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December 12, 2009




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U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010


Three Potent Planetary Karmas Through August

    This In-depth Forecast follows the December 21 2008 Global Economic Trends For 2009, which mapped out the Millennium Contraction's progression. 


     There's a truly confusing anomaly.  The continued rally in U.S. stocks, and reported recovery makes no sense -- unless one considers that the U.S. is the least worst place to invest, and corporate growth overweighs the general populations' retrenchment. 


     The answer, and the first potent planetary karma, can be found in the transit positions of Jupiter and Mars.  Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and fortune, and it continues to be dangerously weak in Capricorn, which has been going on for a year and ends December 21.  This has promoted greed, foolishness and grandiosity by businesses, particularly bankers.

     Mars is the planet of war, and he is also dangerously weak in his fallen sign of Cancer -- from this past October 6 to May 26, 2010. 

     These planets aspect (glance upon) each other, as shown in this current transit chart. 

     Jupiter's aspect to Mars calms that destructiveness, but Mars' aspect to Jupiter has stimulated even more greed and as wasted wealth since October 6

     As explained below, warrior Mars continues to attack Jupiter until early September.


World Transits December 11, 2009

Jupiter in Cap. from Dec. 9, 2008 to Dec. 21, 2009

Mars in Cancer from Oct. 6, 2009 to May 26 2010

     We can see the resulting economic harms from Mars' prolonged attack in the following section, Debt Bombs.  Under Mars' pressure, some could explode in 2010.

     Yet, it's also true that once transit Jupiter gets out of its horribly weak position in Capricorn December 21, the planets will be well disposed by sign location for over a year.  See the November 29 Celestial Wheel.  This is the second potent planetary karma, and it conflicts with the first -- Jupiter/Mars.

     Thus, on a global basis, economies have generally favorable planetary karmas for stabilization, and even recovery, but Mars' persistent attacks disrupt those improvements.  This results in a seesaw year.


     When Jupiter shifts into Aquarius later this month, it will remain in Mars' gaze, for Mars throws a mean eighth house aspect to Jupiter.  And, Jupiter will no longer be aspecting Mars to calm his raging. 


     This winter/spring to May 26, then, may prove very difficult.  Too, even as the U.S. continues to lead the globe economically, and is seen as a safe haven, it will not escape the transit Mars' harms. 

     Further, the U.S. chart's planetary cycles of Mars major and Rahu* minor until May 17 is greedy and destructive.

    The most difficult interval will be from March 10 (when Mars ends its weak retrograde), to May 17, when the U.S. chart ends Mars/Rahu planetary cycle. 

     If Humpty Dumpty doesn't fall off the New York Stock Exchange wall then...  (Note: this jives with the November 3, 2009 Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond)

World Transits  December 26, 2009

Jupiter in Aquarius from Dec. 21, 2009 to May 1, 2010

Mars in Cancer from Oct. 6, 2009 to May 26 2010

     Fortunately, the U.S. planetary cycles then shift to Mars/Jupiter, and Jupiter is protective in this chart.  Yet, Mars continued battery on Jupiter must reduce that benefit. 

     There is one distinct and needed benefit to this planetary cycle, and that is JupiterMars are entwined in transit.  This doubles up the karmas and will bring out advocacy -- for Jupiter is ethics and Mars is energy.  Expect popular protests to finally mount as American's are pushed closer to the edge, while corporations gouge them and reward themselves.  This was predicted in Global Economic Trends For 2009, There will be increasing popular protests against Second Gilded Age greed for all of 2009. and it's overdue.  This, after all, is part of the process in shifting from the Second Gilded Age to the Millennium Contraction to the Second Progressive Age. 

     Only by a groundswell of protest during the Millennium Contraction will the government begin to rebalance the U.S. -- to restore shared economic values.  This is a hard-fought effort, for the modern robber barons won't give up their power and wealth without a fight, as we've already seen in the health care debate.  Protests may be stimulated by scandals in both the business and government, for Mars transiting the U.S. chart's eight house of hidden things and catastrophes will bring that.  There is also the likelihood of the Swine flu and fierce winter storms.  Again, the most difficult interval will be March 5 to May 17.  It's difficult to predict whether these incidents and popular protests will drag the economy down, or begin to give it a boost. 


(*Rahu is the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, symbolizing worldly cravings and desires, and like the serpent's venom, he can cause great harm.)


     Backtracking to late December, notice on the above transit chart the combination of Mercury, Rahu, the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius.  Two things are important here.  First, there will be a partial lunar eclipse December 31 at 16 degrees Gemini.  This is a mild eclipse.  However, there's a potent annular solar eclipse January 15 at 1 degree Capricorn.  It will be messy because transit Venus will also be eclipsed, less than 1 degree away.  This will be challenging for the U.S., since that chart will be running Venus in its planetary cycles.  As the planet of debts, friends and groups in this chart, those must become issue areas.

     Second, there's truly troublesome planetary disposition in Mercury doing a dirty dance with eclipse point Rahu from about December 17 through early February.  This long association results from Mercury's retrograde December 26 to January 15.  It will stimulate worldwide anxiety.   As Mercury is the major business planet in the U.S. chart, it suggests reversals then.  The 2010 seesaw will begin tipping even before New Years.  This, then, is the third potent planetary karma.


    When Mars finally leaves Cancer May 26, it will enter Leo.  By then, Jupiter will have finished its brief transit through Aquarius (a narrow sign) and will have moved into Pisces.

     As shown, Mars will again throw a mean eight house aspect to Jupiter --  from May 26 to July 19.

     Mars will next transit into Virgo, from which position it continues to aspect Jupiter and is also conjunct malefic Saturn.  (This chart is not shown.)   Mars stay in Virgo from July 19 to September 5.

     The combination of Mars with Saturn brings only loss and suffering, and that they both aspect Jupiter will reverse economic gains.

     So, the planets' generally good dispositions in signs, which promotes their best effects, continues to be stymied/reversed by destructive Mars through the first eight months of 2010.

World Transits June 21, 2010

Jupiter in Pisces May 1, 2010 to May 8, 2011

Mars in Leo May 26 to July 19


Debt Bombs

     Following are countries have been recently reported at risk because the government bail outs have bloated their debts.  Future economic pain is inevitable -- since they just traded private debt for public debt, and debt must be either repaid or their fiat currencies will crash.  (Fiat currencies have no intrinsic value -- are not backed by gold, silver, etc.)


     Nov 30   Morgan Stanley fears UK sovereign debt crisis in 2010


     Dec 3  North Korea 'panic' after surprise currency revaluation


     Dec 5  The Dubai debt bomb  (Also see, Dec 8 Dubai World loses control of New York hotel)


     Dec 9  Former BOE Official Buiter Says Greece May Be First EU Default

     Dec 9   Tough 2010 Irish budget unveiled


     Dec 11  Q+A - Will Japan face a sovereign debt crisis


   Beyond these country-specific debt bombs listed above, below are sobering articles predicting their result,

     Nov 30  In Wake of Dubai, Trying to Predict the Next Crisis

     Dec 1  The Next Debt Bomb

     Dec 1 Recent World Events Indicate Impending Market Chaos

     Dec 2  European Banks Growing Bigger ‘Sowing the Seeds’ of Next Crisis

     Dec 2  Robert Reich Confirms Permanent Destruction of Jobs in America

    Dec 12  Nations' mounting debts worry global investors 


Trends from September To Year's End

     The crystal ball dims the further the future is contemplated.

     However, little stands out for next fall, excepting a generalized weakness, notably in Jupiter being retrograde until late November, and then powerless at the edge of Pisces.  After seesawing for the first eight months (through August), the U.S. and global economies may very well just drift through the fall. 

    The determining factor will be which, if any, debt bombs sink countries.  And, if that occurs, will the seesaw bottom out into another economic crisis.

     More will be written about the fall of 2010 as the results of the three potent planetary karmas are realized.


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