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December 2, 2013

Mercury Is Finally Clear    
     The November 23 VedicLeaks was a wrap-up for the long October and November interval during which Mercury has been terribly afflicted.  That entry looked ahead,

...know that when Mercury finally leaves Libra December 1, mental clarity will finally return -- after two long debilitating months.  A notable effect will be beginning to perceive October and November events in an entirely different light -- the clarity of truth.  What seemed great then will tend to be revealed as flawed, inadequate or unacceptable.  What seemed bad then could very well be appreciated as advantageous.  Solutions that eluded you this fall can be achieved beginning in December.

The above addresses you individually and personally. In terms of world events, much is mixed up and misunderstood.  Beginning in December the many aspects of the complex and comprehensive Affordable Care Act will become clear -- even the website!  Other significant events, like the Senate Democrats restricting filibusters and a nuclear agreement with Iran... will also gain clarity.

     It is critical to emphasize, however, that just because Mercury (calculating mind) is now clear, doesn't mean everything is fine.  Clarity of thought and a reduction in nervous stress (anxiety, worry...) only gives the ability to begin to grasp events and trends in the world and in our own lives.  From this regained mental acuity and stability, we can start to understand problems, devise plans to correct them and then being the processes of repairing damages and minimizing further losses.

      This, however, is still good news, and we can see that in the Obamacare insurance exchanges.  The October 23 VedicLeaks entry made an early Celestial Wheel specific prediction here, ...the Federal health care website repairs will continue.  Don't expect that system to be smoothly functioning until early December.  That prediction is born out in this morning's news. This Bloomberg article, Obamacare Website Sign-Ups Said to Reach 100,000 in Month, explains,

After two months of software errors and delays that have threatened the success of President Barack Obama’s signature health law, the administration said yesterday that it met its self-imposed deadline and the site,, is working smoothly for the majority of users.


     As positive as this news is, it mirrors the above caution that Mercury's regained clarity gives ...the ability to begin to grasp events and trends in the world and in our own lives.  The Bloomberg article goes on to state this same issue about,

Administration officials have said they’ll continue to fix the website over the coming weeks and months. The administration spent the last two months addressing the front-end experience for users who were trying to enroll in plans.  The team must now also focus on’s failure to properly transmit data to insurers on the back end.  That system is supposed to send data on customers and federal subsidy payments to insurers.


     Still, don't expect this progress will silence doubters and outright critics of this key part of the much larger health care reform the ACA brings.  Whenever there is an expansion of social services, especially health care, the far right rises up and fights it, claiming economic ruin, big brother government...... with the arena typically at the state level. There, states rights folks battle against the federal government.  For example, Medicaid was passed in 1968, and it was voluntary for the states.  From Wikipedia, ...all states have participated since 1982 when Arizona formed its Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) program.  That's 15 years!  With this perspective, the two months since's failed launch is just a blink of the eye.



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