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August 5, 2011
     The challenges, reversals, losses and suffering from Mars/Saturn influences predicted in the July 4 In-depth Forecast, Tipping Point, have been coming forward in spades.  We can understand the word as either meaning a shovel that clears away material or the devil's symbol.

l l

     The July VedicLeaks entries then expanded upon that prediction on the 11th, 16, 21st and 27.  The July
27 entry, in the section The U.S. Chart Is Badly Afflicted, summarized, Malefic planets Mars and Saturn combine three times in the U.S. chart July 26 to September 8, and this confirmation of karma is deadly. ...August 16 date looks like the tipping point for the economy.  And in the section just above, I wrote, Of course, the following days to 8/22 would be challenging as well.

      The July 27 entry also included a section, Debt Limit Aftershocks Coming, there will be repeated aftershocks to the debt ceiling issue.

     We just experienced the opening bell in this battle yesterday, Nightmare On Wall Street. Dow Plungers 513 In Steepest Retreat Since '09.  Then, the all-important Moon (benefits in life) was doubly afflicted by Saturn and singly by Mars during pretty rough planetary cycles for the U.S. chart.  And markets may continue the recovery they began today.  Last night I emailed The Celestial Wheel editor, A warm up.  The markets should actually recover next week until about 8/12 -- then body slams with the 16th being the worst.

     Beyond economic harms, the very destructive Mars/Saturn combination symbolizes these natural disasters, which are already manifesting since this sensitive interval began July 26,

     lDrought,  Texas drought might persist into 2012, forecasters say

lStorms (hurricanes), Storm season to get busier still, forecasters warn

lEarth crust events  August 2, 6.8 earthquake strikes off Vanuatu, 6.2 off Japan

     Also expect violences in general, and these an be experienced directly or through events you witness, depending upon your Vedic chart.  There will also be further harms to Rupert Murdoch and his News Corporation.  In the July 21 entry, I included the term, Rupert The Dead, to describe the fate of his business and personal health.

     While this is all naturally disconcerting, even alarming, it is what it is, and two suggestions should thereby be made.  First, don't let these ills disturb your equanimity.  The Sun still rises every day.  The Moon is waxing.....  Second, by staying detached, you can better monitor your own situation and better help others.  Panic, upset, anger, intolerance.... serve no useful purpose and actually make situations worse. 


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Doug Riemer

August 9, 2011

When Astrology Works, It Really Works!

     In 1996, when my first Vedic teacher, James Braha, would meet me at the Longboat Key beach to unwind from his readings, he would share with me Vedic information -- how to see the world through Vedic eyes.

     One statement comes to mind now, When astrology works, it really works!  Below is an email I sent to James this morning.
  (Note: while James is a neighbor again because I moved back to Longboat Key, well, Vedic Astrologers are reclusive -- so we usually email each other.)

Hi James,
Am sending you this recalling you used to tell me, When astrology works, it really works!

This is the DOW for the last 10 days, since July 26, when the Mars/Saturn opposition began, and the DOW began to fall.  So far, The DOW has lost 1800 points.  That sure proves your statement!  And I've predicted in later password protected VedicLeaks short-subject forecasts that Tuesday, August 16 signals disaster.


See, the July 4 free forecast Tipping Point...Mars transits into Gemini starting July 26 and stays there until September 8."  And, Multiple harmful Mars transits this summer portend economic destruction, like a wrecking ball strikes a wall repeatedly until it falls.

Astrology, If Judiciously Done, Works Reliably

     James didn't teach me this specifically.  I learned it through experience with The Celestial Wheel.  Yes, when making bold predictions, I still often sweat these through, but as they are usually correct, well, the only sweating I've been doing is from the summer Florida heat.

     The above August 5 VedicLeaks entry
stated, The markets should actually recover next week until about 8/12.  Well yesterday's over 600 point dive was obviously in conflict with that prediction.  However,
today (so far), the markets, although still roiling, are recovering.  Too, that sentence ended with,
-- then body slams, with the 16th being the worst.

     Yesterday's market losses, as well as the violences since last Friday, relate more to lunar emotional angst than reality.  (Riots in England, mass murder in the U.S., Navy Seals killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash, Wisconsin State Fair attacks...)  Since Friday, the perceptional/emotional Moon has continued to be afflicted.  It has moved into calmer lunar waters now.  Plus, wise Jupiter in the U.S. chart has replaced turbulent Rahu as a minor planetary cycle from August 5 to 13.  Thus, cooler heads are beginning to prevail in the U.S., though not yet globally -- for it is the U.S. chart that is enjoying the Jupiter subcycle, U.S. stocks open higher after huge declines Monday.

Wisconsin Recall Election Today
     Today is the recall election for 6 Wisconsin Senators.  Like Rupert Murdoch's Yellow Journalism empire falling apart, which can begin to restore honest media, this exercise in democracy is a watershed in resisting and refuting the hard line Republican agenda to shrink social programs, gut unions and education and further enrich corporations, Recall Elections About More Than Just Senate Power.  If just 3 of the 6 Democrats win, the Democrats will regain control of the Senate and can begin to undue the harms visited upon the people of Wisconsin. 

     This is a major skirmish, a positive win in the long war to restore shared democratic values that will be fought on many fronts.
  With the U.S. benefiting from Jupiter's wisdom in its planetary cycles, the prediction is that at least 3 Democratic candidates will win, perhaps as many as 5 or even all 6.

     Again, while Only Through Turmoil Comes Change is certainly no fun, it's what it is in the world into which we've been incarnated -- to both enjoy the benefits of past life achievements and confront areas of weakness and failure in past lives.


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Doug Riemer

August 20, 2011

     The below Heads-Up was emailed directly to Subscriber Participants at noon today.

Heads-Up For Next Week

     Mars and Saturn continue to aspect (glance) at each other.  Mars, the planet of aggression, pushes hard against, Saturn, the planet of resistance.  In turn, Saturn's immobility restricts Mars' ability to act.

     This sets up tremendous stress, which bursts out in violences and losses of all kinds.  Mayhem is a good descriptor.

     Because people are affected personally, and economic losses also bring personal stress, it's been difficult to gain and stay focused.  I've certainly experienced that, and with regard to The Celestial Wheel, have not been able to integrate information to identify and track major threads.  Too, I'm usually able to find sensitive dates during intervals such as this that become signposts for the path ahead.  But, I've fallen short this time, notably in picking Tuesday, August 16 as a sensitive date.  Except for 60 killed in Iraq the 15th, which is the 16th here, it was actually fairly calm -- considering the mayhem since July 26, which continues.

     Overwhelming is another good word here.  Of course, Mercury (intellect) being weakly retrograde from August 3 to 26 explains mental dullness and confusions.

     Here's then a quick recap to get back on the predictive track.  The July 4 In-depth Forecast, Tipping Point, introduced the issues of multiple planetary karmas that were tipping over the economy.  The major one, which affects the entire globe, is the above-referenced Mars/Saturn mutual aspect, which runs July 26, to September 8.

     Short-subject VedicLeaks (password required) in July and this month (above) followed Tipping Point in further predicting, detailing and tracking the theses summer planetary storms.

     It does appear this coming week will bring further and more intense turmoil, for Mars and Saturn are nearing the point at which they will exactly aspect each other.  Currently, Mars is at 17:26 Gemini and Saturn at 20:00 Virgo.  Being less than 3 degrees apart, they are already chewing each other up.  Mars and Saturn will be at the exact same degree and minute at 5 AM EDT on Thursday, August 25.  Because the all-important Moon will also be at this point, that day and time promise to be deadly.

     So, as stated in previously forecasting, keep your head down.  Don't take risks.  Be aware that other people around you can bring challenge to you.  Avoid business decisions, especially ones that may be stimulated by economic issues, especially the gyrating stock market.

     And, if you find yourself in a real jam, don't hesitate to contact me for a Chart Update.  If you are not yet a client, a full Vedic interpretation can also be quickly arranged.    Knowledge is power, and ignorance is not bliss.  It's merely ignorance.  And during this intense interval, everyone needs all possible information to navigate safely and successfully through these summer planetary storms.


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Doug Riemer

August 29, 2011

     The below Heads-Up was emailed directly to Subscriber Participants at this evening.

Heads-up For Tomorrow

     Tomorrow -- Tuesday -- is another sensitive date.  What I mean here is that for the long interval of stresses and destructions brought by Mars and Saturn battling each other, the planetary positions tomorrow signal an energetic peak.

     This past Thursday, Mars and Saturn were locked in combat by throwing aspects (mutual aspect) at each other.  (An analogy is that a conjunction of these planets is like armies in full assault.  Mutual aspects occur when armies shoot artillery at each other,)   On Thursday at 5 AM, those aspects were exact -- targeting the enemy.  Time to change foxholes. The August 20 Heads-up stated,

     It does appear this coming week will bring further and more intense turmoil, for Mars and Saturn are nearing the point at which they will exactly aspect each other.  Currently, Mars is at 17:26 Gemini and Saturn at 20:00 Virgo.  Being less than 3 degrees apart, they are already chewing each other up.  Mars and Saturn will be at the exact same degree and minute at 5 AM EDT on Thursday, August 25.  Because the all-important Moon will also be at this point, that day and time promise to be deadly.

     Earthquakes did rock the U.S.:  Colorado 8/22   DC earthquake 8/24   California 8/27   in South America, Peru had an earthquake 10/24

     As to hurricanes, hurricane Irene began hitting the U.S. on Friday, 8/26.  On the other side of the globe, a big typhoon pounded the Philippines all week.

   There was also a major explosion closely corresponding to the prediction for 5 AM Thursday, 8/25 prediction for deadlyRussian supply ship for space station crashes  The explosion was so strong that for 100 kilometers (60 miles) glass almost flew out of the windows.  Note the time and location for this event on Wednesday, April 24  "The robotic Progress 44 cargo ship blasted off atop a Soyuz U rocket at 9 a.m. EDT from the central Asian spaceport of Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan."  Kazakhstan is 10 hours ahead of EDT.  So, at 9 AM EDT, it was 7 PM in Kazakhstan -- both August 24.  the Celestial Wheel was 10 hours late!

     This prediction-check is included primarily to inform about the nature of the Mars/Saturn harms.  Financial stress, hurricanes, earth crust events and drought were all predicted -- and all have been actualizing.   Results have so far correlated with, but mostly did not match, sensitive dates, although they are clustered around them.  This is perhaps due to the wide-ranging harms and certainly for the hurricane being a week plus long storm.

     No great insights have come about tomorrow's sensitive date, which  begins late in the day and continues into Wednesday.  There don't seem to be near hurricane threats, and it doesn't feel like another volcano is coming.  The drought, of course, persists and is becoming dire.  The financial markets still rock-n-roll.  The bust ahead/hold back Mars/Saturn energy is spasmodic.  The Murdoch scandal has quieted -- pushed to the background by natural disasters.  There has been a lot of bad news for the Banksters -- the folks who bought the crummy mortgage bundles are fighting back hard.  Check out Bank Of America Death Watch,  The Mideast is boiling over -- in several locales.

     Then there's the Rick Perry phenomena.  This would be fun to see

Perry/Palin 2012
She never loses twice

     Certainly, Mars/Saturn harms will continue until the September 8 end date.  Even though these planets are separating now -- their energies withdrawing -- the energies build, especially during  a long association like this one:  7/26 to 9/8.  The difference coming forward would be less explosive but more powerful harms.

     On balance, it seems the economy, particularly real estate and banking, will take big beginning hits tomorrow -- in hard jolts.

     Of course, continue to protect your own personal interests, as well as those of others in your milieu.  Be aware of your feelings and responses.  Pay attention to people and events around you.  Know that Only through turmoil comes change.  Tough times teach Saturn's enduring lessons.  So, a difficult way to learn lessons, Saturn's are tremendously empowering, including toughening.


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