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December 1 -- 31, 2010



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December 5, 2010

The Lull Before The Storm

      Today is a new Moon in Scorpio, the Moon's fallen (weakest) sign.  This brings an emotional void, though also sensitive and uncertain.  The Sun (ego and soul), however, is quite militant in Mars' ruled Scorpio, giving a contretemps to the Moon.  So, if you feel listless yet a little irritated and generally out of sorts, that's the reason.

     Today is also the first sensitive date identified in the two-part In-depth Forecast, The December 2010 Mars/Rahu Conjunction (Part I, Part 2).  This results from Mars closely aspecting the U.S. chart's Ascendant (self and body) and also naturally from the new Moon, which is in this chart's twelfth house of loss.  Being Sunday, there's nothing going on in business and politics and media reporting.  Look to tomorrow and Tuesday for things to start popping.  While violences are predicted, the major thrust will be harms to commerce, notably banks.

     It's been interesting this past week that so little of merit has occurred.  The latest Wikileaks release of confidential U.S. cable has been the big deal, and that could further bust loose this week,  WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant 'Insurance' File if Shut Down.  One never knows exactly how the planetary karmas will actualize.

     Here again is the December calendar of sensitive dates published in Part 2.



Mars/Rahu On Personal Charts

     Whether this difficult conjunction impacts you individually relates to your own Vedic chart, as well charts of those close to you.  If you have any planets close to the Mars/Rahu conjunctive point at 8 3/4 degrees Sagittarius, or opposite in Gemini at 8 3/4 degree, you'll experience disruptions and confusions during one or more of these sensitive dates.  Other chart dispositions can also trigger Mars/Rahu responses.

     Basically, the best thing to do is be moderate in your activities, avoid overreaction and be aware of your surroundings.  As Mars/Rahu is also the fifth step down in the Millennium Contraction, it calls for further transformation in our lives -- fitting the old square pegs into new round holes.


Celestial Wheel Participation Renewals

     As The Celestial Wheel resumed the paid support format last October, many Participations ended December 1.  I sent out invitations to renew very late on November 29 and will keep everyone on the list, as well as keep access codes active, until December 15.

     If you haven't yet decided whether or not to renew, watch the next ten days or so to determine whether the predictions for Mars/Rahu are correct and of value to you.

    Regardless of your decision, thank you for helping The Celestial Wheel keep rolling along!


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Doug Riemer


December 8, 2010

The Celestial Wheel's Twelve Days Of Christmas

   With the Mars/Rahu conjunction yet early in its unfolding, here's a distraction -- a twelve item list of the most cogent articles I've seen this fall.

   There's a Millennium Contraction suggestion in every one, how to shave down your old square pegs to fit into new round holes.  Sadly, I hadn't book marked any about windmills, but here's one from 2009, Wind Turbines Don't Kill Birds; Coal Plants Do.


1.  Downsize Nation: Welcome to the New, Smaller American Dream

2.  Rabbit Ears Perk Up for Free HDTV

3.  Silver Prices Surging on Near-Record Demand 

4.  Rich Americans Ditch Home Ownership For Renting

5.  Report Questions Need for 2 Diet Supplements

6.  'Edible Landscaping' pioneer Rosalind Creasy eschews grass for vegetables

7.  These Are The 15 Housing Markets That Will Get Crushed The Hardest By 2012

8.  Red ink for post office: $8.5 billion last year

9.  A Wood-Fired Hot Tub for an Old-Style Soak

10.  Natural Gas Lease Wasn't Worth It

11.  Microsoft is a dying consumer brand

12.  Taking Early Retirement May Retire Memory, Too



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Doug Riemer


December 13, 2010

Tracking the Mars/Rahu Conjunction

     The two-part December 2010 Mars/Rahu Conjunction specifically predicted:  (Part I) major economic losses in stocks and real estate, violences often stemming from revenge with mean and nasty actions and consequences and (Part 2) Banks will likely fail, notably Goldman Sachs...income, truth, investments, partnerships and litigations.

     The strife began December 5 and continues until January 8.

   The Wikileaks scandal and Obama's tax and benefits deal with the Republicans were opening salvos.  Despite relative quiet the last several days, these issues will likely heat up again.  Wikileaks is too many true freedom fighters uncovering nasty secrets held by both governments and business.  Members' attempts to shut down web sites belonging to their adversaries is reminiscent of sixties protests, particularly on the Vietnam war.  And it hasn't stopped, Wikileaks Hacktivists Shut Down Amazon’s European Websites.  This sure smacks of the popular protests long predicted in The Celestial Wheel.

     Obama's deal to keep all the Bush tax cuts, resume the inheritance tax at a low rate, extend unemployment benefits and reduce payroll tax withholding gives goodies to both parties.  But, it also punches another huge hole in the budget.  Bond Prices Plunge for 2nd Day on Deficit Fears reveals how inflationary this deal is.  It's very weird this is supposed to pass Congress, and too, that most Americans support it, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds broad bipartisan support for tax package.  Yet, Mars/Rahu does create great desire, and Mercury is in confusing retrograde.  It's a bad idea, and sensitive dates this week may stir that pot.



     On December 7, it was announced Bank Of America would pay a $137 million fine for fraud against municipal governments.  Bloomberg followed up the next day with, Bank of America Muni Bid Rigging Payments May Be `Tip of the Iceberg'.  Wikileaks will chime in here too, Next WikiLeaks leak: Bank of America?  And here's round up of that bank's woes, Batting Cleanup at Bank of America.  There's nothing yet on Goldman Sachs, except, Goldman Sachs Nearly Done With Report on Business Practices and Ethics, which seems like a preemptive defense.

     The predicted Mar/Rahu violence seems to be actualizing now in the big winter storm.  Well, the Big Blizzard Of 2009 did bring both literal and figurative storms.  This results from Mars aspecting the U.S. fourth house of the home and the eighth house of catastrophe.  The latter is Cancer, the fourth house of the home in the natural zodiac.  As Mars aspects the Moon today and tomorrow, and the Moon is also the home, look for the storm to peak then.


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Doug Riemer


December 18, 2010

Mars/Rahu Violences

     As explained in the above December 13 entry, The predicted Mar/Rahu violence seems to be actualizing now in the big winter storm

     There is, however, more than one storm.  First, there was the blizzard earlier in the week that hit the Midwest and then the East, Bone-chilling cold plods into Northeast.  Florida citrus was threatened, Florida citrus growers report ice damage.  Snow fall records were broken, More records fall as snow keeps piling up in Syracuse.  Next is this weekend's Pacific Coast storm, Weekend forecast: Winter storm to blitz West Coast.  Of course, the truly major storm is hitting Europe, Coldest December since records began as temperatures plummet to minus 10C bringing travel chaos across Britain and Snow And Ice Ground Flights In Europe.

     Another kind of violence was not widely reported here in the U.S. -- riots in four European countries, Reeling from riots, Italy faces uncertainty, Student fees protests: Does rioting change anything? (England), Anti-austerity riots erupt amid Greece strike, and Putin: Moscow riots show need for stronger order,  And here's one in Africa, Security Forces Open Fire on Protesters in Ivory Coast.

     Too, there's concern about a terrorist attack in the U.S., Holiday Terror Warning Cites Car Bombs and Small Arms Attack.


U.S. Government

     If you're confused about what's happening in Washington DC, you're not alone!  Obama signs massive tax bill, hails deal with GOP has Christmas goodies for everyone totaling over $800 billion, while it punches another huge hole in the budget and must stimulate inflation.  But then the Omnibus Spending bill that funds yearly government operations fails because of $8 billion in earmarks, Reid Pulls Controversial $1.2 Trillion Spending Bill in Favor of Short-Term Budget Fix.  I'm sure there's logic here in approving tax breaks 100 times greater than the special projects (earmarks) knocking out funding for the entire government.

    By contrast, sexual discrimination in the military finally ends with 'Don't ask, don't tell' is repealed by Senate; bill awaits Obama's signing.  While advancing equality is always a good thing, giving foreign born students a path to citizenship is denied, DREAM Act fails in the Senate.  Then, there's the nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia.  Well, that's a good thing in reducing the risk of blowing up he entire globe.  But, the strange behavior called Congressional logic has denied that, Mitch McConnell Announces He Will Oppose New START Treaty .


     We'll just have to wait until the end of Mars/ Rahu on January 8 to see how all this washes out.  However, that being said, it is only through turmoil comes change.


Lunar Eclipse Tuesday

     This is a reminder there's a total eclipse of the Moon Tuesday.  NASA reports,

LUNAR ECLIPSE: For the first time in many years, northern winter is beginning with a total lunar eclipse. On Dec. 21, 2010, the date of the northern winter solstice, the full Moon will pass through Earth's shadow, turning the lunar orb a delightful shade of coppery-red. Sky watchers in North America are favored with an overhead view as the eclipse unfolds on Tuesday morning between 02:41 am and 03:53 am EST. Visit for full coverage of the event...


     So, if you live in the eastern U.S. and don't mind going outside in the middle of the night in really cold weather, you'll enjoy a comparatively rare celestial treat.

     As the Moon is perception and the benefits in life, the blocking effect of lunar eclipses brings fear.  Adding Mars/Rahu's bluster to the recipe brings instability and volatility.  Eclipse effects begin a several days in advance of the celestial event, and the influence falls off rapidly in a few days.  Yet, eclipse effects can linger for up to six months.

    The lunar eclipse is a sensitive date for the violence risk during Mars/Rahu.

     Eclipses also reveal, for as the light of the Sun and Moon are blocked, the skies darken to reveal the stars.  With Mars aspecting (glancing upon) the eighth house of secrets in the U.S. chart, this lunar eclipse is a second karma for hidden things coming to light.  Wikileaks a natural here, and we've already seen a steady stream of government secrets in the press.  Another area is banksters secrets, and unveiling more will add to the already considerable and building pressures against them. 


China and India Charts

     I found a good chart for China in 2009 and have finally determined that India's Republic chart January 26, 1950 is reasonable relevant.

     An In-depth forecast on these two key players is in the works and will be published shortly.  Recall that the East has historically produced half the world's output.  A few things stand out in each chart. 

     First, China is egocentric and overly sensitive with unbounded greed and ambition.  (It shares this last with Bill Gates, the greatest monopolist in history.)  The Chinese play hard ball all the time.  Running a laborious Saturn Dasa since 2,000, the last nine years will bring Saturn's karmas of duty, responsibility and humility forward, whether the Chinese like it or not.  No tree grows to the sky.

     India is chocked full of desire with five planets in the third house of daily desires.  While the twenty year Venus Dasa that began in 1989 has been good for India's breaking from socialism and also deep-seated cultural restrictions, the following six year Sun cycle is even more promising.  Still, five planets in one house is like putting five cats in a bag -- a lot of screeching and fur flying until the cats figure out how to get along.


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Doug Riemer



December 31, 2010

Rahu/Mars Conjunction

     This challenging conjunction continues until January 8 (Mars enters Capricorn), as shown in the below calendars for December and January.

    Two positives are that the most intense interval seems to be over and that Mercury ended it confusing and unsettling retrograde motion earlier today.  So, at least we can begin to think and calculate clearly, which is really useful to navigate through to the reminder of the holidays and begin to figure out how best to shift into 2011.

     It certainly has been a challenge to figure out Celestial Wheel information, much less actually compose an entry.





January 4 Solar Eclipse

     The January 4 solar eclipse is partial, which greatly reduces its impact.  Yet, coming after Mars/Rahu have been chewing on each other for several weeks, it can tip things over.  Plus, Mars being in the midst of this eclipse on a Mars Tuesday intensifies harms.  While winter storms have brought many mishaps, this past Mars Tuesday saw a spike in serious violences: Officials blame wind for Sugarloaf ski lift accident, Fire Leaves Eight Dead at Warehouse in Louisiana, One dead after explosion in Wayne furniture store.  It's best to keep your head down this coming Tuesday.

     Here's the eclipse chart.  Notice that Venus and Mercury will be conjoined in Scorpio, which brings a creative and lighthearted quality with Mars' ruled Scorpio's desire to explore secrets and take risks.  Avoid any such impulse.


  The eclipse location is 19:37 Sagitarius, and if you have any planets within two degrees, they will be eclipsed.  The word means what is says, blocked.


The Lame Duck Congress

     It would seem that there will be some negative results from the extensive legislation pushed by the President and approved by the lame duck Congress.  Certainly the big tax bill, giving goodies to everyone, must become harmful as it punches another huge hole in the budget.  A primary reason for this concern is that Mars/Rahu is in Obama's twelfth house of loss.  Similarly, when he ran for President, Jupiter was transiting his twelfth and Saturn his eighth house of turmoil -- and the economy began its huge dive just as he took office in January 2009.



     The Celestial Wheel is not an end times, end of the world advocate, agreeing with Jon Stewart.  At his Daily Show Rally to Restore Sanity October 30, Steward stated, this fall stated, These are hard times, not end times

     On a Christmas eve program History Channel program on religion, the point was made that Judaism was the first Mideast monotheistic (one god) religion.  Previously, all religions were polytheistic.  Well, with only one god, the question naturally arises how he/she would bring both good and bad in the world?  The solution was to create the devil, which this quote so aptly describes,  The devil is a coping mechanism for monotheism.  As the end of the Mayan calender approaches, and other prophecies confirm this to be Armageddon, as we plan ahead, this clever way of understanding the devil, and thereby Armageddon, can be useful.


2011 Annual Forecast

     I haven't yet completed the 2011 annual forecast.  The July In-depth Forecast, Through The Millennium Contraction, does give an economic overview, in the section, Timing The Millennium Contraction,

1. (From April 2009) To the spring of 2010 will be a roller coaster of major economic swings that will end on the downside. (5/09 through 5/10, Mars/Rahu)

2. The next 12 months to the spring of 2011 will show improvement, recouping some previous losses. (5/10 through 4/11, Mars/Jupiter)

3. From the spring of 2011 to 2012 will bring another economic contraction. (5/11 through 5/12, Mars/Saturn)

4. From spring 2012 to 2013 will be another difficult 12 months. (6/12 through 5/13, Mars/Mercury)

5. The next 12 months to spring 2014 continues the economic slide with much popular discontent. (6/13 through 10/13, Mars/Ketu & 11/13 through 12/14 Mars/Venus)

6. From spring 2014 to 2015, expect global struggles but the economy stabilizing. (1/15 through 4/15, Mars/Sun)

7. The final 12 months considered here, beginning in the spring of 2015, the economy will have fully transformed and sustainable economic growth will resume. (5/15 through 11/15 Mars/Moon)


     The planets in brackets at the end of each interval are the major and minor planetary cycles for the U.S. chart. Each interval begins in the late spring because these cycles begin and end then.  Notice that #2 is the current year, and abundant Jupiter is the minor planet.  That is why the economy has been pretty good since May, 2010, and the recovery will likely continue through the spring 2011.  #3 is the upcoming year beginning in May.  Then, the cycles planets are Mars/Saturn, which is a destructive combination.  Further, the U.S. ran its 19 year Saturn cycle beginning in 1929, the year the Great Depression started.  So, this will be very, very tough.  It's best to take advantage of the comparatively favorable planetary weather this winter and spring to get your affairs in order.

     One reason for the delay in writing this forecast is the upcoming addition of good charts for China and India.  Including these will give terrific additional information.  Getting a valid nation chart is not easy.  The time is usually the issue.  Charts Of Nations for China states, Communist Peoples' Republic assumes office.  The process was completed on 1 October 1949 with a massive rally in Peking ... The New York Times reported that at 8:00 am on 1 October 1949 all radio stations in Shanghai played the national anthem.  This may be evidence for assuming that the government itself took office at that time.  That is very thin information for the time.

     I got very lucky with a great information resource, courtesy of a Celestial Wheel subscriber's wife, a Chinese history expert and whose father was an officer in the army then.  Here's what he sent, 

...she says the 3pm time was selected by Chairman Mao because that late in the day the Chaing forces in Taiwan would not have enough daylight time for an air attack from Taiwan on the ceremony in Peking (Beijing)  Chairman Mao at the 3pm ceremony also officially changed the name of Peking to Beijing.

     Part of the significance of this announcement and name change from Peking to Beijing is Peking had been the capital for 600 years and this was symbolic to
a new country; government and leadership. Nanking was the nations capital under President Chaing from 1911 until the 1949 ceremony.  Be as it may, celebrations etc. in Shanghai and other cities was just celebrations.


     This is obviously very definitive and convincing.  I hope to get the 2011 annual forecast done in a week or two.


Happy New Year.  And take some comfort that there is indeed order in the universe.







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