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January 31, 2006


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#65c Planetary Karmas For 2006

Part 3 United States Chart
March 2 -- June 30


I  Counter-culture -- Why, When And How Long

     This third segment of predictions for 2006 follows the January through June World Transits analysis and the United States chart interpretation, January through March 1.  {The established format of first interpreting the Dasa planet(s) underlying karmas, following by catalyzing transits is applied.}

     Part 1,World Transit Chart, identified global planetary karmas signaling: natural disasters, government incompetence, increased warfare, economic retraction, energy supply/price problems, Bird flu progression and ensuing popular rebellions.  Part 2, the United States to March 1 , revealing the same set of challenges -- plus Gilded Age scandals and excesses, along with stress on G.W. Bush's and Dick Cheney's charts.

     This Part 3 examines the United States chart for March 2 through June 30, unveiling the dominant planetary karma to be counter-culture -- a grassroots revolt against the neoconservative government and big business.  This is signaled by the chart's Moon/Ketu* Dasa planets, explained below 

{*Ketu is the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point with an wraithlike insightful nature bringing otherworldly knowledge.}

     The key elements of this upcoming popular rebellion are: Why, When and How Long

     Why is the initiating stimulus 

     When is the tipping point

     How long is needed before change occurs

A.  Why

     Basic to the American democracy are obedience, trust and honoring authority.  The public has thereby accepted {so far}the Iraq War, huge budget and trade deficits, global warming effects, government incompetence, corporate greed and unfair tax cuts.

     Only economic stress energizes the masses -- as Bill Clinton said, It's the economy, stupid.  The, They don't care about us grumbling described in the November 3 Celestial Wheel's barbershop vignette was a reaction to a pile-up of personally-impactive economic woes.  $3/gallon gas was naturally the straw that broke the camel's back.  And, these hard-working ranchers and tradesmen were resentful of elite's multiplying vacation mansions and California-chic accoutrements -- courtesy of Second Gilded Age favoritism and excess.


B.  When

     The tipping point --  when loss of confidence in the government or economy occurs-- is less certainly predictable.  The difficult, even dangerous, United States chart's Dasas and catalyzing transits ending March 1, combined with the World Transit challenges, result in a complex web of compelling karmic currents.  Many cannot be anticipated in our interconnected globe.  {Recall the previous World Transit Chart discussion about transits being more powerful during this era of globalization.}  Frigid weather in Asia and Europe could throw the world economy into an energy caused tail-spin.  At any time, Japan or China can decide stop buying U.S. Treasury securities, causing the dollar to crash.  Iraq, of course, continues to be G.W. Bush's Great Misadventure

     Domestically, the Supreme Court appointment of stealth anti-abortionist Sam Alito, followed by a quick overturning of Roe versus Wade, could stir the maddening crowd.  Too, the luxury Las Vegas real estate bubble-burst is one more early signal of a nationwide reversal. 

     Still, as Dasas are the underlying karmic current, rebellion is more likely to begin after the United States chart begins its compelling Moon/Ketu counter-culture Dasa on March 2-- demanding, throw them all out!


C.  How long

     This is the least difficult question to answer in a way, for the public will have the opportunity for democratic expression in the November 6 midterm elections.  Combining the United States chart's two-punch combination of Moon/Ketu Dasa planets (March 2 to October 1) bringing popular rebellion, with damaging transits, the public must reject most Republicans and wishy-washy Democrats.  Although the the neoconservative tyranny must end then, leadership replacements are as yet unpredictable.  The Democrats continue to be a muddled crowd.

{Note: The charts of government leaders -- Bush, Cheney... -- will be addressed in a separate following forecasting effort..}



II  United States' Dasa Planets:  Moon/Ketu  


A.  Moon Dasa

     The December 31 Celestial Wheel Commentary {Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?) concisely described the Moon Dasa,

     It is the United State's 10 year Moon cycle, beginning at the end of 1998, that ushered in the Second Gilded age.  This is the karmic current that carried evangelical and neoconservative G.W. Bush into two presidential terms that has turned democracy on its head.

     As this Moon rules the 8th house of turmoil, power, sex, mysticism, violence, secrets and paranoia, as well as the seamy side of society, all these themes continue to actualize.

     Further, the worldly Moon being placed in the 3rd house of desires, stimulates for an intoxication with power, which is integral to both Gilded Age excesses and G.W. Bush's nature.  Bush has this placement in his own chart.  That congruence is the karma which brought him out of Texas into Washington.


B.  Ketu Subcycle

     The upcoming Moon/Ketu Dasa cycle is tremendously impactive.  It is revolutionary.

     Ketu in the United States chart is badly placed in the 2nd house of domestic harmony, speech and income.  As a wraithlike, ethereal and dissolving influence, mystical Ketu is naturally negative for these wordly values.  As insight, however, Ketu brings truth into the light. 

    Adding Ketu's aspects (glances) to the 6th house of enemies, the 8th house of turmoil and the 10th house of government officials, its Dasa cycle stimulates a distasteful brew of economic hardship, government incompetence, discontent and insight for rebellionl. 

     There are several other factors confirming and magnifying popular discontent. 

United States
July 4, 1776 6:17 PM

Moon/Ketu 3/2/06 to 10/1/06

     The 2nd of income, 6th of the daily job and 10th of career are the three Artha (wealth) houses.  Ketu's otherworldly nature harms all, depressing the economy. Perhaps the most galvanizing of these wealth house harms is that to the 10th house, where industrial Saturn is placed.  Look for further manufacturing losses and factory closings, mirroring the domestic auto industry misfortunes.

     Mars throws an aggressively energizing aspect upon Ketu, and although this is a difficult concept for Westerner's to grasp, the Pitta (fiery) planet of war combined with the Pitta planet of spirit create seething anger -- the combination precipitating 9-11.  In that case, Mars/Ketu brought the religious-inspired remorseless attack to revenge the United States transgressions upon Islamic lands, especially troops trespassing on holy sites in Saudi Arabia..  {See Predicting 9-11}  Also, as Ketu symbolizes gas and oil, that area will continue to be a focus.

     The other two influences relate to Ketu being a subcycle of the Moon Dasa.  First, Ketu's influence upon the perceptional common-sense Moon sensitizes perception and the emotions.  {In individual charts, Ketu/Moon brings the sweetness of God, irrationality and an acute intuition.} 

    Ketu by nature rejects the Moon Dasa's gluttonous avarice -- Gilded Age favoritism, corruption and misuse of power.  Ketu's influence transforms lunar greed into altruism.

     Second, Ketu is placed 12 houses away from the material Moon.  As the 12th is the house of loss {when debts are paid), Ketu stimulates demands that America's excessive public and private debts be paid and budget and trade deficiets balanced.  Since the economic recovery has been fueled by borrowing, economic retraction is indicated.


C.  Previous Ketu Dasa Cycles

     Vedic Astrology evaluates a planet by reviewing how it influenced in previous Dasas -- primary and subcycle.  The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles Forecast verified the interpretation given above, and documenting excerpts are shown in End Note #1 at the end of this Forecast.  One is so intriguing it is restated here: During Venus primary and Ketu subcycle from October 1, 1991 to November 30, 1992, counter-culture Bill Clinton defeated traditionalist George Bush SrThe nation was also in the grip of the 1990-91 recession.



III Transit Influences

      As repeatedly explained in Celestial Wheel forecasting, Vedic Astrology uses the dual predictive method of primary Dasas and secondary transits.  Dasas describe the underlying karmic current over which planetary transits influence, like weather patterns...  and continuing the nautical analogy, the life (whether for a person, nation or other organization) can be compared to a lifeboat on the Dasas river of life, which is also impacted by transit weather events.

     Since the January 12, 2006 World Transit Chart analysis has already delineated transit influences, it is straightforward to now apply these to the United States chart for March 2 to June 30.

     The key transit planets during this interval are: Jupiter, Saturn/Ketu, Mercury and Mars.  They are tremendously catalytic.


A.  Jupiter

     As explained in the World Transit Chart analysis, when transit Mars finally leaves Aries on February 5, its aspect to wealthy and wise Jupiter {since early last fall} will finally end.  Relieved of Mars' stimulus to waste Jupiter's wealth, consumers will shift into a savings mode -- another prick to the real estate bubble.  If real estate remains inflated through February, prices will surely fall when the debt-paying Moon/Ketu Dasa runs beginning March 2.

     The World Transit Chart analysis also identified Jupiter's freedom from Mars as a catalyst for the Moon/Ketu Dasa counter-culture movement,

     ...Jupiter in the 7th house in Venus-ruled Libra also stimulates Jupiter's higher mind (religion, philosophy and the law), sweetly flavored by Venus's love and compassion to form cooperative alliances.  Since Saturn/Ketu brings failure to remedy disasters and economic contraction, this Jupiter/Venus combination could stimulate popular protests -- humanitarian and peace movements?

    In the United States chart, Jupiter is transiting the 11th house of goals, opportunities, friends and groups.  This is a tremendous boost to broad based counter-culture organization. 


B.  Saturn/Ketu

  The World Transit Chart analysis also identified Saturn/Ketu harms to the global Artha (wealth) houses 2 (Taurus), 6  (Virgo) and 10 (Capricorn)-- mirroring the Ketu subcycle Dasa harms to the United States chart's Artha houses.  In both charts, these are matching influences for: economic hardship, government incompetence, discontent and insight that causes the public to rebel.  {See End Note #2 Globalization.}


C.  Focus on Mercury Retrograde & Eclipses

     The World Transit Chart analysis displayed charts for March 5 and April 18 as sensitive dates, the primary dissonance for which issued from Mercury.  then, the planet of communications will be retrograde March 3 to 26 in its fallen sign of Pisces, conjunct toxic Rahu.  A verbal riot and all hell could break loose were predicted.  

     For the United States, this Mercury retrograde will be a startling replay of the spring of 2005.  Then, Mercury was also retrograde in Pisces {March 20 to April 12}, where transit Rahu was also placed.  Last spring's extremes were epitomized in the nation convulsing over the Terri Shiavo feeding tube case.  Then, the United States' Dasa planets were Moon/Mercury, both mystical influences, and the 4th house location symbolizes devotion.  So, that end of life issue fit. 

     This Spring's Mercury Madness occurs under United State's charts' anti-establishment Moon/Ketu Dasa.  Since the 4th house is also real estate, this year's Mercury retrograde is yet another influence signaling the boom's death knell.

     This mercurial stress interval is actually much longer than the March 3 to 26 retrograde, as shown in this graphic United States' chart top left corner.  It begins March 3 and continues into early May. 


     In the midst of Mercury's tribulations, there will be an unusual total penumbral Lunar Eclipse on March 14 at 1 degree Virgo and a total eclipse of the Sun March 29 at 14 degrees Pisces.  These increase instability.

     In addition to the mental turmoil during this year's Mercury Madness, the big planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will both be retrograde, which weakens their stabilizing steering influences upon the zodiac

D.  Mars

     The planet of war has not been a player thus far in this look at the United States chart, even though it was the big player in the World Transit Chart analysis.  That interpretation used Mars' transits through Taurus, Gemini and Cancer to determine stress intervals.

     In the United States chart, Mars is fairly docile after it leaves Aries on February 5 for its two month transit through Taurus until April 3. 

     From April 3 to May 24 Mars will again lash out as it transits past the four planets in the 7th house of relationships.

     Look for long-standing political and interest groups to break apart during this period.  Some will remain fractured.  Others will reform with new platforms and leaders. 

     From May 25 through the month of June, Mars will be transiting through the 8th house of calamity (Cancer), where transit Saturn has been patiently waiting to rejoin the Mars/Saturn earlier 6 /11 month struggle ending February 5, 2006.

     Being conjunct (same house/sign) brings these two opposing planets' malefic energies into close combat.  This interval will be akin to a symphonic crescendo, during which orchestral themes played during the previous three months join in cacophony.

United States
July 4, 1776 6:17 PM

Moon/Ketu 3/2/06 to 10/1/06


     As the 8th house is Cancer (the home), Mars is landed property and Saturn is form and structure, there's a potent influence for natural disasters --  weather and earth crust.

     Additional sensitive dates have not been included in this analysis to limit complexity.  However, May 28 is dangerous for the congruence of Mars being active in the United States' Dasas and transit Mars crossing birth chart Mercury.  Government leaders, stock markets and warfare are all vulnerable.


     Expect during these early weeks of summer to hear the drumbeats of popular protests against the futile woodwinds of ineffective government and the whining strings of strung-out leaders --  while the brass blares sorrow for real estate and industrial down-spirals.


E.  Summary


     This predictive endeavor for March through June, 2006 answers the December 31 Celestial Wheel's  question, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?  I'm predicting a nationwide counter-culture movement beginning this spring in reaction to a failed government and sinking economy.   By suggesting too that voters in November will throw out the neoconservatives, the second question, Does anybody really care?, is also answered.




End Note #1

Ketu's Historical behavior In The United States Chart

These were all delineated in #58a  Part I  The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles and #58b  Part II  The United States Through It's Planetary Cycles.

1846 to 1852

    The United States ran is first seven year Ketu Das from 1846 to 1852.  One short paragraph summarizes Ketu's impact,

     Domestic harmony (family and community life) was increasingly harmed via abolitionist writings and the Underground Railroad, and the women's first rights convention.  These demonstrate Ketu's insight to redress unfairness.

March -- September 1886

     This was the height of the first Gilded Age, America's first 10 year Moon Dasa.  From March to September 1886, Ketu was the subcycle planet, and when the aforementioned May 4, 1886 Haymarket Square Labor Riot occured.  {See the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia online encyclopedia, article, Haymarket Riot.)

1966 to 1972

    The Dasas of the nine planets total 120 years, resulting in Ketu's second seven year Dasa running from 1966 to 1972.  The narrative is brief, worthwhile inserting in its entirety here,

     If there is one label to typify and describe Ketu's second cycle is is Counter-culture.  Although initiated at the end of the Mercury cycle in 1965 by Vietnam protests, Eastern mysticism and hard rock music, it wasn't until otherworldly Ketu's began its cycle that mass culture began to truly transform.  A button-down culture broke away with long hair, jeans, drugs, sex, and of course, rock & roll.

     Increasingly strident Vietnam War demonstrations and the ongoing Civil Rights Movement brought a political orientation. Ketu's insight then stimulated the environmental movement and the consequent rejection of corporate America.  All of these Ketu effects resulted from its quality of insight, serving to elevate con- sciousness.  This is the fifth example of how, Imbalances and inequality among groups stimulate conflicts to reintegrate the culture along shared democratic values.

     America did, however, make it to the Moon, but nothing much was found, and astronauts haven't returned.  That is typical Ketu-weird.

     As Ketu is placed in the second house of domestic harmony and food quality, nobody was happy at home, and drugs were ingested to achieve mystical states, to get closer to God.


October 1991 -- November 1992

     During Venus primary and Ketu subcycle from October 1, 1991 to November 30, 1992, counter-culture Bill Clinton defeated traditionalist George Bush Sr.  The nation was also in the grip of the 1990-91 recession.


July -- November 1997

     The most recent Ketu subperiod was Sun/Ketu from July 5 to November 30, 1997. Wikipedia,.reports the most notable event was , a crash or "adjustment" on Monday October 19, 1987, known in financial circles as Black Monday, when the Dow Jones lost 22% of its value in one day, bringing to an end a five-year bull run.


End Note #2


     All the planetary karmas discussed in these 2006 In-Depth Forecasts operate increasingly on the global stage -- although the United States is the obvious leading actor for its still-dominant economic and military position. 

     The May 26, 2004 In-depth Forecast, #52,  The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction  -- A New Twenty Year Era (5/26/04)  described the double-decade era from 2000 to 2020 as breaking down national borders and the concept of nation states.

     If one considers that the planetary karmas described here put the United States ship on a new course -- ditching the neoconservative officials and regaining shared democratic values -- then the first half of 2006 signals a huge jump ahead in the process of global integration, which will continue until 2020.



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