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June 16, 2011

Getting Florida Organized
     I didn't anticipate my visit to Longboat Key, Florida would result in my deciding to come back home to where I had spent two decades starting in the mid seventies.  I also didn't plan on having to redo everything -- from bank, to the deposits from client credit card, PayPal..... nor needing a special internet connection because of weak signal on the island, nor having to find, load and learn how to use a new website editing program.  Whew!  It's almost done -- with finally figuring out how to do spell check on Celestial Wheel forecasting.  Sorry about all the errors in the May VedicLeaks, but they are all corrected now, I hope!

     So, I'm kind of, sort of, finally back in the saddle with The Celestial Wheel.  Thanks for your forbearance.

Eclipse Season
     The May 2 VedicLeaks included this eclipse season summary,

June 1 partial solar  2:20 PM  16:38 Taurus
June 15 total lunar 2:13 PM  0:22 Sagittarius
July 1 partial solar 2:54 AM   15:11 Gemini

     While eclipses serve to block, which is what the word eclipse means, they also portend an unable interval.  Yet, as the skies darken in an eclipse, the stars become visible.  This makes eclipses revealing.

(June 11 note:  On the June 1 partial solar eclipse, the U.S. House voted to not increase the debt ceiling and the Dow Jones plunged 279 points.  See the below entry predicting an earth crust event relating to the upcoming June 15 total lunar eclipse.

Yesterday's Total Lunar Eclipse
     The May 9 VedicLeaks included a lunar eclipse prediction,

June Earth Crust Event Prediction
      On June 13 at 5:42 Greenwich England time, Saturn ends his long retrograde.  Saturn is form and structure, and he sits in Virgo, an earth sign.  Two days later, there will be a total lunar eclipse.  These influences signal a major earth crust event, likely in the U.S. and most likely in Alaska.  Since oil is predicted to bounce up in mid July, it would be that an earthquake or volcano in Alaska will precipitate that.
     I'm thereby predicting a major earth crust event between Monday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 15, with Alaska being a target.  The event, of course, or events, could occur elsewhere on the globe.

     There were two serious earthquakes,
June 15  Strong Earthquake Strikes Off Papua New Guinea

And just two hours after publishing today's entry, this news, a
Powerful Earthquake Strikes Alaska's Largest City

     Whether readers find the prediction validated is perceptional -- like whether President Obama is black because he's half black, or half black because he's actually half black, or white, because he's half white.  A key issue, of course, is that scientists cannot predict earth crust events at all.

     Finally, while the eclipse did occur yesterday, eclipse effects continue for several days, and the news doesn't always report important events right away, especially when they get subsumed with yellow journalism.  What happens to Anthony Weiner is scarcely more important than which team wins a sports title.  As Andy Rooney used to say,
Sports is meaningless.  Or twisting an old truism, Like beer, sports is the opiate of the masses.

The U.S. Chart
     The May 9 VedicLeaks also updated the U.S. chart's planetary cycles,

The U.S. Chart 
     On April 22, the U.S.chart finished a year of Mars major and Jupiter minor.  Jupiter being abundance, signaled economic recovery beginning in the late spring of 2010.  That's over now with restrictive Saturn replacing Jupiter.   This key topic hasn't been addressed since the February 2 VedicLeaks,

Overview 2009 through 2011
2009   Global economic contraction.   U.S. planetary cycles -- negative.  Global transits negative -- big planets all very weak.

2010  Stabilization after spring and gradual recovery.  U.S. planetary cycles good starting in May.  Global transits -- big planets strong.  Mars very violent -- harmed crops, brought commodities inflation.  Oil up at year's end.

2011  Recovery continues until spring, then contraction renews.  U.S. Dasas good until spring, then negative.  Saturn comes in then, and last primary Saturn cycle started in 1929.   Global transits -- also good until spring.   Then, weaken somewhat. The fall looks very bad.  Crops can be good, however, lowering prices.  Gas can kick up to a new high in July.

      Saturn ran its last 19 year cycle beginning in 1929, signaling both the Great Depression and the dust bowl drought.  So, we know Saturn is difficult in the U.S. chart.  With fellow malefic Mars being the major planetary cycle planet, these next twelve months through May 2012 portend to be very difficult for the economy, especially housing, and severe weather -- storms and drought.

      As stated above,
On the June 1 partial solar eclipse, the U.S. House voted to not increase the debt ceiling and the Dow Jones plunged 279 points.  Similarly, on yesterday's full lunar eclipse, the stock market took another big dive.  The Dow Jones lost 179 points.

     This article confirms continued real estate suffering, Study: Housing Collapse Steeper Than During Great Depression.  And, here's a really interesting tidbit across the bay from my Longboat Key home in Sarasota, Library closures and SCAT fare raises possible,
Commissioners are working off projections that the tax base will drop by 6.2 percent in the next fiscal year and 4 percent in fiscal year 2012-2013 before leveling out in the following years. Expenses are expected to rise by three percent each year.

The Last Eclipse Of The Season
     The July 1 partial solar eclipse is just around the astrological corner.  I'll write more about it later but note now that it hits the U.S. chart's Jupiter almost exactly.  That eclipse at 15:11 Gemini will be just two minutes of arc from Jupiter at 15:13 Gemini.  Jupiter is luck and fortune in general, and it rules the fourth house of fixed assets, which include real estate.  Jupiter is also the glue that holds relationships of all kinds together in the U.S. chart -- personal, business, political....  This obviously is not good and indicates a continuation of the slide that began with the first partial solar eclipse June 1.


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June 26, 2011

Wrap Up On The Lunar Eclipse Earthquakes
     A few folks have wondered how I figured out the Alaska earth crust event location.  Well, okay, it was only three, but that's enough to blow my own horn a little in explanation.

     Earth crust events were detailed in a  5/12 email to my editor, which I forgot I sent!  I also forgot the Aust/New Zealand influence.  I think it's likely the Saturn Station starts the tectonic plate shift, but it takes a while for the energy to build and actually make the plates move, and then be transmitted to the surface -- just a guess.

May 12, 2011
To: Brian Richardson, AKA Pipe-smoking Yoda
Ref: Earth crust prediction

     I pulled up the Vedic chart for the Saturn "station," when it stops retrograde on June 13 at 5:42 AM in Greenwich England.  That chart looks very bad. 


     And the Dasas (planetary cycles) are negative as well.  While Jupiter is good, Saturn is in the fourth house of the home in Virgo, an earth sign.   And the Sun comes in on June 12.  Notice that mass of planets in the twelfth house of loss, including the Sun.   Too, the Moon begins as a fourth level Dasa planet on the fifteenth, when it is totally eclipsed. 


     I then used the same time and city for this Astrocartography map.  Mercury/Sun/Rahu are bad for the Vedic chart and show together through the Mississippi basin as well as the Pacific NW in Canada.  Too, there are Mars/Saturn lines crossing in Alaska.  This confirms the Alaskan concern for a big earthquake/volcano, but too could signal further flooding in the Miss, or maybe even an earthquake there!  There is also a Mercury/Sun/Rahu line between Australia and New Zealand, making it vulnerable.  

(Note: There was more flooding in the Mississippi river basin, but that has been going on now for so long, the sensation-seeking media practically ignores it.  Mid June, however, was actually a continuation, not a major flooding peak.)


     Anyway, Yoda, I'm thinking out loud and will refine these thoughts and publish them in a VedicLeaks, if I can ever get organized here in Florida!


Earth Crust Predictions

      Recall I predicted the January 12, 2010 earth crust events, which included the area around Haiti.  See, the prediction in the January 9, 2010 entry, and the result documented on January 14.

     I also saw the big volcano in Japan this past January.  The January 24 entry made the prediction, The combination of the Sun/Mars conjunction and Saturn turning retrograde can signify another earth crust event.  On January 27, I documented the result, including a huge volcano in Japan.  Yes, I missed the later tsunami.

     Do check out these links to the predictions and results.  There are some truly awesome pictures.

     These successful earth crust predictions result from form and structure Saturn transiting Virgo, an earth sign.  The Celestial Wheel has not done earth crust predictions in the past, and these successful predictions relate only to Saturn in Virgo.  That position just seems a natural one for the earth's tectonic plates to shift.

     The flooding and drought in the U.S. also relate to Saturn in Virgo, as well as the U.S. chart's planetary cycles, the very destructive combination of Mars major and Saturn minor which started April 22.  Pitta (fiery) Mars brings storms of all kinds, and Vata (air) Saturn dries things out.

     Expect these challenges to continue through the summer and into the fall.

Hurricane Predictions
     The Celestial Wheel has also not been a hurricane forecaster.  However, the U.S. chart's Mars/Saturn planetary cycles, plus transit Saturn in Virgo, and transit Mars also coming into play beginning in late July suggest weather destructions will shift to hurricanes.  I'll do specific timing predictions in the next week or so.   In the meantime, August looks difficult, but September through early November can be deadly.  It is important to remember the Atlantic hurricane season peaks in September and October anyway.

     It does seem certain that the hurricane lull these past few years will end this summer. 

Partial Solar Eclipse July 1 -- Friday
The above June 16 entry closed with this section title -- The Last Eclipse Of The Season -- which hits Jupiter.  Cautions were Jupiter's luck and fortune in general and specifically real estate.  Well, the economy, and real estate especially, have been taking a beating since the U.S. chart's Mars/Saturn cycle started April 22.

     That entry also noted, Jupiter is also the glue that holds relationships of all kinds together in the U.S. chart -- personal, business, political....  The recent logjam over increasing the debt limit could very well become a crisis, although it's possible the eclipse this Friday will bring it too a head, forcing an agreement. 

     Despite the unavoidable negative predictions, for this is a transformational period, The Celestial Wheel truly always seeks a soft landing.


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