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November 1 -- 30, 2010



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November 4, 2010

Tracking The Election Karmas

     Following is the sequence of  planetary karmas unfolding since August that culminated in Tuesday's election results.

A.  America's Mystical Paranoia

  The July In-depth Forecast, Mars/Saturn Conjunction Summer 2010, gave an overview, offered this analysis, emphasis added,


U.S. Extremists & The Midterm Elections

     ...Mars' association with the U.S. chart's manipulative and cruel Saturn stimulates further extremist anger and frustration -- accusations and blaming -- but no solutions.  During August, then, look for even more ranting and raving. As noted above, Mars is also government officials and governing.  Combining these influences explains why extremists candidates will be even more extreme.  This will backfire, for as we move into the fall, the U.S.'s wise Jupiter will be freed from extremist MarsAmerica's mystical paranoia, that began in April 2009 and has continued nearly unabated since then, will fade.  The fear-based emotional hold will yield to objective reality.  The 20% of Americans on the far right edge of the bell curve will continue their allegiance, as they really always have. The 60% middle America, and some of the 20% extreme liberal, will vote for candidates who offer positive solutionsIn addition, there will be the fresh breeze of new faces in Congress and in state and local governments as voters reject many incumbents for their obvious failuresThe chart for the November 2 Midterm elections is weak, bringing uncertainty.  This could further cause voters to reject extremist candidates because of the fear uncertainty brings will discourage aggressive action.


    Certainly, Glenn Beck's build-up in August for the 9/12 rally expressed that extremism. It's interesting that while his rally was suffused with Venus/Mars passions (see below), it wasn't well received by the general public.


B.  Tea Party Vixens 

    Next, Mars conjoined Venus from September 5 to October 18, which temporarily pumped up the Tea Party mama grizzlies.  I called them the Tea Party Vixens in the September 19 Celestial Wheel, One Venus/Mars item of interest results from the U.S. chart running it's Mars planetary cycle, Mars ruling the fifth house of government, and Venus being females. Mars-militant, sharp-tongued, sexy women politicians are taking center stage.


C.  Dissolving Relationships

   The October 10 Celestial Wheel entry examined another planetary karma influencing the elections, ...(dissolving) Ketu shifted into the seventh house in November, 2009 and continues there for a year and a half until May, 2011,  During this transit (his position in today's skies) Ketu dissolves established relationships, including and especially political groups and their standards.  It's good to do this, for otherwise, the nation gets caught in a stultifying two-party system in which entrenched interests dominate and changing needs are not addressed.

     Thus, part of the political process this fall is changing the political landscape to create a more viable system.  (Note: the October 29 entry stated, Let's just hope that after midterm elections dust clears, we'll have representatives from local to national governments who finally begin addressing the economic crisis with the effective and necessary combination of hard choices -- spending cuts, tax increases and business regulation.)


D.  Venus/Mars Passion Ends

     The October 13 entry, Heads-up -- Venus/Mars Is Nearly Over, advised, Let's see what happens, or not, with the Tea Party Vixens, who have been truly full of hot air by Mars/Venus.   If and as their energy and appeal begin to deflate (After October 18), the midterm elections on November 2 will be theirs to lose.

     And, As stated in the October 3 entry, Then the defeated Mama Grizzlies will slink off to their winter dens.  The country will be safer and more sane for rejecting that voracious carnivore image.


Election Karmas Results

     I searched and searched the news yesterday to learn how the two specific predictions turned out: voters reject many incumbents for their obvious failures, and, the defeated Mama Grizzlies will slink off to their winter dens.  Finally, I have two media reports on these two truly key issues embedded within the elections results.

     Incumbents who have lost tallied 49 Democratic Congressmen.  With the Republicans having 239 seats to the Democrats 186, these incumbent losses were the cause of the Republicans taking the house.

    Mama Grizzly Scorecard stated, Palin will point to a positive win-loss record—49 of her 77 candidates triumphed, (6 races had yet to be called by Wednesday morning.)  But many of the highest-profile races, where she had loudly interjected herself, her candidates—Sharron Angle in Nevada, Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, and John Raese in West Virginia—lost.  The Senate count is now 52 Democrats and 46 Republicans, with races in Colorado and Oregon as yet undecided.  Thus, the two truly extreme mama grizzlies who lost also cost the Republicans the Senate. 

     Finally, there's the anticipated and hopeful result, Let's just hope that after midterm elections dust clears, we'll have representatives from local to national governments who finally begin addressing the economic crisis with the effective and necessary combination of hard choices -- spending cuts, tax increases and business regulation.  The correct predictions for incumbents and Mama Grizzlies losing has resulted in a split Congress -- a Republican controlled House, with the attendant responsibility to address the economic crisis, and a Democratic controlled Senate maintaining influence with the Democratic presidency.  Thus, the last two years of Republicans being the party of No in Congress, which has effectively stymied real progress in all areas -- e.g. the Republican filibuster threats in the Senate -- has been replaced with the two parties which can and must battle it out to do so. 

    Further, the October 29 Celestial Wheel emphasized the economy is paramount, which voters also expressed in their choices on Tuesday.  That entry stated, The slogan now must be, It's the banksers, stupid

     There is already noise on this front, So Long, Tim Geithner, explains why Obama will finally dump the Treasury Secretary.  Geithner formerly headed up the N.Y. Federal Reserve bank and has been closely aligned with the banksters interests.  Thus, at least one fox guarding the hen house will be gone.  It's a start.

     In closing, recall the October 22 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Living In The Past, explained,

     There is one bright line here -- the emerging mortgage documentation scandal.  Now, not only has the common man been beaten up by the banksers' greed, but the purchasers of their mortgage securities are screaming.  This includes the pension funds, hedge funds and other institutional investors and the government agencies.

     ...This is good news for two reasons.  First, blame properly shifts from the democratically controlled government to those who wrecked the economy -- the banksters.  This takes the wind out of the Tea party's blame government agenda, reducing their appeal and favoring Democrats.  Second, the banksters are finally being held accountable in their pocketbooks, where it counts, for their misdeeds. Some may even go to prison!'s worthwhile nothing the economic consequences of this latest bankster chicanery will likely hit during the upcoming Mars/Rahu conjunction introduced in the October 3 Short-subject Commentary,

December's Mars/Rahu Conjunction
Coming up this December is another Mars/Rahu conjunction.  This will be in Sagittarius, which is the U.S. chart's first house of the self.  This transit combination will made extreme by including Mercury, the planet in the U.S. chart signifying business and relationships of all kinds.  Mark your calenders with traffic-light caution orange for the period December 1 through 21, which last day is also a total lunar eclipse.


     The lame duck Congress naturally won't do anything, but after the December Mars/Rahu debacle, the new Congress will be forced to act decisively against the real villains, the banksters.  Yet, we need to be realistic.  As stated in the Mortgage Documentation section of the October 29 entry regarding effective and responsible representatives, These won't stop the inevitable economic contraction, but they will soften the painful landing.  It's not as bad to break one leg in a fall than two, just as crutches are better than a wheel chair.

    The July In-depth Forecast, Through The Millennium Contraction, concludes in Planning Your Future, This forecast paints a sobering picture, but that doesn't mean there aren't safe routes to high ground on the far side of the swamp, even as you may have to wade through some spots.  There is always a path ahead for everyone, although necessary changes upset established habits and require some inevitable sacrifices.  After all, fitting your your old square pegs into new round holes requires shaving off some no longer needed wood.



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Doug Riemer


November 13, 2010

Jupiter & Venus Turn Forward November 18

    Jupiter and Venus, the two great benefics, bringing not just worldly benefits but also optimism, happiness and contentment, have been both retrograde since early October -- taking the wind out of those sail.  If you've felt a lull in your life, you only have a five days before you're energized again.  Don't jump too high, though, for in early December, Mars and Rahu will crash together -- as mentioned a few times, and most recently in the above November 6 entry.   I'll be writing in In-depth Forecast on this truly impactive celestial crash.


Last Election Note

   The November 6 entry (above) discussed the prediction for the Tea Party Vixens failing, with the result that the Democrats retained control of the U.S. Sensate.  The November 10 article, The GOP can't be led by Sarah Palin. But can it live without her?, states, Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama recently had the audacity to assert what heretofore had been relegated to whispers behind closed doors: "Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate."


Sky Lights

     Jupiter and the Moon are putting on another show the next three nights.  Jupiter remains high in the late evening sky in Pisces, and very bright for being close to the earth.  The waxing Moon approaches Jupiter and will attain exact conjunction Monday, November 15.

     If you're up early instead, Venus and Saturn Now Grace the Predawn Sky.


Deflation & Inflation

     The July In-depth Forecast, Through The Millennium Contraction, explained we're currently experiencing private sector deflation as demand for goods and services continues to be weak, led by real estate.  This will be followed public sector inflation resulting from the federal government facing higher interest rates and the inability to service the tremendous federal debt -- busting the dollar.  The December 2009, U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010 predicted debt bombs to begin this year, But just as the Dutch boy put his finger in the dike to stop the leak, governments will stave of debt bombs exploding until the summer of 2013 -- which will certainly be unstoppable by then.  Dubai and Greece debt bombs were snuffed out last winter, and now Ireland is also threatened, Bankers urge debt-ridden Ireland to take emergency aid -- but its debt bomb too will not explode.

     So, while there are lots of inflation news items now commodity prices rising, the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing watering down the dollar and, of course, gold rising to new heights for fears of the dollar weakening further, these are not determinative.  Lower consumer and corporate spending outweighs prices increases in some commodities.  And when these get too expensive, buyers substitute -- honey and fructose for cane sugar, alternative medicine for mainstream medical services...

   Gold is the most interesting situation, for the gold bugs are getting frenzied.   Recall the section on gold bugs in the October 22 Living In The Past?  In the section, Other Free Radicals,

     There are the gold bugs, who believe currency became worthless when Nixon completely eliminated gold and silver as backing for the dollar in 1971.  Some believe the dirty deed occurred when FDR took the U.S. off the gold standard in 1932.  In the nineteenth century, the Financial Panic of 1893 was the collapse following the first Gilded Age, during which there was a run on the gold supply and a policy of using both gold and silver metals as a peg for the US Dollar value.  Some gold bugs believe that was the beginning of the end. (See, Silverites Versus Goldbugs.)  Edgar Allen Poe first coined the term in a story title in 1943, and, In 1896 the US presidential election hinged around whether the US would remain on a gold standard or adopt a bimetallic monetary system. Here's one,

The gold bugs, then, are also living in the past.

     If you don't believe this, read what gold bug Jim Sinclair sent out November 9, 

Yesterday, Nov 8, 2010, was a day I've awaited for 40 years, since President Nixon shut down the last vestiges of the gold standard.  Yesterday, at last, a respected member of the ruling classes called for a discussion to readopt a modified global gold standard as a lynch pin for the monetary system. Robert Zoellick, World Bank President and a former US Treasury official, says a new system is needed (as called for in HSL for 20 years), using 5 main currencies, with gold as the international reference point for future currency values.


    Investor George Soros draws an accurate bead on this newest gold rush in Gold as the “ultimate bubble” is the ultimate bubble because apart from the cost of actually digging it out of the ground, it has almost no real fundamentals other than price itself.  Investors have been buying it precisely because the price has been going up and is expected to carry on rising.  Rising prices have created their own demand.



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