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November 2, 2013

Solar Eclipse Tomorrow

Although The Celestial Wheel has discussed tomorrow's solar eclipse, with mental Mercury both retrograde and afflicted by malefics (Saturn, Rahu and the Sun), it's hard to keep anything straight -- or even remember to do that!

The October 23 VedicLeaks was titled More On Mercury Retrograde and included the solar eclipse, It will be powerfully eclipsed November 3 by Rahu in a hybrid solar eclipse -- essentially a total eclipse.  The location is 17:12 Libra.  By then, slow moving Saturn will have advanced to 19:50 Libra. Still, the eclipse is close enough to shadow Saturn as well.

Below is the graphic on Mercury's journey from the October 23 VedicLeaks, which includes Nov 3 in red for this solar eclipse.

Here's a chart for the eclipse, which begins tomorrow just after dawn EST. Daylight savings ends tonight -- so don't forget to move your clocks ahead one hour! You can easily see the five planets in Libra, where the eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct.


This eclipse map shows the very broad band where the eclipse will be partial. The dark line in the middle is the typically small area of totality. The entire U.S. East Coast might be able to see the partially eclipsed Sun.


It's unusual for solar eclipses to be visible in the U.S., and NASA's Spaceweather has great information, Early Sunday morning, sky watchers along the east coast of North America might notice something missing -- a piece of the sun. A partial eclipse will be underway at sunrise. ...As much as 54% of the sun will be covered by the New Moon; the size of the bite depends on location. To see it, look east between about 6:30 am and 7 am EST. Although low-hanging clouds might dim the sun to naked-eye visibility.

Astronomically and astrologically eclipses block, for that's what the word means. In mundane (world) astrology, this is negative for governments, especially those led by solar kings. Democratic governments, however, typically have leaders with strong Saturns -- the planet of the people, the masses.  (Obama has Saturn in his first house of the self, as does G.W. Bush. Bill Clinton's Mercury, which rules his Ascendant, is conjunct Saturn.) Chakrapani has a wonderful article about this, Magnificent Saturn.

With many Saturnian democracies now, solar eclipses are not as damaging to world leaders as they used to be. Still, blocking the Sun causes problems, and as stated above, Still, the eclipse is close enough to shadow Saturn as well.  So, expect governments the world over to suffer through this eclipse, in which the immediate effects last just a few days but longer term can linger up to six months.

As the Sun's light is blocked, the sky darkens, revealing the stars. Eclipses then are also revealing.

Astrological eclipse effects begin at least a week in advance of the astronomical event, and we've certainly seen a lot of blocking and revealing this past week!  ObamaCare is a great example. The health exchange website is blocked from being quickly repaired. That ObamaCare must reshape nearly all health insurances by establishing basic requirements is obvious when you think about it. But, it wasn't until this past week that this was revealed.

For you personally, there's a power vacuum with the eclipsed Sun. Confidence, vitality and courage are all impaired. Physically, the head, spine, right eye and the heart are vulnerable. (My right eyelid was drooping the past few days.) The Sun, being the father, blocks him. And because mental Mercury is so wrecked, trying to figure out solutions to problems is very difficult. Even if you do, you risk making poor judgments. And if you get through these two blockages, communicating effectively with others to get things done is a huge challenge.

So, take it easy, and as cautioned in the October 28 VedicLeaks, ...if any stressful situations occur, the best path is retreat.



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November 9, 2011

Mercury Forward Tomorrow!
     Mercury will end its three week retrograde tomorrow.  The planet of the mind, the nervous system and communications will turn forward tomorrow, Sunday October 10, late in the day -- about 5:15 PM EST.  That's a hurrah, but Mercury's trials and tribulations aren't over yet.

     This graphic showing Mercury's path through Libra, was first published in the October 23 VedicLeaks entry.  It shows mutable Mercury's treacherous journey this fall in three stages.  First, in early October, Mercury crosses the conjunction of malefics Saturn and Rahu.  Think of this like riding a horse across a raging river, or piloting a boat through a thunderstorm. 

     Then, on October 20, Mercury turns retrograde, causing it to transit again Saturn/Rahu -- another river crossing or thunderstorm.  But, this second leg is punctuated by the November 3 solar eclipse -- like logs in the river, or a lightening flaring in the storm.  This retrograde leg has been tough!  Everyone has been affected one way or another.

     With tomorrow's retrograde end, there's just the third and last leg of the journey.  And nearing the end of the arduous trip, the horseback rider or yachtsman gets a burst of hopeful energy, sprinting to the finish.  It should be be easy, or at least okay, right?  No. 

     Even as the second leg is difficult because the retrograde weakness Mercury, and the solar eclipse acts to block.  This third Saturn Rahu crossing is actually the most challenging.  There are four karmas (influences) for that.

     First, repetition itself is a planetary karma.  Two tough river crossings, tire you and your horse. You also experienced equipment strains and breakage, perhaps even personal injury.  The same holds true for the analogy of a sailboat battered by two thunderstorms in close sequence.

     Second is the importance society in general attaches to Mercury retrograde -- for good reason!  This small planet, with similarly diminished influences compared to the larger planets, has an outsized role in the planetary lineup because it's the calculating and intellectual mind.  Consider a man on a horse crossing a river, or the captain of a sailboat in a storm, the horse and the boat are the necessary conveyances.  But they are steered by the the rider's/ and captain's Mercury minds.

     Third is fixing problems occurring during the first two journey legs.  This naturally more difficult for the fog of mental confusions and memory lapses during the second leg's Mercury retrograde.  A simple example is paying an overdue bill, but the first step in that fix is finding where you lost the bill!

     Fourth, the Saturn/Rahu conjunction is still with us.  It began January 14, 2013 and continues to July 6, 2014. a very long 18 months.  Yes, the peak was mid August to mi September, when these two great malefics began drawing close together and then conjoined -- but Saturn/Rahu must continue to influence, and even as they are separating now, the longevity of their both being in Libra builds up their influence.  If you've forgotten what this combination signifies, it's explained in Special Section -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013, Saturn, the planet of suffering, delays, denial, oppression and other lessons by experience, comes together this summer with Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point. Rahu is intensity personified, fast, uncontrollable and unanticipated.   Victimizing and pushing ahead relentlessly without regard for others are two specific karmas.  Also, as Saturn is suffering in the world and Rahu is an eclipse point, which is psychological, this combination makes life miserable both objectively and subjectively.

     Since Mercury is traveling through Saturn/Rahu infested Libra, the typical Mercury retrograde inconveniences are heightened to great stresses, which can be life changing.  As Special Section -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013 further stated, ...Saturn is the planet of responsibility and duty, and Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, intensifies Saturn's energies. This combination can blow one out of even the deepest of karmic ruts.  


Personal Impacts
     Although The Celestial Wheel is essentially world forecasting, this entry explains Mercury's karmas because it also affects everyone personally, no exceptions, in significant, even profound ways.  And if your life has already changed dramatically, there could be more coming.

     Special Section -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 201 examines several stress areas in world affairs.  These will continue to be considered, and a predictions check is coming up. 


Sensitive Dates
    Mercury turns forward tomorrow at 8 degrees Libra.  Then, Rahu, whose motion is retrograde, will be just 5 degrees away at 13 degrees Libra.  Saturn, which is moving forward, is relatively safely distant at nearly 23 degrees Libra.

     All of next week and until November 19, when Mercury conjoins with Rahu, will be challenging -- in an increasing way.  Head-of-the-dragon eclipse point Rahu on Mercury brings serpent-toxic thinking and fear of attack.  Recall the old saying, Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out go get me

     Mercury will next be approaching Saturn, getting close enough for major harms starting November 22. They conjoin November 25 at 22 degrees Libra.  Then, as Mercury races away from Saturn, it will be free to breath clear mental air starting bout November 28. Saturn blankets Mercury, slowing the mind and bringing deceptions of all kinds.

     Proceed in you life in a moderate and thoughtful way.  Yes, take care of issues that have come up during the October 20 to November 10 Mercury retrograde, but be patient with yourself an others.  Ahead with caution.   



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November 16, 2013

Reminder -- Mercury Closing In On Rahu

The  (above) November 9 VedicLeaks detailed the last of the three legs of Mercury's journey through Libra -- from forward motion, to retrograde and back to forward motion again.  Here's the simple graphic I created for this Mercury zigzag, tough because it traverses the powerful conjunction of malefics Saturn and Rahu

The last section of this entry is Sensitive Dates. The information about Mercury on Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point is, All of next week and until November 19, when Mercury conjoins with Rahu, will be challenging -- in an increasing way. Head-of-the-dragon eclipse point Rahu on Mercury brings serpent-toxic thinking and fear of attack. Recall the old saying, Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out go get me.

One client, an Indian, whose culture endues him with a fearful fascination for Vedic Astrology's fate, so overreacted to my disagreeing his life is fine now, blasted, Just examine yourself - you are a naive astrologer driven by ego. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!   And you seem to be a real racist character on top of that!   So please stop emailing me or I will have to take legal action. Well, that itself sounds miserable!  Would a happy man email that?  However, for you Celestial Wheel Participants, it's a great example of how the snake terrifies mutable Mercury's mind and overloads the nervous system.

Rahu and Ketu are known by these ancient serpent symbols -- Rahu on the left and Ketu (the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point) on the right.


Here's a wonderful picture of an Indian cobra with the serpent's symbol.


Yes, this shows the symbol for Ketu, the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point. Looking at him the other way, when he's coming right at you, fangs dripping venom, the "U" reversed is Rahu.




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November 23, 2013

Reminder -- Mercury Closing In On Saturn

The (above) November 16 Heads-up discussed Mercury Closing In On Rahu.  Mercury passed Rahu November 19.

Today's message alerts to Mercury's final challenge -- crossing Saturn, the planet of delays and obstructions.

Here again is the graphic, first published in the (above) November 9 VedicLeaks, detailing the the three legs of Mercury's journey through Libra -- from forward motion, to retrograde and back to forward motion again.  Mercury is currently at 19 degrees Libra, just 3 degrees away from Saturn.  This is close enough to bring significant oppression.  Mercury will cross Saturn late on Monday, November 25.

Note this torturous journey of the planet of the mind began October 1 and is nearly complete.  However, Mercury's final hurdle over Saturn is particularly challenging for several reasons.  First, the duration of affliction to a planet dictates the harms.  That is, the planetary karma accumulates over time.  Like Chinese water torture, the seemingly innocuous drips don't bother much at first, but after some time, irritation comes, which only increases.

Second, Mercury is the calculating mind, the nervous system and it's nature is changeable, like the metal mercury flows.  Mercury thereby has little resistance to malefic planet energy.  Stolid Saturn can endure harms; optimistic Jupiter simply shrugs off negatives... Mercury is like a Candle In The Wind.

Third, while Mercury is past Rahu, that head-of-the-dragon eclipse point continues to influence. In Vedic Astrology, planets are conjunct if they are anywhere in a sign.

Fourth, Mercury is sandwiched between Rahu and Saturn, as shown in this snapshot of Libra for today. Think of this like enemies behind and ahead.

Fifth, it is the repetition of karma, for good or ill, which brings events.  If one influence exists, a possibility results. Should two influences occurs concomitantly, there's a likelihood of action. If three (or more) karmas hit all at once, the influence is inescapable.

So, take it easy on yourself and others.  If a task fails, stop and try later.  If that doesn't bring success, let it go.  Patience is a virtue.  Memory, communications (of all kinds) calculations, the nervous system, skill and focus are all challenged. Deception and delays are further issues.  Avoid responding negatively, especially too fast in temper.

Lastly, know that when Mercury finally leaves Libra December 1, mental clarity will finally return -- after two long debilitating months.  A notable effect will be beginning to perceive October and November events in an entirely different light -- the clarity of truth.  What seemed great then will tend to be revealed as flawed, inadequate or unacceptable.  What seemed bad then could very well be appreciated as advantageous.  Solutions that eluded you this fall can be achieved beginning in December.

The above addresses you individually and personally.  In terms of world events, much is mixed up and misunderstood.  Beginning in December the many aspects of the complex and comprehensive Affordable Care Act will become clear -- even the website!  Other significant events, like the Senate Democrats restricting filibusters and a nuclear agreement with Iran... will also gain clarity.



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