double-dip is happening, for it is a fixed karma.  Note that Saturn is a very difficult planet for the U.S. chart.  ...The last Saturn Dasa began in 1929, signaling the Great Depression.  Also, Mars and Saturn are both malefics and harmful in combination.

     Vedic astrology also considers transits* -- where the planets are (and move to) in contemporary skies.  As the Dasas are primary planetary karmas (influences), transits are secondary planetary karmas.  The first is analogous to the river of life and the second to weather events on that river.  Because Dasas are the primary karma, transits act as timing indicators for Dasa effects.  However, a particularly potent transit can alter, albeit temporarily, a Dasa.  This occurred when the Millennium Contraction began in September 2008 before it ordinarily would have after the depression-causing Mars Dasa began in December.

(*Transits should be familiar, for they are the primary tool used in the familiar Western Astrology.)

     The September 16 In-depth Forecast, Mars & Saturn Recap, discussed the results of the just-ended Mars/Saturn mutual exchange -- an aspect --from July 26 to September 9.  The bottom line is that the economy has indeed moved back into negative territory during this Mars/Saturn mutual aspect, which, as a transit is a timing indicator for the year-long Mars/Saturn planetary cycle in the U.S. chart that began April 22.  These results advanced the double-dip recession discussed in Tipping Point.

     We now naturally look ahead to find upcoming transits that will act as more signposts giving caution to challenging conditions ahead.

Fallen Mars Transit Through Cancer

     Below is the transit wheel for today, using the natural zodiac beginning with Aries.  This thereby symbolizes global planetary weather.  As shown, Mars is in its fallen sign in Cancer in the 4th house of the home (land).  This results in destructions, which can be either to property or to Cancer's kapha (water) signification.

World Transits today September 19, 2011

      Last year on April 20, the BP oil rig exploded, and Mars was similarly in Cancer.  There were also vicious storms and floods across the Midwest U.S. through May 25, when Mars transited out of Cancer.

      When the BP oil well exploded, transit Mars was at 14:31 degrees Cancer, just over 2 degrees from the U.S. chart's Rahu at 16:51 degrees in the 8th house of catastrophe.  (That chart is not included here.)

     On October 1, transit Mars will be similarly closing in on the U.S. chart's Rahu, and other planetary dispositions confirm that will be a truly sensitive date.  The nature of Mars' destruction(s) has not yet been analyzed, but most assuredly, this is very tough karma for the U.S.  Mars will continue in Cancer until October 29. wrecking his violences upon both the world and notably the U.S.  As with the tragedies during April and May 2010, whatever happens in October of this year will further harm the U.S. economy -- proving out further economic hardship during the primary karma harmful Mars/Saturn Dasa.

     Venus and Mercury, being always positioned near the Sun from the vantage point of the earth, are thereby always in fairly close proximity.

     Looking again at the world transit chart for today, we can see Venus is in its fallen sign of Virgo, approaching Saturn.  Venus is vehicles.  In combination with Mars' signification for machinery failing in Cancer, the two air show crashes occurred, Pilot killed in W.Va. air show crash.

World Transits today September 19, 2011

     This world transit chart for September 23 shows that Mercury has now joined the Sun and Venus in Virgo.  Virgo is the 6th house of enemies, conflicts, debts and illness.  All three will have to cross Saturn, the great malefic, over the coming weeks:  Venus on September 29, Mercury October 5 and the Sun October 12.  Saturn's destructions, losses, setbacks and delays will impact each, and considering this is three planets, it will be a gauntlet of misery.

World Transits September 23, 2011

     Since Mercury, Venus and the Sun will be so afflicted through mid October, and Mars will also be causing chaos in Cancer, the next several weeks will bring further economic losses -- another step down for the double-dip during the Mars/Saturn Dasa in the U.S chart.

     It is also useful pointing out that Venus and Mercury are personal planets, as really the Sun is as well.  This means that some significant trials and tribulations will impact us individually, as opposed to governments.  (Health is a major issue.)  The latter are more impacted by adverse combinations of Mars, Saturn and Rahu.


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Being Composed


September 23, 2011

Transits Results

   The above September 19 VedicLeaks explained the nature, and increasingly intensity, of Mars' transit through its fallen sign Cancer and the Sun/Venus/Mercury trio crossing Saturn in Virgo.  Predicted effects are:

     Mars  destructions, which can be either to property or to Cancer's kapha (water) signification. ...whatever happens in October of this year will further harm the U.S. economy -- proving out further economic hardship during the primary karma harmful Mars/Saturn Dasa.

    Sun/Venus/Mercury  Virgo is the 6th house of enemies, conflicts, debts and illness. ...Saturn's destructions, losses, setbacks and delays will impact each, and considering this is three planets, it will be a gauntlet of misery.

     Already, these double, but fortunately not related, global impact transit karmas, are hitting their marks.

     Typhoon Roke spares Fukushima nuclear plant "At least 16 dead or missing and transport system in chaos as floods and landslides strike central Japan."

     Moody’s Downgrades Credit Ratings of Three Large Banks  (these are big banksters -- Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo.)

     Moody's hits Greece, Slovenia with downgrades "marking down leading Greek banks by two notches and Slovenian debt by one notch."

     Greek default talk gathers pace, G20 underwhelms (This is another piece of the European debt crisis that could bring bring national debt debt defaults and cause large banks across the continent to fail.)

     Occupy Wall Street – America’s own Arab Spring? " Crowds gathered in New York’s financial district to protest Wall Street greed, corruption and lack of accountability."  (This has been largely under the media radar.  The September 15 Mars & Saturn Recap concluded by suggesting popular protests were on the rise.)

     Palestinians prepare to submit UN statehood bid  "Defying U.S. and Israeli opposition, Palestinians were determined to ask the United Nations on Friday to accept them as a member state."  (The Mars & Saturn Recap explained that Israel's Vedic chart is very afflicted now.)

     NASA: Satellite debris might hit U.S.   (The above September 19 entry also discussed the two air show crashes.)

     Senate rejects House spending bill, leaving open possibility of government shutdown  (Note also in the September 19 entry the schedule for plants crossing Saturn, Venus on September 29, Mercury October 5 and the Sun October 12.)

      Dow drops 391 points on recession fears (Here's a graph of the Dow for the last 5 days, down 800 points.


     Rick Perry caught smooching with Michele Bachmann  (Just checking to see if anyone is paying attention.)


     Also as regard Sun/Venus/Mercury, the September 19 VedicLeaks cautioned, It is also useful pointing out that Venus and Mercury are personal planets, as really the Sun is as well. This means that some significant trials and tribulations will impact us individually, as opposed to governments. (Health is a major issue.)


Subscriber Comments

     K.M. in Florida writes,

September 20

Doug, I really enjoyed the Longboat storm pictures... but talk about storms!!!  The rest of September and October look like, hide under the bed time!!  I am glad you are out there, looking after this stuff for us all.

My reply, Well you do have green eyes :(

September 21

Doug, Well i guess it is too late to hide under the bed! Mom went into the hospital this morning.  We think it is some kind of infection.  The ambulance driver's forgot her hearing aids when they picked her up.  I went over to her condo, in the afternoon.  The condo was flooded with water!!!  The man upstairs had a break in his water heater.  I guess it is a good thing i read your updates.  I was not as surprised as i would have been.  Thanks for the heads up!


     S.W. in Arizona writes regarding the Mars & Saturn Recap

September 15

Doug, 2015!  Oh my. :(

My reply, Yes, read the referenced Through The Millennium Contraction and the July 2010 Millennium Contraction -- Migrations. The links to these are in the Summary section.   Fortunately for you, you're already migrating.

Doug, Thank you for the reminder.  It was very interesting to read it again.

My reply, Did you read both forecasts -- Millennium Contraction and the Millennium Contraction --Migrations?

September 16

Doug, Yes.  I'm definitely not moving to the Midwest, the Gulf coast or south and am leaving the Southwest.  So am right on track.  I need to figure out what to do about my retirement account.  That is all in stocks. While conservative ones, I should still investigate how much it will cost in taxes to take it out and stuff it in my mattress...




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September 30, 2011

Clarity & Integration

    The Celestial Wheel's primary and continuing focus has long been to track and anticipate the unfolding of the Millennium Contraction -- 2008 through 2015.  Yes, other things are happening in the the U.S. and abroad, but the long term transforation occurring now both trumps everything else and also ties into those other topics.  For example, anthropological discoveries about evolution influence the ongoing debate between science and Christian creationists, which is a current key societal issue with political, educational and scientific ramifications which help steer the transformation.  Similarly, new studies on global warming help us understand the need to move beyond fossil fuels.  Investment in green energy also has the very concrete benefit of  reinvigorating the economy.  And this links to the again very concrete issue of  global warming  bringing and more intense storms and droughts, which harm the economy.

     Clarity is the top priority, for it's easy to miss the forest for the trees -- both in publishing the information and for those reading it.  Yes, the forecasting is done via Vedic planetary symbolism, for that's the language used here to understand and describe events and circumstances -- just as a mathematics article uses equations.  It also gives logic to the information.  Making pronouncements without rationale is easier to read but lacks a way to verify and even more importantly, gain context -- historical, cultural, economic and political.  Planetary symbolism gives a framework for weaving the threads of individual influences into a whole cloth of understanding.  Knowing well the public does not resonate well with Eastern Vedic Astrology, for Western Tropical Astrology is the native language, every effort is made to be clear.  Planetary influences are explained factually, even bluntly, and predictions are stated simply.  Ongoing reviews of predictions and results reinforce clarity, showing where and how predictions have been born out, or not.

      Integration is the other essential.  These Short-subject VedicLeaks, published in several entries each month on a monthly web page, examine specific current and upcoming planetary karmas and their consequences.  In-depth Forecasts then gather these pieces of information together and integrate them into broader perspectives.  An example is the U.S. chart's paranoid mysticism that drives the far right's terrorism fears, racism, the Tea Party... (See the August 2008 VedicLeaks-- U.S. Psychology -- and also the March 2010 Tug Of War).*  The former may be compared to hearing symphonic melodies on the radio and the latter to attending the orchestral symphony.  But even with this two-step effort, it's very difficult to follow this never-ending story.  A major issue here is the distracting cacophony of (mostly) corporate-owned media claims on our attention via newspapers, magazine, radio, television, computers, smart phones, tablets and readers...  These not only confuse with the immense amount of information, but the information itself is increasingly unreliable in this age of yellow journalism (See again Tug Of War).  This is a real problem as our lives are already over-filled with stresses to get through each day when the world around us is transforming -- everything we have thought was fixed is not.  The unexpected has become the expected.  Terra firma has become slippery, even muddy and all-to-often quicksand or even flooded or parched.

     So, another Celestial Wheel pops into your in-box, and you experience a reflexive, Oh No, not more information, and probably just as much, Oh No, not more negative information.  You may even respond, Yeh, the predictions are right again, but so what?  I'm trying to get a new job, move to another place, figure out how to bail out my underwater home, take care of my family, my children, my parents...... 

(*Western Astrology has propagated a myth it has an exclusive franchise on psychology and that Vedic Astrology only predicts events and results.  The truth is that effective predictions can only be achieved by unveiling natural phenomena and psychological drives.)


So What?

     It's useful here to step back and take a considered look at how Celestial Wheel information has helped you understand your world, illuminating your path ahead and most valuably, take heart that there is indeed order in the universe.  The world goes on, just as new melodies are composed and then formed into symphonies that enrich, inspire and uplift.  There is always a path ahead through the swamp to firm ground.  And, the experiences we have are destined and serve to make us grow, to advance on our individual paths toward self awareness and self understanding.  Vedic Astrology is known in Hinduism as The Eye of the Vedas for its unique role in seeing the past and present and anticipating the future.  This is not inconsistent with other believe systems, and in fact, dovetails with those for the universality of philosophic, religious and cultural systems that there is a purpose to life, for there is order in the universe.


Upcoming Sensitive Dates

     Getting back to the predictive grind, the above September 19 entry discussed the impactive transits of Mars in its fallen sign of Cancer and the trio of Venus, Mercury and Sun crossing restrictive Saturn in Virgo.  Some early results were published, again above, September 23.  These karmas too advance the Millennium Contraction -- one more step ahead toward the goal of reforming society to regain shared democratic values. 

(Note:  Venus, Mercury and the Sun, being personal planets, tend to impact our lives rather than only bring major world events.  And since the sign of Virgo relates to illness, health is an issue.)   

     While Venus crossed Saturn yesterday, she remains under Saturn's influence and is also approaching it's point of maximum debilitation -- making her very weak.  So, Venus remains of concern for the next few days.  In the U.S. chart, Venus is groups, goals and debts, which have certainly been challenged and will continue to be under fire.  (The Republicans keep changing their favorite candidate, and Obama shifts from being an effective leader to an inept one in the public's view.)  In your personal life Venus' contentment, joy, love, females and physically, the reproductive system, throat and kidneys are sensitive. 

     Beyond the sensitive dates listed below, turbulence should be expected through calendar October.  Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all have cleared out of Virgo by October 19, but Mars will remain in Cancer until month's end.  (November will naturally bring a whole new set of planetary karmas, and that month will be analyzed in an upcoming VedicLeaks.  The Celestial Wheel of karma continues to role along and never stops, just as time always marches on -- And Vedic Astrology is most essentially about time.)

     Consider these sensitive dates only as karmic peaks, not exclusive dates for events.  The September 19 entry suggested the following sensitive dates, and I've added some specific harmful karmas.


     October 1-6 -- Mars approaches Rahu in the U.S. eighth house of  accidents, suggesting catastrophe, which can be to property or involve water.  Mars is both storms and explosions, including fires. 

     October 5,6 -- Mercury crosses Saturn.  This can bring business reversals but also earth crust events -- earthquakes and/or volcanos.  The nervous system, skin and the lungs are vulnerable.

     Notice the these two above transit crossings overlap October 5 and 6.  In doubling up the karma, effects are more likely and intense.

     October 12,13 -- the Sun crosses Saturn.  The Sun signifies governing, especially leaders.  In the U.S. chart, this difficult Sun/Saturn combination occurs in the tenth house of  government officials.  Look to further governing conflicts both at home and abroad.  Popular protests are a factor.  The Sun is the heart, head and right eye, making these areas sensitive.




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October 3  -- the above sensitive dates have been updated.