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September 1 -- 30, 2009



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(September 27)


September 20, 2009


     This is a catching up Short-subject Commentary.


There's a Temporary Lull In The Planetary Energies

     The following was emailed directly to subscribers last Tuesday.


September 15, 2009

Subject: There's a temporary lull in the planetary energies

Dear subscribers,

     There's a temporary lull in the planetary energies, making it difficult to get things done and for some giving a sense of loss.  Healer Patricia Flores said in her charming way, "I feel almost totally dead."  This is especially difficult for many whose energies were drained by Saturn's losses and separations during his last weeks in Leo, which ended September 10.

     The Sun (power and confidence) and Venus (love, creativity and happiness) are changing signs, which voids their influences.  Saturn too is weak for moving slowly into Virgo.  Also the mental planets Mercury and Jupiter are retrograde, clouding the mind.  Finally, the perceptional Moon is dim and moving toward new Moon on Friday.

     Too on Friday, the new Moon, Sun and retrograde Mercury will be blanketed by Saturn in early Virgo.

     So, take it easy this week -- through the weekend if you like. There's no sense in trying to "push a string."


     Mercury is a major culprit here for this planet of communications and the intellect is both retrograde and badly afflicted by Saturn.  While the other planets are better disposed now, Mercury remains under Saturn's constrictive gaze and will continue so until Wednesday, September 23.  Mercury ends retrograde September 29, but unfortunately it then retraces its steps across Saturn, and won't be free of this blocking influence until October 9. 

     So, use care in all your communications activities and understand your intellectual mind, the objective calculating part, doesn't always compute.  As Mercury also naturally relates to business, there can be reversals there, mix-ups, deceptions, failures to complete transactions....


An In-depth Forecast

    This is the first Short-subject Commentary in September.  The September 7, 2009 In-depth Forecast, A Stormy Fall, replaced that publishing -- tracing out the pattern of planetary influences.

     Below is the Timeline in A Stormy Fall.  You can readily see the pileup of planetary energies this month -- and then Mars' very long eight month destructive stay in Cancer beginning early next month.



Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

     A Stormy Fall included describing results from Saturn ending its destructive transit through Leo -- the third hit in the Millennium Contraction -- which continues until 2015, when society will be dramatically transformed.  Thankfully that Leo transit ended September 10 and did not bring further global harms.  It seems, rather, that it was individuals who were impacted most during the last few days of the transit.  An acquaintance's car completely died September 6, and it took him until September 9 to have a tow truck deliver it to the junk yard.  This opened up a new opportunity though, and he found a good deal on a reliable car right away.

     Another fellow was greeted on September 9 with the news that his landlady wanted him out by the end of the month, for no apparent reason.  Next, he received long-delayed mail from Las Vegas that included notifications of financial setbacks.   Yet, like the first man, good news followed this week with a financial windfall, enabling a beneficial move to Colorado. 

     A lady had been dutifully clearing out excess junk when a big storm hit Sedona..  Now she had 15 bags of trash and a debris-strewn soggy front yard.  Two benefits followed.  First, the City put a dumpster around the corner, giving free disposal of the trash.  Second, a meeting at City hall resulted in a commitment to fix the drainage system  -- to prevent this chronic problem from recurring.

     In discussing these losses with a beautifully wise lady friend, she said very simply, turn lemons into lemonade.  Yes, of course.  The Celestial Wheel has been so focused upon predicting the path of the Millennium Contraction's harms, that the good which can result has not been recognized, nor properly acknowledged. 

    The lesson here can be understood via Saturn's main deity, Lord Shiva -- the destroyer and the creator.  Shiva destroys that which is no longer necessary to make room for the new.  In all three cases, individuals experienced Saturn/Shiva losses which then enabled gains that truly outweighed the losses for long term benefit.  This is what the Millennium Contraction can be for many, if not for everyone.  Homes and jobs are lost, major lifestyle reductions are forced upon us, but these can result in better and more sustainable lives.  Love, for ourselves, and for others, is a key ingredient here. 

     For too long has America fomented, divisiveness, fear, greed and hate. Those negatives brought no real success, nor satisfaction.  The results are now all to obvious.

     Think about it.  Start looking at the lemons in your life as opportunities for positive change.  There's no way to dodge the Millennium Contraction, but there are paths ahead for everyone to benefit from it.  And even if one problem follows yet another failure, don't give up hope.  Americans are quirky and sometimes paranoid, but two other threads in the America's national fabric are opportunities and an unfailing optimism.  Just make sure your new path ahead is realistic and achievable -- and truly departs from the pattern of greed and selfishness that permeated the Second Gilded Age.

     Vedic Astrology can help by shining light upon your karmic path ahead -- so you that can anticipate challenges and take advantage of opportunities.  If you need help, ask for it.  This astrologer doesn't read minds, only charts, foretelling future karmas that to guide us to personal maturity and fulfillment, Vedic Predictive Astrology  If we pay attention the stars, we can dance with them.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer

September 27, 2009

Moon Bomb
      The butcher at New Frontiers (natural food store) advised today that the web is buzzing with all kinds of concerns about NASA's upcoming Moon Bomb.

     The straight story can be found in the June 17 issue of Scientific American,

NASA will tomorrow launch a spectacular mission to bomb the Moon. Their LCROSS mission will blast off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying a missile that will blast a hole in the lunar surface at twice the speed of a bullet. The missile, a Centaur rocket, will be steered by a shepherding spacecraft that will guide it towards its target - a crater close to the Moon's south pole. Scientists expect the blast to be so powerful that a huge plume of debris will be ejected.

The attack on the Moon is not a declaration of war or act of wanton vandalism. Space scientists want to see if any water ice or vapor is revealed in the cloud of debris.

The spacecraft will not head straight for the Moon. First it will orbit the Earth a number of times while its precise target is identified. Finally, it will send the missile into the Moon at twice the speed of a bullet on October 8.

The shepherding spacecraft will follow close behind, taking pictures and analyzing the ejected debris as it looks for evidence of water. It has just four minutes to do this before it crashes into the Moon itself, producing a spectacular explosion that should be visible in amateur astronomers' telescopes.

It is a busy time for Moon crashes. Last week Japan's Kaguya probe collided with the Moon at the end of its own mission.


Nasa's website has more technical information, including the exact date and time of October 9 at 7:30 AM EDT.

     This last is interesting because the September 7 In-depth Forecast, A Stormy Fall, explained that on October 9, Mars rams into Ketu,

...this is the second time Mars hits Ketu in Cancer.  The first occurance was mid June 2008, when oil and gasoline began peaking -- to $145 per barrel and over $4 per gallon respectively.  Expect another oil/gas price spike in early October.  As Cancer is the eighth house in the U.S. chart, and the sign belonging to the Moon (home), a violent hurricane is likely then.  The final risk area is the swine flu infections rising then.  Cancer being the fourth house in the natural zodiac, and the fourth is the chest/lungs, this karma is particularly strong.  Since infectious Mars continues in Cancer through May 24, the swine flu infections may continue though the late spring.


     Mars/Ketu were also conjoined on 9-11 -- hence the descriptor for the planet of war mixed with tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point, Ketu (spiritual fire) as seething anger.

     There's even a spacecraft crash case when Mars/Ketu came together.  The October 12, 2004 Celestial Wheel observed about the December 3, 1999 the Mars polar landing craft, Mars reached Ketu exactly to the hour when the Mars polar landing craft descended into Mars' atmosphere and was lost forever.  Then, Mars/Ketu were in Capricorn, throwing an aspect to Cancer, the Moon's sign.  Cancer is the U.S. chart's eighth house of catastrophe.  This Mars/Ketu conjunction will be in Cancer, only one degree away from Mercury (communications).  The prediction here is that the mission will fail, unexpectedly and violently due to error.  At the NASA launch time, Mars and Ketu will be just eleven minutes apart.  Mars will conjoin exactly with Ketu at noon.  So, even if the launch goes well, the result will be problematical.

     Web traffic has been much more creative!  Google Moon Bomb, and you'll find quite amazing claims.

     Our Strange Planet.  In just a few months, NASA will EXPLODE a TWO TON bomb on the Moon. They claim this is in the interest of paving the way for colonization, and "to find water." Now this is where the NASA nonsense piles up into an ugly heap, like bed sheet wrinkles on a bed made by a 4 year old.   Not only that, they are aiming for one of the poles of the Moon risking putting the Moon out of orbit or at the very least causing massive disruption in it's actions and functions down here on Earth.  The Moon! An integral part of our Planet. The body which controls the ebb and flow of our Tidal System.  Dr Strangelove has nothing on these mad entities. Bomb the Moon? They are going to cause a world wide catastrophe. What's more they are not sure of the results.  However the re-scheduling of the mission to next week has been exposed as a plan to deliberately have the bomb miss the Moon by miles, swing back towards earth and impact instead on downtown Tehran – targeting the offices of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadashell instead.   The planned October 9, 2009 bombing of the contrary to space law prohibiting environmental modification of celestial bodies.  The NASA moon bombing, a component of the LCROSS mission, may also trigger conflict with known extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon as reported on the moon in witnessed statements by U.S. astronauts...

     Let's see what happens.  It will be interesting how the above predictions prove out -- not to mention how the above publications interpret the results.

     The bell curve -- is instructive here.  Below is an image of normal distribution.   This is an example used to understand new products markets.  80 percent, or more, are in the middle.  There are a few early adapters, and a similar minority of laggards.  The U.S.'s edges of the bell curve are its mystical paranoia.  (See the August 7, 2008 Celestial Wheel, U.S. Psychology.) 

Both are conspiracy theorists, though, being on opposite ends of the bell curve, their fears are unique to each group.  We see on the far right, for example, those who believe health care reform is a plot to kill old people, the deathers.  On the far left -- the above authors and their readers believe the government is out to get us for entirely different reasons.


     As we continue through the Millennium Contraction, our own personal voyages of transformation will require clear and objective understanding.  Use metaphysical (spiritual) information with careful discernment.  Wishful thinking and retreat into fear-based fantasies are just transparent excuses to deny responsibility for ones situation and actions.  These harm by dimming and distorting the clear light of truth.

Upcoming Forecasting
     The following topics are being researched and composed to upcoming Celestial Wheels.

     Comparing Cousins -- Sedona And Steamboat Springs

     The Stock Market Versus The Economy

     Swine Flu -- A Pandemic?

     Mary Travers Is Now Blowin In The wind

September 28 -- A Headsup -- Mercury Forward Tomorrow Morning
     The following was sent to subscribers this morning,

Dear subscribers,

Here's a heads-up -- Mercury ends this difficult retrograde tomorrow at 9:15 AM Eastern Standard Time.

So, things will get a little easier.  At least our mental compasses will stop spinning around!

Still, use some care in all communications, including business transactions, banking, computer work...... all handled by Mercury's intellect -- for a while yet.  Although focus can be good, deception is also an issue.

As explained in the September 20 CW, in There's a Temporary Lull In The Planetary Energies,

Mercury ends retrograde September 29, but unfortunately it then retraces its steps
 across Saturn, and won't be free of this blocking influence until October 9.

Too, the days leading up to October 9, and the ninth itself, will be sensitive for Mars conjoining with Ketu -- the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point -- seething anger. This has been discussed several times in the Celestial Wheel, most recently in yesterday's September 27 posting -- Moon Bomb


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Doug Riemer