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October 13, 2011


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The Celestial Wheel Survivalist

     The Celestial wheel guides and encourages our journeys through the swamp of the Millennium Contraction to high and dry ground.  The analogy of fitting our old square pegs into new round holes is apt.  It's a metaphysical divination version of the TV survivalist genre, 

     In this episode of SURVIVE THIS!

Our adventurers are stranded in the wilds of Borneo, where they'll show you how to

Start a fire using bifocals and mongoose hair

Keep warm with clothing woven from snake skins

And, truly thrilling!

Stampede feral goats over a cliff to signal for help


     The September 30 Vedic Leaks (password required) explained how the Celestial Wheel works, unlike the imagined scenarios of reality show. 

     Short-subject VedicLeaks are published in several entries each month on a monthly web page.  These examine specific current and upcoming planetary karmas and their consequences.   Free In-depth Forecasts then gather these pieces of information together and integrate them into broader perspectives.

     An example is the U.S. chart's paranoid mysticism that drives the far right's terrorism fears, racism, the Tea Party... explained in the August 2008 VedicLeaks -- U.S. Psychology.  The March 2010 In-depth Forecast Tug Of War applies this to the health care bill battle.  The former may be compared to hearing symphonic melodies and the latter to attending the orchestral symphony. 

     An authentic survivalist In-depth Forecast is the July 2010 Millennium Contraction -- Migrations.


The Celestial Wheel On Popular Protests

     Popular protests have long been anticipated.  In December 2004, the In-depth Forecast, The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles -- Part I 1776 to 1895, unveiled the repetition of Gilded Ages and consequent protests in the late nineteenth century are happening again.  Recent predictions include:

     The September 15 In-Depth Forecast, Mars & Saturn Recap ended with,

The February 2011 Popular Protests In The U.S. discussed gradual budding-out of popular resentments into popular protests.  Look for these to really blossom this fall. Then, the battle to regain shared democratic values will truly be joined -- although it will be long fought and difficult. But, like a snake shedding its skin or a bird moulting, it's a natural process with a positive result.

     The September 19 VedicLeaks identified and described the effects of the challenging transits in September and October of Mars through its fallen sign of Cancer and the personal planets Mercury/Venus and the Sun running a gauntlet by crossing Saturn in Virgo.  Among these karmas is, Popular protests are a factor.

     The October 6 VedicLeaks  continued the discussion, unveiling the psychology,

     The September 19 Vedicleaks examined the the challenging transits of Mars through Cancer and Sun, Venus and Mercury across Saturn in Virgo, observing, It is also useful pointing out that Venus and Mercury are personal planets, as really the Sun is as well.  This means significant trials and tribulations will impact us individually, as opposed to governments. (Health is a major issue.)

     It appears the tremendous suffering during these first three years of the Millennium Contraction is finally being taken personally -- the missing motivator behind broad-based popular protests.


    There is, naturally, much more going on the the American psyche.  The gradual budding-out of popular resentments into popular protests speaks to frustration bringing anger and also fear.  It has been three years since the economy crashed, and the year-long respite that ended this past May gave hopes that have been cruelly crushed.  The July 4 In-depth Forecast, Tipping Point, explains,

Returning to the title of this forecast, Tipping Point, the year-long Mars major and Saturn minor in the U.S. chart's Dasas beginning April 22 of this year signals the temporary economic recovery is over.  The dreaded double-dip is happening, for it is a fixed karma.


     Politically, the already hard-right Republicans are pushed even further into their fear-based mystical paranoia and hence extreme religious libertarianism.  They now demand an anti-government Messiah to run against Obama, the black Antichrist.  But alas no one is Ronald Reagan, even as he would blush in shame with how they've exaggerated his conservative policies.  The left, always slow to organize for its diversity and lack of militarism, is finally coming forward with Occupy -- after false starts last winter with protests in Wisconsin and U.S. Uncut.  But even as the great middle of America joins their cause, Occupy is befuddled for Obama being the great compromiser when an advocate is needed.  Remember, The Celestial Wheel has long suggested this is Hilary Clinton's time.  There's a lot of water to go over the damn before either party chooses its candidate, and Obama is not the de facto choice in the minds of most Democrats and independents.  Notice no one needs her last name. 


Popular Protests

    The Occupy Wall Street protests began September 17 -- during the early stages of the these challenging transits. 

     Other popular protests are happening.  United States Postal workers protest cuts.  And recall elections protesting union-busting legislation passed last winter are slated for this November, Wisconsin and Ohio: Resistance Rising.  These are different from the Occupy protests for being specific and political.

     The Occupy movement is a protest against the aggregate and cumulative abuses of Second Gilded Age robber barons -- which has shifted wealth and political/government influence to the a few individuals and big corporations -- The country is now like the milk we used to get in glass bottles before homogenization -- all the cream is on the top.  It makes sense that Wall Street is the initial Occupy target as symbolizing the greediest of them all.  There's no argument with this approach, for it establishes an ethical baseline to which nearly all Americans can relate.  This powerful societal message has spurred Occupy protests to spread throughout the country.  It's a nationwide movement.

     However, there's a lack of specific action -- even as everyone knows well it was the Banksters who brought us the housing bubble and bust that continues to sink America -- while they convinced the government to bail them out and then quickly resumed their orgy of greed, On Wall Street, most still expect bonuses.


Break The Banksters

     By targeting the Banksters, they can be held accountable for ruining the economy.  Further, the Banksters serve and support the Second Gilded Age Robber Barons in other fields, for they hold the money!  Where do you think the $2 trillion corporations have on hand is?  Even Serta doesn't keep it under their mattress.  So, bust the big banks, and the other Second Gilded Age robber barons will also lose their power.

     Don't expect the government to do this.  The protests won't frighten the politicians enough, and attempts at reform have already been watered down to thin gruel by the Banksters.  Besides, there is so much Bankster money in the political system now, the media storm will drown out real reform candidates.

     And the influence-peddling goes right into the guts of the system.  Goldman Sachs serves Obama breakfast.  JP Morgan Chase buys Congress its lunch.  Bank of America treats the Federal Reserve for dinner.  Wells Fargo tucks in the Supreme Court at night.

     It's up to us, and we have the power because Wall Street needs Main Street, but Main Street doesn't need Wall Street.


This cartoon shows how well the Banksters have immunized themselves since the 1980s Savings &
Loan debacle. Then, there were over a

1000 felony convictions of the elite.

     You don't have to travel to Wall Street, or attend a rally in your community to bust the Banksters.  In fact, that form of protest is effective in only a general way by raising awareness -- like promoting breast exams for women then stimulates them to take individual action and have those exams.


Vote With Your Wallet   

     You can vote with your wallet by pulling your money from the big banks, where you're at risk from their greed anyway.  The Celestial Wheel has made this case many, many times.  Fight their money by taking out yours.  See the February 2010 In-depth Forecast, Bankers -- Economic Terrorists.  After all, banks keep less than 10% of their deposits on hand, lending out the rest.  So, if they lose 10% of their deposits, they are out of business. 

     It's called a run on the bank, and it's the Banksters' Achilles heel.  These were common until the FDIC was formed in 1933 to stop the cycle of greedy criminal bankster booms and busts, but there's not enough FDIC money to cover the losses of a vast Bankster Bank.  And there aren't any other banks large enough to absorb one of their ilk.  Certainly too, the government won't dare another bailout. 

     There are still some 8000 banks in the U.S. and more choices by adding in credit unions.  This is not an oligopoly like cellular companies, where the choice is the least worst, but rather a huge number of good alternatives, most of which actually serve the community. 

     American University's Investigative Reporting Workshop is a great tool for finding a bank in your community that is not too big and isn't overly burdened by failed loans.  If the Troubled Asset Ratio is too high, it indicates greedy and unethical lending, the inability to properly carry out routine banking functions and the risk of being closed by the FDIC -- and then gifted to a Bankster Bank.  Good local community banks understand it's your money, they treat you fairly without gouging fees, they actually lend out locally to support the community, and they pay taxes.  The Bankster banks do none of these, which are the only and true duties of a bank. 

     Banks, after all, exist only to safeguard your money and loan it out responsibly to others to promote business development.  In return, they pay you interest and make modest salaries.  Banks themselves create nothing.  They only facilitate commerce.  And banks must be tightly regulated to avoid misuse of your money, including using it to enrich their employees.  The cookie jar must be guarded, for the cookie monster bankster is always trying to figure out ways to get the money for himself. 


Don't Accept Bankster Payments

     If you are in business, stop accepting debit and credit card and check payments from the Bankster Banks.  This will not only reduce their fees but also effectively drive their customers away as they find those cards and checks are no longer accepted in many places.  It also makes the statement that you don't do business with criminal enterprises, whether the mafia or Banksters.  Below is a screen shot from the ordering section of my Vedic Astrology services web site,,



Use Bankster Shave

     Use this nifty graphic I designed and offered in the March 24, 2011 In-depth Forecast, The Chaos Is Stirring -- Bankster Shave.  Then protests in Wisconsin and Ohio against union-busting laws were in full swing, and U.S. Uncut folks were rallying against corporations that paid no taxes. 

     Bankster Shave harkens back to the old Burma Shave signs along highways before the high speed interstate system took over.  Last March was too early, but now is the time to use Bankster Shave, for Americans are taking this personally.


      Go to Bankster Shave for a letter-sized file for printing.  The design scales down well too. Here's a wallet-sized version, eight on a sheet -- Bankster Shave Wallet-sized.   Use heavy paper -- card stock -- and yes, you have to cut them out yourself.


     Pass it around the wallet-sized version and E-mail the full-sized Bankster Shave to friends.  Put it in the window of your home or office or car.  Give it to Bankster employees you know for they need to understand they work for criminal enterprises, no better than the Mafia.  Send it to your local newspaper, favorite blog or media web site.  Put it on it on your Facebook home page and wall.  Silk screen it on shirts.  Or use Bankster Shave Wallet-sized to make stickers to put on Bankster ATM machines, office windows......  Of course, Halloween is coming.

     And if you really want to make in impact, get together with friends and to fund it as a real billboard.  The image on Bankster Shave can be used by the billboard company.  Billboards aren't expensive, and thousands of drivers seeing it each day will really get attention!  That would go viral, for sure.


Bankster Shave makes a terrific protest sign too!

     And remember The Celestial Wheel's efforts on your behalf-- as this early wave of popular protests turns into a tsunami that can over=wash Second Gilded Age monied interests and their bought-and-paid-for politicians and civil servants.  The Second Progressive Age is ours to create, to restore shared democratic values -- but it is also our obligation to do the work, for the folks we are saving are us.  You can take that to the bank.

(Celestial Wheel Participation plans via Pay Pal are available for as little as $4.  If just 100 of you Participate, I'll use the money to buy a billboard on U.S. 41 in Sarasota, Florida.)


A Closing Insight

     The youngish Occupy folks are clever and offer a comforting sense of humor to offset the fear and dread of the future that has frozen their elders into inaction.  These youthful Americans are brave as befits their age, when they still feel immortal and invincible.  Let's follow them with effective action, beginning with Bankster Shave.





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