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January 9, 2010

Saturn Station -- Volcanoes?

     Saturn, like its astronomical rings, both denies and preserves.  It is thereby the planet of destruction, but also of form and structure and things under the earth.  Saturn is slowing down now and will stop in the sky (station) Wednesday, January 13 at 3:00 PM Universal time and turn retrograde late that evening. 

     When a planet stations, it becomes temporarily extremely powerful -- not unlike a roving theatre spotlight stops to illuminate an actor -- or maybe when dad spotted you with his flashlight hiding in the bushes drinking or smoking.  Then, when the planet turns forward, it reverses its energies.

     While The Celestial Wheel is not expert on earth crust events, experience has shown that when slow Saturn stations and then turns backward, these often occur.  Saturn's station strength jolts the earths crust, with fault lines naturally most vulnerable as these are the energy release areas for movements in the tectonic plates.  In next reversing its energy, Saturn then pushes the fault lines in the opposite direction, causing them to shift, bringing volcanoes, earth quakes and tsunamis -- this last resulting from underwater earthquakes.  (Note, the May 30, 2004 Celestial Wheel discussed this Saturn earth crust effect when it was in Cancer, the home, and aggressive Mars afflicted Saturn.)

     Taking a close look at this Saturn station, Saturn is in Virgo, a Vata sign which is combination of air and earth.  So, the earth is impacted.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury.  To understand what this means, think of Saturn as the tenant and Mercury the landlord.  If the landlord is weak and doesn't perform maintenance, then the structure suffers tenant's residency can further harms it -- a furnace that explodes, or a slammed door coming off its hinges.  Mercury's condition is thereby also key.  He's now weakly retrograde and afflicted by Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point), as well as the hot Sun.  These influences on mutable Mercury destabilize him completely. 

     Too, Mercury sits in Pitta (fire) Sagittarius, which is four houses away -- and using the Vedic technique of counting houses, this equates to the fourth of of Cancer, the home.  As Saturn and Mercury are both Vata, which is a combination of air and earth. and considering Saturn's significations for structure and things under the earth. this is a recipe for volcanic activity, not earthquakes -- underground fire blasting through the earth into the air.

     There are other factors which aggravate.  Mercury will also be slowing down on January 13, as he approaches station on the fifteenth.  As explained below, the act of slowing down destabilizes.  Second, a powerful penumbral solar eclipse comes on January 15.  (Penumbral merely means that the Moon is further away from the earth, allowing the edge of the Sun to be visible.  It retains the force of a total eclipse.)  Solar eclipses are powerful because the Sun is the source of all light and heat and symbolizes the body -- self.  That the eclipse occurs in a weak position at the Edge of Capricorn at one degree is another negative.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the Sun's great enemy, meaning the Sun does poorly there.  Finally, as Saturn's transit position impacts the signs it rules, it's station harms Capricorn and thereby the eclipsed Sun.

    Saturn is both the slowest moving planet and also loses speed very gradually, which suggests that he may be already symbolizing earth crust events.  One way to view this is a pencil breaks before the full power in your hands.  Similarly, earth crust events attributed to Saturn can happen before his destructive influence is maximized as he stations and then turns forward.  Too, the processing of slowing down is itself destabilizing, just as hitting the car brakes on an icy road breaks traction, sending the vehicle into a spin or even into the ditch.  

     The below six articles discuss what appears to be an uptick in volcanic activity, and as these occur across four continents and the huge Pacific Ocean, the disturbance is global.  It is ominous - an omen.  (Note, as explained in the January 4, Goodbye 2009 & Into 2010, Vedic Astrology includes seeing the world through Vedic eyes.  As reports on volcanoes began to build up, they stimulated search in the Vedic charts for a reason, which was then used here to predict future volcanic activity.)


     1/1 Philippine volcano calming; thousands head home

     1/2 Colombian volcano erupts, evacuation ordered

     1/5 Costa Rican volcano erupts after long silence

     1/5 Alaska volcano back at 'normal' status

     1/7 Virunga Volcano erupts again in eastern Congo

     1/7 Aid for Solomon earthquake victims


     Saturn stations and then turns retrograde on January 13 at 3:00 PM Universal Time.  Using London England as the location, a chart can be drawn describing the energies.      

     For Vedic aficionados, the Dasas (planetary cycles) for this chart are all harmful planets, whether natural malefics, ruling bad houses or being weakly harmful. 



     Also, in Shad Bala (six strengths), Saturn is an onerous 193%.  A malefic like Saturn is harmful when either very weak or strong, and this Shad Bala strength is excessive at nearly double normal.

     This Shad Bala score also confirms the destructive power Saturn receives from it's station.

     From this chart, we can also calculate the Astrocar-tography map for Saturn's Station.  Below is that map, with a translation of the planetary glyphs following.

Saturn Station

January 13, 2010 3:00 PM  London, England


     The Astrocartography lines repeat each planet four times.  Locations sensitive to volcanoes would be on Saturn's blue lines primarily but also Mercury's green lines.  However, because of the spacial relationship between Saturn and Mercury for this chart, their Astrocartography lines are conjoined.  Naturally, this doubles up the karma -- influence for volcanic activity along these lines, and also reduces the sensitive areas to just those four lines.  So, just looking at Saturn lines gives information on both. 

     Saturn lines, they are blue and labeled with its glyph.  They are, from left to right on the map,

Hawaii to Alaska

center of South America to maritime Canada

center of Africa through the Mideast and Scandinavia

Western Australia through Indonesia and China


     Comparing the locations of recent volcanos with the Saturn Astrocartography lines, which have an orb of 700 miles, they match,


Recent Volcanoes



Columbia & Costa Rico


Philippines & Solomon Islands

Saturn Astrocartography lines


Hawaii to Alaska

center of South America to maritime Canada

center of Africa through the mid east and Scandinavia

Western Australia through Indonesia and China



    There was no intent, nor any kind of attempt, to manipulate this data.  The analysis was done in exactly the same sequence as it is presented, with the conclusive information emerging at the end.  Celestial Wheels are composed and published directly to the web site.

     Let's see what happens.  In the meantime, any readers considering trips to these locations in the next several days, should use this information to their benefit.  As volcanos do affect the atmosphere, even flying over these locations, or flying on a path across any of the Saturn lines, could bring danger.


Deranged Behavior

    The January 4 In-depth Forecast, Goodbye 2009 & Into 2010, cautioned about New Year resolutions,

     However, if you've vowed to lose weight or cut another addictive habit, these next few weeks will be difficult.  As Mercury is the nervous system and Venus is pleasures, they are the planets of addiction.  Currently, both are afflicted.  Mercury is retrograde (until January 15 and conjoins toxic Rahu to early February.  Venus is combust (burnt) by the Sun, and also with Rahu through this month.  Further, Venus will be eclipsed in the January 15 powerful annular solar eclipse.  The suggestion here is to delay until early February these noble efforts.



     Beyond the addictive impulse, which is an attempt to change consciousness by calming the mind, behavior appears to have become extreme.  Mutable, and currently unstable, mental Mercury is conjoined with creative and light Venus, which planet is also afflicted. This stimulates excess and impulse manifesting in deranged behavior.  Again, seeing the world through Vedic eyes resulted in the below articles researching why.  In this case, it brought a revisit to the Mercury/Venus caution about New Years resolutions.

    Take a look at these recent reports to learn if you agree.  If you concur, then use caution in your actions and in associations with other through the January 15 solar eclipse.  Certainly Mercury's business, calculations, memory and skill significations are affected, as are Venus' enjoyments, love, wealth, happiness and contentment and daughters.

     1/6 Police: Infant In Child Seat Thrown From Car

     1/6 No charges for Salem man whose behavior caused Hawaii-bound airliner to return to Portland

     1/7 TSA Agent Arrested at LAX

     1/7 Naked jogger nabbed near White House

     1/7 Goodbye kiss provoked Newark airport scare

     1/7 71-year-old murders grandson in Florida


     1/8 With no one to stop him, Arenas made one bad move after another


Conspiracy Theories

     In stressful times such as this, people naturally look to conspiracy theories to explain what is happening.  Yes, there are real conspiracies, but there are also many conspiracies made up by psychics and false gurus that needlessly scare people and divert their attention to solving their own problems -- the blame someone else for my problems psychology.

     Here's a conspiracy, the Masons, that is now convincingly disproven by their revealing their secret rites, The Not-So-Secrets of the Temple.

     Here's a web site by a false guru that one subscriber described as unsavory and vile, Expansions.  This guy spent over three years in federal prison for fraud and claims he was a victim of a secret government mind control project -- they made him do it!

   This is a real conspiracy, and it's integral to the Millennium Contraction, Offshore deals by Goldman draw fire.

     And this article lists real conspiracies, 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know...  There's a small glitch here - the article is posted on, which name itself  is a conspiracy theory.   Oh well.

     Recall the November 29 Celestial Wheel ended with the section, The U.S. Chart's Mystical Paranoia Is Peaking Again Now -- making this conspiracy theory discussion relevant.  This difficult Mars/Rahu planetary cycle, ...began April 28, 2009 and ends May 17.


Article Links

     If you've noticed more and better links to topics, this is entirely due to terrific sleuthing by subscriber B.R., from an undisclosed location in Steamboat Springs, CO.  The fly in the ointment here is that it is well known Steamboat Springs lies in the very heart of Colorado's secret U.S. government.  But, the links are great anyway!


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



January 11, 2010


Some Heads-ups!

Subscriber direct e-mail Sunday morning

In beginning to review charts of nations and leaders hit by the January 15 solar eclipse at one degree Capricorn, Barak Obama's chart jumps out.   His Ascendant ruler Saturn at two degree Capricorn will be hit.

This eclipse does harm government leaders for being the sun (leaders) in Capricorn, which is the sign of government officials.

With Obama's Venus also eclipsed, which is his career planet, look for him to suffer major setbacks as the Friday, January 15 eclipse date approaches and is reached. There is also some risk of physical harm -- an infection or accident.

Since the U.S. chart is also afflicted by this eclipse, this coming week will be challenging.

As Venus is also Obama's wife and daughters, they too could suffer in some way.


Subscriber direct e-mail Sunday afternoon

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC picked up on the same bizarre behavior, blaming it on Mercury retrograde, which The Celestial Wheel yesterday called deranged behavior, Stars align for weird news

She blames it on Mercury retrograde. I emailed Rachel giving her the link to yesterday's posting and temporary codes. Let's see if she responds. Of course, a volcano this week would prove the point.


My e-mail to Rachel Maddow

It's not just Mercury retrograde bringing bizarre behavior, which I have termed "deranged."  

In Vedic Astrology, there's always more than one planetary karma needed to stimulate events.

Take a look at the Celestial Wheel I published yesterday about this, January 9, 2009

Read past the first section, about volcanoes this week to find the section "Deranged Behavior." (Of course, the volcanoes section is also very cool. There was an earthquake this morning off     N. CA that is another omen.)

I've given your temporary codes to access this "participation only" forecast,

If you like this information, go to the home page and peruse some other forecasting,

PS   This week will be very tough for the U.S. and Obama too -- culminating in the solar eclipse on Friday.   Hold your hat!  I'll post some predictions about that tomorrow.

PPS   Just cause I'm from Sedona doesn't mean I am wacko or kill people in sweat lodges, which James Arthur Ray homicide, by the way, was just one mile from where Sarah Palin did her mind control thing with John McCain.   Bell curve extremes are stimulated here.

PPPS  Thank you for being honest and objective on your show.


    And here's an Subscriber comment with my reply.   He's conversant in Vedic Astrology,  For those of you who are not, just read past the planetary symbolism to the English language conclusions.

Participant/Subscriber A.B e-mailed

Hey you also think that Mars being retrograde in the natural fourth house of the Zodiac (that too is in Aslesha) is causing all these vehicle related incidents... we have had a rash of crazy incidents involving passenger misbehavior on planes in India as well and it seems to fit that Mangal is retrograde (hence irritated) in the sign covering vehicles and transportation...

I am sure the Mercury Retrograde with Rahu does not help but the dominance of vehicles especially airline related incidents ever since Mars has gone retrograde seems to point to this... Also if you see the weird weather patterns (record snowfall across the UK and parts of Europe... lowest temperatures recorded in major cities across the world)... oil slowly moving past the 80 dollar mark... seems like classic Mars retro outcomes....

Would love your thoughts on this....


Doug Riemer replied

Yes, that contributes to the vehicle issues. This Mars transit really is bad for it's position in Cancer, Ashlesha and so long in 8 months -- the karmas build up.   I do believe, however, that it's more Mars being in Cancer for so long, rather than the retrograde, which brings this. Truly, retrograde makes the energy more latent. Recall I'm most concerned about Mars in Cancer when he goes direct in early March -- then he will roar!

Also, however, most of this is airplane stuff -- and Venus (vehicles) is with Rahu, which is airplanes. That's really the key to why airplanes.

Finally, it's Mercury so badly disposed that brings the deranged actions.

So, there's a confluence of karmas -- necessary to predict and understand intense events.

Appreciate very much your thoughtfulness. The world needs more of this type of thinking to get through this mess. Read, Multicultural Critical Theory. At B-School?  I've believed for a long time that MBA's have ruined business for their lack of ethics, perspective and critical thinking.   CEO's in the past used to be liberal arts folks -- history, literature, philosophy, economics.... G.W. Bush was an MBA, as you likely recall.

As to the cold weather/storms, yes Mars in Cancer, and I believe I've mentioned this several times in the CW.  So, wait till Mars starts roaring in March. That being said, I really don't understand weather predictions -- just can see some bits here and there, and I always watch Mars, for he creates destruction.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



January 12, 2010

     The below was emailed directly to Subscriber Participants,

Today's earthquake in Haiti occurred at 4:53 PM.

Here's an article with good detail, including that. "there had been no quakes this large in Haiti for more than 200 years.  The quake was felt in Southeast Cuba approximately 160 Miles away from the epicenter." Miami Tsunami Warning after Video of Haiti Earthquake Damage in Caribbean

This earthquake occurred when Saturn had stationed - stopped in the sky.  Saturn will continue stationary until 3 PM tomorrow Universal Time, or 10 AM Eastern Standard Time (Haiti's time zone).

At that time, Saturn will turn retrograde, which direction change will bring the most earth crust stress.  Still, Saturn will continue to strongly pressure the crust for at least another day as it will be moving very slowly after it turns retrograde.  We also have Friday's solar eclipse, which will continue instability.  So, earth crust events remain likely through this coming Friday.

On January 9, The Celestial Wheel specifically predicted a volcano near one of the four Saturn Astrocartography lines during this interval.  Haiti is certainly within the 700 mile orb of a Saturn line through the eastern Caribbean.

This earthquake can be how that energy was released. There could be also be aftershocks. Other possibilities are earthquakes in other locations, or the specifically predicted volcano.  God only allows us Vedic Astrologers to predict some events and variables.  Otherwise, we would be stealing his wind.

In any case, the measurement of a great prediction is what, when and where. So, far the prediction has been remarkably close -- an earthquake (what) within a day of the most intense energy (when) near a Saturn Astrocartography line (where).

It will be necessary to wait until Saturday to determine how The Celestial Wheel prediction turns out.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



January 14, 2009

     The below was also emailed directly to Subscriber Participants,


Two Volcanic Eruptions In South America

In searching the web this morning, there was a delayed report in the Chinese press of a volcanic eruption in Ecuador January 12 -- the Tungurahua volcano.  Volcano erupts in Ecuador.

Like Haiti, Ecuador is within the 700 mile orb of the Saturn Astrocartography line running through:  South America, the Caribbean and north to the Canadian maritime provinces.  See the above January 9 Celestial Wheel for the volcano prediction.

It appears that coverage of the Haiti earthquake so overshadowed that volcano that wasn't reported in the Western press.

And, this article just popped up on an image search on MailOnLine.   Check out the blazing images.  As January 9 Celestial Wheel stated, underground fire blasting through the earth into the air.

Just now found on the web, another South American volcano erupted yesterday, the Planchon-Peteroa Volcano.  It is located on the border between Chili and Argentina.  Again, there's little media coverage -- only a small blurb in Volcano Live.



Solar Eclipse Tomorrow

    Dont forget the solar eclipse is tomorrow.  This will be a time for quiet and contemplation.  Also, as the Sun symbolizes the body, confidence and power, be conservative in your actions.  Mercury, the intellect and nervous system, turns forward tomorrow morning at 10 AM EST, which will bring welcome clarity starting Saturday.  However, Mercury's U-turn tomorrow can be temporarily disorienting.

     Too, there remains the influence for deranged behavior.  So, while you may be fine, others around you may not be.   

     By Sunday, these temporary celestial storms will have largely calmed.  Plus, with Saturn now retrograde, he is less restrictive. 

     These influences combine to empower you to better enable meeting challenges and advancing on your transformational path during this long Millennium Contraction.


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Doug Riemer



January 18, 2010


The below was emailed to Subscribers this evening,

Heads-up Massachusetts Senatorial election tomorrow


Tomorrow's U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts has been heavily lobbied by many Democrats, including a personal visit by President Obama.

With Obama's Saturn (authority and reputation) badly hit in last Friday's solar eclipse, it doesn't appear his efforts will succeed.

Further, other dispositions in his Vedic chart are negative, notably that transit Mars has backed onto his Sun, bringing discord and further harming his leadership position.  This conjunction is particularly difficult for occurring in his seventh house of relationships and the social nature -- negative for his bringing voters to his side.

There is confirming negative karma in the U.S. chart, showing discord, fear and lack of faith in government officials. These are powerful motivations for voters to change parties to the more appealing Republican candidate.

The Democratic candidate will likely lose, and lose badly tomorrow.

All Democrats are concerned the loss will end the 60 seat majority in the Senate and thereby cause the health care bill to fail.  There could, however, be a silver lining here. That bill has been so watered down, protects the insurance companies and fails in the key ingredient of cost reductions, that it serves no common good.   Too many cooks have spoiled the broth.  Thereby, beginning again on health care reform may be both necessary and beneficial.



Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



January 22, 2010

Solar Eclipse Predictions

     The above January 11 entry noted Barak Oaambs's chart was hit hard by the January 15 solar eclipse.  It further stated, This eclipse does harm government leaders for being the Sun (leaders) in Capricorn, which is the sign of government officials.  (Note that eclipse effects begin about a week before and eclipse, and for those charts in which a planet it hit, lasts about six months.  So, Obama has a long stretch of rough road ahead.)

     President Obama has already suffered a major setback in the Democrats losing the Massachusetts Senate election, and thereby their 60 seat super-majority in the Senate.  Health care reform has been, at the very least, set back many months. 

     This article, Opposition Grows Against Second Term for Bernanke, explains the Federal Reserve Chairman may not be reappointed by Congress.  Is It Just Us, Or Did Tim Geithner Get Fired Yesterday? discusses the Obama Administration's rejecting the Treasury Secretary's pro-bank policies.  (Note: these blow-backs against government finance leaders reflect politicians beginning to respond to the nascent popular protests, discussed further below.)

      There have been other serious government problems abroad. The entire government of Haiti has been derailed by the January 12 earthquake.  Greek officials have been caught lying to the E.U. about its deficit, Greece faces EU grilling.  Corruption claims haunt Japan's government, Japan's Ichiro Ozawa 'won't quit' over funding row.  This title is self explanatory, China jails senior judge for life over corruption.


A Challenging Start For 2010

    The first half of January has been difficult, as predicted in the above January entries.  We've seen plenty of stresses, as detailed above, and also in: 

     Deranged behavior brought by Mercury and Venus being afflicted

     The Saturn station signaling earth crust events in both earthquakes and volcanoes

     The Supreme Court decision ending restrictions on corporations campaign spending.


     However, the planets have largely calmed, especially now that harms up to and from the January 15 solar eclipse are tailing off.  The In-depth forecast, U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 200, did predict the year to be an economic see- saw.   The November 29 Celestial Wheel, however, explained the overcast 2009 will be replaced by sunnier planetary weather in 2010 for individuals,'s also true that the sign positions of the planets will be favorable after Jupiter gets out of Capricorn December 29 -- excepting for Mars, which will be thankfully retrograde (and thereby ineffectual) December 20 to March 9.

     Saturn does well in Gemini, and the Sun and Venus are past their fallen (weak) signs.

     Even Rahu and Ketu -- the head and tails of the dragon eclipse points -- are well placed now in Sagittarius and Gemini.

     Overall, these beneficial planetary placements will tend to uplift personal power and opportunity, which will be very useful as the economy and society move through another belt-tightening in the Millennium Contraction.


     This is an important, indeed critical, distinction for readers to know and understand.  While the Millennium Contraction inevitably continues, we now have the power needed to adjust to that transformation.  This doesn't mean everyone, just as not everyone suffered during 2009.  Its a trend affecting most in varying degrees. 


Popular Protests

   There are lots of reasons and causes for the populace to raise up in mass protests.  Some are real and substantial.  Others appeal only to the mystical paranoia in the U.S. chart which grips the national psyche. 

     Examples of the latter are, FCC looks at ways to assert authority over Web access and persistent rumors about Obama, which as he, appears intent on using our military at least until he can create his promised ‘Civilian Security Force’ which he said would be as big and powerful as the military.” White House’s latest power grab ignored by media?  That reference was in a July 2008 campaign speech taken out of context about empowering and enlarging the State Department and other civilian units for the Iraq war.

(Note: As beer has been called the opiate of the masses, isn't it a more realistic conspiracy theory to believe the far right plants these conspiracies to scare us and divert our attention from their dirty deeds?)


     This example of the former -- truly real and substantial -- is the Supreme Court decision yesterday on allowing campaign spending by corporations -- might get people galvanized, Justices, 5-4, Reject Corporate Spending Limit.  Now the corporations will be able to swing their economic might in elections. Dissenting judges said that allowing corporate money to flood the political marketplace would corrupt democracy.  President Obama is absolutely correct in his objection this is, a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans.

    Yet, this could become the issue that primes the pump for nationwide popular protests.  Certainly we aren't powerless, as explained above in politicians resisting Bernanke and Geithner -- and below in the next section about the big banks.  And this is a really big deal, a game-changer for elections -- like allowing one baseball team to use steroids.  Consider, and this can now happen -- News Corporation runs a massive ad campaign in this fall's midterm elections for Tea Party candidates and backs that up with endless commentary on its Fox News Network, newspapers (Wall Street Journal), radio stations and web sites.  The other big corporations join in, and together they drown out the opposition.  G.E. owns NBC...  The Tea Partiers, plus other Republicans, gain a majority in both houses of Congress, but the Tea Partiers control the Republicans.  Then, for the 2012 General Election, they run Sarah Palin with Glenn Beck.  This is not crazy, except maybe crazy like a fox.

     Remember -- which lobbied against the Bush administration and extreme Republican policies?  It still exists, and the home page features protest against, guess what, the Supreme Court decision allowing corporations unlimited campaign activity. 

     We have solid historical examples of advocacy groups, organized and acting effectively in popular protests.  How about the Sierra Club, which pushed ahead environmental legislation decades ago and still has a large membership?

     Here are some further ideas, How to build a grassroots movement.


More Protesting With Your Pocketbook

    The January 20 In-depth Celestial wheel, Haiti -- A Metaphor & More, suggested several actions you can take to take to both defend yourself and attack in the economic war.  It is a war.  Here's a cool article from Alternet with more ideas, 10 Ways to Screw Over the Corporate Jackals Who've Been Screwing You.

    Also, if you think we are powerless as mere citizens to knock the knees out from under the huge banks, read this article, Bank of America May Post Loss on TARP Payment, Loan Defaults.  It shows even the biggest sand baddest of the beasts is vulnerable on its conventional banking side (as opposed to its investment banking operations*).  the article states, Bank of America wrote off more than $15 billion in home and credit-card loan losses during the first three quarters of 2009.  And JP Morgan loan losses overshadow higher Q4 profit states, JP Morgan Chase & Co reported deep losses on mortgage and credit card loans in the fourth quarter, damping hopes that consumer credit is on the mend.


(* Commercial banking is what we use and are accustomed to.  As this involves the banks using our deposits, it is correctly highly regulated.  Investment banking are activities banks carry out for businesses, stuff we don't know about nor understand -- issuing stocks and bonds, mergers, acquisitions, securitizing mortgages, exotic mortgages, credit default swaps (betting against investments) stock brokerage, currency trading.  Many of these were newly engineered with high risk and high returns.  Commercial and investment banking functions were separate until 1998, when Congress voted to allow investment banking to be done by commercial banks.  It took only a decade for the use of our deposits in investment banking to bust the economy.)


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Doug Riemer



January 24, 2010

Keep The Celestial Wheel Rolling Along

     As Vedic Astrology is integral to Hinduism, it is a spiritual endeavor, and as such, can only be a search for truth.  Vedic Astrology is unique in spirituality because it accurately predicts future planetary karmas -- influences.  The most easily seen, as well as most useful, are the stormy ones -- those that challenge us to grow.  

       Winter storms damage but also bring moisture needed for crops to grow in the spring.  If a Vedic Astrologer alerts you to an upcoming blizzard, you can take protective actions to safeguard yourself, family, home and other interests you have necessary to survive.  Thus, you can reduce the storm's harms, and if you garden or farm, also benefit from moisture that will be needed by crops in the spring.  This is all Vedic Astrology can do, and that's a lot!  If you expect more from Vedic Astrology's interpreting your personal chart or providing information about world trends and events via The Celestial Wheel, you've mistaken.  Vedic Astrology's predictive capability can't change your life.  Only you can change your life.

     As Vedic Astrology empowers you with accurate predictions to improve your life, you can, use the advantage to do your duty to humanity -- by helping a child or friend, charity to the poor, performing your job better...   These elevate this incarnation personally and improves the society in which you live.

     This astrologer's duty is to write and publish The Celestial Wheel.  The current format of paid participation and some free forecasts strikes a balance in funding the work and serving humanity.  Your participation, then, supports a helping activity for society, which has the added benefit of helping yourself.  It's a win, win.  Thank you, and tell your friends, for more participants are needed to keep The Celestial Wheel rolling along.  Even as this astrologer saw the Millennium Contraction coming years ago in 2005 and cut overheads to the bone, the economic decline has hit personal Vedic Astrology consultations and Celestial Wheel income even more than anticipated.  Part of this personal cost-cutting arises from the necessity of cutting back expenses, of course, but some too out of fear, which can be unwise in halting productive actions.

     So, again, tell your friends, encouraging their conquering fear by participating in The Celestial Wheel, with its minimal pricing from $4.  Further, as explained repeatedly, and reinforced in the above January 22, entry, ... the sign positions of the planets will be favorable after Jupiter gets out of Capricorn December 29....  Overall, these beneficial planetary placements will tend to uplift personal power and opportunity, which will be very useful as the economy and society move through another belt-tightening in the Millennium Contraction.  This year is thereby a window of opportunity to transform your life during this long economic, social and political transformation that continues until 2015.  Shining Vedic light via The Celestial Wheel on the future empowers readers to better harness this year's stronger and more favorable planetary karmas.

     In this regard, consider just the value of the following section on upcoming sensitive dates.


Sensitive Dates Coming Up

     There are three sensitive dates coming up which will bring winter planetary storms.  This is not unusual nor should be unexpected.  There would be no snow in winter without winter storms.  There is no way to avoid damaging storms and also have moisture.  They are intertwined, twin aspects of events.  Keep in mind these are short term karmas an do not alter the year-long strength of the planets in 2010. 

     Venus and the Sun are approaching opposition to Mars this week, which means that destructive Mars energy fires upon the planets of love and self. 

     Next week, Mercury will collide again with Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  This was discussed in December 22, 2009 entry -- ...Mercury doing a dirty dance with eclipse point Rahu.   Also in Goodbye 2009 & Into 2010, Mercury is retrograde (until January 16) and conjoins toxic Rahu to early February.

     Following the are these planetary clashes, dates and areas of concern:

    Venus/Mars   Tues, Wed   Jan 26, 27   Venus' females, vehicles, relationships, investments, entertainers

     Sun/Mars  Thurs, Fri,   Jan 28, 29   Sun's power, confidence, cardiac, government

     Mercury/Rahu   Tues, Wed   Feb 2, 3   Mercury's business, communications, nervous system

     For the U.S. these karmas promote: violences, including storms, scandals and economic setbacks. 

     Traumatic events this week and next will further stimulate dissatisfaction and unrest in the populace, accelerating the tide of popular protests that has been predicted for 2010.  Thus, the Second Progressive Age is beginning to emerge as the potent force in America.  Hurrah!


     Beyond these clashes, the all-important Moon will be afflicted by Mars and then Saturn during most of this interval.  As the Moon is the primary planet in Vedic Astrology in symbolizing perception and the benefits it life, it is a key timing indicator for difficult events. 

     Note as well that Tuesday is included twice.  Tuesday is Mars' day of the week, when Mars triggers actions.

     This World Transit chart for Wednesday, January 27 illustrates.  Mars retrograde passed exact opposition the day before, and restrictive Saturn aspects the Moon. 

    The Sun will then come under Mars' fire, and the Moon will conjoin Mars January 28 and 29. 


World Transits January 27, 2010

     Rahu and Mercury are shown in the bottom left corner in Sagittarius approaching each other for close conjunction February 2 and 3.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



January 26, 2010

     The following was emailed directly to Participant Subscribers,

Mars -- another Heads-up on the planet of war

As explained in the January 24 Celestial Wheel , Mars is making trouble this week.

The following just came in from NASA's  While I don't see planetary proximity as a major karma, it must have some influence.  This inflames Mars further.  If the sky is clear where you live, and it's not too cold, you may enjoy the celestial view.

Close Encounter with Mars

January 26, 2010:  It rises in the east at sunset, pumpkin-orange and brighter than a first magnitude star.  You stare at it, unblinking. Unblinking, it stares right back.

It is Mars.

This week Earth and Mars are having a close encounter.  On Jan. 27th, the Red Planet will be only 99 million kilometers away and look bigger through a telescope than at any time between 2008 and 2014.

Mars is a pleasing sight even to the unaided eye.  With a visual magnitude of -1.3, it is almost as bright as Sirius (magnitude -1.44), the brightest star in the sky.

Compare the two—Sirius vs. Mars.  They are in the same patch of sky all week long.  While Sirius is as blue as the tip of an acetylene torch, Mars looks more like the ruddy head of a lit match. The contrast is beautiful.

Another fun comparison: Sirius twinkles but Mars does not. Distant, pinprick stars are more disturbed in their appearance by tiny irregularities in Earth's atmosphere than nearby, disk-shaped planets.  Compared to the dancing light of a star, Mars has a smooth, unblinking glow.

For visual observers, the best display comes on Friday, Jan. 29th, when the full Moon and Mars converge for a floodlamp-bright conjunction.  On that night, Mars will be at opposition—i.e., directly opposite the sun. It will rise alongside the Moon at sunset and soar overhead at midnight.

Note: the January 24 Celestial Wheel stated, the Moon will conjoin Mars January 28 and 29. Because the Moon will be full, it's significations for perception and worldly benefits will also be full, making Mars' influence that much more impactive   There will be howling at the Moon, in one way or another, on the globe.


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January 29, 2010

  The following was emailed directly to Participant Subscribers this morning,


Tonight's Full Moon is Oversized Too!

The January 26 Heads-up advised NASA's reported Mars is very close to the Earth now, Close Encounter with Mars. has followed up this astronomical report with another -- that tonight's full Moon will be, the biggest and brightest full Moon of the year.   It's a "perigee Moon," as much as 14% wider and 30% brighter than other full Moons you'll see later in 2010.


This report also makes the connection with Mars' celestial brilliance, But that's not all. Mars is having a close encounter with Earth, and on Friday night, Jan. 29th, it will join the Moon for an all-night-long conjunction. Don't miss it! Sky maps and images may be found at


Planetary brightness is an added influence to an already very intense time.

A full Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are opposite each other. To this is added Mars being with the Moon, which really fires up the lunar emotions and harms the Moon's benefits in life. Too, the Sun opposite Mars stimulates fighting and discord.

The almost full Moon will cross Mars just after midnight tonight (EST), and the full Moon will occur at 1:30 AM.  Watch the eastern sky as dusk for the full Moon and Mars to rise together and continue in the sky all evening -- even until dawn if you rise early.

This Heads-up suggests you keep your head down today and through the evening. While intense planetary karma such as this cannot be completed avoided, advance notice can help you mitigate its effect -- like it's better to trip on a door threshold than trip while rock climbing.



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January 31, 2010

January Wrap-up

     This first month of the new year has been both stressful and eventful in many ways.  The first half of the month saw strife that evidenced most unfortunately in the Haiti earthquake.  This past week was challenging as predicted. The positive here is an upwelling of popular protest.   Even President Obama is taking a populist tack, though it's really into the wind and any progress must be a struggle, just as a sailboat tacking goes against the waves and wind, Obama goes populist as Democrats lick their wounds.

    The above January 24 entry discussing sensitive dates predicted problems for early last week with entertainers and vehicles.  These karmas certainly actualized with 4 Men Accused of Scheme With La. Senator's Phone, led by filmmaker James O-Keefe, and the Toyota gas peddle debacle, Toyota Halts Sales of 8 Models in U.S. for Pedal Flaw.  Both of these events occurred on January 26, and The Celestial Wheel predicted issues with Venus's entertainers and vehicles for January 26, 27.

     We also saw a major snow storm in the mid Atlantic states late last week, fitting with the predicted storm for the U.S.  Scandal was also forecasted.  Both resulted:  John Edwards's denial of baby was final straw, Andrew Young writes and A dusting of snow? Sure, if you're a giant. : 8 fluffy inches dumped on region belie forecast, disrupting... 

     While some glided through, others experienced challenges.  This astrologer was hit by a trojan shutting down, his bank incorrectly levied three overdraft charges and a head cold set in on Friday, when the Sun (head) was aspected by Mars (infections).   However, the web site was quickly restored, the overdrafts will be credited and the head cold is already abating.  The January 24 entry also included the statement, ...these are short term karmas an do not alter the year-long strength of the planets in 2010.


One More Sensitive Date This Week

     The January 24 entry included, Mercury/Rahu Tues, Wed Feb 2, 3 Mercury's business, communications, nervous system

     The influence of Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, on mental Mercury is anxiety and the feeling of being under attack -- like a snake slithering toward you.  This is more psychological than real but still unsettling.  Yet, the all-important emotional and perceptional Moon will be simultaneously conjoined wtih depressing Saturn.  So, take it easy on yourself and others!

    There is good news, though, for this Wednesday ends the long six weeks since Mercury has been conjoining Rahu.  There's calming mental and business weather ahead. 



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