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November 6, 2012

Election Process

The October 30 VedicLeaks stated, "The days leading up to, and following, the November 6 election look really bizarre -- though I don't know if hanging chads will be be reborn!"

The (above) October 30 entry concluded with, "While an upcoming Mercury retrograde late November 6 and other conflicted planetary karmas will likely throw the election into confusion, Obama will win.  Unlike Al Gore in 2000, he will not yield and thereby lose."

At the November 7, 2000 Bush/Gore election, the U.S. chart's Dasas (planetary cycles) were Moon/Rahu/Saturn/Venus/Moon.  Beyond inevitable stresses caused by malefic planets Rahu and Saturn, the Moon in transit was badly aspected by Mars, and transit Venus was getting ready to leave the twelfth house of loss.

For this election day, the Dasas are Mars/Mercury/Moon/Rahu/Sun.  Again malefics are involved, Mars and Rahu. repeating. The head-of-the-dragon always throws an intense, unanticipated and uncontrollable karma. And warrior Mars is changing signs, again leaving the twelfth house of loss.

Further, with the race so close, so much antipathy on both sides and incredible amounts of money spent, challenges and disputes are inevitable anyway.

It seems unlikely there will be a definitive result this evening.  Thursday, November 8, appears to be the earliest date a winner would be declared. However, for Obama, time is on his side. That is, delay to at least Saturday, November 10, will be to his benefit.


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November 11, 2012

The Election Is Over, But They're Still Counting!
     The October 30 VedicLeaks Heads-up made a firm and correct predictions for Romney's planetary karmas, ...on election day,  his Dasas will be conflicted, fraught with desire but subject to Rahu blowback, and Obama prevailing.  Both predictions were dead on.

     While there are many reasons offered for Romney's shortfall, Ohio was a key loss, which was Rahu blowback from Romney's lie that Ohio Jeep production would be moved to China.  After Ohio went to Obama, Romney was finished.

     The October 30 VedicLeaks above November 6 entry, however, was wide of the mark in predicting the election would not be finalized on Tuesday, It seems unlikely there will be a definitive result this evening.  There was, however, confusion, notably by Karl Rove, about the result in Ohio, as well vote counting issues, notably in Florida and Arizona.  Florida couldn't complete its vote tally until Saturday to declare Obama the victor. Arizona is still counting over a half million votes, one third of the total cast.  These delays have not affected the presidential race, but Congressional, State and local election results have been delayed.  So, the prediction didn't hit the bulls eye, but it did find the target. 


The Election Was Just One Battle In A Long War
     Although election results were favorable, not just for the Presidency but for the U.S. Senate as well, it is vital to understand this is just one battle in a long war.

     Subscriber S.K. emailed this from Rwanda on November 5, where she is engaged in helping children, The most honest 3 minutes of television, EVER...  Here's my reply,

This is the voice calling for the Second Progressive Age, which is actually beginning now with the Millennium Contraction -- when the country bleeds from the excesses of the Second Gilded Age -- 1998 -- 2008 - and pitched battles are fought between the entrenched Gilded Age monied interests and those who seek to restore "shared democratic values" -- the 1% versus the "rest of us."

While we're not through this contraction until 2015, let's hope Second Gilded Age, robber baron Romney doesn't win the election.  For if he does, it will be so much harder to begin turning the country around, and there will be more and unnecessary suffering, especially the children, the poor the old and the sick.


Why Doesn't It Feel Better?
    Even as we feel relief at the outcome of this election battle, there's a lack of contentment, happiness and confidence.  We're glad the election is over, and there's emotional exhaustion from that.  Yes, we know there is more economic contraction to go, but at least we have benign and humane leadership to soften the inevitable hardships.  Even most conservatives have accepted the loss well, understanding that the Republican party had moved too far to the right and the campaigns barraged us for too long with too much money in ads.  There's a general feeling then, that being American is so much more important than a partisanship.  This is all good, right?

     Right, but it turns out that the major benefic planets have been, and continue to be, weak and/or afflicted -- Venus, Jupiter and Mercury.  Venus's joy is turned inside out for passing through Virgo, its fallen (weak) sign.  Jupiter's optimism is constrained by being weakly retrograde and afflicted by Ketu.  Poor Mercury's communications, but the nervous system as well, is also retrograde and moving toward's Rahu, which makes him feel under attack.  The Sun, which is somewhat malefic for being both light and heat (that burns) is also in his fallen sign, and with restrictive Saturn as well.  This harms the self, confidence, will, power and causes problems with the father, government and authority figures.

     Being transits, this is global planetary weather, affecting everyone, everywhere.  The U.S. is pretty sensitive though, for it's Dasas (planetary cycles) of angry Mars with Mercury, bring mystical paranoia until late May, 2013.  (Note, this explains why the Republicans were so hyped up against Obama, but it also motivated Democrats to vote in droves.) 

     These planets will recover, as they always do, but it will take some time.  Venus is nearly finished in Virgo. She shifts into into Libra, where Venus does very well, in a week, on November 17.  That will help.  Mercury resumes forward motion November 27; but in the interim, he continues to be increasingly harmed by Rahu, and then the hot Sun.  Jupiter will take longer to recover -- Ketu leaves him along in Taurus starting January 13, and he turns forward January 30.  The Sun is discussed in the next section.


Total Solar Eclipse Coming 
     The Sun is the last planet of concern, and it is being hit hard because of a total eclipse in Libra on Tuesday, November, 13  The eclipse spot will be Libra 27:54.  Remember, Libra is the Sun's weakest sign,  Too, a total eclipse is truly potent in completely blocks the Sun.  Fortunately, this happens only once every few years.

     Eclipse effects begin a couple of weeks before the astronomical event, they peak right around the eclipse date. Then, the blocking and revealing energy falls off fairly quickly within a few days. 

     This upcoming eclipse was one of the factors I weighed in predicting Romney would lose, especially since his Ascendant (self) was eclipsed in the May 20 annular solar eclipse.  The Sun is Romney's current major Dasa planet, and it represents a powerful career in government now.  With eclipse effects lasting for up to six months, the May 20 solar eclipse was still haunting him, and this November 13 solar eclipse blocked him further in the November 6 election.

     Note I wrote above, " blocking and revealing energy."  By negating the light of the Sun and the Moon, eclipses naturally block.  However, when the Sun goes dark, the stars shine.  Hence the revealing quality.  Beyond the election, we've seen this happen with General Petraeus' affair being revealed, forcing him to resign as CIA director.

     The Sun's major significations were listed above, including government.  More leadership and governing issues will tend to come forward over the next few days, and these may continue for another six months.  Well, it's certainly good that Sun-eclipsed Romney didn't win.  But it makes a hard road for Obama right after his win.  A positive is Obama has finished his 16 years Jupiter cycle, which was obviously good but flawed for Jupiter being fallen -- weak.  In late July he entered a tremendously powerful 19 year Saturn cycle, -- strengthening his authority, increasing power and endurance and making him very tough.  Lack of toughness, and being too much the diplomat during Jupiter Dasa, was his big weakness during his first therm.  Obama wouldn't stand up to the Republicans.  This doesn't mean Obama's path forward is easy or without struggles, for Saturn is also a natural malefic.  It means, rather, he will play hardball.

     Physically, the Sun is the head, heart, veins/arteries, right eye and skeleton, notably the back.  Because all the Sun's effects are blocked, it's best to keep a low profile during this eclipse period.  This suggestion is even more warranted for weakness/afflictions on Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.  They can't help, nor balance.

     Some Subscribers/Clients have me on retainer, overlooking their charts.  I advised one this morning that Tuesday's solar eclipse hit her chart for being within two degrees of a birth chart planet.  Check your Vedic chart to make certain you too aren't being hit hard by this very harmful solar eclipse -- for the same reason.



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November 13, 2012

Heavy Solar Eclipse Action

The Astronomy
Vedic Astrology is an astronomy-based system.  The astronomy that today's eclipse is at 27:54 Libra and peaks at 4:00 PM Eastern Time, is consistent with Vedic Astrology.  The power of a total solar eclipse -- blocking the Sun completely -- dovetails with Vedic Astrology finding this to be a singularly potent astronomical and astrological event.  It also shows how uniquely powerful Rahu and Ketu, the eclipse points truly are, for nothing else can block the light of the Sun and Moon, which give heat and life to the earth.

However, the astronomy that the eclipse will only be visible in northern Australia indicates it will be most potent in those locations.  Vedic Astrology disagrees.  Eclipse strength and impacts are global. It really doesn't matter whether you are in a location where the eclipse is visible.


Eclipses Block And Reveal
The above November 11 VedicLeaks stated,

...a total eclipse is truly potent in completely blocking the Sun.

The Sun's major significations were listed above, including government.  More leadership and governing issues will tend to come forward over the next few days, and these may continue for another six months.

That entry also noted Libra is the Sun's fallen (weakest) sign, increases the harm.  Not mentioned is the sign of Libra, being relationship, indicates the information revealed is a sex scandal.  In fact, this morning's news is chocked full of more scandalous activity related to General Patraeus' affair being revealed.

     Petraeus investigation ensnares commander of U.S., NATO troops in Afghanistan. "the FBI has uncovered between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of documents — most of them e-mails — that contain 'potentially inappropriate' communication between Allen and Jill Kelley, the 37-year-old Tampa woman whose report of harassment by a person who turned out to be Petraeus’s mistress ultimately led to Petraeus’s downfall."

And there's more!

     David Petraeus sex scandal: FBI agent who began probing disgraced spy chief allegedly sent shirtless photos of himself to whistleblower Jill Kelley.

It also turns out that Jill Kelley is a twin, but it is Gemini, not Libra, that is the sign meaning twins in Latin. Yet, we can see this in Mercury, which rules Gemini, is badly afflicted now.

I've been concerned about this fall for some time for two reasons:

First, the above November 11 VedicLeaks stated, "The U.S. is pretty sensitive though, for it's Dasas (planetary cycles) of angry Mars with Mercury, bring mystical paranoia until late May, 2013.  (Note, this explains why the Republicans were so hyped up against Obama, but it also motivated Democrats to vote in droves.)"  Further, the May 24, 2012 In-depth Forecast, Sorry, But It's Not Over Yet, stated, "The above analysis is certainly sobering, but it doesn't reveal when the next economic hits will occur.  The U.S Vedic chart shifts into it's very risky Mars/Mercury planetary cycle May 31 for a year.  In this chart, Mars is the planet signaling economic depression and Mercury is a planet signifying catastrophe.  The U.S. ran its 16 year Mercury cycle from 1948 to 1965.  That was the nuclear arms race when we lived in honest fear of blowing up the globe. Also, Mercury was the linchpin planet for 9-11.

Second, the October 10 VedicLeaks, in the section Mars/Saturn And Then Mars/Rahu, stated, "Certainly this fall will be tumultuous with these energies of Mars hitting the great malefics Saturn and Rahu within six weeks. It's like a boxer's combination punch.  Too, the context is not good.  This summer/fall is a revived hurricane season, the election season coincides, the Mideast is threatened by the Syrian revolt and Israel threatening Iran, oil prices have already shot up and economies in the East and West are all faltering."

Another eclipse concern is China, for it's planet of government and government official, Venus, is placed at Libra 26:16, within the orb of harm from the solar eclipse at 27:54.  China's once a decade leadership change is going on right now, The Big Story: What You Should Know About China’s Leadership Change. With its checkered history in replacing leadership, this is an obvious area of great concern.

Given the U.S. chart's afflictions, and tumult through the fall indicated by Mars/Saturn and then Mars/Rahu -- the solar eclipse kicks off a number of major issues.  This: started with the upset U.S. election November 6, is hitting a drama peak with the widening U.S. sex scandal, bears watching China carefully and can certainly result in other governments and government officials being hit hard.  My small collection of nation charts, including key Mideast charts, does not show any others, afflicted by the eclipse.  Keep in mind, however, there are hundreds of nations globally and thousands and thousands of government leaders.

Yet, as uncomfortable, disconcerting and outright harmful this is, consider again, that Only through turmoil comes change.  We've already seen a positive in the U.S. election, and other events that may at first appear harmful, can similarly have a silver lining. Just be careful not to get caught up in the mystical paranoia!

PS  When I compose these Heads-ups, they are naturally written quickly.  Some errors and omissions come with that territory. I do post them on the current VedicLeaks monthly page, and in that process, clean up mistakes.



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November 25, 2012

Settling Down -- A Little

     The November 13 total solar eclipse signaled expected turmoil, but as immediate eclipse effects quickly fall away, this blocking and revealing influence has pretty well dissipated.  Keep in mind, however, that eclipses have long term effects that can influence up to six months into the future.  Government has been a focus. The above November 11 entry stated, The Sun's major significations were listed above, including government. More leadership and governing issues will tend to come forward over the next few days, and these may continue for another six months.  Keep in mind too that Mercury's November 6 to 26 retrograde brings communications issues, and this is heightened by Mercury retrograding back into Rahu (feel under attack), then the Sun November 16 and 17.

     The major immediate solar eclipse event seems to have been the violence between Israel and Gaza, which began, not coincidentally, November 14, the day after the eclipse, Israel Gaza Strike: Mahmoud Abbas Urges Emergency Arab Meeting.  The above November 13 entry didn't see this coming, My small collection of nation charts, including key Mideast charts, does not show any others, afflicted by the eclipse.  But it's also true that for Israel's chart, warrior Mars was approaching its argumentative Jupiter in the eighth house of  turmoil then.  It would seem, thereby, that this the Gaza violence was a temporary flare-up, abetted by, but not caused by the solar eclipse.  The ensuing cease fire on November 21 seems to be working.

     Also on the day after the eclipse, protests began in Jordan,  Jordan protesters call for "downfall of the regime"  In another Mideast kingdom, anti-government protests erupted on Sunday, November 18,  Morocco police break up rare protest over claims king 'squandered' budget.  With other dictatorships already fallen to the Arab Spring, and these two monarchies, plus Syria's monarchy under attack, one must wonder how long Saudi Arabia's will survive.  Recall The Celestial Wheel has long been concerned about Saudi Arabia, Culmination In The Mideast.  The second half of 2013 is very high risk.

     The above November 13 entry did single out China -- its Venus, which symbolizes both government and government officials, was hit hard by the eclipse.  The transition to the new leadership has occurred quietly, in part because China put a lid on everything.  Even pigeon flying was prohibited!  This article address serious issues for the new leadership, More Questions Than Answers: Assessing China's Leadership Transition.  While the Mideast continues its seemingly endless Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Arab nations there are either dealing with the aftermaths of liberation, or going through liberation from autocratic rulers and Iran is an ongoing thorn -- we mustn't take our eye off China.  The new leadership has to deal with its economic slowdown, income inequality, a messy mix of public and private economies and growing public urges for more freedom.

     Mercury thankfully returns to forward motion tomorrow, November 26 at 6PM ET.  That will bring some welcome clarity and objectivity. 


Turmoil Will Continue
     In the above November 11 entry, the section, Why Doesn't It Feel Better?, explained that several planets were weak and/or afflicted, and it would take some time for them to recover.  We can see this in another way. 

     Recall the major concern this summer and fall was malefics Rahu and Saturn close together in adjoining signs, which resulted in Mars' transit across both would be in a combination punch -- Mars crossing Saturn in Libra mid August, followed by Mars crossing Rahu early October -- but continuing together in Libra until November 8.   Disruptions have increased greatly during this interval.

     The Sun, Mercury and Venus are the fast-moving planets, each crossing a sign in about a month.  They are always relatively close to each other from the astrological perspective of the earth.  These tightly grouped planets will thereby cross closely aligned Saturn and Rahu in just a few months.  This process began October 1 and ends December 13.   

     To illustrate, here's the transit wheel for the U.S. chart for tomorrow, just before Mercury ends retrograde, and his "R" disappears.  Notice that the Sun has already passed Saturn and Rahu.  Mercury has yet Rahu to cross.  Venus is almost exactly conjunct Saturn, and she won't pass Rahu until December 13.


     Identifying this issue is obviously useful.  Its ramifications will be discussed in upcoming Celestial Wheels.  I can make a general comment now:  The U.S.'s Millennium Contraction that is transforming the economy, actually the entire society, is just part of a global movement.  The discussion in this entry about the Mideast and China is thereby cogent..


Lunar Eclipse
There will be partial lunar eclipse on Wednesday, November 28.  While it continues and completes this fall's eclipse season, lunar eclipses are not potent like the Sun's eclipses, and the partial quality further reduces its impact.  The lunar eclipse day effects can pass unnoticed.  Yet, it's still a good idea to maintain a low profile that day. 



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