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July 1 -- 31, 2009



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July 4, 2009


Subscriber email

Subject:  Mars Remains Weak And Dangerous

Sent: July 4 at 7:17 AM

Dear subscribers,

The short June 29 Celestial Wheel Commentary was titled Unstable Planetary weather for Mercury, Venus and Mars all changing signs at the same time.

Venus and Mercury have completed this transition, but warrior Mars will be undergoing it's energetic shift until July 5 (tomorrow), when it reaches 2 degrees in Taurus and becomes strong again. A malefic like Mars is dangerous when weak, like a kindly dog bites when sick. (To be exact, Mars doesn't quite reach 2 degrees until early the morning of July 6.)

This weakly dangerous Mars brings violences, discords and explosions. In this morning's news, we see, North Korea Launches 7 Missiles Off Its East Coast, which is obviously disturbs the entire globe. And, of course, yesterday came Sarah Palin's ridiculous resignation as Alaska's Governor, a Mars-stimulated temper tantrum.

This information suggests you take care today and tomorrow, especially around fireworks, but too with regard to vehicles. Venus is vehicles, and both Mars and Venus are now in Taurus, a sign belonging to Venus, thus accentuating this karma. Of course, Venus' signification for relationship is also harmed.

Also, in the U.S. chart, Mars' position in Taurus is the 6th house of debts, stimulating other countries to reduce their dollar holdings in U.S. government bonds and private investments, India Joins Russia, China in Questioning U.S. Dollar Dominance. This suggests that the upcoming August 7 to September 9 Saturn transit harms to wealth in the U.S. will include the dollar becoming weak for lack of demand -- thus brining inflation and higher interest rates. See, MOUNTAIN OF DEBT: Rising debt may be next crisis. Too, as corporate and personal America are deleveraging (getting rid of excess and unaffordable debt), dollar demand decreases further. Of course, we've also seen recent headlines that U.S. state governments are prey to these challenges, Hope for California budget deal as IOUs planned.

Finally, this article adds to support to money fleeing investments (including debt), and also suggesting you follow the same path ahead, ALL BUSINESS: Cash is king for investors

And, again, get rid of your credit cards and other consumer debt.  Only spend money you have.  Make this Independence Day real by claiming your independence from debt by the criminal enterprises that disguise themselves as banks.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer


July 6, 2009

Fourth Of July Holiday Violences

     Sunday's subscriber-direct e-mail, inserted above, cautioned about violent Mars' continued harms, This information suggests you take care today and tomorrow, especially around fireworks, but too with regard to vehicles.  Venus is vehicles, and both Mars and Venus are now in Taurus... was eerily accurate.  Step back Drudge Report for having a finger on the pulse -- The Celestial Wheel predicts what's key, not just reports on what has already happened!

     The U.S. was a target here for, the U.S. chart is running malefics Mars with Rahu  in its planetary cycles (Dasas) this summer, which is very dangerous.  (The June 26 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Summer/Fall Storms And Summer Sunshine)

     Deadly Disney Crash Investigated


     Bridge Collapse Sends Dozens to Hospital

      Bloody Weekend: 8 Dead, Dozens

     Two Die in Blaze That Drove Firefighters From House

     Holiday fireworks accidents kill 5

     Gaffney killer slain, ending 5-murder spree

     Of course, North Korea's North Korea’s July 4th fireworks show, firing 7 missiles into the Pacific, was about the U.S.

      Charter subscriber M.L in Maryland sent some of these links and added, Here's another Mars casualty. Next door neighbor just told me her 30 year old son broke his hand in 3 places in a boating accident last night.

     This astrologer, knowing well Sunday morning was the most risky for Mars aspecting the Moon, took a scooter ride to the grocery store for creamer, turning onto the highway. Not seeing an onrushing car hidden by a huge truck, he nearly got creamed.  Another 10 feet, and there wouldn't be another Celestial Wheel.  Yet, it was awareness of the risk that promoted the needed quick reaction.


Now, Begin Benefiting From The Summer Sunshine

     Mars is strong again, as are Venus and Mercury.  Jupiter is weakly retrograde but not harmful, and Saturn is patiently waiting to inflict his damages beginning August 7.  So, again, take this lull in planetary disruptions to gets things done.  This was explained in the The June 26 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Summer/Fall Storms And Summer Sunshine, which closed by stating, pay attention to this reasonably favorable period until August 7 to do your lifestyle remodeling.  You'll bed glad you did.  Making your home a refuge from the world is a good starting plan.


A Second Reminder About Gas Prices

   Summer/Fall Storms And Summer Sunshine  also predicted oil and gas prices will move up again this fall, especially in early October when destructive Mars will collide with Ketu -- the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point that symbolizes gas and oil.

     So, after Saturn's August 7 to September 9 scorched earth game, there will not be a long reprieve from further harms -- especially if governments of oil producing countries are disturbed, or even fall.   Too, August begins the peak hurricane Atlantic hurricane season, which last year harmed oil production when a hurricane hit Houston refineries.

     The below timeline, done in Photoshop, gives you an easy visual to see when these celestial weather events occur.  Mars long transit through Cancer will be discussed in the next section.

Summer 2009 through Spring 2010 Timeline



Yet Another Millennium Contraction Hit - October To May

     These summer/fall transit ills are timing indictors for the periods of economic loss during the long Millennium Contraction -- which will likely endure until 2015.  Even during the Great Depression, there were sometimes recoveries, but the long term trajectory was down until World World II.  

     Mars colliding with Ketu in Cancer October 9 marks the beginning of a very long over 8 month transit through this sensitive sign -- Until May 26.  This results because Mars goes retrograde from December 20, 2009 to March 10, 2010, keeping it in Cancer much longer.  It's like driving to part way to a destination, returning home for something you forgot and then starting the trip again than it's usual two months.  Mars's last retrograde was November 15, 2007 until April 28, 2008, and it was the culprit in Bear Stearns collapse.  As the first failure of a major financial firm, it marked the beginning of the Millennium Contraction.  See the March 28, 2008 Celestial Wheel, the section, What Happened March 14?)

     Cancer is Mars' fallen sign, which aggravates him.  The fourth house of the natural zodiac, indicating global conditions.  The fourth is the home, giving a hint to harms -- further real estate losses and violences.  Cancer is the eighth house in the U.S. chart, which is turmoil, even catastrophe.  So, expect the fall of 2009 through the spring of 2010 will bring further karmic reckoning with the excesses of the Second Gilded Age.

     The Celestial Wheel will offer more detailed forecasting as to This Mars transit's dates and harms.  This entry is only an early heads-up for your to plan your life -- and especially encourages you to take advantage of this summer's sunshine opportunity to make hay.  This is a generalized prediction, of course, for it's a transit prediction, weather on the river of life.  Your own chart's planetary cycles (Dasas) are the underlying karma -- your journey on the river of life.


The Celestial Wheel Has Another Birthday

     Keep in mind that as The Celestial Wheel has accurately predicted events and trends now for 7 years, the same astrologer can help you plan a route ahead on your karmic path.  Yes, The Celestial Wheel began in July 2002!  Western pop astrology is psychological, not predictive as Vedic is, and this astrologer offers a proven track record of economic forecasting meshed with business background in his client consultation work.  Your financial future rests upon national and global economic trends as well as your own personal karmas.  And we've all seen traditional advisors have failed us -- bankers, stock brokers, real estate agents and insurance agents.  See for services and fees, the latter reduced last February to 1999 pricing. 

     Continuing and new clients have begun straggling in seeking financial advice.  However, sometimes it's already late in the game -- like ladies who wouldn't have relationship compatibilities done for a new romances until after they slept with the guys, because they didn't want to spoil the opportunities.  Then, the e-mails, sometimes calls, would begin -- It's not working out, the new guy cheated on me... (As a result, this astrologer now refers compatibility analysis to a Vedic heart specialist on that web site.)


Don't Blame The Weatherman

     Weathermen and ladies are always so congenial on TV.  One reason is that they, like everyone else, don't want to be disliked.  Too, advertisers want people to watch the weather news, not be turned off by it.  Primary though is that weather people are just trying to help with their specialized knowledge.  They don't watch the radar screens and video reports with vicious delight at the destructions from storms, floods... 

     Similarly, the Celestial Wheel only reads the Vedic chart screens and is not gloomy for any other purpose than to give warnings of the very tough challenges ahead we're experiencing during the Millennium Contraction.  Too, whenever there is a lull in the planetary clashes, this astrologer readily gives those alerts and encouragements to take advantage of opportunity.  So, don't blame the astrologer.  He can't move the planets around for you any more than a meteorologist can wave off an approaching tornado or thunderstorm.  All we both do is give cautions about bad weather and encouragements for fair skies.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer


July 16, 2009

The Eclipses Are Coming!  The Eclipses Are Coming!

     The June 26 In-depth forecast, Summer/Fall Storms And Summer Sunshine, touched upon this summer's Triple Eclipse.

     Apparently some Indians are really cranked up about it.  This came from subscriber S.R., an American Indian working in India, ...I heard that the last time the 3 eclipses happened it resulted in the Mahabaratha war. And people are saying here that it could be a bad thing for India this time


     My reply chided gently, It seems there's a peculiar twist to the Indian psyche that anything really old is important, and anything within modern history isn't!  In other societies, relevance decreases with time.

This comment rings true, for just a single Google search revealed that triple eclipses are not unusual.  They are, in fact, common, even ordinary -- just as there is often a single eclipse in the semiannual eclipse season.  Triple eclipse not an indicator of catastrophe explains,


There were two triple eclipses in 1989 and one each in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009, but nothing happened said Senior Scientific Officer Dr B S Shylaja. "Pulling random statistics and connecting them to an event cannot support the catastrophe theory," he said.


     The Indians, and untold other others as well over the globe, are ignoring the recent history of triple eclipses because they are caught in powerful ancient history and myth -- fueled by a new sensational Indian book - not unlike the Celestine Prophecy.  (People in Sedona actually offer guided tours of the landmarks in that novel!)  Exaggerations and falsehoods never bring a good result, only harm.

     I added seriously, I do hope the Indians don't overreact to stresses this summer, particularly Saturn's scorched earth actions from Aug. 7 to Sept. 9, and blame it on the triple eclipse.  A great deal of harm and suffering could result.  Indians have rioted at religious gatherings at minor events, sometimes trampling scores of people. This happened most recently twice less than a year ago, 147 killed, 55 injured in Jodhpur temple stampede.  This article also explains the disaster is ... a virtual repeat of the Naina Devi temple stampede in Himachal Pradesh on August 3, in which 162 people were killed...

      From a Vedic Astrology view, the blocking effect of an eclipse occurs only when it hits a planet in a Vedic chart within two degrees -- whether person or nation -- just as the astronomical eclipse only shadows a very narrow swath across a portion of the globe.  Too, an eclipse is actually a transit - the Moon crossing the Sun is a solar eclipse.  Transits of other planets across other planets are similarly very localized.  They impact only a few degrees wide.

     Below again are the eclipse dates and locations.  If any of these eclipses hit a planet in your birthchart within two degrees, it will be eclipsed for about six months.  During this interval, the planet's effects will be blocked, and you will experience it's loss of power as a harm.


     July 7 partial lunar eclipse at 21: 24 degrees Sagittarius

     July 21 total solar eclipse at 5:26 degrees Leo Cancer

     August 5 partial lunar eclipse sat 19:43 degrees Capricorn



The Triple Eclipse True Cause For Concern 

     The Millennium Contraction consists of both delveraging and downsizing in virtually every household, community and business in the U.S.   These impacts reverberate through the global economy to the entire globe.  Everyone is reducing their debt and getting rid of unnecessary and expensive assets.  The sixty year (since World War II) consumer age in America is over.

     As discussed previously in Summer/Fall Storms And Summer Sunshine, this transformation will take many years.  It's not a straight line drop, like falling off a cliff, but rather declines followed by periods of recovery, another down, etc.  first the private sector, people and businesses, contract.  This process will likely take about four years.  Then, the Federal government will deleverage -- for it is accumulating huge debt.  Look forward to inflation, higher interest rates, higher taxes and lower services.  Certainly, overseas adventures like Iraq and Afghanistan will end with a huge miliary being unaffordable.

     So far, the Millennium Contraction's contractions have been experienced in the September 2008 Confidence Collapse and this past winter's The Big Blizzzard of 2009.  Saturn's August 7 to September 9 scorched earth harms will usher in a third economic convulsion.  Part two of that drama will be signaled by Mars' very destructive eight month transit through Cancer.  (See the above July 6 entry.)

    The stock markets, state and local governments and the economy are already feeling some early pressure from Saturn's scorched earth.  Certainly the Obama Administration's honeymoon is over.  As we experience the August 7 to September 9 peak harms, the already severely stressed population will be pushed closer to the edge.  With savings gone, credit cards maxed out, more jobs being lost, those employed working fewer hours and foreclosures rising like a hurricanes' tide, panic can ensue.  Keep in mind too the prediction that governments will fall next month and September, and that will further destabilize.


Don't Panic

     Allowing things like the triple eclipse to further alarm is wrong and dangerous.  As stated, panic can ensue.  Instead, we all must pay attention changing circumstances in our lives, make long term plans with many hard choices and focus our intention upon advancing our personal transformations.  Don't give in to fear and sensationalism in the media, but rather look ahead with hope for a better balanced and more sustainable society. 

     We all have a part to play.  This astrologer publishes Celestial Whee to inform and guide you through the Millennium Contraction.  And, today marks the completion of revamping the business consultations services on -- including more affordable fees, targeted examples and clients accolades.  Take a look.  With The Celestial Wheel's predictive accuracy, well, astrology is certainly better than your favorite banker, stock broker, realtor, insurance salesman...! and don't panic.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



July 19, 2009


Subscriber email

Subject:  July 21 solar eclipse -- important

Sent: July 19 at 11:30 AM EST

Dear subscribers,

The July 21 solar eclipse begins very late in the evening and continues after midnight.  So, it's sometimes reported as being July 22.

This is a total eclipse of the Sun, making it very potent.   Total eclipses are naturally more "eclipsing" than partial ones.  The Sun, in symbolizing the self, body, power, career.... has more impact upon worldly affairs and your own personal experiences.

I made a mistake in quoting the eclipse at 5:26 Leo.  It is instead at 5:26 Cancer.   My apologies.

If you have a planet in your chart within 2 degrees of 5:26 Cancer, it will be eclipsed -- its effects blocked -- for about 6 months. The effect is like being hit. While events tend to occur following the eclipse, the Sun is the body.  So, also use care for the next week or so. No sky diving! Yet, as a solar eclipse blocks the light of the Sun, the stars can be seen, making them also revealing.

Again, the eclipse will be 5:26 degrees Cancer. When an error like this happens, it often draws attention to the planetary disposition because it is important. So, if you have your Vedic chart, check it.  If you only have your Western chart, the eclipse will be at 29 degrees Cancer.

I'm concerned that I've mislead folks with this error and am checking charts this morning to see if any clients/subscribers have planets near 5:26 Leo.  I will be sending out emails to them if this occurs.

I also checked charts of nations and leaders in my files.  None of the major Mideast countries -- Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Israel -- will be hit.   Violence and oil problems there would be global concerns.

This solar eclipse does hit the U.S. chart, but more like a glancing blow than a knockdown punch.  At 5:26 degrees, it is exactly 2 degrees from Mercury at 3:26 degrees in the eighth house of turmoil.   Mercury is a business, partnership and communications planet for this chart.   Real estate will be harmed, and some violences, especially storms, may occur this week.  The New York Stock Exchange chart is also hit, and this is a very hard blow.  Stocks must suffer.

This is an early signal, and an additional karma (influence) on the economic drop that hits the U.S. hard August 7 to September 9. 

Barack Obama is okay.  Joe Biden is okay too, except he may blurt out something really weird.

Politicians and leaders whose charts are hit include: Osama Bin Laden, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Condoleeza Rice and G.W. Bush,

Other public figures whos charts are eclipsed are: Rupert Murdoch, Don Imus and Michael Jordan.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



July 21, 2009

Final Eclipse Information

Following are some links to interesting and informative articles about tonight's total solar eclipse.  (Note, these do not change The Celestial Wheel's eclipse predictions -- above on July 16 & 19)

The Times Of India,  Astro do’s and don'ts for solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse 2009 India and Southern Asia  (From subscriber B.Z in Philadelphia)

Yahoo News Solar eclipse pits superstition against science  (From subscriber N.W. in Sedona)

NASA Longest solar eclipse of the 21st century

Yahoo News Triple eclipse not an indicator of catastrophe (Also posted in the above July 16)  SOLAR ECLIPSE--SOON!


Lastly, here's an excellent article about the Sun, to help you understand it's meanings as the ego and the soul.  When it is eclipsed, the Sun's outer light is blocked but the inner light can illuminate.  During an eclipse, its best to be quiet and be receptive.  Astronomically this fits, for when the Sun is eclipsed the skies darken and the stars are revealed.

Scroll about half way down the article to find Gary Gomes' discussion of the Sun, Surya: The Sun in Vedic Astrology


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer


July 28, 2009

Eclipse Results -- So Far

     The July 19 Celestial Wheel (above) listed public figures hit by the July 21 solar eclipse:  Osama Bin Laden, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Condoleeza Rice, G.W. Bush, Rupert Murdoch, Don Imus and Michael Jordan.  Keep in mind that eclipses both block and reveal -- and that eclipse effects can be immediate but also last for up to six months.

     This is a terrific example of the eclipse revealing effect, U.S. thinks Bin Laden son was killed, not certain.  Expect Bin Laden to suffer other setbacks during the next six months.  Note, this is the third time Bin Laden's chart has been eclipsed since 9-11.  The first eclipse hit was in December 2002.  The January 10, 2003 In-depth Forecast, Is Osama Dead Or Alive?, explained The Sun (the body) was transiting Scorpio (death and secrets) and had been eclipsed (blocked) in a total solar eclipse in Scorpio on December 4.  Osama didn't die.  Instead, he disappeared into Scorpio's hidden depths -- the caves of Afganistan.


     The second eclipse hit on Bin Laden's chart was described in the August 27, 2006 In-depth forecast, The September Eclipse Season & Osama Bin Laden.  We don't know what impacts that eclipse had because Bin Laden had disappeared in the 202 eclipse.

     The eclipse hit Arnold's Venus, which is placed in the second house of speech and rules the fifth house of the mind and the twelfth house of loss.  So, he lost his mind and talked crazy.  Schwarzenegger defends knife-wielding Twitter 

     There may also be problems with his wife, for Venus symbolizes the mate.  As the governor of a state with huge financial problems, Arnold being eclipsed does not bode well for California.

    Rupert Murdoch, the rapacious media baron who created Fox network and gobbled up the London Times and Wall Street Journal, has suffered financial setbacks with the rest of the media.  Google  Rupert Murdoch and select News to see several recent reports of scandals and financial losses.

     G.W. Bush's Saturn, the planet of losses, was hit by this solar eclipse just under two degrees distant -- so a glancing blow.  Saturn is very cruel in his chart and rules his 7th house of partnerships and eighth house of secrets.  Look for more serious problems for his former administration's officials as the eclipse reveals secrets, especially about torture. Condoleeza Rice is a prime suspect here, for her chart was also eclipsed.  Long term, Bush is in a terrible planetary cycle of Mercury that harms his reputation and his mind.  The Celestial Wheel has long predicted Bush has experienced a nervous breakdown of some kind.  Certainly he's lost his mind in some ways.  Bush is also experiencing Sadi Sati -- when Saturn crosses the houses around the Moon, causing loss and suffering.  These influences combine for Bush to be discredited, possibly even convicted of crimes and somehow restrained -- prison or house arrest.

     Watch for news of radio host Don Imus having more problems and basketball star Michael Jordan experiencing further loss.  Jordan's father was murdered several years ago, and he is also recently divorced.

     The July 19 Celestial Wheel (above) also noted the U.S. chart recieves a glancing eclipse blow, and the New York Stock Exchange chart is also hit, and this is a very hard blow.  Stocks must suffer.  The recent run-up in stock prices pushing the DOW over 9000 will not be sustained.  It appears this rise resulted from good earnings reports by big banks for the second quarter ending in June.  But also, the defeat of the health care bill in Congress must have stimulated stock prices in insurance, drugs, hospitals, health equipment manufacturers and others ripping off American consumers.  For a dramatic example of the health care industry's endless greed, see, MDVIP and then read, MDVIP: The New Way For The Rich To Get The Best Medical Care.

     In closing, notice that the cataclysm predicted in India by the triple eclipse has not occured, yet.  The Celestial Wheel explained this as hype in the above July 16 entry.


The Eclipse And Saturn Together

     Saturn's Scorched Earth Game from August 7 to September 9 has been predicted to bring major economic losses, as well as governments falling.  See the June 26 In-depth Forecast, Summer/Fall Storms And Summer Sunshine.  The Celestial Wheel is not an investment advisory publication, but this Vedic Astroloer does offer Property/business/financial consultations at  It's the hot ticket these days.  For anyone, it would be a good idea to use this information to review your portfolio and meet with your financial advisor.

     One area of apparent major investment risk is annuities.  Here's why.  Commercial real estate -- office buildings, shopping centers and apartment complexes.  -- have lagged behind residential in the real estate decline.  The Celestial Wheel's banker* has advised that in August, banks will begin reporting major commercial real estate losses.  More importantly, insurance companies love commercial real estate -- often direct ownership -- for these yield the steady long term income needed streams needed by insurance companies to pay life insurance proceeds and the increasingly popular annuities bought by retired people.  These annuities are not insured by the Federal government as bank deposits are.  As office buildings, shopping centers and apartment complexes empty out, the insurance companies will lose the cash flows needed for annuity payouts.  Remember that AIG was an insurance company.  Retired people depending upon annuities income will see their lifestyles challenged..

(*Yes, we actually do have a banker!  Her impeccable credential are that she's in a small bank and drives a six year old used Buick.)


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