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August 1 -- 31, 2009



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August 4, 2009

The Millennium Contraction Tightens

     The Millennium Contraction has already brought two severe declines, the Confidence Collapse late September 2008 and the Big Blizzard Of 2009 this past winter -- January 12 to March 6.  Look at the below graph of the DOW Jones to see how these previous predicted downturns fit this reliable economic indicator.



     We're now just days away from the third steep decline, the August 7 to September 9 Saturn's Scorched Earth Game.  If you need a refresher, read the June 26, 2009 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Summer/Fall Storms And Summer Sunshine.

     Some people have not yet experienced much stress, while others can see their economic positions eroding toward insolvency -- For Many Americans, Nowhere to Go but Down.  And still others, caught in binds such as a local economic debacle, investments being lost, medical expenses overwhelming -- are stuck and out of cash.  Below are two examples in not-so-wealthy anymore Sedona -- the two extremes of a poor spiritual seeker and a wealthy Scottsdale transplant -- either terminus of the red rock bell curve.

     These are not intended to frighten but rather to illustrate the Millennium Contraction is real and long term, and to thereby emphasize we all need to transform our lives.


No Cash, But Enough Food

     His name is Mel, creeping on past eighty, tall, gaunt, bent to the side from his waist up, neck and head following the opposite curve to watery blue eyes under a white hat. On a spiritual path, he wrote a book on a netbook about mind controllers, how to free ourselves from them.  And, it's published!  Temple of the Joker's Golden Light.  He's Sedona's version of an Indian Sadhu

     Gentle and harmless, Mel always has a smile, crooked too, of course.  He lives in long blue van that looks like it was used to ferry migrants to vegetable farms.  It's nearly as beat up as Mel looks.  Oddly, he always appears clean and neat.

     At Safeway, he was in the express line buying a large bag of peanuts.  The ATM card wouldn't clear, and the clerk kindly showed him the balance available.  To that 20 cents, Mel added a wadded up dollar bill and a dime.  A week later, the van was parked in the coffee shop lot, Mel asleep, head bent over the steering wheel.  At 6:30 AM, he roused himself to walk unsteadily into the coffee shop, all the more frail looking for his bent posture -- a kind of double question mark, literally and figuratively.  Mel checked email on his netbook and slept there in a cushy chair until late morning when a kind patron bought him toast and a salad.  Another patron then told him about free meals at the Adult Community Center, and now a few days later he seems a little further away from complete collapse.  Mel has lived a long time and will likely continue to be a survivor.


Out of Cash & Out Of Gas

     Soldiers Pass Road is very swank, a twisting ribbon of new asphalt going deep in the rocks, homes well hidden off side streets with very small signs.  Shadow Rock Drive is near the end, a short spur under Coffee Pot Rock -- aptly named.  There are few garage sales on Soldiers Pass.  Owners there give away stuff they don't need to their maids and gardeners.

     So, a garage sale in that neighborhood is a real treat.  Down a short brick-paved driveway to the garage, where a pleasant looking thirties-or-so couple look up from a banquet table decked with knickknacks.


    "Your yard sale?"  "No, we're just looking, curious like you." Then, a silver mirage glitters to the left -- a brand new, top down Jaguar Xk8. Wow!  Naturally the chrome rim around the license plate says Scottsdale.  All three of us gawk at this wonder.  Where's the owner?  Not seen yet.  Then, on the far side of the Jag a door opens and a most elegant woman in a silk blouse and toreador pants appears -- like a diva making an appearance.  She must have been a great beauty, though now Mel's age, she looks more like a wax figure than a real person.  Yoga and plastic surgery will do that.  Walking around the Jag to greet us, "Hello. Yes, this is my garage sale."  Asked if the tiny back seat would fit a small dog or a bag of groceries, she perked up a little, "Oh no dog. Groceries, yes."  And then uncertainly, as if she were in an alien environment like a factory, and not her own garage, "There's some patio furniture on the back deck."  And, "Oh here is a price list," manicured hand extended tentatively.  The three customers found the gate and headed onto a vast multi-level concrete deck with a big pool set on the far side. 

     There were four, maybe five, patio sets, but nothing else.  No plants, no decorative touches -- a weekend getaway third or fourth home?  The price list started at $250, and that seemed to be per piece -- a chair  We asked each other, this is like Bill Gates having a yard sale, or the White House.  Why?  She needs cash for gas -- and probably groceries too.  And, she's all alone, except for the Jag.  A widow?  Scottsdale husband went bust?  Who knows.  She wasn't going to tell.  The only thing that's certain is that she's ill equipped to change, and her lot truly seems more doomed than Mel's.

     Mel isn't alone.  People care about him and help him, and he returns every courtesy with a crooked smile, a pat on a shoulder and a big "Thank you."  The silver Jag hasn't been seen around town.  It's out of gas.

     The ethical issue is selfishness versus selflessness.  Xk8 owners are hardly selfless, and they usually ride alone..


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Doug Riemer



August 11, 2009

Saturn's Scorched Earth Game Has Begun

     With nearly everyone feeling pressured, and thereby distracted, it's useful to refresh readers' memories with this section on the next economic drop, which has already begun.  The June 26, 2009 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Summer/Fall Storms And Summer Sunshine, predicted and described this August 7 to September 9 contractive impulse.  To recap:  discussed repeatedly in the Celestial Wheel, Saturn's end-of-transit through Leo will be very destructive -- a classic Saturnian reality-check on the false optimism and greed brought forward by Venus/Mars this spring and early summer.  The June 13 Celestial Wheel is the current entry on that topic, and it included the specific beginning date of August 7.  The ending date is September 9, when Saturn will thankfully shift into Virgo.

     Here is the cogent prediction, first made in the May 14 Celestial Wheel,

Leo is the fifth house in the natural zodiac, symbolizing global karmas. That houses's significations for kingship and investments suggests governments and stocks will fall.  Leo is the ninth house of luck and fortune in the U.S. chart. Expect the summer stock markets' Venus/Mars passions will fall to Saturn's cruel realities.


     This chart of U.S. transits was first published in the June 13 Celestial Wheel, showing when Mars will begin to seriously afflict Saturn by aspect -- black line.

     The graphic has been updated by adding Saturn's aspect to Mars -- the red line.  Mars rules (owns) the fifth house of investments, which is also government leaders.


     Too, notice that Mercury is also with Saturn in the ninth house of wealth.  Mercury in this chart rules the tenth house, which is government officials.  The tenth is also a house of government in symbolizing carer and the public.  Mercury was caught in the August 1, 2008 solar eclipse on the U.S. chart, and six weeks later the predicted confidence collapse occurred.  So, this Mercury placement is troubling.

     These significations obviously point to economic and political problems in the U.S.  Note too that President Obama's chart is also injured, for he's now "running" his difficult Jupter/Mars cycle.  Mars is placed in his eighth house of turmoil, where Saturn is transiting. 

United States

July 4, 1776  6:17 PM Philadelphia, PA


   The economy is already experiencing further stress, and political rhetoric and discord are peaking.  Jobs and homes are lost every day.  While health care is a very public battle, state and local governments are also suffering day by day.  Arizona, for example, is stymied in passing a budget, State Budget: Day of Decision.  California is vulnerable to an economic forest fire, especially since the knife-weilding governor was hit in the solar eclipse.

     Saturn in Leo is additionally negative for health, as Saturn is chronic illness and death, and Leo is the Sun's sign, symbolizing the the body.  Chronic conditions tend to worsen now, and some will pass on.  We've already seen this in Eunice Shriver's passing.  Recall the July 28 Celestial Wheel reported on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Venus being hit by the July 21 total Solar Eclipse, stating, There may also be problems with his wife, for Venus symbolizes the mate.  Among Venus' meanings in Arnold's chart is its rulership of the twelfth house of final liberation.  Eunice Shriver was the mother of Arnold's wife, Maria Shriver.  While no one takes any joy in this, it is compelling Vedic Astrology.

     Too, as the Mars/Saturn combination signals violences, there was the aircraft collision in New York and a major earthquake ion Tokyo.  The Celestial Wheel sent this silly poem (a little laughter helps) to subscriber C.A visiting Tokyo now to learn Japanese,

Claudia Kimono

She makes Tokyo quake with fear

The ground shakes when she's near
King Kong ain't got nothin here

Claudia Kimono -- what a dear!


     Stocks may not begin to fall until late Monday August 17, when the U.S. Chart's Dasas (planetary cycles) change from greedy Mars/Rahu/Jupiter* to destructive Mars/Rahu/Saturn on Saturday, August 15.  Saturn's entrance stage left doubles its destructive transit influence in this real life drama.  Tuesday, August 18 looks very bad for the markets.


(*Rahu is the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point that signifies worldly desires. He pumps-up greedy Mars, and Jupiter brings unrealistic optimism for wealth.)


     Globally, Iran  is a hot spot, for the Saturn transit in Leo is that chart's seventh house of relationships, which is clashing with birth chart Saturn and Rahu. 

   This explains the victimizing in the recent election, as well as the resulting violences and ongoing discord.

    Watch for turmoil in Iran to fuel higher oil prices this fall.

     However, there could be a silver lining in Irans convulsions, for it bgan running it's excellent 20 year Venus planetary cycle early in 2008.  This powerfully beneficial planet of peace, diplomacy, the Grace Of God and compassion could very well bring a peace-seeking more democratic government.

     Iran's chart is very badly afflicted, bearing testimony to Iran's conflicts, but it has this wonderful Venus.  So, while there will always be turmoil, the roar could be muted.


February 1, 1979  9:00 AM, Tehran


Spirituality Is A Search For?

     Vedic Astrology associates to Hinduism and is thereby a spiritual discipline.  It seeks to shed light upon karmic paths of persons, nations and the entire globe. 

    As light dissolves the darkness, Vedic Astrology is essentially a search for truth -- as all spirituality must be.  That is why is is called the Science Of Light

     Individually, each of us grows personally -- advances on the path toward Self Realization (the Buddhist's Enlightenment) -- as we conquer our karmas (attachments).  Another way to define spirituality this gaining detachment by letting go of our desires.  Thus, we let go of the Maya (illusion) of earth-bound desires to gain the self knowledge of being spiritual beings.  As we do this, we become less subjective and more objective and thereby more capable of seeing truth.  Yes, we are all here to experience our incarnations on the earthly plane, but the ultimate goal is to become more self aware, and this includes become more knowledgeable the world around us.  Ignorance is not bliss, it is only ignorance.  As we open our eyes to see more of the wold and less of ourselves, we naturally begin to understand our karma of personal responsibility to be of service to others, not sto just go more for me, me, me.  Thus, we join the community of humanity with a common goal of uplifting society, setting aside our personal deisres.  In becoming more selfless, we became less selfish.

     The Celestial Wheel is a primary spiritual path for this astrologer..  God gave these gifts of education and business experience, linked with the ability to predict the future.  Their lowest use is personal financial gain.  Their highest and best use must be shed light upon world economic, political and social trends and events -- to serve all of humanity.  The more mankind knows of the future planetary weather, the better individuals and their societies can navigate through this current Saturn reality check -- and then the long Millennium Contraction, which won't end until 2015.  Too, changing the life by accentuating quality and not quality is both a better way to live and a good example to others.  So, being gifted a Mac to enable escape from Bill Gates' horrible monopoly, getting a  an elegant Piaggio (Vespa) scooter to replace the cheap Chinese Junk Scooter, which two years ago replaced the old Lincoln Continental, downsizing housing repeatedly... get the drift.  It's a process.

     There is an increasing urgency here, for the Millennium Contraction keeps tightening its grip on more and more people.  Emails titled Help are becoming frequent.  Some are early enough in the contraction to make needed adjustments and maintain their lives.  Others are calling when it's too late, despite earlier cautions, -- out of money, sometimes still driving their SUVs around and living in homes they can't afford and moving toward mental fragmentation.  For these, it is very difficult to help, for they are already insolvent, not even able to pay this astrologer's very modest fees.

    The message here is to use your spirituality to dispel your own personal illusions, to see truth and take action.  Everyone is a big square peg trying to fit into a shrinking round hole.  Each of us must shave down our pegs deal with an emerging reality that is smaller materially, but larger spiritually.  Less is more is the truth, and quality is paramount is ahead for all of us.  If this astrologer via Vedic Predictive can help, reach out, and I'll do what I can.  However, know that you'll be asked to face yourself and make dramatic changes you won't like.  Yet, you truly don't have a choice, for time stands still for no one.


Upcoming -- Sedona's Greed Was Its Undoing

     This astrologer wrote an interpretation of Sedona's Vedic chart for the June /July 2002 issue of Four Corners Magazine.  In May of this year, a new Sedona magazine asked for another look at Sedona's chart.  It's naturally interesting to see how these compare, for in 2002, Sedona was still blossoming out.  In 2009, however, the blooms have wilted and consciousness has shifted from belief in a wonderfully prosperous and uniquely beautiful community to denial, bewilderment and emerging despair as Red Rock Fever succumbs to reality.  Unfortunately, the new magazine seems to have been a victim too.

     The belief that the red rocks go to the sky conflicts with the ancient saying that No tree grows to the sky.

     This In-depth Celestial Wheel will be published in a few days.  Don't miss this case study in what can go wrong in your town -- if it already hasn't.

(August 22,  Sedona Through The Millennium Contraction)



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