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March 5, 2014

     The entry begins a new monthly VedicLeaks webpage.

Predictions Check

     The February 26 Heads-up -- Turmoil Coming, alerted the most stressful interval during this challenging Mars transit through Virgo and Libra.

     Here again are the predictions, first made February 1,


     These planetary karmas have naturally been expressing themselves for some months, with February 28 through March 4 being the peak.  While all kinds of governmental problems persist and increase, and there are violences and disease, what will stand out is the violences.  VedicLeaks previously identified on February 11 aeronautics as an issue -- planes, rockets and drones, and there has been some discussion about earthquakes.  The latter deserves further attention because Mercury rules earth sign Virgo, Saturn rules earth sign Capricorn, and Venus rules earth sign Taurus. Earth crust events are thereby predicted, although these could be earthquakes or volcanoes, even perhaps tsunami.


    Results reported in the press so far have been:


     2/20  Behind a Pattern of Global Unrest, a Middle Class in Revolt  For months now, protestors have gathered in the capitals of many developing nations—Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela, Malaysia, and Cambodia, among others — in demonstrations united by some key features.  In nearly all these places, protestors are pushing to oust presidents or prime ministers they claim are venal, authoritarian, and unresponsive to popular opinion.

     2/24  Egypt interim government resigns unexpectedly

     2/28  Venezuela unrest chokes transport, worsens economic woes    

     3/1  Battle over long-deposed leader Thaksin Shinawatra threatens Thailand’s democracy



     3/3  Russian forces expand control of Crimea

     3/4  PUTIN TALKS TOUGH BUT COOLS TENSIONS OVER UKRAINE  (Notice is this the final day of peak disruptive energy, and already, the situation is cooling down.  Too, notice Ukranians are giants!)

     As for the U.S,. the internecine battle between the Tea Party and the conventional Republicans continues.  And this article -- Poll: Democrats’ advantage on key issues is not translating to a midterm-election edge -- while still clinging to the idea Democrats will take a beating in the November 4 midterm elections, shows support for Democrats because the Republicans' policies.  This is obviously contradictory.  Recall the February 11 VedicLeaks stated, Despite what the pundits say about midterm elections favoring the administration's opponents and gerrymandered Republican house seats, this information indicates a rout. ...because the U.S. chart's Dasa planets are masculine Mars major and feminine Venus minor, women, who are slower to anger than men, will turn out to vote in great numbers to protect their interests.  Mom will be cleaning house.

Earth Crust Events*

     2/27  M4.1 quake occurs off central California coast

     3/2  Magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits north of Okinawa

     3/2  Strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Nicaragua's west coast

     3/2  Thousands in Guatemala facing evacuation as Pacaya volcano erupts

(*Form and structure Saturn turned retrograde March 2)

Violences And Storms

     3/2 Storm wreaks havoc in region 

     No other citations are needed here.  Everyone knows winter storms and extreme storms have been hitting hard, and the California drought continues.  Satellite Image of Sierra Nevada Snowpack 2013 vs 2014.  Unfortunately, even though the planetary energies are shifting from bad to good, that is only secondary karma transits -- where the planets are in today's skies.  The U.S. Dasas (primary karma planetary cycles) will be rough through May.

Economic losses and disease

     There's nothing much in the news about these topics, but then governmental turmoils have crowded out other topics. Too, economic news lags because it depends upon governmental reporting.  As for disease, there is plenty of anecdotal information but little in the press, so far.


     2/28  Qantas A380, Boeing 747 Collide at Los Angeles Airport


Jupiter Turns Forward Tomorrow

     The February 26 Heads-up -- Turmoil Coming concluded with, With malefics Saturn and Mars weakened by retrograde, and benefics Jupiter and Venus strengthened by ending retrograde and resuming power forward motion, the energetic balance will dramatically shift from bad to good, from dark to light.  ...This will be amazing.

     The idea here is that problems in the world, and in our own lives, will decrease, and in some cases, result in favorable resolutions. 

     However, there has been one really interesting result from this change.  As the malefics weakened, their stressful power naturally decreased.  And Jupiter, the great benefic, has not yet turned forward.  This has resulted in an energy vacuum the past couple of days, continuing still.  So, if you f eel empty, unmotivated, tired, even ill, this is temporary.

     It's like a sailing ship makes tremendous, but difficult, progress in a storm -- but finds itself in a lull afterwards.  Just wait a day or so for Jupiter's benefic breeze to bring fair winds and clear sailing.



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March 17, 2014

Tomorrow Looks Dicey

There's a generalized uneasiness in the media today, which resonates.  For example, California worries over earthquakes.   All of Europe is on pins and needles over Crimea....

This chart is drawn for tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM for Washington DC. There are two notable planetary dispositions.


First, Mars is Sandhi (dead) now -- weak at the edge of Libra at only 1:33 degrees.  This disturbs the planet of bravery, making him lash out violently.  Second, the all-important Moon will be newly in Libra and very close to Mars.

Although this is not a "planetary disposition," tomorrow is Tuesday, Mars' day of the week.  Many wars begin on Tuesday.  Finally, the U.S. Vedic chart is is running bad Dasas -- planetary cycles.   However, now forward moving, Jupiter and Venus are protective, but still......

The areas of concern continue to be those cited February 1 about this vicious Mars:  Government, Earth Crust Events, Violences and Storms, Economic Losses, Disease and Aeronautics.   The first three of these have actualized in spades.  The last three are not yet fully expressed.

Although the planets are in the same positions globally, time zones change the clock outside the eastern U.S.  The Mideast is 1/2 day ahead of EDT.  The Far East is 1/2 day behind.  While the early evening seems most sensitive, the entire day, and Wednesday too, can be difficult.

As usual with these Heads-ups, today's is sent for both being timely and to alert you to use care in your own lives.




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March 24, 2014

Mars Is Changing Signs Today

Here again is the graphic of Mar's retrograde, first published in the January 15 VedicLeaks. Retrogrades create this Z-shaped path.  One can easily see this one which includes crossing into Libra and then returning in retrograde motion to Virgo.  Right now, Mars is less than 10 minutes distance from the edge of Virgo.  He'll cross into Virgo late this evening.

These sign crossings create instability -- like changing horses in midstream.  Mars' positive significations for bravery, logic, initiative, adventures, machinery, the hands and the blood are all compromised by weakness.  His negative traits, which include infections, accidents, attacks, violences, discords of all kinds and storms are amplified by this same lack of strength and stability.

Below is the transit chart for today, showing global energies, which impact everywhere and everyone in some ways.  I've included aspects (glances) from malefics Mars and Saturn to Venus and the Moon.  As these are the gracious feminine planets, today tends to be rough.  As Venus is vehicles, accidents involving cars, buses, trains, airplane are likely.  Females, and dealings with them, are challenged.

Further regarding aeronautics, the Malaysian jetliner was lost early Saturday morning, March 8. Malaysia Airlines loses contact with plane en route to Beijing with 239 aboard.  Recall I had advised of a stress interval, including aeronautics, February 28 to March 4.  The March 8 lost date suggests problems with the flight may very well have begun a day, or even two, earlier, including any criminal causation.

Keep in mind, however, that the overall energetic balance is positive -- for Jupiter and Venus, the most potent benefics, are favorably forward; and Saturn and Mars, their counterpart malefics, are weakly retrograde.  So, whatever ills occur should not be terrible.  And, any negatives can be overcome -- lemons turned to lemonade.

Still, the latest winter storm coming to the U.S. east coast looks dangerous, and the Ukrainian/Crimea situation continues to be volatile.  Further about U.S. weather, expect storms of all kinds through the end of May.  The U.S. chart Dasas are Mars/Venus/Mars until March 26 and then Mars/Venus/Rahu until May 28.  Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point brings huge events which are unanticipated and cannot be controlled.

Rahu can also bring some major scandals, especially with U.S. government officials.

Post Script.  Later that day this article popped up, Meteorological “bomb” threatens eastern New England, Canadian Maritimes.

"A modest storm that will bring some light rain and snow to the Mid-Atlantic will transform into the most intense cyclone off the East Coast since Superstorm Sandy.  Between Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, the storm is forecast to strengthen explosively or undergo what meteorologists call “bombogenesis.”

Pursuant to the just send VedicLeaks Heads-up Mars Is Changing Signs Today.



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