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August 13, 2013

The Eve Of Saturn/Mars Conjunction Peaking

Dear Celestial Wheel Participants,

We're on the eve of the most karmically challenged Saturn/Rahu conjunction interval.  I've stated many times, mid August to mid September is the peak.

To be exact, the peak begins at 11:00 PM August 18 EDT -- very late Sunday -- so Monday.  That is when transit Mars shifts into Cancer.  Here's that chart.  

Notice that malefics Mars and Saturn aspect each other and that Mars also aspects Rahu.   And this is coincidental, Mars will be aspecting the all-important Moon that day.   Certainly, that Monday can be rough for being the Moon's day or the week.  But also, the next day, Tuesday, owned by Mars, can be even more challenging.

Because this late summer/fall season is so tremendously impactive, I've assembled all forecasting into special section on the home page.  Below is an image of the section's top.  There's a wealth of information below.

Take a look. Also, as I'm updating this section often, sometimes with links or short comments, I won't be emailing you with all of these.  So, visit the home page frequently.


Stay alert. Take care of yourself.  Watch over others who benefit from your support.  And get ready for your life to change.




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August 20, 2013

U.S. Calamity Likely Later Today

The U.S. could suffer a major calamity today at 5:00 PM EDT.

This transit wheel for the U.S. chart shows transit Mars now in the 8th house of calamity (Cancer), close to birth chart Mercury.  Mars is also beginning to afflict by aspect (glance) the Saturn/Rahu combination in Libra.

Also, Mars will be exactly aspecting the transit Moon in the difficult third house of desires then (Aquarius). The Moon is dangerous in this chart for ruling the 8th house of calamity.  Also notice that birth chart Moon is also in Aquarius.

Another karmic weight is that Tuesday is Mars' day of the week.

Finally, the U.S. Dasas (planetary cycles) match up, with the U.S. chart "running" today Mars twice and also destructive Rahu.  Fortunately, the U.S. chart's good Jupiter replaces Rahu August 21, suggesting that the calamity can be quickly remedied.

I don't know what the nature of the calamity may be, but there are hints of a violent event and/or a virulent secret coming to light.   Gas/oil could be involved.  Of course, the Mideast is exploding daily now -- so that could be a piece of the puzzle.




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August 21, 2013

Predictions Check On The August 20 Heads-up 
     I emphasized the type in the above Heads-up to better relate to events yesterday.  This is a very early predictions check, but there's already enough substance confirming the above Heads-up, to publish it now.

     20-Year-Old Charged in Ga. School Shooting  A man with an assault rifle and other weapons exchanged gunfire with officers Tuesday at an Atlanta-area elementary school before surrendering...  It seems the U.S. dodged a bullet here -- Jupiter's luck and fortune arrived early.

     Syrian activists accuse government of deadly chemical attack near Damascus  The death toll from the alleged attack...varied vastly.  The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 40 people were confirmed killed, but the number was likely to rise, while the Syrian Opposition Coalition claimed that at least 1,188 people had died.  The Damascus Media Office also put the toll at more than 1,000.   This is a big deal, even in a region where mass killings are common, and the use of banned chemical weapons elevates the harm.  Note the dovetail with, a violent event and/or a virulent secret coming to light.

     Japan's nuclear crisis deepens, China expresses 'shock'  Japan's nuclear crisis escalated to its worst level since a massive earthquake and tsunami crippled the Fukushima plant more than two years ago, with the country's nuclear watchdog saying it feared more storage tanks were leaking contaminated water.  Recall the August 3 Hurricane Forecast 2013 stated, Japan's chart shows some risk during the last week in September.  This is certainly a virulent secret coming to light.  And, with Fukushima leaking now, any typhoons hitting the area would spell disaster.  This is bad news for the U.S., especially the West Coast, Hawaii and Alaska.

     Certainly, these events give a strong signal the disruptive August 18 to September 15 interval has begun -- and also how intense it will be as the planetary energies continue to build.  Yes, The Chaos Is Stirring,

Yoda Overlooking The Chaos



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August 27, 2013

Sensitive Dates
I published today the below at the very bottom of the Special Section -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013 on the home page.  As transits are timing indicators, when intense, they signal sensitive dates -- when larger karmic themes begin to express themselves.  Transits are also sometimes described as catalysts.  I haven't yet fleshed these out with specific predictions.  Mark your calenders with these to be alert to the world around you.

     An example of this is easily seen in the above August 20 heads-up for a sensitive date that day.  Next, the August 21 Predictions Check verified accuracy.  Especially note how the Syrian chemical warfare issue began August 20 and has since ballooned into a major issue, drawing in countries globally.

 Sensitive Dates 
(This information was published August 28)


Keep in mind these peak stress intervals:
      Saturn/Rahu conjunction widespread harms harms is August 18 to September 16

      Far East Typhoons -- August 18 to September 16
      U.S. hurricanes -- September 10 to October 25

Sensitive Dates are specific dates when transiting planets combine to signal major events:

      lAugust 20 -- Mars enters Cancer.  (See the August 20 Heads Up and the August 21 Predictions Check.)

      lSeptember 2  -- Moon crosses Mars

      lSeptember 9 -- Moon hits Saturn/Rahu and all three are aspected by Mars

       lSeptember 17-18 -- Venus crashes into the Saturn/Mars combination

      lOctober 3 to 6 -- Mercury crosses Saturn/Mars

      lOctober 8 -- Mars aspects Moon/Venus

      lOctober -- Penumbral lunar eclipse

      lNovember 3 -- hybrid solar eclipse

Karmic Ruts
     The Special Section -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013 on the home page included an essay (second from the top) titled, Your Personal Experiences.  The crux of this is the statement, Saturn/Rahu can bring long needed change, for Saturn is the planet of responsibility and duty, and Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, intensifies Saturn's energies.  This combination can blow one out of even the deepest of karmic ruts.  The essay then cited two examples, which, in occurring before the peak stress interval of August 18 to September 16, are harbingers -- like the warm up band before the Rolling Stones hit the stage.

     While not everyone will be jolt out of their own karmic ruts during the next several weeks, certainly we must all experience shocks to our lives.  Pay attention to these, how you react and whether you stick with what you are doing or make a major shift.  There's no right or wrong here.

     And sometimes it's best to just pull off the road of life and take a break!  This is all so very intense.

     There's also the wonderful, and wonderfully useful saying, Today I'll do as much as I can.  And tomorrow, I'll do some more!



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