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  October 1 -- 31, 2011



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October 6, 2011

Perspective On U.S. History & Prospects

    The prediction for a long-term economic depression -- The Millennium Contraction - was first made in the December, 2004 In-depth Forecast, 58a, The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles -- Part I 1776 to 189558b followed, describing the interval 1896 to Present.  Below is a screen shot of the first 7 year Mars cycle analysis,


    This Vedic interpretation of the U.S. is encyclopedic in giving a long range historical perspective.  In fact a Celestial wheel editor then exclaimed, This is a Vedic encyclopedia of U.S. history!



Building Upon That Foundation 

     Following forecasting has used this Vedic encyclopedia as a foundation to the predictive structure that has gradually emerged. 

(Note: The September 30 VedicLeaks explained how The Celestial Wheel publishes information: Integration is the other essential.   These Short-subject VedicLeaks, published in several entries each month on a monthly web page, examine specific current and upcoming planetary karmas and their consequences.  In-depth Forecasts then gather these pieces of information together and integrate them into a broader perspective.)

     The July, 2010 In-depth Forecast, Through The Millennium Contraction is notable for mapping-out the effects of the 7 year Mars Cycle within the sequence of Gilded Age to Contraction to Progressive Age.  This screen shot is a summary at the end.



Popular Protests

        Popular protests are integral to this sequence of karmas, and that topic has been addressed many times.  The February, 2011 In-depth Forecast, Popular Protests In The U.S, discussed these beginning driving reform to regain shared democratic values.

       The September 15 In-Depth Forecast, Mars & Saturn Recap, predicted popular protests from the middle and left would really blossom this fall.


     This September 19 VedicLeaks examined the the challenging transits of Mars through Cancer and Sun, Venus and Mercury across Saturn in Virgo, observing, It is also useful pointing out that Venus and Mercury are personal planets, as really the Sun is as well.  This means that some significant trials and tribulations will impact us individually, as opposed to governments.   (Health is a major issue.)

     It appears that the tremendous suffering during these first three years of the Millennium Contraction is finally being taken personally -- the missing motivator behind board-based popular protests, which interestingly were arranged, organized and operate via smart phones.

     And guess who really deserves the credit here?   The February 2011 In-depth Forecast, Global Transformation Has Begun explained,


And finally


    Thanks Steve.  You truly did much more than create cool stuff -- you empowered us to begin rescuing society.

(Composed on a 2005 Powerbook G4-17 that remains a better computer than anything Second Gilded Age
monopolist Bill Gates ever produced with his Windows software on generic hardware.)




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October 19, 2011

Reminder On The Two Impactive Transits

     The September 19 VedicLeaks identified and discussed the difficult transits of Mars through Cancer and the Sun, Venus and mercury across Saturn this fall. 

     The September 30 VedicLeaks specified ends dates for these, ...turbulence should be expected through calendar October.  Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all have cleared out of Virgo by October 19, but Mars will remain in Cancer until month's end.


The Sun, Venus, Mercury Transit Across Saturn Is Over

   The personal quality of these planets crossing Saturn, the planet of miseries and death, brought the Occupy movement, as previously discussed.  See Bankster Shave.  With that triple-planet transit sprouting the long dormant seed, now we wait to see how the movement develops.  In appealing to so many, and becoming global, with economic and political conditions continuing to just get worse, it doesn't seem likely to fade.  Popular protests  against Second Gilded Age monied interests during the Millennium Contraction is a natural, even inevitable, response to economic, social and political unfairnesses.  These must continue as the only route to initiating the Second Progressive Age, or truly, we'll never escape the pit.


Mars' Troublesome Transit Through Cancer Ends October 30

     Mars has resulted in more stormy weather than most realize. 

     There have been four major tropical storms.  In early September, Typhoon Talas hit the east. Typhoon Dumps Record Rain on Japan, Killing 20.  In late September, Nesat Kills 3 in China as Typhoon Nalgae Nears.  Nalgae, the third typhoon, then hit, At Least One Dead as Second Typhoon Batters Philippines,  Here in the West, a Pacific hurricane hit October 13, Jova Kills At Least 5 People in Mexico.

     Other heavy weather has come to the U.S., as predicted.  Heavy rain hit Texas, but the drought continues. October 10, Texas rain storm just a drop in deep bucket; drought continues.  October 14, Seven tornadoes hit Va., National Weather Service confirms.  October 18, Dust storm roils through Texas south plains.  October 19, Severe weather sweeps Florida; 50 homes damaged.

    Expect more severe weather events until October 30.




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October 22, 2011

Dollar Democracy

     The October 13 In-depth Forecast, Bankster Shave, explained why popular protests are finally arising from the left, and middle America too -- popular protests are a natural response to the economic contraction that follows as Gilded Age.  The personal planets of Sun, Mercury and Venu transiting over Saturn (misory) in September and October made people take this personally.  While millions have lost them homes, jobs, savings etc. that form the fabric of middle class life during the last three years, those harms sat simmering on the stove until taking it personally made the pot boil.

     Yet, understanding that the Banksters are the bad guys, and shutting them down by withdrawing deposits is the only solution, remains a high hill to climb. 

     Of course, there's the huge disconnect between the 1% and the 99%, as shown in this article, In Private, Wall St. Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated.  There are several notable quotes, but one stands out, one longtime money manager... added that he was disappointed that members of Congress from New York, especially Senator Charles E. Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, had not come out swinging for an industry that donates heavily to their campaigns. “They need to understand who their constituency is,” 

     He may as well just hold out a sign,

Welcome to Dollar  Democracy

And you can take that to the bank


     While the great mass of Americans remains early on the learning curve, they do support the Occupy movement in the polling.  The protestors themselves, even as they are protesting because their lives are wrecked, and correctly targeting Wall Street, have yet to integrate that information with the need for a run on the banks by withdrawing their money.  Here's the protestors' thinking so far to a logical series of questions: 

     Is it true that losing just 10% of the deposits will bust the Banksters?  Yes. 

     It is achievable?  Yes. 

     Will it work?  Yes.

     Do yo understand this?  Yes, well sort of. 

     Will you take action?  Well, I really haven't considered that.

     Would you prefer that they just fixed it?  Of course!  That's what we're protesting for.

     It is much easier to know what to do when a gangster breaks into your house or robs you on the street.  Our society has laws protecting us from crimes to property and person.  There is no such common understanding when Banksters attack us because they are integral to the professions that serve society.  In fact, banks are held to be especially trustworthy because their job is to safeguard our money.  Yet, they use this to their advantage in the greatest con game in history.  Banksters are the ultimate wolves in sheep's clothing.

    The media hasn't figured this out either, and even those who do understand are reluctant to propose such a drastic solution -- attacking with money the money sector of the economy -- for it is commonly held to be indispensable, even as it has wrecked the economy and continues to do so.  And too, most media is corporate owned.  The rest quake in fear of the repercussions from the 1%.  Remember how Swift Boat group discredited John Kerry? 



Bankster Shave For Printing

     Go to Bankster Shave for a letter-sized file for printing.  I added the wallet-sized version, eight on a sheet -- Bankster Shave Wallet-sized.  Use heavy paper -- card stock -- and yes, you have to cut them out yourself.


    Hand them out and watch the reactions.  People hate to read, but once they see it's just five short lines, they'll do it.  Most folks chuckle right away.  Those over fifty remember the old Burma Shave signs and are quicker to do so.  A couple folks have asked me, What's a Bankster Shave?  After a several seconds, they'll agree this is true.  Then, they all put the card in their pocket.  They don't had it back or object and throw it in the trash.  They put it in their pocket because it rings true, even as the concept is too much too fully grasp.  If you want to have some real fun, give it to a Bankster employee.  They react with more confusion than cat when you move his litter box to another room.

    It's a good start in building a consciousness that this is what must be done.  The banksters will be busted by losing their customers one at a time.  All it takes is 10% of their deposits. Do you part.  No slackers.   

And you can take that too the bank too



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October 25, 2011

Mars' Troublesome Transit Through Cancer Ends October 30

     The September 19 VedicLeaks discussed the troublesome transits of Mars through Cancer and the Sun, Venus and Mercury across restrictive Saturn. 

   The latter transit ended October 17, and the personal nature of these planets brought the Occupy protest movement.

   Mars' troublesome transit through Cancer continues and will end October 30.  Storms were predicted, and the above October 19 entry recited several storms and stated, Mars has resulted in more stormy weather than most realize... and Expect more severe weather events until October 30

     Currently, Hurricane Rina Strengthens in Caribbean on Path Toward Yucatan and Thai floods reach northern Bangkok.  There may be other extreme weather events going on, and certainly Mars signifies further weather events during the next several days.  The planet of destruction is is approaching now his maximum degree of debilitation at 28 degrees and then becomes very weak at the sign edge through October 30.  Scandal is also an issue, for this is the U.S. chart's eighth house of secrets and turmoil.  The Solyndra scandal was one, and others have hit.  Fast And Furious is especially notable for Mars signifying weapons.  Watch for more scandals to be revealed through this weekend.


Saturn Is Ending Now His Transit Through Virgo

     Not yet discussed is Saturn (death) finishing his 2 1/2 year transit through Virgo.  This is the sixth house of illness, debts, conflicts and enemies in the natural zodiac (global planetary weather) and the tenth house of the public and government officials in the U.S. Vedic chart.  Saturn acts very slowly, as is his nature, withholding his greatest harms until the last few weeks of his long transit through each sign.  Saturn ends in Virgo November 13.

     With the Sun (government leaders) very weak in its fallen sign of Libra, we've already seen the death karma actualize.

     The Saudi crown prince passed on from colon cancer October 22, Saudi Crown Prince Sultan dies.  (Saturn is chronic illness.)  The new heir to the throne could be troublesome, Potential New Saudi Crown Prince Seen as Hard-Line but Pragmatic.  The Celestial Wheel has long been concerned that the Saudi Government will fall during it sixteen year fallen Jupiter planetary cycle, which began in June 2006.  See the February 2007 Culmination In The Mideast.  Saudi Arabia is now running this harmful Jupiter as its major cycle and Mercury as its minor cycle -- March 2011 to June 2013.  Mercury is both destructive for first, ruling the eighth house of calamity and second for being changeable, and conniving, taking advantage and using violence and repression.

   The Libyan dictator, Gaddafi, of course, was killed last week.  Gaddafi killed in hometown, Libya eyes future.

     Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, had surgery for a cancerous tumor, although his propaganda machine paints a rosy picture, Doctors say health outlook excellent for Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez after cancer treatment.

     Among U.S. officials, Dick Cheney is at great risk during this interval -- especially during the last few days of this tough transit.

     This Saturn is also affecting the health of elderly parents for three clients.  There is an expectation these will pass on during this Saturn ending in Virgo by November 13.  However, there is no way of knowing how much life force a person has, and too, modern medicine artificially prolongs life.

     It is critical to know that Saturn brings harms right through its last day in Virgo. The same thing happened in August/September 2009, when Saturn was finishing in Leo.  The September 2007 In-depth Forecast, A Stormy Fall, which labeled this as Saturn's scorched earth game.  You may recall this was also the summer Michael Jackson died.  In fact, there were so many passings in Hollywood, the media called it the summer of death.

     Other Saturn ills will also come forward through November 13, and we can gain a sense of these in Virgo's other significations -- debts, enemies and conflicts globally and for the U.S. government officials.



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October 31, 2011

Predictions Check -- Mars Cancer Transit Ending

     The above October 25 VedicLeaks entry restated previous predictions.  It emphasized further and severe storms and scandals as Mars ended its transit through watering Cancer, stating, The planet of destruction is is approaching now his maximum degree of debilitation at 28 degrees and then becomes very weak at the sign edge through October 30.

     These predictions certainly actualized!

      The record breaking Northeast storm. Rain and snow battering the region; snow accumulation growing, primarily in elevated areas and Stats of the Historic Northeast Snowstorm

     And a major storm in Texas too. Update: Amarillo receives record breaking snow for Oct. 27

     The last hurricane of the season. Hurricane Rina struck Mexico as a tropical storm at about 03:00 GMT on 28 October

     Another torture scandal. U.S. had advance warning of abuse at Afghan prisons, officials say

     Republican darling Marco Rubio caught in a lie. Marco Rubio on national ticket could be risky bet for Republican Party

     Herman Cain takes a big hit. Exclusive: 2 women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior  (He's gonna need his super-being Herminator suit and launch his Let them eat pizza campaign right away!  If you haven't ordered your Herminator T-shirt, do so right away, before they stop production.


     There's certainly been a lot of Mars stresses all over the globe, but then there's always something going on.  Yet, the past several days have seen a spike. Here's an image of the top of Saturday's Drudge Report.  You can read the headlines like a hysterical article on economic collapse.




Happy Halloween & Watch Out For False Gurus

   Carl Calleman is an early Mayan Calender (ending) false guru in his predicting the calender ends October 28, 2011.   Yes, 2011, and of course, nothing happened!  He started fudging recently, and here's that ploy in 2012 Nexus Forum.  I emailed Calleman yesterday, and below his most predictable response.  He both denies his failed prediction and reveals his plan to do further Mayan Calendar ending predictions as that transformational process unfolds.

Who said anything would happen on October 28, 2011?

I certainly did not. The Mayan calendar does not work that way.

Carl Johan

     So, when you participate, or just watch kids in Halloween costumes trick or treating and/or adults at parties, use that as a reminder that it's fantasy -- just like Carl Calleman promotes.  Yes, this is a period of social, political and economic transformation, but this same thing has happened many, many times in the history of the U.S and indeed around the globe.  But no end of the world has ever resulted, despite prognostications from extreme religious factions -- cults -- and individual false gurus -- con men.

     I sent Calleman the link to the Nexus article, citing the predictions he made there just a few weeks ago.  Let's see if he responds.


Saturn Ending In Virgo

     While, thankfully, Mars has finished his destructive run in Cancer, the above October 25 Vedicleaks also cautioned,  Saturn Is Ending Now his Transit Through Virgo -- illness, debts, conflicts and enemies. Yes, unfortunately, during this stressful Mars/Saturn planetary cycle (Dasas) for the U.S. chart (late April 2011 for a year), there's always something going on.  That is, this destructive combination of the two great malefic planets in the underlying karmas of the Dasas amplifies the harms of difficult transits.  It's like driving a on rough gravel road and then running into a thunderstorm.

     Please keep in mind, Saturn increases his malefic effects right through the last day in Virgo.  Further, on November 12 and 13, Mercury and Venus will conjoin malefic Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) in the U.S. chart's twelfth house of loss and suffering.  And, the U.S. chart Dasa planets (to five levels) include Venus, Mercury and Mars.   These will be the most tempestuous days, and it's important for you to keep your head down to avoid some of the harms. I call this karmic dodge ball.



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