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  February 1 -- 29, 2012



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February 9, 2011

Planetary Weather Update

     The truly important and significant planetary disposition continues to be Jupiter -- the great benefic -- in a very strong and favorable position in Aries bringing his own significations of wisdom, luck and fortune and also, with influence from Mars, advocacy.

     This favorable Jupiter has been discussed several times in previous VedicLeaks, most notably an in detail in the January 13 entry -- in the section, Chomping At The Bit.  This screen shot captures the specifics,

     We're just a few days, then, until Jupiter really cranks up.  And although there is a naturally tendency to feel he's already strong, this comes more from Jupiter's optimism than his power to support positive action.

     Saturn retrograde does more than take his contractive pressure off expansive Jupiter.  As the great malefic, Saturn's ability to cause harms through losses, delays, suffering.... is constrained during retrograde due to the latent energy quality of the apparent backward motion.  Further, and not mentioned above, Mars, the other major malefic, is also retrograde.  Mars did this direction one eighty a few weeks ago, on January 23.  So, his ability to harm by discord, violences, machinery breakdowns.... is also muted.

     Saturn will remain in retrograde motion until late June.  So, he won't be able to hold Jupiter back much during Jupiter's good run from February 12 to April 4 -- and then continuing, though weaker, in Aries until the middle of May.  Mars will be retrograde until April 14, which gives a second lull in malefic energy during Jupiter's good benefic run.  Too, recall that Jupiter aspects (glances upon) Mars, which is shown in this transit chart from the January 8 VedicLeaks.  This aspect both dampens Mars' ability to harm and elevates him to righteous action -- protests, spurring on elected leaders..... 


     This good transit Jupiter does lift up the U.S. and global economies to some degree.  However, recall transits are secondary karmas and Dasas (planetary cycles) the major karmic influences.  With the U.S. chart continuing to run malefics Mars and Saturn, with a dose Rahu until April 7, these gains won't hold.  The Dasas also explain the turbulence in the Republican presidential campaigns and other strife -- some bubbling to the surface and others hidden.


When Vedic Astrology Works, It Really Works!

     Here's a web page I set up for my daughter, Amy, recovering from major and long term traumas, Amy Riemer.  Judge for yourself the changes and the efficacy of the efforts.  The spiritual healers, of course, did a great job, and Amy would not have turned the corner without them.  The January 8 entry chronicles the crisis peak.  Of course, Jupiter is helping, for Jupiter is the significator of children, and he's very fortunate in my chart now.

     Here's an e-mail that longtime Celestial Wheeler, ML in Annapolis just sent,

Hi Doug, I've been checking the website and following reports as they are posted.  Amy certainly appears strikingly improved and I think your perseverance in marshaling the forces for help and change is to be applauded and appreciated. You seem to have created a relaxed healing environment that is a welcome balm to her soul. We can nudge and guide, but not force someone in this crisis. The pictures bear out that this approach is healing to her. She is letting go and her light is beginning to shine through again. As both father and someone who has been through the crisis of addiction, your loving guidance is something special indeed. I think the social services people are responding to the love for Amy they feel coming from you. It's bringing out the best in them.

I look forward to your next posting.




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February 29, 2012

In-depth Forecasts

    The February 2 Mayan Calendar End and February 20 The Economy And Oil pretty well exhausted Celestial Wheel energy this month.

     These are signal forecasts in identifying intervals of karmic stress following, as stated above, Jupiter's good run from February 12 to April 4 -- and then continuing, though weaker, in Aries until the middle of May.

     The Economy And Oil identified tail-of-the-dragon eclipsed point Ketu in his transit through wealthy Taurus as the dissolving influence that indicates higher gas and oil prices.  This peaks in an oil crisis mid August when Israel may very well attack Iran.   This harm results from Ketu being afflicted by warrior Mars then.  The confirming karma is Mars conjoining with Saturn.  When the two nastiest malefic planets crash into each other, damages and losses of all kinds result.  The last Mars/Saturn conjunction occurred in late July 2010.  See the July 24 In-depth Forecast, Mars/Saturn Conjunction Summer 2010.  The September 19 VedicLeaks then offered a predictions check on the Mars/Saturn conjunction.  Interestingly, one prediction was for Israel attacking Iran, and later in the fall, the media revealed, as explained in the October 3 VedicLeaks entry,

     Not mentioned in The Economy And Oil is that just  2 1/2 months later (the end of September), Mars will conjoin Rahu, the toxic head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  Again, we can gain understanding of the conjunctive results of these two malefics by looking at their last conjunction.  See the November 25, 2010 In-depth Forecast, The December 2010 Mars/Rahu Conjunction Part I and the November 25 The December 2010 Mars/Rahu Conjunction Part 2.  The first section title in Part 1 is The Fifth Step Down, aptly describing the virulence of this combination and also that these combinations of malefics in transit signal the inevitable and continuing economic and social transformation the Celestial Wheel has called the Millennium Contraction.  For Mars/Rahu conjunction results, see the January 25, 2011 Predictions Check The December 2010 Mars/Rahu Conjunction.

     Mayan Calendar End predicted, There will be turmoil, even a likely violence is given, for the Mayan Calender end December 23, 2012.  Thus, the last half of 2012 promises to be tumultuous.  This forecasting is also a study in how Mars, the planet of destructive action, signals major karmas relating to his nature.

     The below U.S. Vedic chart shows the positions on Mars in these three challenging Mars transits positions:


     1.  Mars/Saturn in early Libra mid August.

     2.  Mars/Rahu the end of September.

     3.  Mars in Capricorn late December -- Mayan Calendar end..

     Although this VedicLeaks does not address specific harms beyond the predicted oil crisis in August, it gives a good broad-brush view of  the late summer through fall of 2012.  One further specific area of concern is hurricanes for these malefic harms coming during the prime months of the Atlantic hurricane season.  This results from Mars ruling Kapha (water) Scorpio and the Mars/Rahu conjunction located in Scorpio.  Beyond hurricanes' typical destructions, they could also curtail oil/refinery production again, as a hurricane did in the fall of 2008.  Of course, Mars/Saturn and Mars/Rahu will occur during the U.S. election season.  Spicing that contest up is an understatement.  It would take a lot of Mexican peppers to heat up that chili to an equivalent.  While the Republicans continue in disarray from the extremist Tea Party's hard right push, and the candidates are chewing each other up in the primaries, a contender will come forward to challenge President Obama.  International and domestic events steal the election wind, and the result will be dramatic, one way or another.

     Use this information to your advantage by taking advantage of Jupiter's winter/spring opportunities to better position yourself for getting through the remainder of the Millennium Contraction.  In closing, while most in business and government are naturally Jupiter optimistic now, this article gives a sobering assessment of the downside risk, 3 doomsaying experts who foresee economic devastation ahead.



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