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September 1 -- 30, 2010



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September 3, 2010


History Repeats

     Below is a copy of the new top section of the home page.

     I've focused here on the major message of our times, and I believe these few forecasts explain that.
In fact, I've sometimes found myself hunting through the many of the Short-subject Commentaries and
In-depth Forecasts to find this coherent thread.


History Repeats -- Gilded Age to contraction

to Progressive Age

These five forecasts present the concepts and unfolding of the dramatic transformation in society during the first two decades of the new Millennium.  The first sets the stage by explaining how U.S. history is repeating this three-stage sequence from the latter part of the nineteenth century.  This encyclopedic historical analysis is free to enable public understanding.  The last four forecasts were underwritten by paid Participation -- see the below Participation Choices.


The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles Part I,  Part II   (12/2/04)  A detailed analysis of the U.S. chart from Independence in 1776 through 2008.  free

 Through The Second Gilded Age (12/1/07)   The ending of the gluttonous Second Gilded Age and the beginning of the Millennium Contraction is predicted.

 Through The Millennium Contraction  (7/4/2000)  Timing and nature of the Millennium Contraction.

 Millennium Contraction -- Migrations  (9/2/2010)  Examines population shifts arising from Millennium contraction and global warming.

 Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond (11/3/09)  The first two of seven predictions  1. To the spring of 2010 will be a roller coaster of major economic swings that will end on the downside.  2. The next 12 months to the spring of 2011 will show improvement, recouping some previous losses.



Viewing tower at the ancient

observatory in Jaipur, India.


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Doug Riemer


September 8, 2010

Summer Stresses Are Pretty Well Over

     The July 20 to August 31 Mars/Saturn conjunction (with Venus) is over.

   Venus shifted out of Virgo and into Libra August 31 Mars followed on September 5.

   This World Transit Chart for today shows Mars and Venus now safe from Saturn in Libra -- though Mars does naturally afflict Venus.

   Instead of being weak in Virgo and hammered by both Mars and Saturn, Venus' joy, love, compassion, wealth and vehicles is now strong in its own sign of Libra, where it can better use Mars' energy.

  Venus/Mars is passion in all things, which is empowering, not debilitating, giving great energy for achievement.  The combination is impetuous, however. Quick lusty romances are an issue.  Already some clients report pawing the ground.

World Transits September 8, 2010

      Mars stimulates all Venus's enjoyments and pleasures, which some may seek as relief from August's stresses.   Like folks with sensitive stomachs giving alert to their lunar calm or turbulence, a sudden boost in passion for anything is an early warning sign to proceed with care -- and for S.K.  No cookies, not even one!  Whether Venus is overly passionate, spends to much money, brings loss in love, etc. depends upon the rising rising in your Vedic chart.  This is like a sailboat race in which some boats are better designed for a high wind coming from the north.

     Venus stays in Libra until the end of the year because of an upcoming retrograde that causes it to backtrack.  This is basically advantageous, especially since Mars will leave Libra October 18. 

     Jupiter opposite Saturn, by also stimulating great power for achievement doubles that karma.  This combination of the big planets also brings executive and management power, leadership and tenacity.  It can be an effective balance to the stimulated Venus, as long are one doesn't allow passion to override reason -- misusing power.  And like Venus, the great benefic Jupiter no longer has to deal with both great malefics Mars and Saturn.  Jupiter's continued retrograde until November 17 hinders the expression of his benevolences, but like Venus, Jupiter benefits from being in his own sign.  On balance, then, both Venus and Jupiter, the two great benefics are finally fairly well and actually very powerfully disposed.

   This is the long Vedic way of saying , Hurrah! Now we can begin to clean up the debris from August's planetary hurricanes.  So, here's some fun, -- an accidental allegory on transformation, I call this, Pee Wee Does Sturgis.

     One other piece of the planetary jigsaw puzzle that has been awry is Mercury retrograde since August 20. Mercury will turn forward September 12 -- restoring  communications, memory, calculations, solidifying the nervous system and ending problems with computers, cell phones and other electronics.  Of course, you have to fix all this stuff first, and find that cell phone you misplaced.  For a truly amazing example of this Mercury retrograde, watch this video, OMG this is so embarrassing ....Save us from Jan Brewer!

     I'm working on a predictions check for the forecasted ills in August during Mars/Saturn and will publish that in a day or two.  With Mercury retrograde, and this being Mercury Wednesday (that planet's day of the week), I've been challenged all day in getting this short entry completed.


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Doug Riemer



September 19, 2010

Venus/Mars Tea Party Vixens

     Now that the destructive Mars/Saturn conjunction is over, the Venus/Mars conjunction in Libra has become the dominant planetary karma.  It continues until October 18, when Mars transits away into Scorpio.  This conjunction signifying passion in all things was discussed September 8 and will be elaborated upon in upcoming Celestial Wheel entries. 

     One Venus/Mars item of interest results from the U.S. chart running it's Mars planetary cycle, Mars ruling the fifth house of government, and Venus being females.  Mars-militant, sharp-tongued, sexy women politicians are taking center stage.  Sarah Palin is making an even bigger splash now, and she is joined by her fellow Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell, nominated on Tuesday as Delaware's Republican candidate for Congress. South Carolina gubernatorial Republican candidate Nikki Haley and Sharon Angle, the Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada, are also Tea Partiers --making four of a kind.

Sarah Palin

Christine O'Donnell

Nikki Haley

Sharon Angle


     Note the final prediction checked in the next section predicts Tea Party candidates will not prevail in the November 2 midterm elections.


Predictions Check -- Mars/Saturn Conjunction

     The September 8 entry (above) stated, The July 20 to August 31 Mars/Saturn conjunction (with Venus) is over.  Venus shifted out of Virgo and into Libra August 31 Mars followed on September 5. ...One other piece of the planetary jigsaw puzzle that has been awry is Mercury retrograde since August 20. Mercury will turn forward September 12 -- restoring communications, memory...  Mercury's forward motion specifically enables us to understand Augusts trials and tribulations and determine effective was to use Venus/Mars energy to recoup those losses and further our goals.

    The July 24 In-depth Forecast, Mars/Saturn Conjunction Summer 2010, offered several specific predictions, beyond the generalized harms to both society and individuals.

     As events often takes a while to filter through to the media, I intentionally wait a while until sensitive intervals end before tallying the score. 



(a) Further harm to residential and commercial real estate.

Mars in the U.S. chart is landed property, investments and losses, notably through debt.  Saturn is industry, commercial real estate and income. ...Real estate values and incomes drop. Debts come due and are not paid. Foreclosures result, and these bring losses. ...Watch banks, investors and homeowners go to the mat during all of August. ...The tenth house is also government officials, suggesting a focus there.


9/18  August foreclosures hit another high

8/22 FDIC Bank Failures  Because banks finance commercial real estate, their failures respond directly to shopping centers, rental apartments and hotels being unable to pay their mortages.

Last Vegas has been hit particularly hard by the real estate collapse, pushing some folks over the edge.  10 died in just 13 days in August, 8/29 MURDER-SUICIDES: Economic worries taking toll in recent deaths and  9/17 All signs point to continuing Las Vegas exodus

    In little Sedona, where I recently lived, two took their lives: 8/26  Dead woman identified as Heather Grace  and 8/27 Man shoots self, falls off Midgley Bridge.


(b) The stock market knocked down

Mars signifying investments, with this hard Saturn, indicates that karma.


8/31  Dow Logs Worst August in 9 Years


(c) Economic growth to stop

Saturn governing commercial real estate, industry and income combines with Mars' destructions, including its signification for landed property. These widespread ills will halt the fragile economic recovery.


9/3  'Recovery Summer' Ends With Economic Pothole


(d) The BP relief oil wells will fail and the leak could become worse

The April 20 BP oil platform explosion was the extreme expression of transit Mars in Cancer, the U.S.'s eighth house of calamity, where toxic Rahu is placed.  Initial reporting was 1000 barrels leaking daily, but this escalated repeatedly. Mars did not complete its horrific transit through Cancer until May 26. Further, the U.S. chart's planetary cycles confirmed that karma, being Mars with Rahu until May 17. These influences indicate further damage, possibly to the well casing below the sea floor.  Protective Jupiter in the Planetary Cycles and in transit brought the good fortune to finally cap the well last week.  However, the Mars/Saturn conjunction will stress the cracked well casing, bringing leaks. The relief wells are also at risk in not finding their well casing or the plugging effort not working.  Saturn is form and structure and things under the earth.  A final issue is tropical storms disrupting these efforts, and Tropical Storm Bonnie initiates this.


The karma here actualized in unexpected ways with another oil rig fire, 9/3  Blaze Shakes Oil Industry and rosy reports of the spilled oil having been successfully removed by evaporation and clean-up efforts proven wrong by 9/10  Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Seafloor

Also, the final plugging through the relief wells was greatly delayed, and this most recent news report does not say that key safeguard has been completed, 9/18 BP begins pumping cement into ruptured Gulf well in "bottom kill" operation.


(e) Israel will attack Iran

The Mars/Saturn conjunction occurs in Israel's twelfth house of loss and Iran's eighth house of calamity. Both nation charts are also running harmfully confirming Planetary Cycles. There has been much saber-rattling about Israel bombing Iran, and Saudi Arabia has granted aircraft access from Israel to Iran. The road is thus paved for the attack. However, the results/ consequences for Israel appear negative. It is unknown whether this means the attack fails to knock out Iran's many hidden nuclear facilities, or Iran retaliates directly or through proxies.

(a) Further harm to residential and commercial real estate.


Iran antagonized Israel all through August.  It paraded two new weapons, 8/23 Iran Says It Will Mass Produce Assault Boats and  Iran unveils Karrar, a crude 'hunter-killer' drone.  Also, it announced fueling a nuclear plant, Israel: Iran Nuclear Plant 'Totally Unacceptable'.  The last saber rattling was this announcement, 9/3 Iran says to strike Israel nuclear site if attacked with 9/5. 

Israel faced it's own Mars/Saturn turmoil 9/5  Mideast Crisis looms over Israeli settlements, which may have dissuaded it from attacking Iran.  Also, concurrent with Iran's new weapons announcement, 8/25 Blast hits Iran-Turkey gas pipeline certainly could have been Israeli-inspired.


U.S. Extremists & The Midterm Elections

...Mars' association with the U.S. chart's manipulative and cruel Saturn stimulates further extremist anger and frustration -- accusations and blaming -- but no solutions. During August, then, look for even more ranting and raving.  This will backfire, for as we move into the fall, the U.S.'s wise Jupiter will be freed from extremist Mars. America's mystical paranoia, that began in April 2009 and has continued nearly unabated since then, will fade.  The fear-based emotional hold will yield to objective reality.  The 20% of Americans on the far right edge of the bell curve will continue their allegiance, as they really always have. The 60% middle America, and some of the 20% extreme liberal, will vote for candidates who offer positive solutions.  In addition, there will be the fresh breeze of new faces in Congress and in state and local governments as voters reject many incumbents for their obvious failures.


8/29 Civil rights' new 'owner': Glenn Beck was widely in the press and also discussed extensively in the August 27 and 30 Celestial Wheel entries.  That this was a signal event is obvious.

Also, the above Tea party Vixens relates to typing up their rhetoric during August.


Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer


September 27, 2010

Venus/Mars Passion Accumulates

     As stated in the above July 19 Celestial Wheel, Now that the destructive Mars/Saturn conjunction is over, the Venus/Mars conjunction in Libra has become the dominant planetary karma.  It continues until October 18, when Mars transits away into Scorpio.  This conjunction signifying passion in all things was discussed September 8 and will be elaborated upon in upcoming Celestial Wheel entries.

     That entry's Tea Party Vixens is one dramatic and very public manifestation of that energy.  Actually there are mnay more than just the four listed, as this video from Yoda shows, Sarah Palin's Top 10 Mama Grizzlies.  Make sure you pay close attention to thrilling ending!

     It is Mars' projective energy on Venu's is receptive compassion that stimulates this passion in all things.  Most notable in personal experiences is quick, heated romances that can break apart just as quickly.    Considering however that Venus is females, this combination brings discord with them in the broad range of interactions.

     Two other factors to consider are Mars closing on Venus and the conjunction itself continuing, both of which amplify the energy.  The former peak is occurring now with Mars just 2 1/2 degrees away from Venus and the esact conjunction occurring October 5.  Tomorrow will be a tense day, as it is Mars Tuesday.  Venus Friday will see a similar result.  Too, on both days, the all-important Moon will be afflicted -- first by Mars tomorrow and then by Ketu on Friday.  Use care in your activities and avoid conflicts.  Slow down is the byword for the week.

     So, it's natural we are all feeling the heat now.   For the latter, as the conjunction continues toward the end of October, the energy accumulates.  This will be persistent and aggravating in a growing way.  Along with this, there is impatience and also getting weary of the stress, which can bring irritation.


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Doug Riemer