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January 3, 2012

Heads-up Mercury confusions Today

Mercury Confusions Today

Mercury, the intellect, nervous system and communications of all kinds is changing signs today.

At this juncture, Mercury becomes temporarily weak. Thereby, it's significations are unable to express themselves effectively and coherently.

As this happens about once each month, it didn't seem to be a big deal.  However, the shift out of deep and treacherous Scorpio into Sagittarius is much more upsetting than other sign changes. Too, Mercury is somewhat afflicted by Mars and Rahu -- so that could be the confirming karma.

Anyway, I first noticed this when a stoplight system completely failed in a major intersection and then had communications and PayPal issues with a new client.

Fortunately, with the Moon still with Jupiter, a combination for overcoming obstacles, these problems were resolved.

So, be aware today that if anything can get fouled up it will!  Then take action right away to get things back on track.

Finally, with the Iowa caucuses today, the Republican candidate clown show could reach a new level -- though whether this will be just ridiculous or totally absurd is anyone's guess :-)




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January 8, 2012

Holidays Hangover

     Although there's nothing noteworthy happening with the planets, the general energy level has really dropped off since midweek.  And the major Mideast strife issue, Iran threatening to block the Straight of Hormez to block oil tankers, appears to be more huffing and puffing than substance.  Too, the often inflammatory Drudge Report, which does have its finger on the pulse, has been uncommonly benign.

     Well, the holidays have been tough.  Beyond the economic stress, as discussed in previous Vedicleaks, Mercury, the nervous system and communications was badly afflicted from mid November through New Years.

    Thus, we're experiencing an unusually potent Holidays Hangover.


Popular Protests Rising

     The Celestial Wheel has also focused on Jupiter turning forward Christmas day -- symbolizing a powerful, even dominant, karma for popular protests through the winter and spring until mid May.

     In traditional grammar, verbs are the action words, and adverbs modify verbs by describing who, what, where, why, how and when,  Modern grammar follows as a theme, but not a rule.  This is old school, but it works and interestingly is also the definition of journalism.  The entire Celestial Wheel has been composed since 2002 using these 6 queries.

     This January 2 Alternet article, 7 Places the 99% Will Fight Back Hard in 2012, is well informed and useful.  By considering past and ongoing areas of strife, it suggests future protest actions, the who, what, where, and why.  The article does not, however, address the issue of when effectively.  Yes, there are some time-sensitive areas, but tracking the resumption of protests for 2012 is not a major focus.  Nor is how these feed upon and complement each other. becoming truly impactive, addressed. 

     The Celestial Wheel, in considering the flows and strengths of the Vedic planets over time in the celestial sphere, can fill in the when and how missing information


When Popular Protests Will Actualize

     As stated above, expansive and wise Jupiter signals popular protests through the middle of May, 2012.  As the planet of justice, he acts to promote fairness and shared democratic values and abhors the selfish greedy and entrenched.  But, his is not a straight line influence.  It waxes, reaches a high and then declines over the 5 /12 month interval.  There are two dominant variables in Jupiter's influence.

     First, Jupiter brings his effects in transit when he is in the middle of the 30 degree wide sign -- like the river current is strong in the middle, and the summer growing season builds, reaches a plateau and then declines.  Jupiter is thereby good throughout. but he is powerfully impactive only from about 10 to 20 degrees.  Since Jupiter ended his retrograde Christmas day at 6:20 degrees, he's only moved 1/2 of 1 degree to 6:50.  

     Slow-moving Jupiter will not reach 10 degrees until February 12, but he stays in this good range for nearly two months, attaining 20 degrees on April 4.

     Second, Saturn, which serves to contract, is opposite Jupiter in Aries.  Saturn is in Libra, as shown in this chart from the December 20 VedicLeaks showing showing his wide ranging influence -- and Saturn opposite. 


     Contractive Saturn naturally serves to check Jupiter's expansion, holding him back, which can be good sometimes.  (This results because they aspect each other.)  But in this situation, Saturn restricts to disadvantage.  Popular Protests must range across the country, hitting hard numerous targets in both the private and public sectors that are controlled by the 1% Second Gilded Age interests.  These Jupiterian expansive energies need to be freed of Saturn's delays, restrictions -- unleashed to win major battles in this long war to the Second Progressive Age that begins in 2015.

     Further, Saturn in the U.S. chart represents greedy, manipulative business and public interests, which are also criminal in their goals and actions.  Thereby, Jupiter and Saturn, being in opposition are truly in opposition this winter and spring.

     Saturn went into Libra November 7 and because he is the slowest of planets, has advanced to only 4:40 now.  Being this closely opposite Jupiter at 6:50 degrees, his aspect to Jupiter in Aries is fairly strong.  This is partly why the New Year has started out slowly.  However, Saturn will turn retrograde, weakening him, on February 7 -- just before Jupiter hits his stride February 12.  Also, by then, Jupiter will have already gained some relief from Saturn..  On February 7, Jupiter will be at 9 degrees and Saturn at 5 degrees.  This separation will naturally increase as Jupiter moves ahead faster, and Saturn moves backward in retrograde motion.

     Thus freed of the Saturn brake, Jupiter will be able to very effectively express himself during his peak period of influence, from February 12 to April 4.


How Popular Protests Will Actualize

    How here is used here both in its amount of  power and influence and in the manner of action.

     Jupiter can supercharge popular protests, building a wave that over-washes resistance from the right and brings in masses of Americans from the left, the independent middle and even some hard right believers who begin to understand they too are the 99%.  And this being a big election year will put huge pressures on candidates to recognize the will of the people in the streets will also be expressed in the ballot box.  When the band is going down the street making music, people naturally want to get on the band wagon.  In this environment, the Tea Party will lose relevance and influence.  Many will defect.  Thereby, part of the how is broader grass roots participation.

     This is not a bluff, nor an exaggeration.  It is also not the hyped spiritual message about 2012 signifying a rise in consciousness, even though that will be true to some degree due to this winter/spring Jupiter.  It will also bring those Mayan Calendar folks who want to believe into protests. 

     We need to consider the U.S. Vedic chart to get further information about the how -- amount and manner.  As discussed many times in The Celestial Wheel, the U.S. is running its challenging Mars major and Saturn minor planetary cycles, called Dasas.  The July 4, 2011 In-depth Forecast, Tipping Point, discussed this,


     Two influences are important.  First, Mars/Saturn indicates economic harm, and we all know from personal experiences that reports of the economy growing at not true for us 99%.  Only the Gilded Age rich and their corporations are gaining wealth.

     Second, Mars and Saturn stimulate in combination and amplify stressful energy.-- and as they aspect each other in the U.S. chart, when they are active in the Dasas, their influence activates.  As the planet of war and desire, Mars wants to push ahead fast.  He cares only about the end, not the means.  Saturn is opposite for being slow, methodical, casing misery gradually.  He cares about the details, the means, and not the end in his being detachment.  Mars is the planet of acute illness and Saturn of chronic illness.  Mars kills fast.  Saturn kills slowly.  As they struggle against each other, harms increase.  But there are benefits as well in this combination of a rock and a hard place.  Chakrapani, the dean of Vedic Astrologers in the U.S. explained Saturn/Mars in this way,

Mars is a planet of energy, aggressiveness, anger, conflicts, dispute, and agitation. Whereas, Saturn is the planet of suffering, trouble, delays, obstacles and obstructions.

When such a combination exists in a chart, it is generally considered destructive.  But there are always elements of positive influence that manifest.  While you are aware of the destructive nature of this planetary configuration, I can list some of the benefits that it can bring:

This combination enhances the ability to think, and brings logic, diplomacy and strategy which will help anybody to survive.

The combination increases the person’s ability to take challenges and does not allow them to feel defeated.  Therefore, it makes the person rise to the occasion and fight it out and not get a sense of defeat, even when defeated.  The Spirit becomes optimistic.

While it gives tremendous experience in dealing with life, by making the person go through all kinds of difficult experiences, these very experiences enable the person to rise above the circumstances and become successful.

Things which are difficult to change can be changed. It is because of this planetary combination that people or countries can make radical changes which would otherwise take ages. These changes ultimately bring progress.

These planets remove laziness and promote action and busy-ness.


    Yes, the bad guy will get even tougher, meaner, more ruthless protecting their ill-gotten gains and influence  But the good guys get fired up, for over 3 years of economic suffering and since last May Mars/Saturn strife, The Spirit becomes optimistic.  Too if the banksters and other economic and political terrorists play dirty, their actions will bring even more protest.  If they were smart, they would lie low, but that's not their way, and Mars/Saturn stimulates their aggressive and putative actions.

     Look for increasingly strident, aggressive, even violent protest actions, with again out-of-scale government attempts to break them up, which will only stimulate more protest.

    Subcycle Dasa planets also play a role, though in a diminishing way.  The third level can be understood as  steering current.  Here are the Dasas to three levels to the end of Mars/Satun in the U.S. chart,


     The current Moon subcycle has been benign, like the receptive Moon's nature.  Mars coming in a few days will begin to rile things up.  Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) will stimulate numerous intense and unanticipated experiences and also a major karma to push ahead.  Note Rahu runs from February 7 to April 7, dovetailing with both Jupiter's strongest transit position from February 12 to April 4 and Saturn becoming weak starting February 7.

     Last will be the Jupiter subcycle, from April 7 to the end of May.  Occurring during the final part of Jupiter's transit through Aries that ends May 15, when Jupiter's influence will be winding down, Jupiter in the Dasas will crank it up again.

     The times, they are a changin



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January 13, 2011

Chomping At The Bit

     While is remains true that the planets are generally well disposed, with expansive Jupiter being dominant, there is perplexing amount of discord and stresses in many peoples' lives now.

     The stressful holidays are over!  The new year has begun!  The Celestial Wheel, and doubtless other astrologers and folks involved with other divination methods, have promised the year will start out strong and well!  The economy is getting better!  2012 is promised to be a year of transformation, and for many this means a rise in consciousness!

     Most realize the world isn't going to end in December, 2012, bringing salvation, whether from the evangelical Christian view or the New Age spiritual one.  But in wanting to believe, many have come to expect, and are convinced in an increasingly desperate way, something or someone will somehow lift them out of the global depression with all its suffering.  But isn't this actually grasping at straws -- trying to find some way to succeed when nothing you choose is likely to work?  I believe people understand this, which only serves to strengthen the personal disconnection between experienced reality and promises for a favorable future --  return to the good old days when people had jobs, homes, health care and a bonafide belief in a better future.  What a bummer.

     And, isn't it also true that this thinking is simply escapism -- Illusion and delusion, which has the same word root?  Truly the karma of personal responsibility is called for, and necessary.  No one is going to fix your personal challenges, nor the economy in your community or nationally.  You can't just put it on credit card, take money out of your home or retirement account..... either.

     The December 20 VedicLeaks, titled Jupiter Forward, encouraged an optimistic and positive view for this winter and spring.  The December 25th entry, A Special Gift From The Heavens, stated, Jupiter forward in Aries continues for nearly six months, until May 15, 2012. Use this interval of opportunity arising from good planetary weather globally to advance your own personal agendas. The next sentence addressed your accompanying social responsibility, Also, participate in the tough battles ahead to restore shared democratic values.  One doesn't succeed without the other, just as it's true it's not longer me, me, me but we, we, we.

    This all sounds good but doesn't explain the problems now.  Here's why astrologically.

     The above January 8 entry explained that expansive Jupiter, although moving forward since Christmas day, is not yet bringing opportunity, abundance, luck and fortune, Jupiter is thereby good throughout. but he is powerfully impactive only from about 10 to 20 degrees.  Since Jupiter ended his retrograde Christmas day at 6:20 degrees, he's only moved 1/2 of 1 degree to 6:50.  This results in our having the expectation of progress in Jupiter being optimism.  So, we chomp at the bit, which not only causes frustration but can actually make things worse.  You can't push a string.  That entry further stated, Slow-moving Jupiter will not reach 10 degrees until February 12, but he stays in this good range for nearly two months, attaining 20 degrees on April 4.  As that entry further explained, Contractive Saturn naturally serves to check Jupiter's expansion, holding him back and However, Saturn will turn retrograde, weakening him, on February 7 -- just before Jupiter hits his stride February 12.

     This situation calls for patience.  While it's a tough lesson, it's one we need to fully grasp, for the Millennium Contraction will not end until 2015.  Then emerging Second Progressive Age will be a long and difficult road.

     Take this interlude of optimism without positive result as a lesson in patience with a truly long term economic contraction and then transformation to shared democratic values.  Don't give up hope.  Be satisfied with whatever small achievements you are making now, and if you're really smart about this, use current activities to plant the seeds for substantial and rewarding successes from February 12 to April 4 -- just a month away.

     Well, the economy began to crash over three years ago.  What's another month?


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January 22, 2012

2012 Mayan Calendar Ending

     The ending of the Mayan Calendar has everyone's attention but has been subject to so many conflicting claims that nobody truly knows what to expect, or not.  I'm working now on an In-depth Forecast examining this topic.  This VedicLeaks offers a preface.

     The Celestial Wheel has addressed end-of-the-world the issue several times.  The first was in the December 2004 In-Depth Forecast, The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles Part I, 1776 to 1895.

     If you haven't read this, along with Part 2 -- 1895 to 2015 -- take a look!  These are the most visited Celestial Wheel free-to-the-public forecasts by a a wide margin.  You'll be amazed at how well the U.S. Vedic chart's planetary cycles {Dasas) fit with actual history.  Below is a Dasas listing of these from that forecast.  If you add up the Dasas of all nine planets, you'll see these total 120 years.  So, for a nation chart like the U.S. that is older than 120 years, the planets repeat.  Thereby, the trends and circumstances found when planet's Dasa was first run thereby repeat when the planet's Dasa runs a second time.  For example, this Forecast, being written in 2004, was during the second 10 year Moon cycle, which indicated a Gilded Age of excess, robber barons, religious purity and government corruption.  Doesn't this describe the First Gilded Age that peaked in the 1880s, and then the Second Gilded age during G.W. Bush's two terms?


     Charts have major themes, and the U.S. chart is woven through with mysticism.  That karma comes forward during many of the planetary cycles.  For example, during the first 16 year Jupiter cycle starting in 1793 saw a wave of  mystical religion expression, as explained in this screen shot (image) from the Jupiter Dasa description,  


     Mercury's first 17 year cycle that began in 1829 is notable for the U.S. embracing end-of-the-world beliefs, as described in this screen shot,


     History does indeed repeat, doesn't it?  The interesting factor for evaluating the Mayan Calendar ending is the the U.S. is currently in its second Mars Dasa.  The first Mars 7 year Mars Dasa beginning in 1895 did not symbolize, nor bring, any end-of-the-world mysticism.  So, we should not expect it to do so when Mars repeats its Dasa.  Instead, Mars symbolizes economy downturn and struggles to regain shared democratic values in the U.S. chart.  these occurred in the 1890s and is happening again now.  To be absolutely clear, Mars is not a mystical influence in the U.S. chart.  This VedicLeaks entry thereby introduces the subject of what 2012 portends with a negative for Armageddon beliefs in the U.S.


Another Special Gift From The Heavens

     The December 25, 2011 VedicLeaks described the waxing Moon's passing over beautiful Venus in the western sky and then several days later, an even brighter Moon crossing dazzling Jupiter.  This occurred during Christmas and New Years and will be happily happening gain this month.  Remember, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter are the three benefic planets, and when they are close in the sky, they bring the most favorable planetary weather -- all over the globe.  This doesn't mean everything is great, but it does mean there's a potent influence for happiness, contentment, ethics, abundance and good relations among people.

     The crescent Moon is already approaching Venus at sunset in the western sky.  They will be conjoined Wednesday, January 25.  The waxing Moon will then begin approaching Jupiter on Saturday, January 28.  they'll be exact the next day.  So, don't forget to look up!



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