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March 7. 2011

Karmic Ruts

     While The Celestial Wheel is on hiatus, I have a few thoughts to share.  Like everyone else, my mental wheels become fixed in karmic ruts, and after nine years, publishing The Celestial Wheel has become ingrained.  Too, while I'm endeavoring to find a workable business model for The Celestial Wheel, to stop communicating completely blocks feedback. 


Popular Protests Abroad

     The February 20 VedicLeaks predicted, I maintain the February 16 prediction that foreign governments will not fall, but also, don't expect the protests to be easily nor quickly squelched.  Too, because the autocrats have both wealth and all kinds of power, they can afford to sometimes compromise and sometimes crush, Some Mideast regimes give in; others crack down.  This prediction had clearly been proven.

      Beyond the Mideast countries in already in turmoil, Saudi Arabia is at risk.  I've been predicting its government's fall since 2004, The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Saudi Arabia.  While that analysis focused upon Rahu/Ketu (the Moon's eclipse points) this prediction issues from terrible Dasas -- planetary cycles.  Saudi Arabia runs its weak and afflicted Jupiter major cycle, and destructive Mercury as its minor cycle, from February 27, 2011 to June 4, 2013.  Oil prices could rise from a supply issue, WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices.  Or, the government could fail, which will also harm oil production.  In dovetailing with the prediction for a dollar collapse in mid 2013, the entire globe will be in turmoil, Through The Millennium Contraction

     Adding inflated oil costs to inflation caused by excessive public sector debt is new consideration -- and a sobering prediction.


Popular Protests In The U.S.

     The February 27 Popular Protests In The U.S. and the February 27 Connect The Dots explained that the long anticipated protests against Second Gilded Age monied interests had begun.  Reports were made on the protests against gutting unions and education spending in Wisconsin and the new grassroots campaign against corporate tax dodgers.  The suggestion was made to join these protests and also to vote with your pocketbook by taking your deposits out of the big banks to starve the beast.  Since, then, similar restrictive Republican legislation pending in several other states have stimulated protests.

     Increasing popular protests and voting with your pocketbook to restore shared democratic values are potent karmas in the U.S. chart.  There are dual pressures here as the weakening economy squeezes people further, and the selfish Republican agenda of greed and power is a choking hold.

     However, when we look at the protestors, we find in the union defenders only folks with economic stakes.  And in the US Uncut campaign, nearly all are young people.  As regards voting with your pocketbook, there are no reports of any runs on the banks, yet.

     I mentioned karmic ruts in the opening of this entry.  Stability and repetition in our lives give comfort.  Change is uncomfortable.  We all strive daily for the security of a lifestyle with a schedule and no surprises.  And the older we become, the deeper these karmic ruts become.  I joked with a friend recently about her 84 year old very spy acquaintance.  I said she was not fixed in her ways.  She was fossilized.


Private Side Karmic Ruts

     Americans are responding to the Millennium Contraction within our well worn karmic ruts.  On the private side everyone is more careful about spending and debt, but frugality is used maintain well established lifestyles.  And, when we do act further, those efforts remain within our karmic ruts -- to keep us in our karmic ruts -- for that's all we know, and it's all we dare.  Some may hoard silver and gold.  Others pay down credit cards and other debts.  Many cling to homes they can't afford.  Gardens are springing up everywhere.  We barter when we can.  Luxuries are scaled back, eliminated, or less expensive options are chosen.  Product substitution saves money, especially in natural remedies to avoid doctor visits.  Buying used has become chic. Thrift stores and yard sales are mobbed.  We are learning a lot about buying cheap and turning stuff into cash from the wave of TV programs about used products:  Pickers, Pawn Stars, Auction Kings, Storage Auction, American Treasure...  Hard core Pawn is rough and titillating.  (Let's just hope the economy doesn't sink so far that we have a rash of shows about pickpockets, shoplifting and home robbery.)  These actions are useful, even laudable, but they don't solve the disease, just as treating symptoms alleviates pain but doesn't cure.


Public Side Karmic Ruts

     On the public side of society, Americans have been buffaloed into believing big government, unions and high taxes, are the problems.  The Bush era mantra, no new taxes has evolved into the Tea Party's cut spending mantra -- digging a deep karmic rut to shrink safety net, cut needed regulatory programs, cut taxes further and shift blame.  This bamboozles many into ignoring the reality that the rich pay less and less due to tax loopholes and lowered tax rates -- even as they have become richer and richer at the expense of the rest of us -- and they profit further from lax regulation.  Many devout people been conned by claims that Christian values must be restored through outlawing abortion, gay marriage.... and that will fix the problem.  These are examples of how we have been manipulated into harmful karmic ruts by Second Gilded Age monied interests -- crony capitalism.  Perhaps this joke will jolt you a little.

     A CEO, a Tea-Partier, and a union member at a table with a plate of 12 cookies.

     The CEO takes 11 of the cookies, turns to the Tea Partier and says, "Watch out for that union guy. He wants a piece of your cookie."


    These private and public Karmic ruts -- both self inflicted and force fed -- hold us back from the necessary, indeed inevitable, need to be truly realistic and thrust ourselves out of our comfortable and comforting patterns and habits to protest.  Besieged by yellow journalism and false secular and sectarian leaders, many have lost the ability to see reality.  Only those facing union restrictions are being forced out of their karmic ruts to protest.  Only young people supporting US Uncut haven't lived long enough to have carved out their karmic ruts that override ethics.  That's why they do the right thing, not the convenient thing.  The rest of us need to join them, or at the very least bust the banksters by voting with our pocketbooks.

     Politicians on both the federal and state levels have also bought into this cut domestic spending and reduce taxes.  The Popular Protests In The U.S. prediction for a government shutdown didn't occur because the democrats caved in, as they've done repeatedly in following President Obama's karmic rut -- always seeking compromise.  Since the Republicans are in the karmic rut of never compromising, the party of no always wins.  Note that this is even happening in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Democrats May Return Soon.

     Still, when surveyed, Americans do favor rebuilding the economy and defusing the public debt bomb by raising taxes, cutting military spending and not cutting Social Security benefits.  On budget, Americans display the common sense politicians lack.  Here's one bombshell quote, Only 15 percent of those in the survey agreed with the deal that President Obama worked out with his new Republican buddies in December — an exemption on estates of up to $5 million for individuals and $10 million for couples, and a rate of 35 percent on anything above those levels.  (You may recall the December 13 VedicLeaks stated, it also punches another huge hole in the budget. and It's a bad idea.)  So, the public understands the issues but hasn't yet pushed out of its comfortable karmic ruts to require these changes.

      If you're still stuck in the the unreality brought by your karmic ruts, here are two great reality-checks. 

     Gas is going up and up again because of corporate greed, including enabling dictators in oil rich countries with aid, arms sales, invasions and the the 5th fleet.  As you fill your tank each week or so, watch the price you are forced to pay.  And remember that just last week the U.S. House of Representatives voted down a bill to eliminate oil company tax breaks -- the most profitable on the globe.

       Gold and silver keep going up, and inflation from government debts will push precious metal up much further.  Many believe this will be great!  Some even yearn for a return to the gold standard.  However, no matter how much gold and/or silver you manage to accumulate, it's not enough to live on, and you still get paid and buy in dollars.  Yes, having some gold or silver is a good hedge, but it's not a solution, and certainly holding precious metals don't fix problems of crony capitalism that have wrecked the economy and created a public debt bomb.  Gold bars won't do you any good when you need bars on your windows.  There is no silver bullet when economic chaos arrives a knockin at your door.  Then, it's too late.


Peaceful Protests Work

     Gandhi was the first to apply the concept of large scale non violent protests, and he liberated India.  Martin Luther King followed with the civil rights movement liberating American blacks.  And just last month, Tunisia and Egypt were liberated by non violent protests.

     The Celestial Wheel has long predicted peaceful protests.  That approach enabled the First Progressive Age at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  That same series of three planetary cycles that brought the First Gilded Age, the first major economic contraction and finally the first Progressive Age are repeating -- with the same results.  The issue is whether they are coming in time to save the country.  Certainly government isn't solving the problems.  It's up to us.  Social change always comes from a groundswell of popular support.  Sure, peaceful protests require a sustained effort, for the party of no resists the weight of public opinion.  But success does come, sometimes in a quick turn when enough people withdraw their political and economic support.


Some Awareness Is Finally Actualizing

     I've been beating this drum for several years now, both in The Celestial Wheel and with Vedic Predictive Astrology clients.  Educating and encouraging folks to actually push out of their karmic ruts has been frustrating, but some are finally beginning to make the leap.  A Maryland client, stuck with her pack rat issue, finally began clearing out the stuff so that she can get out of Baltimore and in retirement do some real good coaching young people.  A North Carolina client moved her banks accounts to safe community banks and is further using her windfall to actively manage her silver accumulation -- pointing toward relocating where she can do her healing work, be stimulated mentally and live comfortably.  A Georgia client is taking on the responsibility of truly advancing her Vedic chart's big career of uplifting child education -- and being a shining example in the college employing her to students.  An Oregon client has switched from private legal practice to a public position defending women prisoners. 

     This client work to breakthrough has taken several years in some cases, although intense efforts over several months has also worked.  Vedic Astrology is essentially counseling, although the Vedic chart shortcuts the therapeutic process by unveiling the karmic influences right away -- not having to pull them out in long term efforts.  Still, bringing folks along to understand themselves and their roles in the world doesn't happen in a weekend seminar.

     One could fairly ask, how are these actions bring participation in popular protests?  My response: These actions are jumping out of karmic ruts, and these folks now ready to attend those protest rallies.

     Perhaps these experiences with individual client chart work relates to The Celestial Wheel -- it takes a long time, diligence and much repetition to get the message across.  And perhaps the recent shift to the positive path of public protests gets me out of a doom and gloom karmic rut.  I have received from heartfelt feedback from Celestial Wheel Subscribers since I announced the hiatus.  I've posted these in the home page.

     Here's one that came in this morning from a Celestial Wheel Participant who previewed this VedicLeaks,

     I am stunned. This is amazing and brilliant. Where does all this stuff hide in your head?   Your brain must have folds and folds of layers of info, and it just rolls out and becomes this document.  Your predictions have been quite accurate since I have been following the CW. And because of that, it becomes scary.

     What am I going to do?  Those are the words that I hear people and myself saying.  How do I manage to stay above water?  Were you put here to help us see what we do not choose to look at?  I have never been an activist or wanted to be involved, but you are helping me to see the value of that.  I always felt that my humane efforts were more important, that I could help others with my heart and hands.  And I can and I do.  But somehow this piece has a lot of heart and soul in it.

     I believe that we will see peaceful protests, also.  I am hearing comments from people that something has to happen, we are getting squeezed more and more every day.

     This would not send last night.   The internet connection went down.   As I awoke this morning, I realized that in my heart and soul this is the important piece.  Usually your CW's feel like info, and what are you going to do about this?  This one has you connected to it, that you are in the same karmic ruts that we are.  You were
ready to protest peacefully in Charlotte (but couldn't scooter there) as you have been urging others to do.  That is the difference that I sense.  This is really good.

     I'm going to send the PDF copy to everyone I know.  I hope your other Participants do the same.


P.S.  I've been receiving an incredible amount of spam for about two weeks.  This alerts to discordant energies.  The U.S. Vedic chart is running toxic Rahu in its planetary cycles until April 22.  Then, there's a change to restrictive Saturn.  Further, transit Jupiter and the eclipse points, Rahu/Ketu, change from favorable to unfavorable signs.  It will be a blustery spring.


The Celestial wheel 1999-2011©

VedicLeaks 2011©
Doug Riemer


March 11, 2011

Earth Crust Events & Rebellions

    The January 29 Does Egypt Signal Global Transformation? explained how a combination of Mars and Saturn signified earth crust events and rebellions.  First, I reprinted this January 21 prediction.

...fighting for government power, leaders attacked, fires/explosions, arguments, temper tantrums, fires, head, eye and hand injuries, cardiac stress, back pain, infections, muscle contractions, dog injuries, and emergency room visits.  Gold prices may spike up. ...The combination of the Sun/Mars conjunction and Saturn turning retrograde (Tuesday and Wednesday) can signify another earth crust event. ...However, as Sun/Mars can stimulate Saturn-indicated earth crust events, then Saturn turning retrograde can stimulate Sun/Mars violences.


     Second, I proved-out these predictions citing the January 26 Japanese volcano, and another in Indonesia, plus protests peaking throughout the Mideast that same day,

     Egypt's Dasas (planetary cycles) are Saturn/Saturn/Venus from last September through late March.  Saturn is resistance and fighting in this chart. 

     Its shift to retrograde this past Tuesday and Wednesday caused a wrenching of its energy that brought the riots. 

     The Japanese volcano was another manifestation of this.


Mars and Saturn in concert again signified earth crust events and protests again yesterday. 

     In Japan, Hundreds feared dead in quake, tsunami.  In Libya, Libya, advance by Gaddafi forces sends rebels fleeing.  And now in the U.S., Wisconsin governor wins his battle with unions on collective bargaining and Thousands gather for Ind. Statehouse union rally.  Then, of course, there's all the craziness with the NPR scandal and the Muslim hearing in Congress.  American footballers are even tackling off the field, As NFL Talks Collapse, Players Disband Union.


So, What's Going On?

     Yesterday, as shown in this transit wheel. Mars and Saturn again signified strife

      Destructive Mars was throwing a close aspect (glance) to Saturn. 

     And destructive Saturn was aspecting Mercury.

     Saturn is in Virgo, an earth sign.  Saturn is retrograde, weakening his form and structure.  Mercury rules Virgo. 

     So, Mars' aspect harms Virgo by hitting Saturn.  And Saturn's aspect to Mercury harms Virgo by hitting Virgo's ruler.  Earthquake rocked Japan.

     The protests abroad relate to Saturn being the planet of government officials and Virgo the natural zodiac's sixth house of discords.  The protests in the U.S. result from Virgo being the tenth house of government officials.

Transits March 10, 2011


Being Forewarned Is Forearmed    

     Multiple harms in seemingly unrelated areas result from planetary discordance because transits describe where the planets are in today's skies.  They symbolize global planetary weather.  Thereby, your personal experiences are also impacted.  After all, if there's a thunderstorm where you live, it rains on you too.

     Vedic astrology is more than planets -- it is seeing order in the universe through Vedic eyes.  Paying attention an extreme or really unusual event alerts the astrologer to check the planets for the operative configuration.  That is then examined to find other influences.  Thus, a volcano can be used to determine when protests peak. 

     Another example was stated in the above March 7 entry's P.S., I've been receiving an incredible amount of spam for about two weeks.  This alerts to discordant energies.  As the spam tsunami and the Mars/Saturn dissonances continue, expect further turmoil -- in world events and your own experiences.  Looking at this in the broadest perspective, there is order in the universe.

     The last three months have been tough.  The Celestial Wheel has accurately predicted and described the unfolding planetary karmas signifying these harms in three significant areas: severe weather, earth crust events and popular protests.  Individuals too, have experienced stresses of all kinds.  For example, the January 25 Predictions Check -- The December 2010 Mars/Rahu Conjunction reported on severe storms and, There was also a spike in personal illnesses and violences.  Clients have reported: sciatica, gout, skin cancer, kidney, leg muscle issues and financial setbacks and discords

     And, as the Japan earthquake hit, protests peaked in the Mideast and U.S.  Celestial Wheel Participants have already reported:  in GA a job crisis, in CO a horrific doctor report, in CA an emotional upheaval.  As these folks read The Celestial Wheel, they are alerted to stresses that can hit them personally.  Being forewarned is forearmed.  All three are also astrology clients.  With both Celestial Wheel information and their Vedic charts, we've planned through these issues to make lemonade out of lemons, sometimes in completely unanticipated ways.  The first now has a strategy for resolving the job crisis, and a backup plan that can also resolve a chronic romance issue.  The second has refocused from Social Security Disability to a promising investment deal that will also resolve a family issue.  For the third, I've suggested address relocating to resolve the emotional concern and a romantic problem.

     As a MN client recently wrote about a predicted family problem, You were right on.  My sister fell 2/24. Thanks again for this heads up -- made it less alarming.  She's now being careful about other predicted sensitive areas.  As these in her own life, she can dodge, or at least minimize, the karma.


A Little Survey

     Astrology is empirical -- information gained by means of observation or experiments.  As stated above, The Celestial Wheel has alerted to unusual and extensive turbulence since early December.  Answer these questions to find whether that advance information has value to you,


     Does the Japan earthquake/tsunami impact your life? 

     Are you affected by the anti-union legislation in Wisconsin, Indiana and other states?

     Do you agree with the U.S. popular protests discussed in the above March 7 entry?

     Do the Mideast revolts affect you?

     Are you an American Muslim, or belong to any other disrespected minority?

     Do you listen to NPR and/or watch PBS?

     Are you a football fan?


Regarding your financial life,


Do you have any investments?




Do you own silver?




No silver?  How about gold?


Are you still unaffected?  How about these,


Do you buy gasoline?




Are your wages keeping up with grocery prices?

     Have you personally experienced stresses this winter, perhaps just recently?


Given your replies to the above survey,

     Do you believe the world is transforming and that you too must get out of a karmic rut?

     Would you like to know about how this current karmic crash will continue unfold?  How about medium and long term trends?

     Would you Participate in or promote The Celestial Wheel to folks you know to keep its tank filled -- for information in crossing the swamp to reach dry ground?  (You can also gift, costing less than the recent increase to fill up the car.)

     Would you consider becoming a Vedic Astrology client?

     Do you think you'll participate in the protest efforts now growing the the U.S,?


The Current Situation

     Expect discords increase and new ones to emerge during the next few days.  It's not over yet.  I'll write more soon..

     It's easy and inexpensive to Participate in The Celestial Wheel.  Just to to the home page and scroll down to this section.  There's even a place for comments if you're gifting The Celestial Wheel.



March 13, 2011

Japan Heads-up

     The below was e-mailed directly to Subscriber-Participants this morning,


Japan Heads-up

I found a good chart for Japan this morning at Darkstar Astrology,  2/11/1889 10:30 AM Tokyo

It fits with Japan's qualities and notably extreme violences: the last major earthquake in 1923, the Pearl Harbor attack, the atom bombs in 1945 and the January 26 volcano I previously predicted for this year.

Here are some preliminary thoughts I emailed to Vedic contemporaries earlier this morning. These are technical Vedic Astrology, but you'll get the drift.

Note this article talks about aftershocks, Monster aftershock could strike within days.

I think there could be significant aftershocks as the Moon transits towards full. Note the Moon rules the 4th house of the home in Cancer, a Kapha (water) sign.  So, it indicates damage to the home from water -- underwater earthquake and tsunami.  However, the March 16 change in the subcycle Dasa planets from Moon to Mars suggests more stormy damage from toxicity -- the nuclear power plants.  The Sun, an indicator of the body, goes into the 12th house of loss on the 15th, which suggests loss of life.  Still, both harms could result -- aftershocks that could harm the nuclear reactors further.

Here are the Moon's sensitive positions in Japan's chart for the next week,

Wednesday, 16th, the Moon passes birth chart Saturn in Cancer

Thursday & Friday, 17th and18th, the Moon in Leo opposite Mars in Leo

Saturday and Sunday, 19th and 20th, the Moon in Virgo conjunct transit Saturn

I'm most concerned about Saturday, for the repetition of karmas then:   1. Saturn's day of the week   2. nasty 8th house aspect from Mars   3. full Moon.

These dates are calculated from Japan's chart, for which the time 13 hours ahead of EST.  So, events late in the day can be reported here in the U.S. a day earlier.

Keep in mind, Mercury, which rules earth sign Virgo, and is thereby an earth crust indicator, is also weak being fallen and in the 12th house -- and afflicted from the continued aspect from Saturn.

Also, as explained in February 11 VedicLeaks, earth crust violence relates to protests in the Mideast and the U.S., for the same karmas which bring the former, also indicate the latter.

Finally, keep in mind that your personal experiences are also impacted by this stormy global planetary weather.

The U.S. chart also gets rough starting Wednesday.  I mentioned to a California coast lady,
You may want to stay away from the beach.  Everyone should be careful in their activities from midweek on.


The Celestial wheel 1999-2011©

VedicLeaks 2011©
Doug Riemer


March 15, 2011

Tenuous Times

     We all know the world is in an uproar with the triple-play of the Japan disaster, ongoing Mideast revolts and escalating popular protests in the U.S.  Don't allow the myopic media coverage of Japan to lull you into believing these other issues have ceased or are unimportant.  Walter Cronkite, where are you?

     These events result first from discordant and challenging transits -- where the planets are in today's skies -- which symbolize planetary weather. 

     Second, the Vedic charts of nations pin down where these strife occurs.  Here are example predictions/results, some of which are for past events, and others about upcoming ones,

The January 29, 2011Does Egypt Signal Global Transformation? stated, I just yesterday found a good chart for that country.  That enabled my making further specific predictions which have been born out.  Murbarak stepped down.  (I made further predictions on transit information alone that Mideast strife would continue but no more governments would fall.  Those have also been validated.)

The January 9, 2010 VedicLeaks predicted a major earth crust event around January 13 of that year.  The Haiti earthquake struck January 12, 2010.  The February 11, 2011 Haiti A Metaphor & More -- A Year later -- stated, I've only recently found a good chart for Haiti, proving out last year's earthquake.  But I did not predict any further quakes.  I did state ...Haiti's government is at risk for further turmoil.  The upcoming presidential election March 20 looks difficult.

The above March 11 entry discussed the January 21, 2011 prediction for an impending earth crust event and documented that -- January 26 Japanese volcano, and another in Indonesia.  The above March 13 entry stated, I found a good chart for Japan this morning.  From Japan's chart, I predicted further harms from toxicity and aftershocks March 16 through 20.  I did not anticipate yesterday's third nuclear plant explosion but can see this in the Moon passing  yesterday over Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  This is disturbing because Moon over Rahu seems a less potent karma than the ones starting tomorrow and continuing through Sunday.  Too, the scientists' predicted after-shock hasn't hit yet.


Note: I didn't predict another earth crust event this month due to the The Celestial Wheel's hiatus to March 9.  Otherwise, I may or could have have followed up on Japan's January 26 volcano to find its nation chart and see the current catastrophe coming.  (However, in the predictions business, only published predictions count. May and could are not operative.)  Too, the little time I did have was focused upon the Mideast and U.S. protests, which energies that also signified the Japan earthquake.  I published the free In-depth Forecasts, Popular Protests In The U.S and Connect The Dots, to both inform the public and to stimulate paid Participations.  These forecasts have proven accurate.


Further Imminent Harms

     The risks Wednesday through Sunday are not restricted to Japan.  This is really rough global planetary weather, and global means what it says.   There is some concern about Saturday's full Moon, Biggest Full Moon Possible.  While scientists claim no, the slight gravity boost must be harmful.  Too, while the Moon is the benefits in life, it is also perception and emotions.  These qualities amp-up peoples' responses to lunar benefits harms.  It's not just the natural disaster, political stress and/or military violence that matter -- emotion-based responses change the events.  On this afflicted full Moon, expect reactions, and media reporting on those actions, to be exaggerated.

The Mideast nations where the governments are successfully putting down rebellions will see those violence escalate.  I do have Saudi Arabia's chart and have long been concerned the government will fall. this was last discussed this in the above March 7 entry.  I appears these uprisings have a religious component.  The Sunni dominated governments are facing unrest from the oppressed Shiites. This article explains, Special Report: Iran and the Saudis' Countermove on Bahrain.  As most folks should know, but don't, the Arab countries are all controlled by Sunnis, except for Iraq.  The U.S. liberated Iraq from the Sunnis, and the Shiites now control that country.  The only other Shiite run country in the region is Iran, which is Persian, not Arab.  It seems the U.S. liberating the Iraqi Shiites from Sunni domination has motivated Shiites through the Mideast  -- and the Shiite Iranians are eagerly supporting that.

     This is not important to Americans, of course, unless you have a car and heat your home.

The U.S. is at risk for the Federal government shutting down and protests becoming more intense.  There is also some physical violence.  I gently state that this is as sensitive a period for earth crust events as has occurred for some time.  Quakes shake up area around Mount Saint Helens February 18 gives a hint of this be a percussor to a larger event -- just as Japan's January 26 volcano signals the March 11 earthquake.



A Caution For April

     While Mercury gets away from influences from Mars and Saturn after this weekend, it begins a three week retrograde March 30.  This will bring Mercury right back into the midst of Mars and Saturn destruction and losses.  The middle of the month from April 15 will be the most challenging.

     I'll write more on this interval after we've gotten through this week.


Impact Upon Your Personal Experiences

     The above March 7 entry included a section, Some Awareness Is Finally Actualizing.  This results from the trials and tribulations of the last few years, since the Millennium Contraction began in the fall of 2008, reaching a peak this winter with tremendously impactive transits.  My experiences have been intense, and others have related to me all kinds of stresses.  I asked a fellow Vedic Astrology with a birthday this week, Do you have a basement?

     Like a nation chart, the effects of this extreme planetary weather upon you depend upon your own Vedic chart.  Everyone is impacted some ways.  People are finally beginning to make major changes to transform their lives.  Discomforts are pushing us all to change -- like a thorn in your foot irritates more and more until you finally give up and have it taken out.  It's a good time for a Vedic Consultation.  But please, don't shoot the messenger.  Appreciate the light on your karmic path ahead -- whether the information is from The Celestial Wheel or Vedic Predictive Astrology.


PS  The Celestial Wheel is not free, like most forecasting on the web, which is essentially a lot of guessing.  Vedic Astrology is predictive, and with a lot of hard work, the predictions here are gradually drawn out.  Besides, who else predicts earth crust evens, popular protests and Mideast revolts?



The Celestial wheel 1999-2011©

VedicLeaks 2011©
Doug Riemer


March 18, 2011

Heads-up Tomorrow's Wild Full Moon

This full Moon has been discussed in the above March 13 VedicLeaks, with follow-up in formation in the March 15 entry.

The March 15 entry summed up the situation in stating, We all know the world is in an uproar with the triple-play of the Japan disaster, ongoing Mideast revolts and escalating popular protests in the U.S. Don't allow the myopic media coverage of Japan to lull you into believing these other issues have ceased or are unimportant.  And, don't forget Haiti, our close neighbor who has suffered more and longer, without respite.

The chart below is for that full Moon at 2:10 PM Eastern Daylight time.

It is complex, intense and dangerous. To make it truly disconcerting, the mental planets, Moon and Mercury are both afflicted, as shown.

Mercury, the intellect, communications and the nervous system, is afflicted by restrictive Saturn, weak in its' fallen sign but expanded by Jupiter and illuminated by the Sun. Everything is hyped, jittery, nervous, unclear and jumpy.

The emotional full Moon is under attack by Mars and harmed in conjunction by Saturn. The perceptional mind is inflamed yet also clouded and confused.

Whatever happens or not in the three hotspots of Japan, the Mideast and U.S., events will be exaggerated both in reality and in reaction, misunderstood and unnerving. It's a real twilight zone kind of day, with some Freddy Kruger scares thrown in.  Don't mistake overload for excitement.


Mayan Healer, Patricia Flores, is e-mailing to her clients and friends to send energy.  Prayer does work. She's upset with good reason, and Patricia is truly tuned-in.

My counsel here is to keep a low profile, stay calm and be alert to the world around you. Basically, don't do anything tonight, tomorrow and even Sunday that you may regret later.

And because the Moon and Mercury are both significators for the mother, reach out to her with kindness and love. Of all the folks affected, mom may feel this the most. Still, it's not easy on dad either.

I'm not making this up


The Celestial wheel 1999-2011©

VedicLeaks 2011©
Doug Riemer



March 19 VedicLeaks

Heads-up -- Full Moon Action

Today's tough full Moon will be at 2;10 PM EDT -- Eastern Daylight Time.

Libya  is 6 hours ahead of EDT -- so the full Moon is 8:10 PM there.  This morning, Gaddafi's forces are already bombing civilian areas. There is no news yet on when the British, French and Arab planes will begin to enforce the no-fly zone.  Other countries, like Bahrain and Yemen, are also turbulent.

Japan  is 13 hours ahead of EDT - so the full Moon already occurred there.  Efforts to secure the the uranium fuel rods are said to be frantic. Reports there are not definitive.

U.S.  A federal judged blocked implementation of Wisconsin's new law against collective bargaining yesterday.

Haiti  No news yet. The presidential election is tomorrow.

Remember, this is global planetary weather.  It impacts everyone.


The Celestial wheel 1999-2011©

VedicLeaks 2011©
Doug Riemer


March 29 VedicLeaks

Weaving Together The Karmic Threads

     2011 has unfolded with a flurry of fast-moving, unexpected, chaotic and tumultuous events spanning the globe. These are planetary weather disturbances we can see from transit charts -- where the planets are in today's skies. We haven't experienced such turmoil for years and years.  The disruptions actually began in early December to early January with the toxic Mars/Rahu conjunction.  See, The December 2010 Mars/Rahu Conjunction Part 1 and and Part 2.  Severe weather and the genesis of Mideast revolts were major karmas.  (See, Predictions Check -- The December 2010 Mars/Rahu Conjunction)

     Since late January, the disruptive energy has been signified by Pitta (fiery/hot) Mars/Sun fighting and destructions of all kinds.  As the Sun is heat and Mars storms, the term fire-storm comes to mind.  The January 21 Vedicleaks alerted to the then impending Mars/Sun conjunction, although I didn't see the full extent of the disruptions.

     This karma has been so comprehensive and enduring that everyone's personal experiences have been impacted -- challenging your endurance.

     Added to this Mercury, has unfortunately been caught in the Mars/Sun fire storm.  And it's going to happen again for April through late May.

     Mercury signifies the nervous system in general and specifically: communications, skill, the calculating mind, memory, business, reputation and the respiratory system

     Information has thereby been often misunderstood and reactions off-base, even extreme. 

     Problem-solving has been elusive, with situations sometimes made worse, and certainly not resolved.  Communications equipment, like computers and cell phones, even online services, are disrupted. 

    Watch your finances, spending, account balances and bill payments.  Business decisions and new ventures are risky.  Since Mercury is skill, injury risk from physical activities increases. 

      Use care in your associations that can affect your reputation. Avoid crazy people too.  I ran into two of them at the bakery coffee shop today -- and it was unnerving. 


     Mercury's respiratory system can heighten allergic reactions to spring pollens and stimulate throat and chest infections.  Don't take Singing In The Rain literally.

     Mercury as the nervous system makes it an indicator of addiction and compulsive behaviors.  People use these to lever themselves out of nervousness and being jittery into a calm and balanced mental state.  While drugs, alcohol and tobacco are primary addictions, one can also overindulge in healthy activities to calm the nerves.  Exercising, eating, sex, even spiritual practices like yoga, mysticism, psychics, chantings, meditation and other forms of prayer should be be done in moderation.  Truly any feel better activity can be done to excess -- with a resulting hangover -- like the runner's high followed by a low.  Manic/depression and obsessive compulsive folks should be especially careful to avoid experiences that can trigger those disorders.

     Overall, Mercury's nervous system, already stressed since late February, will suffer with the continued afflictions through late May -- three months.  Mental fatigue, disorientation, memory loss and confusion results.  These can become chronic.  Overloaded is an obvious issue, and when the mind does that, it shuts down, like an electrical imbalance will throw the circuit breakers in your home.

    When this happens in your home, you identify whether its a short circuit, power surge or overload.  You then fix the problem and flip the breakers back on.  If you don't deal with the problem, and instead just flip the breaker back on, the circuit can burn out.  This electrical analogy can be helpful in your own lives.  When you personally overload, take a break from your own mind.  Then gradually assess the situation, fix the problem and carefully engage again in dealing with the situation.  Don't panic.  Move away from a nervous reactive mode into a calm proactive consciousness -- Weaving Together The Karmic Threads into a whole cloth.  Otherwise you can become a victim of your own mind and blow your mental circuits.  Effective Ayurvedic techniques are sandalwood and the color green.


     Because no one is exempt, it's naturally been difficult for this astrologer to detach and see the unfolding planetary karmas to interpret complex planetary symbolisms.  Looking ahead to weave together the karmic threads into a rational picture has been elusive.  Thus far, four main topics have emerged:

     Explaining Mercury's stress -- already done

     Looking ahead into April and May stresses.

     Offering specific predictions

     Cautions to not get caught up in fear-based delusionary groups and witch hunts -- both literal and figurative.


     This VedicLeaks additional addresses the second topic.  I certainly don't want to overload your already stressed communications circuits!


April & May Stresses

     The below transit charts use the natural zodiac beginning with Aries to show global planetary weather.

     An already worn-down Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow afternoon.  That directional change to backward will make Mercury double-back right into the Mars/Sun fire storm again, beginning April 2, left chart.  (the first time Mercury ran into Mars was late February, when the Mideast conflicts flared.)

      After fast-moving Mercury turns forward April 23, it will catch up with, and run into Mars, one last time on May 19, right chart.  Because Vedic Astrology is cumulative, Mercury suffers more each time it collides with Mars. This suggests that turmoils this winter will persist without resolution, and even worsen through the spring.

World Transits April 2, 2011

World Transits May 19, 2011



Send In The Clowns

      As dire as the above analysis of Mercury is, we have to remember not to take everything too seriously.   The Sun continues to rise in the morning, with pretty sunsets at day's end.  Springtime is upon us.  Conflicts and stresses aren't fun, but they provide the opportunity to push oneself out of karmic ruts.  See the March 7 VedicLeaks -- Karmic Ruts.

     The Republicans Party is splintered by the Tea Party, forcing them to the hard right,  What's left of the moderates is trying desperately to launch a presidential candidate who actually can win.  But Karl Rove at mission control says wait.  This afflicted Mercury is tough on them too!

     Thus far, only two stars are running hot for the Republican nomination:  Tea Party Queen Michelle Bachmann and the born-again birther, Donald Trump.  Bachmann's charismatic zaniness is well known.  Trump is now demanding Obama release his official birth certificate, and in challenge, has released his,


     Then, there's former Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty, who launched an exploratory committee.  But he's so bland, the only interest Pawlenty received came from greeting to the Iowa crowd, I’m very thankful for my red-hot smoking wife, the first lady of Minnesota," said Gov. Tim Pawlenty, pointing to his wife...

     Newt Gingrich is putting his toe in the Tea Party pot, but is finding it scalding.  And Newt doesn't dare talk about his hot wife, who truly is hot, because he's thrice married and twice-affaired.  Newt can only mutely stand by, a young 67, next to his truly American blond beauty.

   Then, there's Huckabee, but he's afraid of both Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin -- doesn't dare to go-toe-toe with either of them on hard core Tea Party issues.  Too, Huckabee needs his Fox News paycheck for his new mansion in Florida.  Finally, Huckabee doesn't have a hot wife, and sexual appeal is crticial to the Republican Party's Christian-pure family values.

    Of course, there's Sarah Palin, who is the hottest Republican bird of all -- but she's not running, yet, maybe, not, she tweets.  Sarah's must be ripped about all the media on the candidate's wives, though.  But, she's doing her Queen Clown part in the Republican clown circus by not declaring either way, which has frightened all the junior clowns from actually launching their candidacies -- only exploratory committees so far.  After all, Sarah says she can beat Obama, and none of the others believe they can, unless it's proven he is Kenyan.  So, if Palin runs, they'll be glad they don't have to.

     Stephen Sondheim's melancholy song about star-crossed lovers, Send In The Clowns, was updated in December by Stephen Colbert in these tongue-and-cheek lyrics,


Where are the clowns?
I booked them for eight.
Hold on, that’s them on the phone,
Saying…..they’re late.
Traffic was bad,
The tunnel’s a mess.
All twelve of them came in one car;
They lost my address.
You just can’t trust clowns:
That’s why they’re called clowns.


     Sounds like the Republican Presidential candidates to me --



With a hunky husband too!

     I'm betting on Hillary for 2012.  Obama has compromised away his credibility and is too meek to deal with budget and job issues and fight the corporate moguls.


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