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January 12, 2006




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#65b Planetary Karmas For 2006

Part 2 United States Chart
To March 1


     With publication of the difficult and (unavoidably) intricate World Transits Chart's global karmas* analysis for the first half of 2006, the United States' chart can now be considered.  Because of ongoing karmic complexity, this analysis is shortened to New Years to March 1.  The next Celestial Wheel will interpret the United States chart through June, 2006.


Predictive Methods Update

     Transits are the global karmic weather map* -- the familiar predictive tool used in Western Astrology.  Vedic Astrology is singular, however, in using both five-level Dasas (often called planetary cycles) as its primary predictive tool, and transits as a secondary method.  Dasas describe the underlying karmic current over which planetary transits influence, like weather patterns and events. 

     Thus, the life (whether for a person, nation or other organization) can be compared to a life boat on the Dasas river of life, which is also impacted by transit weather events.  When Dasas and transits coincide, events can be predicted.  If the two methods give opposing or conflicting karmas, mixed results occur, or they can cancel each other out -- a favorable Dasa planet sequence takes ones boat downstream, but an opposing transit wind blows it back upstream.


{*Because transits are the passages of the planets through the constellations over the globe, a transit chart by definition applies to the entire world.}

     There's another quality of transits worthwhile mentioning.   In this era of globalization, global warming and severe weather, the influence of planetary transits must be amplified.  Continuing the example from the January 12 World Transit Chart -- that global interest rates set your own home's value -- this financial universality determines the United States' economic variables. 

     When Congress passes a tax cut, it must first have the cooperation of those nations buying U.S. government bonds to pay for the resulting debt increase.  Similarly, stock markets are increasingly interdependent.  The January 18 Washington Post article, Stocks Fall on Tech Earnings, Oil Prices, is revealing here in its opening sentence, Disappointing tech sector earnings set off a second day of selling on Wall Street Wednesday as investors also worried about a massive tumble in Japan's market and rising oil prices.  Thereby, transits must be given greater weight -- even while Dasas remain primary.


United States' Dasas:  Moon/Mercury/Saturn

     The United States Dasa planets are Moon/Mercury/Saturn during the interval, which obviously started before January 1, 2006.

    Much of the upcoming karmic influences upon the United States chart were discussed in the December 31 Celestial Wheel, which reviewed the ten year Moon cycle bringing this second Gilded Age. 

     The United States is running its ten year Moon Dasa from the end of 1998 to late 2008 -- signaling this Second Gilded Age.     

     The United States chart is now finishing up its Moon/Mercury Dasa -- September 30, 2004 to March 1, 2006.   This combination has fully activated the 8th house of turmoil and calamity because the Moon rules the 8th house (Cancer) and Mercury is placed there.   Principle among these Second Gilded Age influences is G.W. Bush reelection in November, 2004, enabling further Gilded Age favoritism and excesses.  See the January 13 New York Times article, The New Megayachts: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    This Moon/Mercury Dasa's third level planet is currently Saturn -- from December 10, 2005 and continuing until Moon/Mercury ends March 1.  As stated in the December 31 Celestial Wheel, The United States chart will be dangerous -- primarily for influences from restrictive Saturn.

United States
July 4, 1776 6:17 PM

Moon/Mercury 9/30/04 to 3/1/06

Moon/Mercury/Saturn 12/10/05 to 3/1/06

Moon/Ketu 3/2/06 to 10/1/06


Mars/Saturn Transit Influences

     We can easily see this Mars/Saturn transit stress by overlaying the World Transit Chart graphic (right) for January 6 onto the United States chart (above). 

    Mars/Saturn most dramatically catalyzes 8th house calamity upon the United States' 5th house of kingship (government leaders) -- seen in scandals and investments -- both stocks and real estate.  As Mars is landed property and Saturn construction, real estate is a highlighted issue during this Moon (home) Dasa.

    Some other harms resulting from these Dasa planets and transits are seen in both the World Transit Chart and the United States chart: ineffective disaster relief, public criticism of government and Bird Flu progression.*  Destructive winter weather throughout the world is another common harm.

World Transits

Mars and Saturn


     These duplications result from Saturn being the planet of government officials, chronic illness and stability and Mars signifying infectious disease and disturbance.  Also, the Moon (home) Dasa brings violent weather under the Mars/Saturn transit struggle.

{*Although Bird Flu hasn't not yet touched the United States, that vaccines for the annual flu are not working is a bad omen.  See the January 15 Washington Post article, 2 Common Flu Drugs Called Ineffective Against Virus.}


Government Leaders

     G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney are naturally affected by these karmas harming government officials.

     The Celestial Wheel has predicted since August that Dick Cheney would suffer a heart attack during the Mars/Saturn struggle (July 17, 2005 to February 5, 2006).  So far, Cheney has had blood clot surgery, an injured foot and hospitalization for shortness of breath.  On January 27 and 28, his Dasa planets will be Venus/Mercury/Mars/Sun/Saturn, and transit Saturn will exactly aspect transit Sun (heart) and Mercury (nervous system).  A confirming influence for leadership loss is the United States chart's Dasa planets are Moon/Mercury/Venus/Sun/Saturn on these dates.  Transit Saturn aspecting transit Sun activates those Dasa influences, and as stated above, the Sun and Saturn are the planetary indicators of government.  We can look further to G.W. Bush's chart, which Dasas will then be Saturn/Jupiter/Rahu/Jupiter/Venus.  Venus is Bush's planet of friends, and it's transit disposition will be weakly retrograde in the 6th house of illness -- suggesting a friend develops acute illness.  January 27 and 28 is thereby a sensitive date.

     G.W. Bush has other issues during this interval ending March 1.  His Dasas from November 3, to December 27, 2005 were Saturn/Jupiter/Mars, making Mars' transit through his 10th house of career and Saturn's transit through his 1st house of the self harmful to his reputation.  When Bush changed Dasa planets to Saturn/Jupiter/Rahu (December 27, 2005 to May 15, 2006), he picked up energy and power to fight his enemies.  However, these gains are pyrrhic and temporary, for transit Saturn is retrograding back to his Ascendant point (his identity and body), becoming conjunct on January 24.  This both restricts Bush from projecting his image and stimulates further loss -- scandals.  January 19 to 24 thereby becomes a sensitive date for scandal.


The February 7 Sensitive Date

     Mars finally moves out of the 5th house (Aries) and enters the 6th house (Taurus) February 5, while the United States Dasas continue to be difficult Moon/Mercury/SaturnThe World Transit Chart analysis identified February 7 as a sensitive date. This is a Mars Tuesday, when transit Mars first becomes strong in this 6th house of enemies and foreigners, and the all-important Moon is conjunct Mars.  On February 7, United States Dasas (to all five levels) will be Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars/RahuWith the underlying minor Dasas planets in concert with Mars' transit position, confrontation and violence is indicated.  However, this appears to be related more to foreign countries in which the United States in involved. 

     As discussed in the World Transit Chart analysis, Mars transit into the 2nd house (Taurus) February 5 results in malefic planets harming all three Artha (wealth) houses, slowing world economies.  Further, as Ketu is gas and oil, energy supply/price problems were predicted -- again beginning February 5. 

     The chart graphic (right) is for March 5, but the intention here is to show that the 2nd house of income, 6th house of the daily job and 10th house of career all receive malefic energies from transiting planets and the aspects (glances) they cast.

     The same triple-hit to Artha houses occurs in the United States chart (above).  Transit Mars/Ketu afflicts the 2nd of income and transit Ketu/Saturn harms the 6th of the daily job and 10th of career. 

World Transits

March 5, 2006


     With these Artha harms also considered, the February 7 sensitive date can additionally be interpreted as indicating negative economic news-- most likely resulting in securities markets declines.


Trick And Treat     

     Mars' shift February 5 into the 2nd house (Taurus) also removes its aspect (glance) to transit Jupiter in the 11th house (Libra) of goals and opportunities.  This is the Trick and Treat discussed in the October 31 Celestial Wheel.  There, the suggestion was Jupiter's luck and fortune would bring prosperity, disengagement from Iraq and reversals of Gilded Age abuses and excesses. 

     The World Transit Chart analysis, however, offered a different shading, suggesting Mars had wasted Jupiter's wealth by excessive spending, which propped up world economies, especially real estate.  Free of Mars, Jupiter's wealth could then be preserved through savings, causing a drop in real estate and consumer spending.  This is thereby a two-punch combination hitting the economy.  That analysis continued with,

     ...Jupiter in the 7th house in Venus-ruled Libra also stimulates Jupiter's higher mind (religion, philosophy and the law), sweetly flavored by Venus's love and compassion to form cooperative alliances.   Since Saturn/Ketu brings failure to remedy disasters and economic harm, this Jupiter/Venus combination could stimulate popular protests -- humanitarian and peace movements?

     The pick-up of humanitarian and peace movements will go into overdrive starting March 2, when the United States Dasa planets change to Moon/Ketu -- signaling counter-culture.  That Dasa combination lasts until October 1, 2006.  While this will be an interpretation focus in the next Celestial Wheel, it is enticing to note now that Ketu's last full Dasa ran from 1966 to 1972 -- the counter-culture era in America.  Additionally, here's an excerpt from the January 4, 2005 In-depth Forecast,  Winter/Spring Shifts Of The Major Planets,


    Whether the neoconservative/fundamentalist alliance can maintain its stranglehold on America in this, its second Gilded Age, is the big question, of course.  The 1886 Haymarket Square Labor Riot naturally occurred during the Moon/Ketu cycle, and the U.S. enters its second Moon/Ketu cycle March 1, 2006. 


Summary Of Planetary Karmas And Sensitive Dates

     Government scandals
     Economic growth slows

     Stocks and real estate investments suffer

     Ineffective disaster relief
     criticism of government

     Bird Flu progression

     Destructive winter weather
     Humanitarian and peace movements


     Sensitive Dates    January 19 - 24 scandals.  January 27, 28 Cheney illness.  February 7 --foreign confrontation and violence, securities markets drop.



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