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June 1 -- 30, 2010



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June 1, 2010

Taking Stock

     Everyone is pretty well worn out from the extremely taxing Mars transit through Cancer, which thankfully ended May 27.  This May 30 article, Poll finds debt-dogged Americans stressed out, confirms that conclusion.  Yet, this is also just a continuation of  trend discussed in the January 20, Haiti -- A Metaphor & More.  The section, Tom Brokaw's Explanation, quotes him, The people that we talked to, and it was a wide spectrum of business people and working class people and ranchers and small town merchants.... they are so busy putting their lives in order now and finding ways to get out of economic downturn that we're in...

     With Mars having finished its great destructions, people naturally looked forward to the summer sun beginning to shine.

     The B.P. oil disaster, with the leak now continuing into August and environmental and business harms becoming tragic, is disturbing.  Add Israel's yesterday attack on the humanitarian flotilla heading toward Gaza, most unfortunately on Memorial Day, and people feel like they've been hit with a one-two punch at the worst possible time.

     That the new summer sun is already dimming is disheartening. 

     However, this is not the complete situation.  There are some strong positives.  First, Mars is over, as mentioned above.  Second, the U.S. chart is vastly improved for now running planetary cycles of Mars with Jupiter, the great benefic.  Third, the other planets are generally well disposed, enabling their energies to be expressed favorably and with consequence.  (Note, this last is opposite 2009, when the planets were uniformly weak.  There was simply no power for achievement then.)

     Yes, it is true there's the damaging Mars/Saturn conjunction coming up in late July into early August.  But it's also true that planetary dissonances pop up from time to time, and this does not change the generally favorable planetary positions.  Think of this as a gentle summer with some severe thunderstorms blowing in.

     If you understand this larger picture, then you can shake off the nervousness and begin again to advance on your personal path.  It's not easy to do, but truly, it's the only good choice, and it is also a sensible one.  As discussed in the May 27 Celestial Wheel about investing, While it's true No tree grows to the sky, trees do grow, stop growing and grow again -- before they eventually fall over.   There's no need to stop investing beginning in June, during a growth spurt, because the tree will fall over in 3 years.  Well, investing is not just financial but also relates to you personally -- investing in yourself.

     Yes, this may sound counter-intuitive, but making hay while the sun shines is an old saying making simple sense.  Also, as the goal in life is to conquer your weaknesses, this is an opportunity to overcome fears and benefit from being among the few having initiative.  After all, if most others are holding back, then there are more opportunities from which to choose.  It's always easier to advance when the playing field is not crowded.


Getting Perspective On The Summer And Fall

    As mentioned above, there is a difficult period in late July to early August when Mars and Saturn crash together.  That Venus is right in the middle of this in its fallen sign certainly makes it worse.

    One would naturally expect this is when the B.P oil spill becomes most challenging.  It is also it is possible Israel will continue being aggressive by harmful action, like attacking Iran.  The latter topic needs to be analyzed carefully by considering their Vedic charts, which are fortunately available and well tested for accuracy.

     There are many complexities in the oil spill still unanswered:  How long will it take for the relief wells to be successful?  Will the Federal Government take over?  Will a nuclear device be used (like the Russians have done), and related to this, will that trigger a methane explosion?  What additional information has B.P concealed -- and is there a cover-up?  How much damage to the shore and Gulf will the oil do?  What impacts will summer hurricanes have?  Is there another even larger leak nearby?  Will oil prices move up?  Will this disrupt the global economy in its fragile recovery?  Will offshore drilling stop and for how long?  Will other oil leak disasters, like Nigeria, be brought into the debate?  Will this leak be truly an energy game-changer, stimulating alternative fuels, energy sources and transportation?  Will this be the final straw that stimulates the major popular protests needed to transform society?  What impacts will all of this have on the the Midterm elections in November?

    From a Vedic Astrology view, I need to consider Obama's chart when the oil leak occurred and what it portends this summer and fall.  Similarly, the U.S. and New York Stock Exchange charts must be considered.

     The news has been coming so quickly that it overwhelms.  Fortunately, Wichita Falls TX Wizard has excellent inside oil sources, as does Yoda in Las Vegas.  I know this sounds odd, but it's true.  In fact, their insights have stimulated many of the above questions.

   The items listed above create a very large task, and many of the answers will come forward over time.  I'll be focusing on this over the next several weeks and keep you posted.



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Doug Riemer



June 3, 2010


Heads-up -- Don't Panic

    The following was e-mailed directly to Subscriber-Participants early this morning,

Dear subscribers,

     This is another Don't Panic Heads-up.

     The June 1 Celestial Wheel (above) offered a comprehensive view the planets' overall dispositions in relation to current and upcoming disruptions,'s also true that planetary dissonances pop up from time to time, and this does not change the generally favorable planetary positions.  Think of this as a gentle summer with some severe thunderstorms blowing in.

     Yes, there is a lot of bad news with the oil leak and the Israeli aggression against the Gaza relief flotilla, and doubtless there are other challenging events in the world --and in your own personal experiences too.  And, while late July to early August is the primary upcoming stress interval, there is now a temporary, but still very disconcerting, summer storm.

     The below chart for today shows destructive Mars throwing three tough aspects (glances). First, Mars is aspecting the Moon, overstimulating the emotional and perceptional mind.  Second, Mars aspects Jupiter, harming wealth, optimism, fortune and judgment.  Third, Mars aspects deep Scorpio, and so does Saturn, the planet of loss.  Mars/Saturn combinations are always destructive.  Notice the degree placements of these planets -- all very close, increasing intensity.



     Yes, this is difficult, but it is temporary, again like a summer thunderstorm.  So, don't panic!  Use care in your activities, of course.  But stay on the course you've set to transform your life, and know the summer sun will indeed come out from behind the gray clouds.

     There is also a silver lining to these stresses, and that is popular protests must begin to mount in a wave of objection that governments will be forced to respond too.  It is, of course, unfortunate that it takes so much destruction to get people off their duffs and speak out, but at least that will finally happen.  And with this, society will be pushed ahead into needed major and sweeping reforms -- purifying the excesses of the Second Gilded Age. 

     Notice that President Obama yesterday gets this, feeling the heat, Obama hopes oil spill boosts support for climate bill, President Obama tried Wednesday to channel public outrage about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill into support for a climate-change bill, seeking to redefine an issue that threatens to tarnish his presidency.

     This karma results from Mars (action) continuing to aspect Jupiter -- the higher mind.  So use this energy to find your own voice to speak out and act.  While this influence for popular protest is strong in the U.S. chart, it exists globally in the transits.

     Also, it is vital at this time for middle America to raise their voices, for otherwise extremists like the Tea Party, will command the stage.


Only through turmoil comes change



Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer


June 8, 2010

Settling Down

     With the tremendously challenging 8 month Mars transit through Cancer over May 27 and the last planetary destructive glitch on June 3 (see above) over, the summer sun seems to be peaking through the cloudy karmic skies.

(Note:  NASA reported on June 3, an impact event on Jupiter. The strike occurred at 20:31 UT on June 3rd and produced a bright flash of light in the giant planet's cloudtops)

     The horrible feeling of powerlessness and ensuring hopeless and fear energy from the oil spill has tapered off with some positive results in capping the well.  Too, while the environmental harms are coming, Americans are fighting back, which is good.  Americans just hate feeling situations are out of their control and are very good at jumping in to confront challenges.

     Another piece of this was explained in the May 27 Celestial Wheel,


Not so apparent yet, however, will government agency heads coming under fire for incompetence and lack of coordination.  This results because destructive Mars is now in Leo, ruled by the governmental Sun, in a weakened state.  A Vedic weighting system called Ashtakavarga reveals this Achilles heel.  Cleaning up Second Gilded Age government corruption is just another part of the reforming process.  It's just unfortunate it is stimulated by tremendous ecological and business losses.  This cleansing process has already begun, Head of Minerals Management Service fired, but there is much more to come over the next several weeks.


     This influence extends naturally to elected officials, and we've certainly seen President Obama come under fire.  We can see this too in the primaries, Voters' support for members of Congress is at an all-time low, poll finds.


Far Reaching Consequences

     While I've reported on May 30 the oil leak will be a global energy game changer, and this can be seen in today's primary election, other ramifications will most certainly be revealed. 

     For example, CNN reported June 6 an Annapolis, MD seafood restaurant couldn't get its usual supply of fresh crab, and the price was very high.  Do you remember the famous Maryland soft shell crab delicacy, named for the Chesapeake Bay blue crabs?  Well, those crabs are long gone due to pollution in the Bay.  Clean-up efforts have so far failed, in large part because of agribusiness runoff from chickens, pigs, etc.  So, the seafood restaurants in that area went to Louisiana for their crabs, which are now being wiped out.  I would expect this will bring an outcry for restoration of the Bay.  By the way, the same thing has happened with oysters.


Popular Protests

     Expect more popular protests against Second Gilded Age harms and inequities.  These are fueled by two factors. First, Mars continues to aspect Jupiter.  Mars' aggressive energy on Jupiter's ethics stimulates protests.  Second, as often discussed, 2010 finds the major planets in strong sign positions, empowering achievement.  This compares most favorably to 2009, when Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon's eclipses points ) Rahu and Ketu - were all very weak.


Personal Empowerment Is Also Back for 2010

    This restoration of planetary strength also enables personal capability to overcome challenge.  If you had, for example, a home mortgage problem or job loss in 2009, you were powerless to overcome that.  While the mortgage and employment situations are actually worse this year, now you can resolve them -- although success will take a lot of effort, sometimes monumental.  I was stuck on Sedona in 2009 and wasn't able to escape on my scooter until 2010, and that was a very difficult way to do so. 

    But, I did make that 2000 mile trip and will also be successful in making a new home here in Hendersonville, NC -- by hard work and dedication to the goal.

     So, as the summer sun begins to shine a little, buck up and protest unfairnesses and meet your own personal challenges head on.  You may be surprised with the positive results and can also take pride in the efforts you made to achieve those.

     In closing, here's an excerpt from the April 25 Celestial Wheel about my trip through Arkansas,


     The land began to flatten as I approached the Mississippi, and as approached the river, I stopped for gas and to ask about gettin some of those crawfish.  A burly fellow in his fifties with a wide eyed-boy about 10 walked past me after I gassed up and then pulled the scooter into parking.

     He didn't look happy, but he did glance at my scooter. When he came out of the store, the fellow stopped and asked about the scooter and where I had come from. He was actually a very nice fellow, just darkened a little with stress. When I told him I was recording how America was experiencing and handling the Millennium Contraction, he immediately opened up, I was a millionaire, and now I'm broke. I asked What was his business  He replied, I had gas stations, convenience stores and trucking.  They're all gone.  People stopped spending money, echoing what I had heard before.  But, I'll make it back up.  I gotta go now, nice talking to you.  Have a load of fish to deliver, and it'll go bad if I don't get goingBest place for crawfish is Grandma's, down the road just a few miles.  I thanked him and said he might want to get his sone a scooter when he's a little older. The man grinned, When I make it back, I will!


    Is the oil spill making things even tougher for this fellow now?   Yes, of course.  Is he going to put his head down and work even harder until he makes it all back?  Is this America, or not?



     This Celestial Wheel is dedicated to Yoda and The Force, two of the mythological characters I created for my scooter travelogue -- based upon real people.  They too will make it back.  As for the the Wichita Falls T X Wizard, we'll he ain't lost it yet, and ain't gonna either.


Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer



June 19, 2010

Popular Protests & The Electorate

     The Celestial Wheel has long predicted popular protests will be the engine driving reform of the excesses and gluttony of the Second Gilded Age.  This was most recently explained in the June 11 In-depth Forecast, Popular Protests.  Noteworthy there is the statement about the June 8 primaries, One interesting trend in these elections is that voters were seeking positive and achievable solutions for the Millennium Contraction, becoming tragic in many areas -- not being so caught up in Tea Party emotional extremism.

     The March 8 In-depth Forecast, Tug Of War, also addressed this issue -- that the U.S. mystical paranoia has peaked again during the fearful Mars transit through Cancer from October 2009 through the end of May 2010.  This was further stimulated by the U.S. Vedic chart running the similarly fearful Mars/Rahu planetary cycles.  That forecast then stated,

The U.S. planetary cycles change to Mars major and Jupiter minor May 17.   Jupiter's moderating and benevolent influence will both tone down the conflict and bring opportunities for resolution -- regardless of whether the health care reform bill passes or not.  Wisdom. confidence and sound judgment will begin to calm the sea of paranoia.  Sanity will thankfully return, and we'll look back and wonder how nuts everything was!  Fox News' galaxy of stars will fade, especially Glenn Beck.  And too bad for you too, Sarah Palin, but then you've both certainly have been entertaining!  Bill O'Reilly will of course archly claim, I told you so. This is a fairly long minor cycle, continuing until April 22, 2011.


     This Jupiterian sound judgement responds to the Millennium Contraction's inevitable advance.  With the added impetus of the BP oil spill tragedy, public opinion is gradually turning away from extremists (who only appeal to fear, anger and sex and don't offer solutions), toward middle-of-the-bell curve-objective and balanced realists.


Political & Economic Systems

     The fundamental issue is the public beginning to understand, usually implicitly, there that every society is defined by its mix of political (social) and economic systems  -- the two basic elements.  The first is how society governs itself -- the laws, methods, organization and actions of the public sector -- government.  The economic system is how society earns and apportions wealth derived from from resources and work.  These inevitably intertwine, or even more accurately, blend, just as the primary colors of red and blue blend into various shades of  a completely different color, green.


Libertarian Extremists

     The libertarian extremists (anti-government), as epitomized by the Tea Party and its media personalities Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, conflate these.  Beck is especially artful.  He claims that the Nazi's National Socialist Party and the USSR's dictatorship, the United Soviet Social Republics, in both using the word socialist, are actually both socialist.  He then twists this further in claiming progressivism is the same as both in having socialist qualities.  Finally, he concludes these applications of socialism -- Nazis, dictatorships and progressives-- take away our freedoms by being big government. exposes Beck's paranoid delusions.  On the page, Does Glenn Beck Understand The Concept Of Slavery?, and there's a video clip is about a slave helping to row Washington's boat across the Delaware River, proving slavery wasn't actually slavery.  According to Beck, the slave was actually a patriot.

     Beck has also just published a new book.  For a review of Glenn Beck's paranoid thriller, and andexplanation of his political theory, see, Glenn Beck's paranoid thriller, "The Overton Window"


     While Beck appeals to the public's fear with his emotional and bombastic presentations, Sarah Palin uses anger and sex to promote her Tea Party message. 

     The recent article, Sarah Palin lines up UK trip – and a visit to Lady Thatcher includes these photos and caption.  Note this is a 46 year old mother of five!

     The comparison with Thatcher is especially effective.

     Bill O'Reilly interviewed Palin by video link earlier this week, asking if she knew how to stop the oil leak.


     Rather  than actually answer the question from her fellow Fox News commentatary, Palin ranted about Obama failing to secure simmer boats from Norway and the Netherlands.  O'Reillly, stuck to the topic, stating he didn't know how to stop the oil leak but did Palin?

     She repeated the same diatribe, this time raising her tone to shrill complaint -- to convince.  Palin uses wields sex and anger as mightily as Beck coerces with fear. 

     While Palin's Vedic chart has been interpreted, Beck's birth time is not known.  However, it's worthwhile nothing Palin was born February 11, 1964 and Beck February 10, 1964 -- just one day earlier!  They are both charismatic and mesmerizing actors, adept at pushing the public's hot buttons.

     For a psychological profile of  the Tea Party, see The Very Angry Tea Party.


Political  & Economic Systems Shades Of Green

     About The Political Compass offers a clear and uncluttered explanation of how the political and economic systems combine.

    This diagram combines political (social) ranges with economic ones. 

     At the extremes, political systems can be either absolute dictatorships (North Korea) or anarchy, the absence of any central government (Somalia).  The diagram labels these authoritarian and libertarian.  In this context, the U.S. libertarians are revealed not to be democrats, but rather anarchists.

      Obviously, the total control by dictators and the anarchy of no control results in complete dysfunction. 


     The economic system on the far right is Laissez Faire capitalism, a French term meaning "let do," giving business complete freedom from government regulation.  Current examples are elusive, but certainly the Mexican drug gangs controlling now large parts of the country is applicable.  Economic anarchy is no more workable than political anarchy.

     The far left economic system is total government control, the centrally planned economy in which business is government owned.  This is what socialism actually means.  North Korea is again a good example here, as was India after independence until the early nineties.  In the far left socialist system, everyone works for the government.  In the far right libertarian system, nobody works for the government.

    Most countries fall somewhere toward the middle.  The Western European model, is democratic with capitalism constrained by a strong (left) social welfare system.  Canada is similar but more to the right economically.  The U.S. is further right still.  About The Political Compass has additional diagrams showing where leaders fit in this grid.



Fitting A Political & Economic System To The U.S. Bell Curve

     Below is the bell curve graphic The Celestial Wheel has frequently used, most recently in the January 2010 In-depth Forecast, Goodbye 2009 & Into 2010.  Overlay it on the above political and economic system diagram to see the congruence of moving toward the center is necessary for both.


    This long excerpt is worthwhile reading.

     Bell curves show at about 10% of a population is extreme, either one way or the other. So, for example, only 10% of men are less than 5' tall, and 10% are over 6', 4."   For the U.S. political population, however, about 20% are on the Liberal Left and 20% on the Conservative Right.  These percentages are well documented by pollsters, as the Republican base has been repeatedly shown by to be 20% of the population, and the same holds true for the die hard liberal left.

     That leaves only 60% moderates other either party and independents. Well, that's not a normal distribution but rather one distorted by America's mysticism and paranoia.  And, 60% is not enough to overcome extremists on both ends of the bell curve.  Consider that the Conservative Right has been able to block universal health care since Teddy Roosevelt first proposed it, while all other first world democracies have adopted it. Consider too the extreme liberals who embrace all kinds of wacko ideologies, including New Age, which is an American creation.

     One obvious conclusion is that resolving the Millennium Contraction quickly and with a minimum of loss is going to be very difficult.  That will require a broad consensus in which all groups moderate their positions and compromise.  In England, compromise is honorable.  In America it's anathema, seen as selling out to the other side.  Our vaunted independence, self reliance, American right or wrong, don't tread on me..... is our great weakness during the Millennium Contraction.

     Another conclusion elicits from the concept that, Only through turmoil comes change.  The New Deal social welfare programs were only adopted because the Great Depression had resulted in massive suffering.  Government simply had to step in.  Social Security, minimum wage, labor standards, the SEC, FDIC....  As the Millennium Contraction inevitably continues and deepens, there will be a greater need for progressive policies to restore shared economic values.

     Applying another historical parallel, the First Progressive Age grew out of the excesses of the First Gilded Age in the 1880s, which then culminated in the Financial Panic of 1893 -- a ruinous four year depression. (For an explanation of this process, see the December1, 2007, Through The Second Gilded Age.)

     The big question is whether the Second Progressive Age begins soon enough, and with enough potency to resolve Millennium contraction problems before 2013, when the dollar will otherwise collapse under government debt. The stimulus for this must come from the grass roots, as really all major social and political movements have -- through popular protests.  Thus far, only the extreme right has organized, in the Tea Party movement.


    The Celestial Wheel did not predict the specific severity of Mars' destructions during its long eight months in Cancer -- the BP oil spill.  Although it's true that even without this signal disaster Americans must shift to the center in this fall's midterm elections, certainly the spill must further stimulate  voters...seeking positive and achievable solutions for the Millennium Contraction, becoming tragic in many areas -- not being so caught up in Tea Party emotional extremism.

     It is for this reason the Tea Party candidates will not prevail, and their leaders Beck and Palin will fade away for being irrelevant in national politics.  Still, much of the the 20% diehard mystical paranoia libertarians will continue to hear Beck, Palin, et al.



Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer


June 25, 2010

Heads-Up -- Lunar Eclipse

     The Following was e-mailed directly to Subscriber Participants this morning.

     Here's a Heads-up on tomorrow morning's lunar eclipse.   The time of the maximum will be 5:30 AM EDT.  Naturally if you're in an earlier time zone, it will occur in the evening.

     This is a partial eclipse of the Moon.  It likely won't bring any major impacts.  Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional/perceptional in their effects, which is what the Moon signifies.   Thereby, the influence is subjective more than objective.  Eclipse effects begin about a week before the event, peak at the eclipse date, and continue for several more days.  However, eclipse effects can linger for several months.

     Eclipse means what the word says, blocked.  But eclipses are also revealing.

     The location is 10 3/4 degrees Sagittarius.  If you have a planet within 2 degrees of the eclipse, or opposite that point at 10 3/4 degrees Gemini, it too will be eclipsed.

     The U.S. chart has Venus at 12:26 degrees in Gemini, indicating some impact.  As Venus signifies debts, conflicts, warfare, friends, groups, objectives and intrigues in relationships, these areas are sensitive. (Relationships here means all relationships -- business and personal.)

     As U.S. officials are currently under pressure due to a weak Mars in Leo, this lunar eclipse brought General McChrystal's resignation due to an intrigue -- the Rolling Stones magazine article, The Runaway General, revealed his character flaw.

     My friend, Electra Jung, Signs From Above, has pointed out that the eclipse Astrocartography for New Orleans is very challenging.

     Below is that map showing malefic Saturn (industry and things under the earth) conjoined malefic toxic Rahu -- the-head -of-the-dragon eclipse point.  This combination in Vedic Astrology is very destructive and often brings victimizing by foreigners or foreign influences.

     Given McCyrstal's resignation, even though partial lunar eclipses are generally not very potent, this one appears to hold a punch.

     So, use care tomorrow and through the early part of next week in your activities.  I can feel the effects and have noticed in my environment some folks are being eclipse-blocked. Too, Celestial Wheel composition has been elusive.

     NASA has an informative article on this eclipse, Big Lunar Eclipse.  This title references the apparent size of the Moon being eclipsed and the resulting viewing opportunity -- not any astronomical/astrological potency.  As noted above, this 5:30 AM EDT maximum eclipse time will be more easily viewed by Celestial Wheel Participants in Europe and India for the earlier time zones there.

     There will be a total eclipse of the Sun July 11 at 25 degrees Gemini.  Solar eclipses do bring major impacts, and this one is close to the U.S. Sun --- government, leaders, wealth and relationship intensity.  I'll write more about this in an upcoming Celestial Wheel.



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Doug Riemer


June 29, 2010

Heads-Up -- Mercury Is Afflicted

     The Following was e-mailed directly to Subscriber Participants this morning.

     Mercury is temporarily very afflicted by the hot Sun and dissolving Ketu -- the mystical tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point.

     This began Monday, when Mercury crossed the Sun, which burns it.  Tomorrow, Mercury crosses Ketu, sensitizing it.  The below chart for today shows Mercury currently in between the Sun and Ketu, called hemmed-in in Vedic Astrology, meaning its under attack on both sides.



     These influences harm Mercury's nervous system, communications, business and skill significations.  Feeling jittery, apprehensive, confused and mentally tired are common issues now.

     Take it easy on yourself.  Avoid stressful situations.  Don't allow hysterical news reports about imminent doom disturb, for these are hyped by Mercury now.  If you miss the news for the next day or two, you will be better off.  Rest as you need to.  Things you may feel you must do right away can be delayed.

     You can't put the 7 ball in the corner pocket with shaky hands.

     Mercury clears Ketu Thursday, which will bring some relief.  Still, give yourself and Mercury a few days to calm down. 


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Doug Riemer