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October 2, 2814

A direct email entry


Struggling Through October


Sunday's "Heads-up,The Moon Is With Mars"
There were no discernible results of this caution on the world stage.  The news doesn't always pick up events right away, and sometimes related events overshadow.  For example, the Japan's deadly volcano eruption was Saturday, when the Moon was not yet with Mars.  But the Moon was with Saturn, the planet of things under the earth and form and structure. Saturn thereby associates to earth crust events.

And this article, Japan volcano: Search suspended as eruption intensifies, stated, ...there was a great increase in the amount of material and gas being ejected on Tuesday.  Too, since the Moon is the home, the prediction for Plumbing issues in the home came true in a kind of twisted way.  Other events already in motion escalated -- like the air bombing against ISIS, violence in Ukraine and Hong Kong protests.

Since the Moon is such a personal planet, the Heads-up was also directed at you personally.  Just use care and be aware to dodge incoming challenge.  A neighbor cut her hand Monday morning gardening.  An elderly German fellow at the beach, wearing a 9-11 shirt, was asked about the ISIS conflict.  He replied in a rage they should be nuked, just like Bin Laden should have been nuked in Afghanistan, like Japan was nuked in WWII!  When asked about civilian deaths and property damage, snorted.  When asked why Germany shouldn't also have been nuked in WWII, he stomped off.

Economics As Moral Philosophy & The Second Gilded Age Robber Barons
This September 21 VedicLeaks was published to the web as a free in-depth Forecast.  Here's the link.  It can be found on the home page, where I included a listing of upcoming In-depth forecasts:

Part Two -- Economics As Moral Philosophy & The Second Gilded Age Robber Barons
The U.S. Drought
Is the ISIS Threat Exaggerated?
November 4 Midterm elections
The Stock Market Bubble
The Coming Public Rebellion


The Planets Are Becoming Afflicted And Weak
In October now, the planets are becoming difficult. This has been mentioned several times in VedicLeaks entries. Today's discussion sets the stage by explaining how and why the celestial winds are stormy this month by briefly discussing several planets.

Planets naturally cause harm when they are afflicted. They also bring poor results when weak. Malefics also harm when too strong.

Venus is weak in it's fallen sign of Virgo -- September 25 to October 17.   Venus also becomes badly afflicted from October 15 for several days as she tangles with malefics Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) and the hot Sun at just the wrong time -- for then she reaches her maximum point of debilitation at 27 degrees.  Affairs of the heart, beauty, diplomacy, compassion, females and vehicles are all compromised.   As females suffer, this will give added impetuous to women voting in large numbers November 4.  Of course, with the U.S. chart running Mars major and Venus minor cycles, there's confirming karma for Mom to clean house.  See, Morning Plum: Can women save the Senate for Democrats?

Rahu, on the other hand, is too strong now, for he's in one of those rare intervals when he is literally stopped in the sky -- which empowers him.  Rahu became stationary September 24 and will remain the deadly motionless serpent until November 7.  One potent effect of this Rahu is he sits on the U.S.'s Saturn, which symbolizes government officials.  He grinds them up.  So, yesterday, the head of the Secret Service resigned.  This article lists officials with legal problems, The GOP’s mug-shot primary.  That is one of the reasons The Celestial Wheel has predicted many incumbents will lose in the November 4 midterm elections.

Saturn is weak has he approaches the end of his nearly 3 year stay in Libra, getting ready to shift into Scorpio November 2.  While all planets become weak at the sign/house edge -- like water current is weak at shallow stream bank, Saturn is particularly difficult for he is so slow. Thereby, Saturn, the great malefic, withholds his worst harms until the last weeks of a sign transit.  Saturn is the planet of service and thereby government officials --giving a confirming karma to incumbents being tossed out in the election.  Libra is the seventh sign of relationships.  In the U.S. chart, Libra is the eleventh house of friends/groups/goals. Saturn will be causing havoc with all these significations this month -- which certainly fits with election troubles.

Mercury turns retrograde October 3 for three weeks ending October 24.  This weakens it.  And, during the retrograde, it runs into Rahu. Then it runs into Rahu again after turning forward October 30.  This creates tremendous anxiety -- feeling under attack.  Clear thinking will be very difficult.  Accidents can result.  Use care in communicating.

The Sun and the Moon will be afflicted, for this is the eclipse season -- for the word eclipse means to block.  Again, the eclipses are October 8 total lunar 21 degrees Pisces: October 23 partial solar 6 degrees Libra. Unfortunately, poor Venus will be right in the eclipse path on the solar eclipse. An so will be Mercury.

Mars is strong in his own sign, but not so good for this being hidden dangers Scorpio.  Too, remember malefics bring harm when too strong.  For the U.S., this is the twelfth house of loss and far and distant places.  From there, Mars aspects the sixth house of enemies, conflicts an foreigners.  So, the U.S. planet of war is bombing the Mideast again.  Mars went into Scorpio September 5 and leaves that sign October 18. The Celestial Wheel previously stated on September 16, the U.S. chart is also running tough minor Dasa planets until September 21. ...It seems U.S. efforts in the Mideast will be a rocky road for the next ten days.

Interestingly, last Thursday NPR had aired the program, In India, Science And Astrology Comfortably Coexist. In that, the famous K.N. Rao in India stated, "The USA and Obama will be in a very aggressive mood, till the 19th of October. You'll see major aggressive decision taken by the USA," he said.  Rao's point is also correct about Obama.  He's pushing ahead relentlessly now.  This air war against ISIS could be very good politically for him and thereby the Democrats. It will remain targeted and limited to weakening ISIS so that countries it has infected can control it.

When Mars transits into Sagittarius October 20, that will be into the first house in the U.S. chart.  He will aspect the seventh house of the other -- other persons.  Then, instead of fighting against enemies abroad, the U.S. will be fighting itself.  With all the other planetary challenges this month, the elections will be a real brawl.  The outcomes of many races may not be agreed upon for a long time after November 4.

The September 16 entry closed with, Now, it's time to gird your loins.




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October 16, 2014

Struggling Through October


The (above) October 2 VedicLeaks was titled Struggling Through October.   Through the weekend and the October 23 Solar eclipse is a peak interval.

Mercury turns retrograde October 3 for three weeks ending October 24. This weakens it. And, during the retrograde, it runs into Rahu (fear of attack and toxic thinking.)

Venus also becomes badly afflicted from October 15 for several days as she tangles with malefics Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) and the hot Sun at just the wrong time -- for then she reaches her maximum point of debilitation at 27 degrees.

...Unfortunately, poor Venus will be right in the eclipse path on the solar eclipse. And so will be Mercury


Below is a chart for today, using the natural zodiac beginning with Aries. This signifies global planetary karmas.  Note Venus and Mercury are sandwiched between malefics, the hot Sun and voracious Rahu -- the head of the dragon eclipse point. This is Virgo, the sign of illness and discords.

There's a lot of Mercury mental stress and Venusian unhappiness. As Venus is vehicles, use care in driving! Rahu being airplanes and other flying machines, indicates problems in that area, which can involve the Mideast struggles.

Note that Mars, which is contagious, Pitta type infections, is in the terrible 8th house of Scorpio -- death, scandals, chronic illness, catastrophe...


With 4 planets in sickness Virgo, and Mars in Scorpio, Ebola worsens, which will continue until at least November 4.  Then, the Sun, Mercury and Venus will have escaped Virgo.  However, a lot of the Ebola coverage is hype, and worries are heightened by afflicted Mercury and Venus.

Don't panic. Take is easy and avoid stressful situations and people.

This is a classic Mercury retrograde when the planet of communications is also weak and afflicted. Too the Celestial Wheel has predicted lots of campaign problems,

Florida Gov. Rick Scott stalls debate over opponent's fan




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October 27, 2014

From A Delightful Summer To A Grim Fall

     This VedicLeaks entry begins with a summation of potent and repeating planetary karmas setting firmly defined energetic patterns this past summer -- and now into the fall.  With a tough Mercury retrograde this month, it's been easy to get lost in other recent Celestial Wheel forecasting.  With significant challenges ahead, it's truly important to understand these trends.

     There is a caveat here, for the discussion has been about transits -- where the planets are in today's skies.  (Transits is the tool Western Astrology uses to measure planetary influences in individual charts.)  Transits can also be read from the natural zodiac beginning with Aries, where they depict global planetary weather -- affecting everything and everyone, everywhere and all the time -- individuals, nations, leaders, organizations, weather..... 

Vedic Astrology uses transits as well but additionally applies Dasas (planetary cycles) to predict.  Dasas can only be calculated for individual charts.  There is no World Chart.

For the individual charts, transits lift up or drop down the person, nation..., but always in relationship to the Dasas.  Some of this analyses considers the individual charts of the U.S. President Obama and others for the combined transit and Dasa analysis.  Vedic Astrology also uses transits calculated from the natural zodiac to measure global karmas.


     VedicLeaks entries beginning in June 12 focused upon the unusually beneficial disposition of the planets,

The benefic planets are all headed into excellent positions. In fact, Mercury is already there in its sign of Gemini, where it stays until July 28.  Venus will shift into her own Taurus on June 19, where she will reside until July 13.  Finally, Jupiter, the great benefic, goes into Cancer, his exalted sign, on June 20.  He'll shine there for a year. So, starting June 19, the planetary skies will brighten with optimism and opportunity.

Take advantage of that to improve your situation and enjoy the summer as well.

    The late August conjunction of malefics Mars and Saturn naturally brought harms, but with the benefics remaining strong, their karma turned Mars/Saturn lemons into lemonade.  A potent proof of this were powerful hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Pacific.  They only brought welcome rains to the parched Midwest and Southwest.

     Next, the benefic and malefic planets moved into power placements until mid September.  The September 4 entry explained,

.....another very unusual planetary configuration -- five planets either exalted or in their own signs.  Exaltations: Jupiter in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo and Saturn in Libra.  Own sign: Sun in Leo, Mars in Scorpio.


     While the energy remained positive, this was one of more power than the easy gains benefic gives, for malefics are forceful.  The September 16 entry explained, That has signified power -- the capability to complete projects to improve your situation. ended with this suggestion.... Now, it's time to gird your loins


     The September 4 entry also described planetary energies for the fall,

There will be a lot of tough planetary karmas hitting the fan in October and early November.  That the destabilizing eclipse season occurs in October ignites these several potentially explosive planetary dispositions.


     The October 2 entry, titled, Struggling Through The Fall With Weak And Afflicted Plantes, listed and described these poor planetary dispositions.   The transits this fall are even worse than the transits this summer were good

Just as a good harvest makes food plentiful and affordable, a long drought has pushes up all food prices.


     This fall's transit information set the stage for the October 14 In-depth Forecast, The November 4 Midterm Elections.  It is a signal forecast, and if you wish to get to right to the gist, scroll to the bottom to Conclusions.  But, don't stop there, for the last section, Aftermath, predicts the duality of very rough elections and then bad twelfth house transits and Dasas for the U.S. chart beginning mid November.  Government, officials, wealth and business will all be adversely impacted.  This could be the next asset bubble burst -- the stock market.  Further, as the 12th house is far and distant places and hospitals, both the ISIS and Ebola issues could really flare up again then.


Major October Stresses

     The nasty political campaigning, the war on ISIS and the Ebola contagion are well known.  That ground beef reached $5 a pound struck even harder though -- cutting deep to cultural bone.  The The November 4 Midterm Elections stated,

The touchstone, however, may very well be $5 ground beef -- making unaffordable the classic American hamburger -- setting off a seething anger that hunger pervades America, the greatest agricultural producer on the globe.  All should be well fed.  This has really pissed everyone off!  That's Saturn/Mars energy for Chakrapani's radical changes.  Revolution is in the air, and who would have ever guessed the price of hamburger would be the catalyst?


     When I've asked folks about this, two opposing responses came.  Those who are older and single immediately defended, I don't each beef.  That's selfishness born out of fear.  They want to believe things are getting better and deny evidence to the contrary.  Those with families, including grandparents taking care of their grown offspring and grandchildren, dropped their chins and agreed in solemn resentment.


The Solar Eclipse,

     I emailed this past Wednesday, that the next day partial solar eclipse would be uniquely visible without eye protection at sunset to most of North America.  Living now on the Florida's Gulf Coast, I could see the eclipse from the beach. 




















     The October 13 In-depth Forecast, The November 4 Midterm Elections, discussed the challenging transits occurring this month and through election day -- including eclipses which both block reveal.  While the news is always full of scandals and other intense information being revealed, these revelations are exceptional.

     UNC report finds 18 years of academic fraud to keep athletes playing

      Could non-citizens decide the November election?

     Goldman Makes It Official That the Stock Market is Manipulated, Buybacks Drive Valuations


      The The November 4 Midterm Elections also predicted major voting problems that will not be resolved for weeks and weeks.  Here's an early beginning,   ‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county.  too, there's the above mentioned, Could non-citizens decide the November election?.

     The U.S. chart is hit particularly hard by tough transits, and also has challenging Dasas (planetary cycles).  But, as transits are global planetary weather, we can see harms to elections already happening in Brazil.  The first election October 6 resulted in run off, Brazil's Rousseff to face Neves in runoff vote.  This article from October 24, Brazil poll shows Neves leading election, at odds with major surveys explains continued confusions and mix ups. Yesterday's final election resulted a narrow victory amid so much strife, the President was humbled, Brazil elections: Dilma Rousseff promises reform after poll win.  Interestingly ialthough Brazil has been struggling economically, Poorer Brazilians voted in Dilma Rousseff for a second term because of her party's track record in lifting millions out of poverty.  This is populism, which will also be tested in the U.S. elections November 4.


Airplane Crashes

     The above October 16 VedicLeaks entry stated, As Venus is vehicles, use care in driving! Rahu being airplanes and other flying machines, indicates problems in that area, which can involve the Mideast struggles.  There was a rash of plane crashes this week,

     Heads roll in Russia as more details emerge of Total crash

     Three dead in helicopter-small plane collision at Maryland airport


     Two dead in identified in plane crash near Randsburg identified

     Preston County Plane Crash Under Investigation

     Small plane crashes near Globe


Another Set Of Issues

     Mercury is the nervous system, skin diseases and the respiratory system.  Venus is pleasures, skin beauty and the kidneys.

     Since Mercury and Venus are both badly afflicted until election day November 4, there are upticks in addictive activity -- Mercury's nervous system and Venus' pleasures.  Skin problems are another issue -- Mercury's skin diseases and Venus' skin beauty.  Also, Mercury's respiratory system and Venus' kidneys are among the parts of the body Ebola harms.


Where The Planets Are Now

     The below chart is for today, October 27.  It is a transit chart.  The planetary weather has improved, but major afflictions continue to most of the planets -- right up to election day, November 4.

     Thankfully, the eclipses are over, although their effects linger.  Eclipse effects can last up to six months.

     Mercury has ended its retrograde but is headed toward Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  This is toxic thinking and paranoia.  (It's a major culprit in causing elections problems.)

     Venus is past the hot Sun but remains combust -- burnt.  Venus is unhappy, and her kindness and diplomacy are challenged.  Fighting results.

     Rahu is too strong.  This is Virgo, the 6th house of illness and aggressions, especially with foreigners.  (For the U.S. chart, Virgo is the 10th house of government officials, causing victimizing and other losses.)

     Saturn is weakly harmful as he approaches the end of Libra.  This affects Saturn's structure, duty, government officials and chronic illnesses.

     Mars is much better in Sagitarius than in Scorpio -- not too strong.  But that Mars also aspects wealthy Jupiter -- wastes wealth, stimulates real estate losses and brings militant religious fervor.  (Again for the U.S. chart, this is the first house of the self, aspecting the seventh house of relationship.  Instead for fighting so much abroad, the U.S. fights with itself.) 





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