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  May 1 -- 31, 2011



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June 11 -- This VedicLeaks page is being republished
The original file was corrupted and the backup lost

The data for the May 2 and 7 entries cannot be retrieved, but shortened information is included.  The May 16 and 22 entries were via Heads-up, emailed directly to Subscribers.  These then are available.  Notes have been added as appropriate.

May 2, 2011

Energies Are Easing Off
     With Mars no longer afflicting Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, the energies truly are easing off.  U.S. storms have abated, and even the Mideast is cooling a little from its rapid boil.

Escape From North Carolina
     I threaded a needle in leaving Hendersonville, NC on Thursday, April 28 -- scootering to Longboat Key (Sarasota), FL.  Luckily, I did miss tornadoes.   My Vedic chart was fairly protective, and it was also good for long journeys, though not without some stresses.

Day 1

Millen GA  221 miles.   Didn't mean to go this far, but the road and weather were great and it took me a while to find a cheap Indian motel.


At the motel, the PWT are arguing and calling the pOlice -- so all is well in America. Now to watch the news.  I'm wiped out.

Day 2
Graduation weekend at University of Florida, Gainesville.  I didn't know that.  No rooms anywhere 50 miles north or south of Gainesville.  Had to keep going till I reached Inglis, FL  Also didn't know how close I am to the Gulf -- just 5 miles.  Will hang out here today and then onto Longboat tomorrow, when my accommodation there will be ready.  Don't know if I did a land speed scooter record, but sure did a land distance record -- 307 miles!


Had some FL orange juice with breakfast today and hope to have fish for lunch!

Day 3
     An easy 140 miles to Longboat -- but the love bugs got me south of Tampa!


   It's great to be back on the beach after 14 years -- 13 in the Sedona AZ desert and 1 in the desert of the NC bible belt.


Eclipse Season Is Upon Us
     Next month begins the twice-annual eclipse season.

June 1 partial solar  2:20 PM  16:38 Taurus
June 15 total lunar 2:13 PM  0:22 Sagittarius
July 1 partial solar 2:54 AM   15:11 Gemini

     While eclipses serve to block, which is what the word eclipse means, they also portend an unable interval.  Yet, as the skies darken in an eclipse, the stars become visible.  This makes eclipses revealing.

(June 11 note:  On the June 1 partial solar eclipse, the U.S. House voted to not increase the debt ceiling and the Dow Jones plunged 279 points.  See the below entry predicting an earth crust event relating to the upcoming June 15 total lunar eclipse.

May 9, 2011

May 19
     The March 29 VedicLeaks cautioned that all of April would be rough for Mercury's continuing affliction and there would be one final hit in May.  Then, Mercury would run into Mars, one last time on May 19.

     Well, April was a tumult, both in U.S. storms and Mideast chaos.  The energies have eased off, but brace yourself for May 17 to 19.

The U.S. Chart
     On April 22, the U.S.chart finished a year of Mars major and Jupiter minor.  Jupiter being abundance, signaled economic recovery beginning in the late spring of 2010.  That's over now with restrictive Saturn replacing Jupiter.   This key topic hasn't been addressed since the February 2 VedicLeaks,

Overview 2009 through 2011

2009   Global economic contraction.   U.S. planetary cycles -- negative.  Global transits negative -- big planets all very weak.

2010  Stabilization after spring and gradual recovery.  U.S. planetary cycles good starting in May.  Global transits -- big planets strong.  Mars very violent -- harmed crops, brought commodities inflation.  Oil up at year's end.

2011   Recovery continues until spring, then contraction renews.  U.S. Dasas good until spring, then negative.  Saturn comes in then, and last primary Saturn cycle started in 1929.   Global transits -- also good until spring.   Then, weaken somewhat. The fall looks very bad.  Crops can be good, however, lowering prices.  Gas can kick up to a new high in July.

      Saturn ran its last 19 year cycle beginning in 1929, signaling both the Great Depression and the dust bowl drought.  So, we know Saturn is difficult in the U.S. chart.  With fellow malefic Mars being the major planetary cycle planet, these next twelve months through May 2012 portend to be very difficult for the economy, especially housing, and severe weather -- storms and drought.

June Earth Crust Event Prediction

      On June 13 at 5:42 Greenwich England time, Saturn ends his long retrograde.  Saturn is form and structure, and he sits in Virgo, an earth sign.  Two days later, there will be a total lunar eclipse.  These influences signal a major earth crust event, likely in the U.S. and most likely in Alaska.  Since oil is predicted to bounce up in mid July, it would be that an earthquake or volcano in Alaska will precipitate that.

     I'm thereby predicting a major earth crust event between Monday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 15, with Alaska being a.S. target.  The event, of course, or events, could occur elsewhere on the globe.


May 16, 2011
The below was emailed directly to Subscriber Participants.

Sensitive Dates Tomorrow through Thursday

The May 7 VedicLeaks repeated and amplified this caution,

On May 19, when Mercury crosses Mars for the third and last time, has been long predicted to be difficult.  As stated in the March 29 VedicLeaks, Because Vedic Astrology is cumulative, Mercury suffers more each time it collides with Mars.  This suggests that turmoils this winter will persist without resolution, and even worsen through the spring.

    We can actually back up this sensitive date commencement to Tuesday, April 17. Then, the all-important Moon will be in Mars' cross hairs, and Mercury and Venus will be close to Mars in Aries.  It looks like the Mideast revolts and Japan's radiation problem will spike then....

And, for the U.S. chart,  Expect Mercury and Venus on Mars May 17 to 19 to bring more Mississippi flooding.

That entry also stressed, transits, describe both global karmas and your own personal experiences.  Not everyone will be consciously aware of this boost as Venus and Mercury approach and enter Mars' hot and aggressive energy field.  But, it is happening, really already. Your Venusian desire nature is inflamed and your Mercurial mind and nervous system are overstimulated.  On the positive side, this could feel like a runner's high, or second wind -- on the negative, like cocaine.   The Moon, symbolizing the perceptional side of the mind, is also afflicted by Mars, which serves to color your reactions with emotional impulse.

This combination can be great for achievement, especially if confronting a daunting task -- the runner's high.  However, like the cocaine side of the analogy, you can overdue and feel invincible without regard for your environment.  Beyond the physical and emotional crash, results of your efforts would be detrimental.

So, take it easy -- on yourself and on others.  Get things done but also step back to rest and observe what's going on inside yourself and in your interactions.

Over the globe, the Mideast strife has now embroiled Israel, Syrian Border Violence May Hold Message for Israel.   Here's another report,  16 dead, dozens injured as violence erupts  along Israel's borders with Syria.

Japan's nuclear reactor problem continues to worsen.  Just because the media has taken its eye of this problem doesn't make it go away.

The Mississippi flood has also dropped out of the headlines, but here's a this morning article, Residents in La.’s Cajun country evacuating after floodgate opens for first time in 4 decades.

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May 22, 2011
The below was emailed directly to Subscriber Participants.

Mercury/Venus/Mars Sensitive Dates
     The above May 16 Heads-up predicted a peak in strife through Thursday, May 19, which included Mississippi river flooding, and exacerbation of challenge in the Mideast and Japan.  A caution was further given, that because this is a global transit, impacting everyone.  The Venusian desire nature is inflamed and your Mercurial mind and nervous system are overstimulated.  While the peak ended Thursday, Mercury didn't pass Mars until yesterday, and Venus will get beyond Mars tomorrow morning.  Then, hopefully, all the dramas will begin to calm.

     The predicted Mideast strife hit hard with Thursday's big drama, Obama a says Palestine must be based in 1967 borders.  This set off a fire storm of rhetoric, exacerbated because Israel's chart has stress in the seventh house of relationships.  Expect this to continue, for Israel enters a paranoid Mercury planetary cycle June 6, which lasts a year and a half.  That cycle will be very intense mentally with the planetary cycles being major  the perceptional Moon and minor intellectual Mercury, and fearful for Mercury being placed in the eighth house of  turmoil -- fear of being attacked and thereby reacting by attacking.  How this contretemps between the U.S. and Israel, the the midst of Arab revolts that also now bring Syrians to Israel's border, is anyone's guess right now -- but certainly major change is in the wings for the entire region.

     One never knows how the planetary karmas will actualize, and it certainly did with Venus and Mars passion dramas in the fifth house of U.S. chart of government signifying sex scandals.  Sunday, IMF chief questioned in sex assault case.  Tuesday, Here It Comes: Gawker Reveals Possible Arnold Lovechild, TMZ Reports More Romantic Liaisons.  (Note: I forgot to include the sensational Senator John Ensign sex scandal.)

     Add in Mercury's intellect, and both Huckabee and Trump withdrew from the presidential race.  Then, there was Newt Gingrich falling into the pit of disagreeing with the hard right on Medicare and then trying to talk himself out of his own words.  Mitch Daniels withdrew today, Daniels Decides Against Presidential Run.  Well, he does have a hot wife, which Republicans favor, but she has a tawdry past.  Sarah Palin entered the fray, for she can't resist, Sarah Palin: 'Fire in My Belly' for Presidential Run.

     As stated, this energy affects everyone.  I advised a client, dealing with two ***** issues this week, she would have success in both but that it would be a rough ride.  Wednesday morning, she emailed, Did you say two more Days!!!! ...I hate when Vata goes into overdrive. Okay enough mind dump.  I sent her this image, telling her, ships can make great progress during a storm, even though a sail or two may blow out. and later some humorous stuff to distract her from her own mind.  She succeeded brilliantly in each issue.


For Those Of You Who Didn't Ascend    
     Yesterday, I sent a former Vedic mentor this -mail, titled, My best personal prediction yet!, I woke up yesterday and realized that my computer hard drive, which had been rattling a little, was gonna blow.  Took it to Computer Advantage right away.   I had an extra hard drive on hand. They found the hard drive was failing installed the new hard drive and successfully transferred all my data! For just $67.50!   Got it back two hours ago.  The last time I had a hard drive problem, it crashed -- took a week to prepare and cost me $650.  Unfortunately, I didn't get off quite so easily, for my website editing program won't run.  So, this e-mail instead of a web page link.  (Note.  It took until yesterday to install and properly operate a new website editing program.)

     To paraphrase Lincoln's famous quote, You can dodge some of the karma some of the time but not all the all of the karma the rest of the time.

  So, I couldn't share some great stuff about yesterday's, The End of the World As We Know It? Prediction of Saturday 'Rapture' is Fuel for Faithful, Doubters.

     Pipe-smoking Yoda, The Celestial Wheel editor, from his undisclosed new location in Las Vegas -- better to keep his eye on The Chaos.  He e-mailed, Why didn't I think of this?  After The Rapture Pet Care.

     Recall that the U.S. chart is chocked full of mystical paranoia, like Israel.  In 2004 I wrote a history of the U.S. since birth, The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles.  Below is a screen shot from Part One -- 1776 to 1895, during which the U.S. was running it's Mercury planetary cycle,.  (Fortunately, the U.S. is not running Mercury in its planetary cycles now, or this doomsday prediction would have been taken seriously.  Still, this false prophet pulled in $70 million.)



     Note, Miller went to found the Seven Day Adventist Church, which is doing just fine, still awaiting the end, although not as popular certainly as the Mormon Church.  Recall the October, 2010, Living In The Past.  Here's a screen shot on the Mormons,


     If you don't see the obvious bottom line, it is that the world doesn't end.  There is no such thing as Armageddon...  December 21, 2012 is simply the Mayan calendar ending, not a prediction for doom.  As Jon Stewart said, These are not end times, these are hard times.  To get through this transformational era, we need to guard against illusion of charlatans, whether from politicians, big business and/or religious and spiritual leaders.  The bottom line for all of them is to brainwash you to feed their egos, and usually your money as well.  As I told a paranoid gold bug client last month, who asked on the phone, voice quivering, Will there by anything left in fives years?  I answered, Yes, the world doesn't end, and indulging yourself in your fears is the path toward actualizing them and ruining your life.  Buck up.

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